{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_14
Declan’s POV
I couldn’t stop crying each day, mom is truly gone, i miss her so much and also her troubles, who else will tell me i look so handsome again. It all Ethan fault with his mom. Aunt Patricia promise to helped me and be a second mother to me but that couldn’t stop me from hating Ethan. He’s my brother i love him so much but my mom died all because of him and his mom. Aunt Patricia kept telling me to stay away from him, she told me him and his mom are evil and they were the one who killed my mom, i couldn’t concentrate in school anymore, i felt so bad.. so so bad.




“Declan have some chocolate,” Ethan said then gaved me some, i collect it then threw it to his face so hard, it must have hurt him.
“bring back my mom and i will stop maltreating you,” i yelled then ran to my aunt, she always tell me to hurt him and that’s what am gonna do until he bring back my mom.
Ethan’s POV
Declan is my brother, why is he behaving towards me this way since his mother died, i love him so much i don’t why he seems to hate me, i guess his aunt must have poison his mind with bad things. I held my face with teary eyes, that hurt a lot, he also love chocolate i can’t believe he could do this to me. I wipe away my tears then rushed back to the house to tell my mom, since Declan no more like me then we have to leave this house.
Anton’s POV
It five in the evening, Camille insisted i tell her what i wanted to discuss with her, it been two days now, i need to ask her this myself.
“Camille, Jake showed me a ….a sex..video of you and him,” i said while she looked shocked, her heart seems to be beating much faster, she was already in tears.
“that wasn’t a sex video, he force himself in me, he was the one who rape me and when i got pregnant i aborted the baby one month before our wedding,” she said in a pleading voice, i felt so disappointed, why didn’t she tell me all this while. Now i understood what the doctor mean when she told me the complication was due to the abortion she had.
“you even lied to me when i try to ask you about the abortion the doctor mention when you gave birth to Chloe, you almost risk our daughter’s life, you were so careless Camille and i never knew you could be this heartless to abort your own baby just to save my our relationship, was that the kind of person you are? i asked so angry at everything. This first time am actually raising my voice at her.
“am sorry Anton, please forgive me i couldn’t summon courage to tell you that, i was so ashamed of myself. After Jake and i broke up he seems to be nice and he called me saying he was sick, i was so foolish then to listen to him, i went to his house, he wasn’t sick, he said he only miss and wanted to see me but i made it clear to him that it you i love and we’re getting married soon, he kissed me and i was so foolished to respond to everything he did, i realise what we were doing was bad, i pushed him off me and stood up to leave leaving him horny, he couldn’t resist he was so hard then, he pulled me back and raped me, i was so ashame of myself, to be raped twice, i felt like a slut, a dirty person, i was so ashame to tell anyone even my own mother it was when i aborted the baby out of frustration then i told her everything, she always disturb me to tell you that before we got married but i procastinate, even Catherine warn me to tell you earlier, but i was scared of losing you, i was ashame of myself, it was so heavy for me to spill it out, am so sorry,” she brust out in tears and i felt so bad about the whole situation, i hugged her closer to then kissed her hair.
“love, who’s the father of Chloe? i asked while she withdrew from the hug and look at me.
“it you, you’re the father of my kids, you were the only man that made love to me all these years,” she said wiping away her tears.
“But Jake told me you married me with his child, he said you were pregnant for him while you married me,” i asked so confused, Jake didn’t mention anything to me like abortion. Is Camille also lying to me again??
“that was all lies, why would Jake wanted that, he’s so wicked, i regretted ever meeting him,” she cried aloud while i quickly hugged her back, i don’t those children to come and see me and their mom in tears. I trust Camille. Jake just called that we’re going for the DNA tomorrow, he should get ready to spent the rest of his life in jail by trying to ruin my reputation and that of my family, he’s so stupid to think of that, just because he once has a history with my wife in the past doesn’t mean he’ll hurt her this way, am not gonna let go of Camille, i love her so much, she’s my life, only her make me complete and am willing to forgive her mistakes.
“Love, no more secret again, i guess people want to see us seperated but they can’t. Just promise not to keep any secret any from me,”
“i promise love, i promise, am so sorry,” she cried.
