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{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_21
Ethan’s POV
I smiled as i walked out of the flower shop. Am gonna give this one to Jasmine, i think i like her. We’ve been friends ever since we are kids and i kinda feel Jasmine has something for me. I guess we gonna make a good couples but i think this not the right time. I quickly zoomed off to Queen’s garden, it my favourite place. The garden seems so magical to me.
I arrived their then smiled, it always gives me joy and i guess i will be much happier if Jasmine is here with me. I took a stroll around the garden before Jasmine later showed up, she looks so beautiful.
“what’s up Ethan,” she said with a smile then walked up to me.
“who are those flowers for, they look so beautiful,” she said.
“it’s for you,” i grin then gave it to her.
“it so beautiful, i love it,” she said still admiring the flower.
“am so happy seeing you here Jasmine and you know they reason why i called you here?
“what could it be?

“so i could spent enough time with you as friends,” i while she look so excited.
“thank you Ethan,” she smile then hugged me.
We took a stroll round the garden and talk about lots of things, our childhood days, our friends, Declan and also Chloe and her mom which she never wanted to hear.
“i think we should get some snacks over their,” i said trying to change the topic, i know how much she hate her mother and sister. Well if their’s anyone she should hate, it should be her mother and not Chloe because she’s innocent.
I arrived home later in the evening and couldn’t help but smile all day. Ethan just make my day, it just like a date, i love him so much. I went to my room then stood beside my window and stare at the stars. I kissed the red rose he gave me before putting it in my flower vase.
“no one and no nothing will stop me from having Ethan to myself. I walked to my drawer and removed a magazine with smooth pages of girls in bewitching outfits. I have always dreamt of being a fashion designer, to produce capitvating designs that could fit the slim, the fat, the tall and the short. Am sure mom and dad will help me about it. I quickly took my bath and put on a bum short and top before heading to the sitting room where i meet dad playing the piano all. And his favorite song. Your Love by Alamid. I have get use to the song and i love it so much.
“Dad,” i said then walked up to him and sat beside him.
“can you sing for your princess? i asked while he nodded.
“anything for you,” he smile then sang the song. My dad is not only good in business but also in singing. He’s such a good singer..

