The BadBoy Diary
(A New Romance )
Written by Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Episodes 15
(The party 2)
The shoes was the last to wear and looking at myself in the mirror now, I can’t believe how amazing I looked.
I touched the necklace on my neck and smiled as I recalled how this necklace got to be on my neck.
Breathing out, I picked up my purse and taking one last look at the mirror, I walked out to meet Drake.
And there he was, outside the door, in tuxedo.
He look so perfect tonight on that.
Well, why’s his mouth open and why is he staring at me that way?
Then it hit me, the dressing.
He stepped close and took my hand gently.
“Wow You look so beautiful tonight.” he said.
I thought I blushed.
I had nothing to say so I kept mute.
He squeezed my hand lightly. “Let’s go” he said with a really handsome smile.
I smiled.
Noah’s POV
“Clara Adams, nurse at Gra-avantees hospital, find her, follow her. Find the bastard who she’s messing around with and get rid of both of them.” I said to a faced-cap Nikky.
She gave a nod.
“10million” she said.
“You have my trust, everything had been taken care of, once the job is done, you will receive your pay,” I said.
She gave a nod. “Okay but why do you have to get rid of the lady too?”
“Just do what I told you to.” I said.
She shrugged, stood up and left.
(Hamilton high school)
I walked with Delia to the school hall. Well everywhere was crowded. The hall was beautifully decorated.
Music was blarring and everyone was dancing with a glass of wine.
Every girl had a guy and every guy held a girl.
My eyes kept searching around.
I know I’m looking for no one else but Jayson.
Did he really come?
“Over here, come on” Delia said and pulled me along. Ah I hate heels unlike my sister who wouldnt stay a day without wearing high heels. Delia forced me to wear it..I had wanted a sandals.
“Where?” I asked.
“Ava and her friends are over there and I can see some guys who look like Richmond high guys.” she said.
I sighed and followed her till we got to the people she mentioned.
I almost lost my breath when I saw Ava Combs. She looked like some goddess in sparkling gold dress and heels with hair styled in some celebrity style.
This girls parents most be truly well off.
She held a glass of wine as her best friends surrounded her. Some had their boyfriends with them. Her best friends all wore red dresses and that was when I noticed that Delia wore red too.
“Hi Danelle,” Ava said, smiling.
“Hi Ava, happy birthday”I said and that was when I realized that I had no birthday presence with me.
“Thank you” she answered.
Well what about Delia and by the way, Ava had no gifts or anything which means, no one had given her a presence.
Delia went over and hugged her. “Happy birthday girl,” she said.
“Thanks baby” Ava answered and they withdrew the hug.
I breathed out and searched around, no sign of Jayson.
“Wow, here they come,” Someone said and I turned back to the girls. I followed their eyes to see five boys walking towards.
They look pretty good.
They got to us and each one of them hugged Ava, wishing her alot.
“Well girls meet my buddies from Richmond high school, this is Sly, and this is Alex, Wilson, Cole, and Jim.” Ava introduced.
“And buddies, meet my friends and class mates, they are quite so many,” Ava said and they laughed excluding me who cared less to that.
They turned to them, no us, smiling. Bringing out their hands for handshakes.
“I’m Bella,”
“I’m Loritta”
“I’m Angelina”
“I’m Delia”
I’m this and I’m that.
My eyes were all over the hall, searching to see Jayson.
“Hello?” A voice made me stop and turn.
It was one of the guys. The rest had all disappeared with Ava and her friends, even Delia!
I had no idea which name this one bearer cos I wasn’t looking when Ava called out their names.
He had brown hair that fell at the side of his face and he had transparent glasses on.
“Hi?” I said, it was more like a question. Why didnt he go with his friends?
“It seems you ain’t quite interested in this party. You wanna leave?” he said.
I searched with my eyes round the crowded hall but I didnt see him.
“Are you waiting for someone?” he asked.
I sighed “Yea so if you don’t mind, excuse me.” I said and walked away but I felt him beside me.
“Well, may I keep you company untill that person comes?” he asked.
“I don’t think.” I said but just then, I had no idea what happened, the next thing I saw was the glass of wine I held had poured on my dress.
I stood, staring at it.
“This guy!! What’s wrong with you. Don’t you watch where you are going?” The Richmond guy held at a naive eyeglass guy who kept apologizing.
“I’m sorry, I’m very sorry.”
“Just butt off,” he hurled at him and he walked away.