Camille’s POV
Am so lucky to have Anton, he forgave me am so happy, he said he trusted me and doesn’t care about anything because that was all my past.
“all this happen when i was not in your life, it happen when we were not married, the past is in the past. Camille am focus on you because you’re my present and future, because i love you, because you’re the mother of my kids and because you rule my heart completely, you make me complete, you’re my life,” he said then kissed me passionately. I felt so happy having this man as my husband.
I made dinner that night and we ate, mom was so happy and am glad my family is back, i thought i was gonna lose them but all thanks to my loving and understanding husband, i love him so much. Tomorrow we are going to conduct the DNA in different two hospitals, from Anton personal doctor so that Jake will not bribe them to fake anything. Anton promise to sent him to jail for trying to ruin my happy home.
Anton made love to me, it was great i miss him so badly and am glad my husband is back. Everything is perfectly fine, i have promise not to hide anything away from him ever again. He was hurt and i don’t want that to happen again.
The next morning, i made breakfast for the family then took my bath, i remember last night when Anton made love to me, he’s just so perfect and smile and tied my hair to avoid it get drenched. OMG… I was so tired, having sleepless night forgotting i missed my period last month, does that means am pregnant!!!. I felt so happy, no wonder i notice some funny change in me, i sometimes vomit, morning fever. I smiled to myself then quickly have my bath. I and Anton will soon have our third child, i pray it a boy, i want to have a son. Anton would love that too, he will be so happy, i need to tell him right away but i have to wait till after this DNA, I want the celebration to be big, we gonna celebrate our unborn son, then victory cos i definetely know Jake will be put to shame cos Anton is Chloe’s father. Jake is so lame and dull to even think of that, that was so foolish well atleast he’ll spent the rest of his life in jail.
Jasmine was taken to school by their driver while i, Anton and Chloe went to visit doctor Ken, he’s Anton private doctor from India, he’s such a busy man. People hardly know him and he never collect bribe. A few strand of hair from Anton, Jake and Chloe hair were taken and we were ask to come back later when the result is out. Chloe kept questioniong, i felt so bad because my daughter have to suffer for my silly mistakes. We then went to the General Hospital. The doctor over their knows Anton well, he’s his personal doctor. The test was conducted and we’re all waitinng for the result. Jake is such a bastard so suggest this, he was serious and wanted to file a case against me and Anton.
We all sat down at the waiting area when doctor ken came himself and gave us the seal result.
“everything went well Mr. Anton, here is the result, nothing is tempered with and no one has seen it,” he said while i nodded. He gave one to Jake and also to Anton.
“Chloe is our child love, just calm down,” i said when i saw how nervous he is. He open it and his eyes were widely open.
“Chloe isn’t my child? he asked questioning Doctor Ken while he nodded.
“yes Mr. Anton, this result shows that this man Jake is the real father of the little girl Chloe, i guess your wife might be hiding this from you,” he said before leaving, i wasn’t surprise nor moved. This damn fake but we trust doctor Ken, he’ll never lie to us, Chloe is Anton’s daughter.
“i guess the result is faulty love, let wait for the other result,” Anton said trying to console himself. I looked at Jake who smirked. I felt like strangling him to death.
“once this result is out and the result is the same, am taking my daughter or else i file this case to court,” he said which make me angry, i stood up to hit him but Anton held me back.
“love, Chloe is your daughter,” i said the hugged him tight, i pray this result will turn out good, am 100% sure Chloe is Anton daughter, why is Jake so foolish. What is he up to??
We waited for an hour before the next result was out. I looked at the result again and was shocked, same thing!
“Jake seems to be the father of Chloe,” the doctor said while i felt like slapping him.
“this must be faulty,” i yelled in tears then held Chloe so tight.
“nothing is faulty, Anton i told you Camille married you while pregnant, Chloe is my child, you insisted your personal doctors should conduct the test and i freely agree to that, you thought i would ask anyone to fake it…
I don’t even know any of these your personal doctor, if you still don’t believe to this we can also go to my personal doctor,” he said in a mocking voice then smirk.
