Haunted by the Past – Part 1

👻Haunted by the past👻
By Lady C 👄 (Lilianna; Favour 🙊)
Chapter one
(Reaping )

Children… that’s all she saw, the cell was pitch black, she couldn’t see the floor nor the ceiling.. but she could see the blood of the children splattered all around, and as usual the heads of little babies all hung from the ceiling, their blood as fresh as new wounds, and red as scarlet dripped occasionally on her beautiful brown skin and face. The finger prints of the children stained the brick walls like a cave filled with cavemen.. only there was no man, there was no life only DEATH..
Like always she shook terribly and tried to run for an exit but there was none. She should have gotten used to this by now, but she couldn’t, deep within she knew that it would only get worse and when the sound of a door creaked open, she knew that she would yet again watch the death of another child..
Tiny giggles filled the room and children who looked to have been bathed in blood crawled, and walked into the cell.. the door shut with a bang and they all turned to face her at once, they all performed an action in sync..all except one, a boy of about five or six years, he held his dagger in his right hand as usual, ready to cut her open as again..
“No… Please, get away.. please” she trembled as tears rolled down her cheeks.
The laughter of the kids echoed throughout the cell and no matter how hard she tried to close her ears, she always heard them loud and clear..
“Please.. I beg you, stay away…” She said moving back slowly as the kids advanced towards her..
She yelped when her back hit the wall
She looked around for something, anything that could help her out.. but she found nothing, she felt an icy grip on her neck and turned slowly to see what it was.. 
“Boo!” She screamed and turned to run but fell instead on the cold floor.
“No..no..no, please, stay away.. don’t come any closer” she stuttered hoping that the kids would listen this time, but they didn’t.
They all moved closer to her and each of them held a part of her hands and legs, she struggled but their grips were too strong, even for kids..
“Hi mummy” the boy with the dagger said with an evil smile..
“Stay away.. leave me alone” she said trying to free herself.
“You don’t want me? Don’t you miss me?” He asked standing beside her stomach
“No..no… I’m not your mother, stay away please..” she said
“You don’t want me, but you want him?” He asked sadly pointing at her stomach.
She knew what would happen next if he replied or not, so she kept quiet and continued crying silently
“I thought as much, it’s not fair mummy…it’s not fair!!” He yelled and stabbed her stomach.
She screamed at the excruciating pain, and the kids started laughing.
“You don’t want me, then why do you want him? Answer me !!” He yelled and dragged the dagger across her stomach, tearing it open, he reached into her stomach and pulled out the little baby..
“No!..no!.. I beg you please, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.. I’ll do anything you want please.. just don’t hurt him, I beg you..!” She said crying tiredly
The boy smiled evilly and raised the child up
“Too late mummy” and with that he stabbed the little child severally and laughed as the baby cried..
He continued until the child became limp and filled with blood..
“No!!!.. please stop, I beg you..stop it” she pleaded.. he threw the dead child to the side and knelt down beside her head
“Until next time mummy” he whispered and lent down to kiss her head..
Bisola screamed and jerked up from the bed, she panted and looked around frantically.. but when she saw that she was in her bedroom beside her husband, who was already awake because of her screams, she calmed down and slowly wiped the cold sweat from her face..
“Honey.. are you okay?” She jumped in fright and turned to see her husband(femi) staring at her worriedly..
“Y-yes, it was just the nightmare” she said and he frowned..
“Oh my G..”
“Ahhhhhhh…” She screamed cutting him off
“Jesus! No no no” femi said holding his wife who was clutching her stomach in pain
“Please God, not again.. please help my wife I beg you” he said as tears gathered his eyes.. soon the groaning and yelling stopped..
Slowly she sat up and shakily moved the duvet, she cried when she saw blood on the new bed.. 
“Again?!” Femi asked angrily,
“Oh my God.. no, not again.. please” bisola said amidst tears.
