🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
. ♠ Episode:8 ♠
by success🌸🌸
°~° Ryker °~°

I angrily drove my car home, why not me that she fell in love with

I opened the door to the sitting room i saw my mom and dad seated in a sofa i didn’t bother to greet them cause am not in the perfect mood

I was climbing the stairs to my room when my mom called me

Ryker honey was wrong with you”she said
Nothing mom am fine, am just feeling little headache i need to get some rest” i lied and quickly went to my room

I fell on my bed tiredly, i need to freshen up, i stood up from the bed 
I stripped myself naked and put my uniform in the laundry basket 

I walk into the bathroom, i look myself in the large big mirror, am so handsome, why kyla never noticed me, or am i ugly in her eyes

I sighed a frustrated sighed, should i use the jacuzzi or shower, 

I moved to the shower i put on the shower and allowed the cold water to run down my naked body

I just stand still enjoying the feelings from the cold water

I spent close to 1hr 30 mins in the bathroom, i took my blue towel and tied it around my waist, walk at of the bathroom to the closet 

I put on a black short and black 
I dried my hair with my hand-dryer 

I walk at of my room to the sitting room my dad and mom were still in the sitting room discussing only god knows what 

Dad ain’t you going to walk” i said
No and why are you asking”he said
Nothing i just felt like asking”i said and walk to the kitchen

I saw the maid in the kitchen
Please can you bring my food to the dinning room”i said to marry and walk out of the kitchen

I sat in the dinning room waiting for her, she brought the food and dropped it in my front, she gently kept the juice and bottle water beside the food and left 

I opened the food to find a mouth watering pasta and chicken i picked my fork and started eating

°~° Tyler °~°

I took kyla home and also went home after dropping her at her door step 

Tyler Tyler” Lola shouted my name from down stairs, what’s wrong with that my mosquito sister

I stood up from the bed walk out of my room, i saw Lola at the last stairs smiling 

Why were you shouting my name”i ask her 
Lunch is ready and mom said i should inform you”she said walking away

I went down stairs to have lunch, after having my lunch, i went back to my room did my home work and slept off 

next morning🌞🌞

I stood up from my bed, walk to the closet brought out my uniform,i took out some undies from my box of undies
I arranged everything on my bed and walk to the bathroom to take my bath 

I came out after i took my bath with towel rap around my waist, i dried my body put on my undies before my uniform, i dried my wet hair

I applied some hair lotion on my hair before brushing it, i took my backpack and went down stairs to have breakfast

Good morning dad, mom” i greeted my parents
How are you doing”my dad said
Fine dad “i said sitting down beside Lola

Mosquito can’t you greet” i said to Lola she frowned her face 
Who are you calling mosquito”she said

Is you Lola you look just like a mosquito”i told her 
Mom wont you tell your son to stop calling me mosquito”lola said

You’re late for school Tyler you better start eating and stop 
teasing lola” my mom said

Lola stick out her tongue to me in a mocking manner, i used my spoon to hit her on the head

Is not painful”she said
I ignored her and started eating my food 

Good bye mom, lola “i said 
Goodbye son”she said my dad already went to work

I flung my backpack on my shoulder and walk out of the house
Minutes later i found myself in the school building

I walk to my class, kyla was already in the class i smiled when i saw her 

She has changed her hair color to dark brown, her hair was glowing she rises her head and smiled at me

I walk to her and peck her on both cheeks, she hit my head with her textbook

Why did you hit me”i said rubbing the part of my head she hit 
Why did you peck me on both cheeks”she said with a smirk

I hit on her head and ran to my seat 
Ryker is yet to come, i dropped my backpack and sat down

The class room door was open and ryker walk in, he stare at kyla for a while before he walk to his seat which is beside mine

Hey buddy”i said with a smile
Hey Tyler” he said

I know he like kyla but he don’t want to admit it, and the painful part is that am also in love with her 

I look at kyla she’s laughing at what Lillian is telling her, she’s just too beautiful

Good day class” Mrs Carolina said
Good day Mrs Carolina”we chorus

We did other subject before the bell was rang for break 

We all walk out of the class 

Ryker” tara said running towards us 
We stopped walking and waited for her

Tara stopped in front of ryker she hugged him and also kissed him 

I looked at kyla i can see unshed tears in her eyes, she’s about to cry 
Again all because of ryker 

I turned her face to my body so that no one would notice that she’s crying

She started crying, i took her to the garden, seeing her cry broke my heart, i pat her until she stop crying

Do you love him that much”i said without looking at her 

Yes Tyler i love him and it break my heart to know that he is in a relationship” she said and sniff

Her face her all swollen her eyes are so puffy and full of tears, i think she really loved ryker 

I think he also loves you” i said 
You think so ” she said with a smile
I nod my head cause i don’t want to cry

The girl i love is loving someone else
So painful

Why don’t we make him jealous, so he can confess his feelings to you”i said with a broken heart💔
I don’t want to see her crying

How are we to make him jealous”she said

Like we’re going to be in a fake relationship that will make him jealous” i said

We being in a fake relationship will make him jealous”she said thinking for sometime 

Let’s do it, i want ryker to confess is feelings” she said with a smile and hugged me so tight 

Thank you for always being there for me” she said still hugging me
I let the tears to follow freely from my eyes i also hugged her tight


My Tyler is in tears, am also crying
How could he sacrifice his love

What do you think about this episode, are you happy about what Tyler did,

thank you

By success🌸

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