Written by Rejoice
Setting: South Korea.
(Inspiration from a kdrama series; Full house)


Mona Lisa Silver is a twenty three years old orphan who lives in Silver House with her twin brother, Tenten.

Mona Lisa is talented in composing songs, rap and dancing.
She dream of becoming a Kpop singer someday.
She is a crazy fan of the blinkqueenz ( a kpop girls band made up of three girls) and Spark5 (a kpop boys band made up of five boys who are also called the ‘Flower boys)

Mona is also an online writer who’s story aren’t really great but she wouldn’t quit cos she is trying to build fans for a future purpose.

Mona Lisa earns money from working as a waitress in a restaurant.

Mona Lisa parents died five years ago leaving just her and her younger brother.
The only thing they left them is a house called ‘Silver House’ known for it beauty and magnificence which Mona Lisa treasure so much.

But Mona Lisa get tricked by her brother and travelled.

Days later, she comes back home and finds out that Silver House has new owners, sold by her brother.

Worse, the flower boy she met at Thailand is among.
They are the flower boys!

Mona is devastated and wouldn’t leave Silver House. She would do whatever she could to get Silver House back.

Find out the Dramas, Comedy and Romance that followed in this story.

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