Drama queen – part 2

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🎻🎻And The Flower boys🎤

Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C📚


(Bangkok, Thailand🇹🇭)

Mona Lisa opened her eyes to find Blue jumping on her body and the plane empty.

She yawned and sat up. “Where’s everyone?”
“Meow.” Blue cried.

She looked out the window and realized that they had gotten to their destination.
Her head suddenly ache as she recalled what happened.

She had drank so much and got drunk, then phewwww.. She had threw up on MICHEL!!

She gasped, clutching her hands on her mouth.

‘What did I do! How could I embarrassed myself in front of him.. I’m so stupid! How will I be able to say I’m a fan again! I’m so stupid!

“Meow..” Blue cried.

“Blue I feel like dying this minute, I can’t stand the embarrassment.” she said and touched her cheeks.

She looked at the seat he was and found his hoodie laying on the seat.

She slapped her forehead.. “Aigoooo, what did I do! What did I do!” 

An air hostess walked over, “Excuse ma’am. Please you may exit the plane now,” she said to Mona Lisa who was still slapping her forehead and lamenting.

Mona Lisa looked at her with tears in her eyes. 
“Okay.” she mumbled and stood up. She carried Blue, grabbed her handbag and was about to leave when she halted. His hoodie.

She grabbed it and saw the mess on the right sleeve.

“Ahhigsh!” she sighed and alighted down the plane.

“Wowwwwww,” she smiled as the bangkok airport surrounded her. “I can’t believe I’m in Thailand. I feel like falling off a cliff with such excitement.” 

As she headed to claim her luggage, she didn’t see Michel walked pass her with two men by his sides. 
She couldn’t because he changed into a white hoodie. Michel didn’t see her either since the terminal was quite crowded. 

“But what happened to the hoodie you wore? You sent your dress code to me and you were on a black hoodie” Bruno, his personal manager asked as they headed out of terminal to the car waiting for him.

Michel had called him immediately the plane landed to get him a hoodie.

“A maniac caused me to take it off.” Michel said.
“A maniac? May I know more about it later?” Bruno asked.
“Not necessary.” Michel said.

The other man by the name, Alvin opened the door and Michel got into the car.
The two men got in and the driver drove off.

“How many days is the shoots going to take, would it be up to five days?” Michel asked.

“Five days.” Bruno said.
“Better.” I said.
“Why?” Bruno asked.
“There’s gonna be a lot of stress that fifth day. The new house.” Michel said.
“I love that house.. It’s one of the best house I’ve seen in south korea.” Bruno said.
“You think so. Why does it feel like it’s not so nice?” Michel asked.
“Come on, let’s drop that and talk about the shoots tomorrow.” Bruno said.


Mona Lisa claimed her luggage and the next thing was finding who had been sent to pick her up.

She walked around the terminal, looking for her name in the handboards people held.
She wasn’t seeing her names.

“Tenten told me that someone would be at the airport waiting for me. Where is the person, why I’m I not seeing my names on any of those?”

She carried Blues well. She had three things to carry.

“Hello Ms.” A masculine voice called behind her, with Korean.
She turned and it’s a man in suit and sunglasses.
Mona heart limped with joy when she read her names on the handboard he held. 

“Are you Miss Silva Mona Lisa?” he asked.
She nodded vigorously. “Yes yes I am. I’m so glad you speak Korean.” she said.

He smiled, “Come with me.” 
“Of course I will.” she said and was about to grab her luggage.
“No, I will carry this.” he said.
“Okay, thank you.” Mona Lisa said. 

“Wait, she said and got out her camera.
The man turned to her. 
“Can we take a picture?” she asked.
He smiled. “Why not.”

Mona Lisa smiled and went closer to the man. 
“One, two, three..” she counted and captured.
“Wow.. It’s great.” She smiled.
“Let’s go now.” He said.
“Ah yes.” Mona said.

As they boarded a taxi to Goldville Hotel. Mona Lisa wind down the car window to take as many pictures as she could even when the car is on speed.

“Ugh.. They are all blur, but I don’t mind. It’s better than not taking at all.” she said with an excited smile.


The car pulled to Goldville hotel. And Michel and the men stepped down from the car. 