“Don’t worry about this, come with you, lets do something about it.” he said as he took my hand and began taking me to one of the restrooms.
We got to the door and I pulled my hand off.
“I will take care of myself, thank you.” I said. He smiled.
“You may leave” I said and walked in, slammed the door shut and breathed out.
What was all that?
I stood transfixed as I couldn’t believe my eyes. A guy held Danelle and was pulling her to a restroom?
I had been looking all over the hall for her that I had to go to the restrooms and then I saw this.
Should I really believe what my mind is telling me?
“Hello Jayson,” a voice said from behind.
I turned and it’s that friend of Danelle.
Her name? I remember her name now, Delia.
She smiled.
“Jayson, wow you look perfect tonight. I love your outfit,” she said.
I ignored her and turned my eyes back to the restroom passageway.
“What are you looking at? The presentation of gifts to the celebrant is about to begin, ain’t you gonna dance with Ava and give her your gift?” She said.
“For what i’ve found out, you are one of her errand friends, so you should be at the hall right now, dancing with her as a friend.” I said with my eyes still at the passage way.
She chuckled.
“Well, whatever you say is okay with me. I’m certain that you are waiting for no one, so can we?” she said.
“I’d rather stay here. The hall is so crowded and noisy and well, I’m waiting for someone,” I said.
There came a brief silence before she chuckled.
“Waiting for someone in a restroom? Who? I could have guessed that it’s Danelle but it can’t be her cos I saw her with one of the Richmond guys. The cutest one among them, actually.” She said.
I scoffed.
“So who, another girl or a boy?” She asked.
“It’s none of your business, and you should get going before I loose it,” I warned.
“Wait, is that Danelle and the Richmond guy coming out from a restroom?” She said.
I looked up and at the sight of them, my breath stopped.
I walked into the restroom, slammed the door shut and breathed out.
What was all that?
I shook it off, and faced the mirror.
Its not much of a stain but since the dress is milk-colored, it look pretty bad. Who is that naive guy!’
I sighed and turned on the sink. t
Taking out a tissue, I touched it with water and began cleaning the stain away.
I spent so many minutes cleaning it.
‘I wonder if Jayson lied to me, he said he was gonna come and I had to wear this dress because I wanted him to appreciate my outfit tonight and this heels.”
I pulled them off.
‘I wanted him to see how my legs look in high heels. I had to makeup cos I wanted to look differently beautiful tonight, all for him to see but. Is that all going to be for nothing.”
I sighed. “I’m really going to kill that guy if I set my eyes on him!”
The door suddenly opened and he came in, and closed the door. The richmond guy.
I gasped, infuriated.
“What do you think you are doing? How can you barge into a female restroom’” I fired at him.
“I’m sorry. I thought I had a noise so out of fear, I had to come in. I’m sorry” he said.
“I thought i told you to leave earlier, well Get out!” I yelled.
“Okay but are you okay? Is the stain still there, May I see?” He said.
“No, its cleaned, now go” I snapped.
He smiled and turned to leave but then turned back again.
“Your shoes, why did you pull them off, are they hurting your legs?”
I sighed in fury.
“What language should I use again to tell you to get out?”
He smiled. “Thats okay, be quick so we can go have a dance” he said.
I rolled my eyes as he left and closed the door.
I continued with my cleaning.
Soon I got done, it had cleaned but still wet at the spot.
I wore back the heels and opening the door, I saw him standing by the door.
“What the heck are you doing standing here?” I asked.
He chuckled. “GI easy on me… You have no idea how many girls who passed here bit their bottom lips cos of me.” He said.
I scoffed and walked ahead of him.
But he met my pace.
“Anyways, I’m Sly,” he said.
Sly was the first name Ava called. Hmm.
What’s my business anyway. I still have to look for Jayson one more time.
“Won’t you tell me your name. You didnt do that back there at the hall with Ava,” he said.
“Danelle” I said.
“Wow. Beautiful name you’ve got.”
I rolled my eyes and walked faster.
“Danielle” he called.
I have other things to do than waste my time talking with some idiot.
I’m sure Jayson came. He must have been looking for me.
I have to hurry back to the hall but just as I stepped out of the restrooms passageway, I saw him, standing with his hands in his pants picket and Delia standing next to him.
Somehow, I wanted to rush to him and yell hard at him for making me look for him for hoursbut something held me back, his face, his face held so much anger and he seem like he was about to burst into tears.
I asked myself…. Just then it came rushing to. Me.
A guy is standing next to me.

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