{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_15
“you’ll darely pay for this Jake, i promise you this,” i yelled in tears then stood up and held Chloe’s hand. I can’t believe Anton ask us to leave, he was so angry, very angry. I return back home sadly and meet my mom who was also sad, i saw my luggage already packed at the corridor.
“what happen Camille, i thought Anton has forgiven you. Ben just came and said Sir. Antonio order him to pack all your luggage and that of little Chloe,” mom said while i cried the more. Anton was damn serious about this, but he said he loves me, he said am his life, all i need now is a little trust from him so we could track down Jake, i guess his siding with someone close to us and i guess maybe is Nicholas or maybe someone else.
My hugged mom me tight as we cried in each other arms.
“but mom, i can’t leave Jasmine alone. Am not going anyway i have to wait for Anton to come back home, i need him to forgive me, i also love Jasmine i can’t just leave my daughter with him,” i cried.
“am so sorry about this whole mess my child, but you should have tell him this earlier, what actually happen? mom asked in tears while i told her everything.
“Where’s Jasmine? i asked mom.
“she’s asleep, she replied, i looked at Chloe and notice she was already feeling sleepy, i pulled her closer to me while she laid on my laps to sleep, am gonna wait for Anton to come back home, we need to sort this out.
Two hours later, i was damn tired and Chloe was fast asleep, Jasmine is awake and was seated next to me.
“i love you so much Jasmine, please forgive mommy,” i cried then caress her hair.
Few minutes later, Anton walked in and i felt a relief seeing him, atleast his fine and he didn’t visit any club this time, but he’s still angry with me.
“are you still in my house? he yelled while i quickly stood up in tears and Chloe was awake, she ran to hug Anton.
“welcome dad, i thought you won’t come back to us,” she said while Anton kept mute.
“we need to talk Anton, i love you so much,” i cried.
“we have nothing to discuss,” he fired then held Jasmine hand.
“am going with Jasmine then, i can’t leave my daughter behind,” i said wiping away my tears.
“don’t be too selfish Camille, you made me live a life full of lies and many hidden secret, you fooled me and now you still want to go with Jasmine! Never!,” he stormed upstairs with Jasmine, i broke into tears, this isn’t the Anton i knew, seems he no longer care about me. I picked up my luggage and so did my mother, i held Chloe right hand then walked out of the house. I looked at my Matrimonial home for the last time cos i might not see it again. I walked out of the house and Chloe was crying.
“mom why are you fighting with dad, what about my sister Jasmine,” she cried, i ignore her cry then stop a cab to take me to bugis street. I, mom and Chloe will live in the house Anton once gave my mom i hope he won’t chase us out here too. I wasn’t able to eat i just make something smiple for Chloe to eat before sleeping, my mom was so sad, she wasn’t herself anymore, all she ever wanted for me was a happy home but now i ruin it myself. But why is everyone blaming me, am also a human being, flesh and blood, we do make mistakes and make the wrong decision, nobody is perfect, i wonder why my own case has to be different. I love Anton so much. I laid so lonely on the couch thinking about him, just yesterday night he made love to me and now we got seperated. Jake will gonna regret this. I placed my hands on my tommy then cried.
“am so sorry my child, i shouldn’t have involve you in this mess. Daddy is angry with mommy but i’ll fix everything, i will keep on pleading with Anton. I picked up my phone to call him but he wasn’t picking up my calls, i guess he just want to be alone. I miss him so badly, if only he knew am pregnant, but he might even doubt if the baby is his. I messed up, am such a foolish wowan. I had a sleepless night crying all day.
Anton’s POV
I laid down so lonely on the bed, i miss Camille so badly but she badly hurt me. Chloe isn’t my child, this the worse news ever that freak me out. I cried like a baby over this issue, my happy home is ruin just because of her silly mistakes. I stood up from the bed then looked at Jasmine who was asleep, thank goodness she slept off cos she was crying. I picked up my handkerchief and dry the tears in her eyes.