They headed into the 5 star hotel.

After confirming Michel’s reservation, they headed to an elevator. Bruno carried Michel’s suitcase.
His room number was 501

Just immediately they entered the elevator and the door closed, Mona Lisa walked in to the hotel with the man.

They walked over to the receptionist to confirm Mona’s reservation. 

“A reservation for Miss Silva Mona Lisa, room 497.” the receptionist confirmed and brought out a key. “Here’s the key to your room.” she said, stretching it to Mona who collected it.

“(Speaking in korean) Thank you.” Mona said.
“Wait, can we take a picture?” Mona asked.

“Please speak English.” The lady said.
Mona brought out her camera and waved it at the lafy. “Picture. You, Me. Picture.” 

The lady then understood and smiled. “No problem.”

Mona smiled excitedly, positioned for a selfie with the receptionist behind her.

“Selfieee.” Mona said and captured. She smiled at the picture. “Wow, tank you.” Mona said to the receptionist who smiled. 

(Readers note. In this story, Mona speaks only Korean because she is bad at English.)

Mona Lisa and the man then headed to the elevator.

When she finally got to the room, she smiled.

“I will leave you now. Have fun and enjoy your stay here.” The man said.
“Thank you.” she said and the man left.

Immediately he went out of the hotel, he made a call.

“Hello, she just arrived the hotel now. You can start completing the remains. Don’t forget my pay.” he said.

📲”I wont forget that.” Tenten said.

He dropped the call and entered a taxi.


blinkqueenz is a top rated female kpop band in south korea owned by T square entertainment and made up of three extraordinarily beautiful girls with singing and dancing talents.

Li Sugar is the leader of the band and rated as the most beautiful and most talented. Her rapping talent is wow and her dancing moves.
She knows the best way to handle microphones when on stage and she’s a hot fashionista. She loves to keep blonde hair.

Angel is the second blinkqueen with the highest fan after Li Sugar. A hot fashionista with a sweet smile. Girlfriend to Best.

Bebé is the third and last and a very good rapper too.

Blinqueenz has over 40million followers on their Instagram page.
Their recent music 🎶Love On Strike🎶 which was released four weeks ago, had over 500million views on their YouTube channel.

Blinkqueenz is sure the most rated female band in south Korea and that has been for five years now.


Li Sugar and Michel were dating for three years until a year ago, when Li Sugar walked in on Daisy Camilo, a miami model who was trying to seduce Michel on a hotel in Miami where the Flower boys went on a show and the blinkqueenz came.

Sugar misunderstood the whole scene and without listening to Michel’s explanations, she made a promise to Michel to make a hard revenge.
Two weeks later, she slept with Leo Bethel, a popular Korean actor. 

Actually Leo was Michel’s best friend but they went their separate ways four years ago when Leo suddenly threw hateful words against Spark5 for no reason. 
Michel later found out that he was paid to do so.

How could it be Leo that Sugar had to make a revenge on Michel with?
Why couldn’t she listen to his explanations?

Even with that, he still didn’t break up with her because he was madly in love with her and was willing to forgive her but she personally broke up with him and went to Leo.

Michel was shattered and the flower boys including the Xspark teams knew what they passed through to get him together.


🎧Do do do do….do do, do do…
Do do

🎶I don’t get it.. 
I’m always tryna get but I don’t get it.
Oh ohhhh…

🎶This feeling… 
It’s something I wanna feel right now but damn it..
I’ve got no heart at all.

🎶Love has always cross my mind but something’s always gettin’in to shake… to say, I shouldn’t Love You…
I shouldn’t Love…But why shouldn’t I?

🎶Tell me what to take.. I mean Boy tell me what to say. I’m going crazy.. I’m going crazy right now.

🎶I wanna love you but my love is on Strike.
I wanna give you all my heart but it stuck, right there.
🎶Come on, I don’t know what I can do to get ya.. 
I’m going crazy.. I can’t believe it, just can’t believe it, that i can’t fall for you..🎧

Mona Lisa danced and sang to the blinkqueenz hit song as she unpacked her luggage, placing each thing at where she think is the right place.

Blue was jumping on the bed, jumping down and jumping up.