“am all alone without you..
“my days are dark without the glimpse of you..
…..but now that you came into my life..
”i feel complete..
the flowers bloom, my morning shines and i can see…
” your love is like a sun..
“that light up my whole world..
.. .i feel the warmth inside….
“you love is like a river..
“that flows down through my veins
i feel the chill inside…
“everytime i hear our music plays
“reminds me of things we’ve been through
in my mind i can’t believe it’s true
but in my heart the reality is you..
“Awnnn.. that so sweet,” i said thinking of Ethan.
“your love is like a sun..
that light up my whole world. .
“i feel the warmth inside…”
….I sang so sweetly to myself.
“that’s perfect, i love you so much dear,” he said while put my hands across his shoulder.
“i love you more,” i whisper while we both laughed
“dad, why did you love this song, who taught you that? i asked smiling.
“your mom,” he replied.
“mom, i knew it she’s so romantic,” i said happily.
“i mean it Camille,” he said while my smile turn to a frown.
“look Jasmine, Camille taught me that song ever since we’re dating and i got use to it. Sometimes she will sing while i play the piano and you and Chloe will only giggle. It was a happy home until the truth about her was out, she ruined everything and broke my heart completely,” he said sadly.
“but that.. did you still love her? i asked.
“love? am already married to Karen, Camille is now my past,” he said.
“dad am not gonna buy that from you, am not a kid anymore and i know when someone is in love,” i said while he laughed.
“so my little Jasmine is now teaching me something about love or questioning me about who i love? he asked while i nodded.
“not exactly, i think maybe you still have a thing for that slut…
“Jasmine fine, she made a mistake but please don’t call her names, atleast not to my face,” he said while i was a bit surprise.
“you see! why are you defending her, do you love her? i asked so angry.
“no Jasmine. Camille is not part of my life and i have gotten over everything, am happy having you and Sean as my kids and also Karen she was the woman my father always wanted for me,”
“so dad tell me, did you only married mom Karen to fulfil your father’s last wish or because you wanted me to grew up with a mother or because you love her? i asked while he just sighed then held my hands.
“yes i didn’t married Karen because i love her but to fulfil my father’s last wish and so we could have another complete and happy home even without Camille, i don’t want you to grew up without a mother and because i thought of hurting Camille back. I know she hurt me so badly for keeping secret which i need to know as her husband, so i think maybe getting married to Karen also is like paying her back and that’s the foolish thing i have ever did, i was so foolish…
“foolish for marrying mom Karen? i asked angrily, this conversation is turning into something else.
“no Karen but foolish for the way i thought. Camille is still your mother and nothing can change that so it better you stop calling her names afterall she didn’t do anything to you, it was me she hurt so let me handle everything” he said while i felt so angry, i stood up to leave but he held me back.
“dad, that’s the reason i burn each of her picture you kept at the store,” i yelled with tears threatening to come out from my eyes.
“what! you did that? he asked kinda pissed off with me.
“yes dad, now tell me what if she comes back to you, will you still accept her and what if that Chloe of a girl turns out to be your real daughter, what else will you do, will you chose them over us your family? i asked while tears slide down my eyes.
“of course not Jasmine. Am sorry about everything. I just want you to be a good daughter i don’t want you to be a spoilt brat, this isn’t how i raise you,” he said which make me more angry, i quickly jerk his hand away from mine then ran upstairs to room, i could hear him call my name but i just ignored him.
I threw myself on my large bed then cried. It all Chloe and her slut mother fault. I now quarell with my dad because of them.
“Jasmine dear,” i heard someone call my name and i turn to see Nanny hanny with a glass of milk, am sure it dad that sent her to me, i guess mom and Sean are already asleep.
“am sorry about everything,” she said sadly then placed the glass of milk on table and sat down close to me.
“i don’t know why you get angry at your mom and sister so easily, especially when anyone talk about them, you insult them anyhow,” she said while i glare at her.
“Nanny hanny, can you please leave,” i said politely cos i don’t want to shout at her, she has been like a second mom to me after mom Karen because she has been my nanny right when i was a kid and she’s my favorite, i listen to whatever she says but not now.
“am sure your dad love Karen and am happy for this happy home, but you should be ready to face whatever that will happen in the future…
“just go away,” i yelled at her then picked up the glass of milk and splash it on her body, she gasped and quickly stood up.
“now leave before i fired you myself,” i yelled i don’t know what else she’s doing in our house, am not a kid anymore i can take of myself but dad said she has been like a family and decide to keep her stay with us. I looked up and notice she left, i quickly stood up and locked my door. Chloe and your slut mother i hate you,” i yelled with so much hatred, i just hope dad will not gonna chose them over us.
The next morning, i stayed in my room and order my maid to get my breakfast in bed, i felt sorry for what i did to Nanny hanny and somehow feel like apologizing to her, she’s just like my granny… I remembered what happen between dad and i but smiled when i saw the rose flower Ethan gave in my flower vase.
“Ethan your love is like a song that… lights up my whole … i feel the warmth inside …
I giggle as i sing dad favorite song. Remembering about Ethan just lights up my whole world, i think am no longer angry with dad and Nanny hanny i need to apologies to her.
Chloe’s POV
I took a scroll around the school and smile to myself. I pray happy days are ahead,” i said to myself then smiled. Look at how proud i have made mom to be. I sometimes wish i have a father too. But i quickly wave that thought aside. Having mom alone is more than enough to me.
After school i return back home, i was done with the process and everything i need to do about the scholarship. It wasn’t that easy thou.
“so what do we have here for dinner? i asked then sat down next to my mom.
“it just a lentil lemon soup,” Erica said busy with her meal.
“how’s school today? i asked Erica while she smiled.
“was great, i made a lot of friends in our class,” she said happily while i smiled.
“and as for me, am starting my new job tomorrow at St. Mary orphanage,” mom said while i smiled.
“things seems to be moving pretty good for us,” Aunt Cecily said.
“and that’s because we are good people,” Erica cut in.
…After dinner mom sang for us her favourite song: Your love by Alamid. I so much love that song.
“you know sometimes i will sing while Anton will played the piano to make it more lively. It was our love song with Anton…. but not now anymore, i guess he might hate the song because i once taught him that. Each time i sing or hear the song it remind me of him,” mom said while i frown. Why is she now talking about him.
“the song is kinda good, but i wonder why you’re mentioning dad name,” i said then correct myself, did i just call him dad.
” i mean why calling Anton’s name,” i said with a frown.
“am just telling you that, and i feel like remembering those old days even thou it bring more tears to my eyes. Anton just used and dumped me, all his promise was lies, it was all fake, he isn’t the real man i have always dream of,” mom said with tears in her eyes already.
“then that’s the reason why you want to move on if you’ve got the opportunity but who knows same thing might happen. Mom atleast we are here for you,” i said then hugged her and Erica also joined us in the hug. Am just concern about my sister Jasmine.
Camille’s POV
The next day i was at the oprhanage and i was glad about being here i hope i can cope with the kids over here, well am always used to kids, i know how to handle them.
“you’re welcome Miss,” am elderly woman said while i smiled.
“am Hanny and you? she asked.
“Camille,” i replied, the look on her face changed.
“you look familiar,” she asked trying to remember me i guess.
“yes, this Camille… Jasmine biological mother, i once saw your picture with them,” she said while i was surprise. Is she Nanny Hanny, the one Anton hired for Jasmine.
“do you work for Anton, are you my daughter’s Nanny? i asked so excited, maybe this opportunity i might get to see Jasmine, i miss my daughter so much.
“are you Camiile, the one evryone has ben talking about. Anton ex wife? she asked while i nodded in tears, only God knows what people have been saying about me, they still thought Chloe is not Anton biological daughter. If only they were in my shoes, everyone thought am that slut and shameless woman.
“you’re so beautiful,” she said while wipe my tears then look up to her.
“how is Jasmine, how is my daughter? i asked in tears.
“Jasmine is now spoilt brat, she’s so rude,” she said while i was more hurt to hear that, did Anton fail as a father, he couldn’t even raise my daughter well and Karen that witch is now with my daughter all day, i felt so much hatred for the both of them. It time to take Jasmine back.
“Please, i need to see Jasmine, i need to talk with my daughter first,” i pleaded with the old woman while she laughed.
“i just pity you, if only you knew how Jasmine hate you, she might end up breaking your heart with her insults. If i were you Mrs. Camille i will forget if i once have a daughter because am 100% sure Jasmine will never accept you and also you can’t decieve Anton again because he love his wife Karen. It a happy home and you interfering to have Jasmine might just ruined everything. Let the happy family be because Anton doesn’t love you,” she said kinda rudely while i felt my broken heart being wounded again. I already know Anton doesn’t love me anymore and it okay with me, but why would Jasmine hate me??? I need my daughter back to me!!!
Seems Camille is ready to have her JASMINE after all this years…. this will gonna be war… but do you think Anton will agree to that..??
..Did you also think Anton still have something for Camille after all this years..
will Anton and Karen love last forever..??

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