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🌷 WHO AM I 🌷
♠♠ EPISODE:3 ♠♠
By success.
Kyla POV

I forcefully swallowed my saliva i breath in and out and my hair went back to normal

What was that, why did your hair suddenly turned red; the stupid principal daughter said

Is non of your business if my hair turned red or not; i said and angrily stood up from the chair

I walk out of the cafeteria
Kyla wait up, why the sudden change of attitude; Lilian said behind me 

Nothing am not feeling fine; i said
But why did your hair suddenly turned red;she said

Is because am not feeling fine, that’s how my hair normally turned red when i have fever; i said coughing

Hmm okay if you say so; she said
We got to the class

What subject do we have; i said
Art class ; she said

I was about to say something, when my eyes landed on that of ryker 

I smiled at him but he just looked at the other side without smiling back at me 

What’s with him 

A teacher came into the class, good day class; the man said

Good day sir; they all chorus

Am not teaching today, you know your exam is fast approaching so am gonna share you in groups for the drawing project

Which is three boys and two girls, you just have one months to do the project, if you hear your name please move forward; he said and brought out a sheet of paper

I know tara would be in her boyfriend group; Lilian said

Who’s tara and who is her boyfriend;i said

Tara is the principal daughter and ryker is her boyfriend which means that they will be in same group; she said

Oh i see ; i said

The man called alot of names even Lilian names but my name is yet to be called


You guys are group mate, this is all,
You guys are expected to draw yourself and make sure it looks like you,

You have to work together on this,
to bring out a beautiful painting
Let the best win, good luck to you all;he said and walk out 

I looked at my group, tara was giving me a deadly stare, i stick out my tongue to her and laugh

I walk back to my seat

How are we to draw ourselves;Lilian said

You just need to find someone in your group who knows how to draw every well; i said

She nodded her head in acknowledgment

We did other subject until the bell was rang for closing, i arranged my books in my bag 

Hey someone said; i look up to see tyler 
Hi ; i said reluctantly

We are going to our practice room to put some things together, so since you’re one of us you have to be there;he said

Okay i said standing up from my chair
Lilian i will see you tomorrow; i said hugging her 

I followed Tyler, we walked in great silence without saying anything to each other

We got to a door he opened it and we walked into the room 

My mouth fall open, is this really a practice room or what, the room is just so beautiful; i said without knowing i voiced out my mind

Tyler chuckled, you like the room ; he said

Yes is so beautiful;i said smiling

Hey bitch i don’t know why you’re among us; tara said eating bubble gum 

I just eyed her without saying anything, i looked beside her and my eyes came in contact with that of ryker his just so handsome

I started day dreaming about ryker 

I love you kyla would you be my girlfriend; ryler said
Yes i would be your girlfriend i said kissing him 

What’s wrong with you, why is saliva coming out from your mouth; tara said irritated, bring me out from my imagination i quickly covered my mouth,and ryker laugh 

I raised my eyebrows at her 

Enough let’s get down to what we are here to do ryker said

Who can draw ; he said

No one replied him, i guess no one knows how to draw ; he said

I know how to draw; i said looking down

I can feel his gazed on my skin 
Okay so you know how to draw, you will be the one to do the painting

Tomorrow we are going to start the painting; he said

We all nodded our heads in agreement except tara who was eating bubble gum

Okay that’s all for today;ryker said

I was about going out when tara called me 

Yes how my i help you ; i said

Take this bag i want you to carry it for me ; she said giving me her school bag 

And why will i carry your bag for you
Do i look like your house help or what; i said walking away

She dragged me back and gave me a slap 

I didn’t think twice before i gave her a slap back even hotter than hers 

She held her cheek and she started crying

I don’t take nonsense from anyone 

Ryker she slap me, won’t you do something; tara said crying


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