When Li Sugar, Mona Lisa’s role model began rapping, she dropped the clothes she held and began clapping and jumping, singing along.

🎶I can’t believe it but goddamn it, im so loosing it.
This is crazy..baby boy, lemme just fall for ya.
Love on strike, oh what the fuck do mean by that.

🎶I’m so loosing it, don’t wanna fall in love but then i wanna fall for ya.
It’s confusing me, it’s killing me.. It’s so hard for me.🎧

Mona sang all Li Sugar’s part before she picked up the clothes and went on with what she was doing.

Li Sugar is her role model.. Someone she can defend her music and blinkqueenz as a whole anywhere and in any place.
She is mad over her. She is mad over Blinks. Everything about them excites her.
She wishes to be like Li Sugar but she know there’s no chance for her in this world.

No one knows she exists talk more of knowing about her talent.

She listened up to twenty of the blinkqueenz songs before moving on to the flower boys and that immediately reminded her of her encounter in the plane with Michel.. She immediately paused the song and collapsed on the bed.

“Ahhhshh I can’t stand, remembering that!” she said. 
She stood up, grabbed the hoodie and rushed into the bathroom to wash it.


“I wish I can meet him someday to give it back to him. I will keep it safe.” She said minutes later as she spread it to dry on the towel rail in the bathroom.

Kim michel is her idol crush. The Oppa she has always followed for years. 
She finally had the chance to meet him and then messed up like she always do. Why do she always walk around everywhere with bad luck!

What mouth would she use to call him oppa again.

She sighed and headed out of the bathroom.
Food arrived an hour later and she ate.. Since she bought Blue’s food along. She placed her food on her plate for her.

Both of them had dinner. Mona had her shower and when she went to bed, she kept listening to blinkqueenz songs with her headphone until she finally sleep.

[South Korea🇰🇷]

“Awwwn this night is so cool..” Bebé said as they sat at the top roof of the Blinks mansion.

“The stars are out.” Angel said.

“The moon is bright.” Bebé said.

Sugar didn’t say anything because she was in thought and the girls noticed.

“Sugar, are you okay, you look worried. Is is about next tomorrow’s show?” Angel asked.

“Of course not. I’m just thinking about something.” Sugar said.

“What’s that. Let us in.’ Bebé said.

“Actually. I wanna break up with Leo.” Li Sugar said.

“What!! – what!!” Angel and Bebé both exclaimed.

Sugar dropped the glass of wine and crossed her leg. “Im breaking up with Leo. And I’m going back to Michel.” she said.

“Wow.. How can.. I mean how can you even make such choice Sugar?” Angel asked.

“I’m still thinking about it tho. I don’t like Leo anymore. It’s been a year now. I think the revenge is enough. I’m going back to the love of my life. To the guy who truely love me.” Sugar said.

“Wait a minute Sugar, do you think You and Michel can get back again. You really hurt him, you know.” Bebé said.

“He still love me madly. He will have no choice than accept me back. If he hasn’t been waiting for me then he should have gotten another girlfriend but for a year now, he’s been single.” Sugar said.

“Woahh girl, are you really serious about this?” Angel asked.

“Yeah I am.” Sugar said, grabbed her glass of wine and sipped. 

“So what happens to Leo?” Angel asked.

“Break up of course. What do you think happens after breakups?”


“So once he comes back from Thai, you break up with him?” Angela asked.

“Yeah and also once Michel comes back too, I’m going to make up with him.” Sugar said.

[Written by: Rejoice Jeremiah✅]


The next day, Mona Lisa woke up, had free breakfast, took her bathe, dressed up and cleaned Blue as well.

“Today we are going to look around the city of bangkok.” She said to Blue.

She checked Michel’s hoodie and saw it has been dried. She collected it and lay it on the bed then grabbed her camera and took three shots of it.

“It’s unique and look sooo expensive.” she said with a smile then took it and smelt.

“No matter how much you wash it, his perfume will never go away. It’s so nice.” She said with a wider smile then hung it inside the wardrobe.

“Let’s go now Blue.” she said as she carried her bag after putting everything she needed inside then carried blue and they headed out of the hotel into the city of bangkok.