“God..What kind of problem is this? Ehn?.. where did we go wrong? Am I not faithful enough? Have I not been serving you wholeheartedly? Why does my wife keep on having miscarriages? This isn’t even the third time, sixth! In just three years of marriage, where do I go to now? How are we going to solve this problem?” He soliloquized as he watched his wife crying hysterically.
He looked at the time which said 5:45am. He slipped out of the bed and walked briskly to the bathroom..
“Bisola, go get ready we are going to see the prophet your friend referred to us” he stated when he walked out of the closet already dressed..
“Okay” she said weakly and slowly slipped out of the bed, before heading to the bathroom..
Femi glared at the blood stained sheets on the bed, in anger he pulled them out and took them to the backyard where he set them ablaze.
Femi a 39 years old man was tall, dark and nicely built, he was very wealthy and had gotten married to his wife bisola three years ago, unlike her husband bisola was brown skinned and beautiful, with curves in all the right places. She was currently 36 and is working as a journalist with a National television.. before he met her, she had been in three different marriages but divorced due to her barrenness, she had told him that before he proposed to her and in spite of her protests he had continued pestering her believing that she would take in if they got married. As fate would have it she eventually got pregnant after six months in marriage and that’s when the nightmares started, whenever she took in, she would have that terrible nightmare and would later loose the pregnancy..they had been to their pastor several times but nothing has changed..
They arrived at the church at some minutes past 7, even though Kate (bisola’s friend ) had told them that the prophet doors would only be open as from 8 o’clock. And since they were in serious need of help, not even the Lagos traffic could stop them.They waited patiently in front of the prophet’s office, and prayed silently that this would be their last bus stop.
“Femi” bisola called softly
“Yes” he answered turning to look at her
“Do you think he would be able to help?” She asked
“Of course, Don’t allow doubt to take it’s place in your heart, have faith, I believe God will use this prophet to change our story” he said and she nodded
“Yes you’re right” she said
They continued waiting in silence and focused on their environment instead, the Church of the prophet was built beside the road, so they could see vehicles and people moving about for their daily business..
They saw a mad-man walking along the road, he turned and frowned at bisola..
Femi nudged her to look away, since he didn’t want any trouble expecially from a mad man..
She did as instructed, but the madman continued staring, he muttered something and moved towards the couple..
“Hmm.. hope he isn’t coming here o” femi mumbled under his breath.
“You nor see your life?” The madman said in pidgin, causing the both of them to look at him
“Baby don’t answer him o” femi whispered and bisola nodded
“Who you dey nod head like lizard for?” He asked poking her forehead, she gasped and femi became angry
“What do you want? Oya take and leave us alone” femi said pulling out a bunch of notes from his pocket
“I nor talk to you, na she I dey talk to” the man said pointing to bisola
“Shey you don dey look for solution? Na person put you for this one?” He asked pointing at her
“I.. I don’t understand what you’re talking about” she stuttered darting at her husband
“Shut up!.. before you receive slap wey go make you crase!” He snapped and she closed her mouth.. her husband stared at the man completely astonished.
“You go suffer.. bet me!! You go suffer!! You just start to dey reap so o.. this na the beginning..” he said and spat on her face.
“Jesus!” She said moving back
“Jesus Kee you there!” He said and walked away
“Oh my God, are you okay?” He asked looking at his wife
“No!.. didn’t you see what he did?” She asked pointing to her face..
“Sorry, I’ll get water from the car, so you can wash it off” he said and headed to his car.
When the prophet came, he was a complete opposite of what the couples thought he would be.. he was a lanky man with overgrown dreads on his head, he was clad in a white garment and a red belt, with a bell and cross in his hands, he was also barefooted and as he made his way into his office he asked them to take off their shoes and walk in with their backs facing the entrance.. the couples exchanged glances but did it anyway..
They took their seats in front of the prophet and femi couldn’t help but look around the small office filled with croses of different sizes and different color candles.