“am so sorry baby, but am hurt, i don’t know what else to do,” i said then walked to the balcony. Remembering each happy times with Chloe and Camille break my heart into pieces, is so heart breaking, she broke the trust i have for her. Can i ever trust her again. I picked up my phone then go through the gallery looking at our pictures, what would i tell Jasmine about her sister and mother when she grow up.
The next morning i woke up feeling so sad, so weak and frustrated about the whole situation. I and Jasmine are going on vacation to Dubai, i guess that the only way i can forget about my past. I can’t believe Camille and Chloe are now my past. But damn! it will gonna be difficult to live without them. I was already dressed to leave and also Jasmine, i guess i need to get her a nanny. She’s now my one and only i love her so much. But i miss Camille and Chloe so much.
“Nic,’ i said when he walked into the sitting room.
“Anton, what the hell was that, what happen between you and Camille? he asked so worried.
“i don’t wanna talk about it but Chloe turns out to be Jake daughter.. this so hurting am leaving the country for good, i and Jasmine are going to Dubai, and we gonna spent some months over their, i need to get over this” i said.
“like serious, Camille make a great mistake but that doesn’t mean you should…
“enough Nicholas, i want to part ways with her for good. I was once soft, loving, caring and humble but i think after this Camille show me the reason not to love her again even thou i miss her, i don’t think i ever want her in my life, i guess this the consequences of disobeying my father, if only i have followed his last wish, maybe Karen wouldn’t hide anything from me,” i said so angry with everything that happen.
“okay buddy, just take care of yourself but i truly like Camille for you,” he said while i just nodded.
I arrived to the airport. Am doing this for everyone, this the only way i can’t get hurt again. I guess am paying for disobeying my father’s last wish.
…We arrived to Dubai, i wanted us to go to paris but hell no, that will remind me of Camille. I need to get Jasmine a nanny.
Camille’s POV
Mom made breakfast for Chloe and i wasn’t able to eat, i need to rush to Anton’s place to seek for his forgiveness, am not gonna stop until he forgives me, i know he’s just angry, i know Anton loves me so much and will accept me back no matter what. I arrived to our beautiful mansion and tears slide down my eyes, i need to tell him am pregnant, we’ll soon expect our son just what he wanted.. I knock on the gate when Ben showed up.
“Mrs. Camille,” he said with a sad smile.
“i need to see my husband,” i said trying to hold back much tears from my eyes.
“am sorry ma’am, sir Anton left just this morning with Jasmine, he travel to Dubai,” he said while my heart bleed, why would Anton do this to me, why did he want our family to get shattered for good. Why will he have to take Jasmine away from me, why would Chloe and her sister be seperated and also me and my husband.
“when is he coming back? i asked.
“i don’t know he didn’t mention,” he said, i just nodded then went back home in tears, my mom felt so bad about this, i told her that am already pregnant, what else would i do while Anton is now far away from me. He seriously left me. Anton left me,” i cried hard while Chloe and mom was comforting me. My whole world keep crushing down on me.
Anton’s POV
Visiting places and enjoying nice view with Jasmine isn’t what i plan for, i wish Camille and Chloe are here with me, it would have been perfect, but am not going back anytime soon. This the only way i can ease the pain in my heart. I parked my car then walked in to the club, it will gonna be so much over here, i want want to drink and forget about everything. Jasmine is at home with the new nanny i got.
“Anton? a familiar voice called and i was damn shocked to see Karen. Karen in Dubai, she’s just like a monitoring spirit, what the hell is she doing here.
“Anton, when did you come to Dubai, what happen? she asked so concern then sat down close to me.
“and what the hell are you doing here? i asked .
“am here for a business trip, what a coincidence! she exclaim.
“well let me guess, you and Camille broke up, that the last thing i have ever thought off, i thought you guys are inseperable but hell no! I saw everything on net, she’s such a bitch to have lie to all all these years. What the woman need most is to be loved and what the man need most is to be respected, i know how much you love and care for Camille but look what she did in return, she disrespected you and now ruin your reputation. what a shame! she said with a smirk at the corner of her lips.