⛲🌁🇹🇭CITY OF BANGKOK, Thailand🇹🇭🌁🌁

“Wow.. Everywhere is so beautiful!” Mona Lisa exclaimed as she walked through the lively streets.

🚺Oh wow, you have a nice cat. What’s it name?” A woman asked Mona Lisa in Thailand.

Mona Lisa shook her head. “I don’t understand what you said. I’m Korean.” she said in Korean.

The woman also didn’t understand what she said but she understood that the lady isn’t a Thai.

“Oh sorry, I mean you have a cute cat. What’s it name?” She asked in English.

Mona Lisa didn’t understand that too. She just smiled and walked away, feeling embarrassed.

“Ahh I should have been serious with my English class in high school.” Mona Lisa sighed. 

Mona Lisa visited the beautiful places in few hours and she was still in one of them taking shots after shots of photos when Blue suddenly disappeared from her sight.

“Blue?” Mona Lisa called and began looking for her.

“Blue where are you?” 


“Blue? Don’t be naughty. Come out from wherever you are hiding.”


“Don’t worry, she’s safe with me.” A masculine voice said from behind her in Korean.

Mona Lisa turned and saw it’s a Korean and wait, isn’t that Leo Bethel, the famous model and actor and also her role model’s boyfriend?

“You.. You are Mr Leo Bethel?” Mona asked.
“Do you think so? Your cat is pretty with a pretty name too.” he said.

Mona took a breath.

What’s happening to her? Why’s she meeting two korean celebrities in two days?

“You’ve been taking a lot of picture that I fear I would be in one of them.” he said.

“Huh?” Mona raised her brow as she immediately began going through the pictures.

Leo chuckled. “Are you really checking? You must be a funny lady.” he said.

Mona chuckled awkwardly. “Maybe I am.” she said.

Leo exhaled.

“Have your cat.” he said.

Mona Lisa carried Blue. “Thank you for catching her or else she might have gone far.” she thanked him.

“Is it your first time in Thailand?” he asked her.
“Yes it is and my first time of leaving south Korea.” Mona Lisa said.
“Ah I see.” he said.
“I’m a top fan. I love your movies.” Mona Lisa said. She wondered if she lied because she hardly watch movies, she spends so much time writing songs and stories..
Leo smiled. “I appreciate.”

“Ah, I’m so alone here. I can’t even talk to the people because I can’t speak their language nor English. Im glad I met a korean.” She said.
“Oh really.” Leo said but then his phone rang. He checked it and looked at Mona Lisa.
“I’m sorry, but I have to leave now.” he said.

Mona sighed. “Oh really.. That’s bad for me then.” 

Leo exhaled and called back his manager. “Hello Jung, postpone the meeting to tomorrow morning. I have something I need to do right now. Just postpone it.” he said and dropped the call.

“Let’s go somewhere else. You wanna come?” he asked Mona Lisa who smiled happily.

“Of course I want to! Kasamnida!” She bowed.

(Around 4pm)

At a street in Thailand, Michel was taking his outside shoots…

“I think this is okay for today.” The director said.

“Yes it is.” The rest concurred.

A bottle Water was given to Michel and he opened it and drank.

“Tomorrow shoots at Carole street is by 8am and back here by 3pm. Thank you so much Michel.. This shoots today are all unique. See you tomorrow.” The director said.

“Thank you all.” Michel said and headed to the car with Bruno, his manger following beside him.

“How was it?” he asked.
“Not that stressful.” Michel said as he entered the car, Bruno entered. The driver who was already in the car, started the car and drove off.”


It was 6:30pm and Mona Lisa and Leo were seeing walking through a walkway.

“Mr Leo Bethel, I want to thank you for making today fun for me. Thank you for the lunch as well and buying Blue a nice food. I’m glad I met someone like you in this city.” Mona Lisa said.

Leo smiled. “It’s okay. You also made me laugh a lot today. You are a very funny lady. Well. I have to leave now and you, also. Have a nice night.” Leo said.

“And you too Mr Leo.” Mona Lisa said and watched as Leo turned and headed away in his red suit.

Mona Lisa smiled and hugged Blue closely.

“He’s so nice.” she said.

She turned and headed back to the hotel with a smiling face.

🎻Song: Shawn Mendez – Stitches 🎶


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