“Welcome brethen to the end time church of Jay” he said earning the attention of the couples
“Jay?” Femi asked with wide eyes
“Yes.. it’s short for Jehovah” the prophet said
“Oh” femi mumbled
“Uh… Thank you prophet, actually my friend referred us here, she said you could… help us” bisola said 
“Oh.. yes, I can, what is this problem by the way?” He asked
Femi cleared his throat and adjusted on his seat
“Well.. you see we have..”
“Silence! The spirit already knows” the prophet said cutting them off.
“Then why did you ask?” Femi” mumbled enough for only his wife to hear..
She eyed him and turned to face the prophet whose eyes were shut tight, with his right hand up..
“Mmmh… No, no, no.. speak angel, hmm.. I hear you, ” he muttered..
Femi swallowed and glanced at his wife who was focused on the prophet.
“Hallelujah!..” he said
“Hallelujah” bisola muttered
“You have come to seek a solution to your nightmares and miscarriages, am I right?” He asked
“Y-YES , yes prophet” bisola said sitting properly
“Hmm.. your problem is strong, very strong.. but the spirit says there’s solution” he stated
“Oh.. thank you Jesus! Thank you lord, you’re worthy .. you’re worthy to be praised, bisola said waving her hands in the air, as tears cascaded down her eyes
“But the sacrifice will be tough” he said 
“Sacrifice?” Femi asked confused
“Yes .. sacrifice, your problem is not ordinary, and we need a strong sacrifice to end it” the prophet clarified ..
“Ahh… But I thought..” 
“Thought what?” The prophet asked cutting him off.
Bisola kicked her husband’s leg under the table, signalling him to shut up
He sighed and shook his head
“Nothing” he mumbled
“So prophet what do we need for the sacrifice?” Bisola asked
The prophet closed his eyes and hummed a song, few minutes later he opened his eyes and maintained eye contact with femi
“Two white female goat, I would have said cow but that would be too much for the spirit, five virgin 2 years old native fowl, an egg of a snake, and the tooth of a hippopotamus” he said 
“Ahahn.. Kate did not say about native doctor o, or did she?” Femi asked looking at his wife
“Who are you calling a native doctor?” The prophet asked standing up
“But you are behaving like one na” femi said
“Baby can you just stop? Stop it!” His wife said
“It’s like you’re not serious about the solution, leave my office!” The prophet said
“Ahh.. ejoh, please prophet I’m begging, Ejo emabinu baba mi darejimi oko mi.. please” bisola said kneeling on the ground with tears in her eyes.. femi frowned and looked away
“It’s because of you o.. stand up, ” he said
“Thank you so much, thank you” she said and sat back on her chair
“Anyways as I was saying when you get the items, you’ll come back tommorow with it and we’ll conduct a deliverance section for the both of you.. we’ll flog out every evil spirits” he stated
“Flog?” Femi asked with his mouth open
“Yes.. flog” the prophet replied
“But can’t we give you the money, because I don’t know where we can get those things from” bisola butted in to stop her husband from saying something else
“Okay I’ll buy it for you, I don’t usually do this o .. it’s because of you” the prophet said
“Thank you, so how much is it?” She asked
“Uhmm.. just drop 500000, it won’t be enough, but I’ll add something for you” he said
“Hmm” femi sighed
“Ah, thank you so much .. I’m really grateful” bisola said picking up her bag from the floor, she brought out a bundle of notes and dropped them on the table.
“Is it complete?” He asked
“Yes sir” she replied
“Good, come back by 2pm tommorow, make sure you don’t eat anything o, both of you” he said packing the money from the table
“Okay sir, thank you so much.. we’ll be on our way now” she said standing up.. femi stood up and walked out of the office
“Don’t worry my dear, we will deal with the evil spirit tommorrow” the prophet said
“No problem.. bye” she said
“Bye”he said with a smile.
To be continued
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