“it not her fault, i think we are not just meant to be. Am paying for disobeying my father’s last wish now everyone is laughing at me, even uncle Karlo called me yesterday and insulted me, i guess he knows about my break up with Camille, he said my father will never rest until i grant his last wish,” i said while she smile.
“so that means you gonna marry me. Anton i love you so much just fulfil your father’s last wish,” she said while i stood up to leave.
“okay i don’t mean to get you upset, just give me your address before you levae,” she said camly.
“am gonna text you that when i get home,” i said then walked out of the club and drive back home. I meet Nanny hanny playing with Jasmine who was smiling. Nanny Hanny seems to be a nice woman, guess she’s in her late forties.
“Nanny hanny, i and Jasmine will travel back to canada in two months time, i know it will be kinda difficult for you but i think i would love if you sill come alone with us and be with my daughter,” i said while she smiled.
“am ready to do that sir,” she said.
“you’re too old to call me sir, am Anton,” i said while she smiled, that so nice of her.
“dad, what about mom and Chloe? Jasmine asked worried.
“baby, don’t worry. Nanny hanny is here with you,” i said while she smiled, she’s just too young to understand anything for now.
… Two month later… .
Camille’s POV
I have always been in tears, it been two months since Anton left, he isn’t back, he truly left, he left me and i don’t think he’ll ever gonna come back home to us his family, i have tried his line several times but wasn’t going through. Chloe has been sad all day, she missed her dad, Jasmine and her friends Ethan and Declan. Everything around us is dark, Anton left us with nothing but deep hole in our heart. I couldn’t help but to cry i didn’t even care much about my health, and that affected my unborn child.
“sorry baby, you might notsee your father, our happy family is shattered,” i cired. Ever since we left the hospital that day i have never set my eyes on Jake, neither did i hear anything about him, he did this on purpose and left, i know he must be so happy now that Anton and i are seperated. People around call me all sort of names, some wouldn’t even wait to hear my story, they insult me calling me a slut, whore and shameless woman exactly what Anton said to me. they insulted Chloe calling her a bastard child, this makes her a sad girl, she stop attending school and stayed with my mom each day at home. I never knew such a horrible day will come. Anton where are you? what about Jasmine? please come back home for me, for the sake of our unborn baby. I cried.
…One cool evening i arrived back home only to see the shocked thing of my life. My mom was shoot and i saw Chloe beside her crying, why will Chloe have to see things like this, she’s just a kid, why will she have to suffer right from now.
“mom,” i yelled then rushed to held her.
“who did this to you, what happen? i asked in tears.
“Camille.. my child.. the same person that killed your father and raped me is still the the same person that did this to me… he just exposed everything he did to our family,” she managed to say in a low tone, blood were gushing out from her mouth. I was shocked to hear that, who could be that idiot.
“stay away from that person when you happen to see him… he’s evil, he was the same person who ruined your marriage..
“mom ..is it Jake? i asked not sure of it, Jake wasn’t the one that killed my dad and raped me that day, then who could that unknown person be?
:mom.. who is he?? i asked in tears.
“T… T…” She was trying to say something when her breathe stopped. I cried aloud and notice few crowd in our house. How did he even get here, what does he want with my family.
he killed my dad
he killed my mom
he took away my virginity..
Whoever that person is am gonna make sure he died a painful death.
“mom, please wake up and atleast tell me who the person is, you promise to always support me, you can’t leave me in this hard times. Anton left, you can’t also leave me alone,” i yelled in tears. Why are things getting worse, if Anton is here with me, we might be able to resolve all this.
I stood in tears with my flowers while Chloe stood beside me with hers. I can’t believe my mom is gone, now am scared i have no one, the same person might come for me and my daughter, am so scared but thank goodness i called Catherine i told her everything. She was so sad, she cried and felt pity. She said she has some money with her which we could go to Quebec, she’s such a good friend, she’s the only one i have to comfort me. I promise to know track down this unknown person. Why is he after my family.