“Jake you must be stupid for this, Chloe is my daughter, am not gonna give her to you,” Anton yelled making Chloe to flinch, i know she have never seen her father this angry before.
“mom, what are they saying, he’s my dad,” she said holding Anton fingers.
“you see, Jake you’re just good for nothing,” Anton blurted out.
“just as your wife who lied to you. Camille just spill it out! tell him the truth, tell Anton that Chloe is my child or else the case get further, am gonna sue him to court for this and i will fight with my last breathe just to get my daughter. Don’t deprive my Chloe from knowing her true father,” Jake fried back in a serious tone, i turn to look at Anton who seems so angry, he was damn angry but i don’t know if it with me or Jake. He quickly freed his hand from Chloe’s hand then walked out of the hospital. I ran after him to stopped while Chloe ran after me in tears.
“Anton just trust me, Chloe is our daughter, i don’t believe those fake result, trust me,” i said in tears, Anton is so much hurt, it all because of me, if only i tell him the truth, i don’t want to see him hurt.
“Camille i have always love and trusted you. I didn’t married you as a virgin but yet i still respect you, i respect you as my wife and see you as my super woman, but what else did you did in return, you disrespected me by not telling me everything that happen between you and Jake, fine! i forgive you again, and now the girl i so much love is longer my chi..ld,” he said in a cracking voice as tears ran down his cheeks. Antonio hardly cry, my heart bleed seeing him cry right infront of me, i was so much hurt. I cause it all, i hurt Anton again but Chloe is our child, is he doubting me?
“Chloe is your child Anton, please believe me,” i cried
“dad stop shouting at mom please,” Chloe said in tears holding my hands. Jake is so wicked. I thought everything was over.
“how did you expect me to believe you, am not even sure if you’re saying the truth Camille. Don’t tell me you’ve lived like a slut before i married you, did you also lied to me about you being raped, what type of mother are you that will even abort her first child. You’re so shameless Camille, i don’t want to ever see you again, leave my house. This marriage filled with lies and many hidden secret is damn over! i couldn’t take it losing Chloe but it part of life, i have to. You both should just go to her real father and who even knows if Jasmine isn’t my child too… am so disapponited Camille! he cried. I have never think Anton will end up calling me names, he just call me a slut just because he didn’t married me as a virgin, he’s doubting if am telling him the truth, he just called me a shameless woman, my heart is so heavy now. His right, that was all right, it all my fault i should have tell him the truth long time ago, i know how much Anton love Chloe and Jasmine.
“am sorry Anton, please forgive me,” i cried am on my knees and everyone was watching us, i felt so ashamed of myself.
“am sorry Camille, i have never dreamt of this but ITs OVER,” Anton said then left in anger, i hope he doesn’t get hurt. I sighted Jake from afar he was smiling, HE JUST WON!!!, my heart is been shattered into piece, i love Anton, someone should helped me begg him, am already carrying our third child, it not over yet, i love my husband so much, i cried while Chloe was also crying.
“daddy has left us Chloe, it all my fault please forgive me,” i said then hugged Chloe so tight.
<<>> Anton last word echoed in my ear and i cried out loud.
“i love Anton, i love him so much….
Anton’s POV
I drove speedily to the park, i just want to die, i hate my life, Chloe isn’t my child, she’s not my blood, Camille lied to me again, she lied to me. I cried and sat down on a bench so lonely.
” <> That what i always tell Chloe. Too bad i wouldn’t be their to fulfil any of my promise, am so sorry Chloe but you have to know who your real father is…! I shouldn’t have said those words to Camille, but what else would i have rather done… Camille just ruined my life…. she hurt me so much, she pushed me to the world and now am doom…!!! i guess it better to part ways with her…
Jake was right when he said he’s back to strike Camille hard with someone close to her….
IT OVER..The two lovers parted ways.. Camille with Chloe and Anton with Jasmine.
Oya let discuss; Haven’t Antonio try enough with Camille, he as been the best husband and father but yet he end up getting hurt. What hurt him most is knowing that Chloe isn’t his child afterall…..but how come..??
*Remember Camille is pregnant already.. for their third child.. .*
..IF you were in Anton shoes what else would you have done..??

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