..”mom.. i think of how important you’re to my life, you’re my first and best teacher, my first true love. I made a lot of mistakes but you still stood by me, you pulled me to your warms arms and kissed my hair, you assured me everything will gonna be okay. Why will you have to leave when i needed you the most, you left without telling me who murdered you, why will i end up being an orphan and a single mother. I have never wished for this in my life. But mom i promise you this am gonna find justice for this, whoever behind this must pay, i promise you this mom. You’ve always being a responsible mother, you taught me never to grumble because roses have thorns but to be thankful that thorns has roses. Rest on mom, tell dad i mis him so much, i will try my best to be the strong woman you raise,” i said in tears the dropped my flower and cried so bitterly. Chloe also dropped her then cried. Things isn’t just going the way i plan.
Anton’s POV
Am planing to go back to canada, it been two month now, i have talked to uncle Karlo about me getting married to Karen. She’s such a good person but i know she’ll never gonna replace Camille. I miss her so much but what else could i have done? Am getting married to Karen. Jasmine need a mother as this her young age, she’s just three, she can’t grow up without a mother and if this will make dad happy so be it. I will finally grant his wish, i hope this time everything will work out well. Somethings are just destined to happen which no one has the answers to it, that my fate i guess.
Camille’s POV
We’ve packed everything we could, we’re leaving Ontario to Quebec, i hope we start a new life. I miss Anton so much and Jasmine, i don’t want my daughter to grow up without me, i want to be the best mother to her, i hope Anton comes back quick, i have told Ben to give me a call whenever Anton arrives.
“mom, what a about dad and Jasmine, are we going to them? Chloe asked sadly.
“Chloe dear, don’t worry am sure you’ll gonna like quebec,” Catherine said to ther while she just nodded sadly. I can’t believe my once happy, cheerful and full of smile little Chloe now frown each day, she’s now a sad girl and doesn’t talk much. This make me have sleepless night each day.
We were done packing our things when we heard a loud scream down the street and also gunshot, people were runing helter skelter.
“what! Should we go or return back to the house? i asked Catherine in panic.
“we need somewhere to hide, what happening in this street again? Catherine asked, i quickly grabbed Chloe hands when we heard the gunshot near, before we knew it our house was on fire, not only our house but some other houses close to ours. What hell is happening, who are those wicked people doing this.
“Chloe,” i said then held her tight, we ran as far as our leg could carry us to hide. I am so fragile and weak especially now that am carrying a baby in me, i was breathing so heavy at our hiding spot, i notice i was wet, i looked down at my legs and notice blood, it freak me out, the pain was too much, i held my stomach and scream aloud.
“my baby,” i cried holding my tommy.
“mommy,” Chloe cried.
“Camille, they might come to hurt us,” Catherine said holding my hands, i was rolling on the floor, i can’t lost my baby now.
“AN…TON..” i yelled his name aloud, i can’t hold it anymore, i need to shout to let out the pains, my baby is gone and am losing much blood already. Suddenly i heard a gunshot near to us, i hope Chloe and Catherine are save.
“Chloe! Catherine yelled in tears.
“Chloe, i held her but she wasn’t moving, she was the one shoot, my Chloe was the shot with the gun.
“Chloe,” i yelled shaking her shoulder but no response. My life is a mess. I just lose Anton and Jasmine, mom died, Chloe is gone and my unborn is gone too. What else am i living for.
“Chloe please wake up for your me, i promise to take you back to your dad, please Chloe…Chloe….please do this for mommy..!!! i yelled in pains and tears.
My vision was already blur, i’ve lost a lot of blood already from bleeding..
“Chloe..” i said one last time before passing out…
.As you go through life, their’s somethings that you won’t UNDERSTAND..
But the only thing you’ll know is that things don’t always go they we plan…
.. Camille ran mad when she was told about her miscarriage, Chloe’s death and also about Anton getting married to Karen.
she was taken to the psychiatric but her condition was worse. All she could mention was Chloe! her unborn baby and Anton..
she was emotionally and mentally affected it….Chloe is death. .
Anton married Karen, finally he grant his father’s last wish.. at last.
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