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{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_13

I quickly walked towards them and dragged Karen’s hair, i pushed her aside and she quickly stood up and slapped me, bringing the attention of some people. My driver walked in and i notice Anton was drunk. I ask my driver to take him to our car while i handle Karen.
“did you just drugged my husband? i asked so angry.
“of course not, he said he’s damn tired of you Camille, haven’t you enjoy Anton enough, haven’t you got the money you needed, it time to leave him for me, i don’t care if you have kids with him because am gonna take back my man,” she said then picked up her bad and left. I wipe away the tears in my eyes and went outside, Anton was already in the car, i entered and sat beside him, then ask my driver to drive us back home. The tears in my eyes kept flowing, what could have happen to Anton, why is he drunk, what is he even doing their, please Anton don’t leave me, i might die if you do so, i love much i promise to tell you everything tomorrow morning, am so sorry, i hope Jake didn’t tell you anything,” i said in tears then held his hands.
We arrived back home and my driver helped me held Anton back to our room. He laid down on the bed and i removed his shoes and shirt. I covered him with the duvet because it very cold then sat down beside him and stare at his handsome face, he was fast asleep.
“Anton, please don’t leave me even for the sake of our children, please my love,” i cried as i caress his hair. When i was done crying i took my shower and went to mom’s room.
“what happen to Anton, i have been waiting for your arrival,” she said so worried.
“he’s back mom, but i saw him kissing Karen,” i said in tears then sat down at the edge of her bed and wipe away my tears.
“he was drunk mom, i know Anton will never cheat on me, Karen is such a shameless woman,” i said in tears. Am scared, i need to tell you something, am sorry for lying to you,” i cried hard while my mom hugged me, only her understand and accept me the way i am, i don’t know what else i would have ever done without my mom.
“Jake is back to blackmail me,” i cried while she looked so confused. I told her everything and she look so disappointment.
“i lied to you that we’ve settle everything during our honeymoon because i don’t want you to disturb me again, i thought their wasn’t need of telling him that again, i really don’t know if Jake showed him the video but am ready to tell Anton everything tomorrow morning,” i cried the more.
“ready to tell him when everything is ruined! Camille i have never raise you that way, why would you keep such secret from your husband for good five years, what type of wife are you? she asked so angry with me i guess.
“am sorry mom, please forgive me,” i cried.
“you should be ready to tell Anton that,” she said while i stood up to leave, seems she’s angry with me.
“Camille? she called softly while i looked at her.
“come here my child,” she said then hugged me.
“what you did was wrong, first thing tomorrow morning tell him about everything and also how Jake threaten you, am sure Anton will deal with Jake himself,” she said while i nodded before going to check on my children. They were sleeping peacefully and i sat down and watch them sleep.
“am so sorry Chloe and Jasmine. Mommy want to hurt dad but i’ll try to fix this, it all my fault i just need your prayers, let pray your dad doesn’t leave us,” i cried then stood up and walked back to our bedroom, i felt so dizzy and felt like vomitting, i quickly rushed to the bathroom and vomitted, i felt quiet relief. I notice some funny changes in me these days, i guess am just tired, i think too much ever since i saw Jake. I hate him.
Anton’s POV
It six in the morning and Camille isn’t awake, i stare at the face for a while, seems she have cried, she still look beautiful even in sleep, i felt like making love to her this morning but hell no! I went to check on my girls, my heart beat faster when i saw Chloe.
“good morning dad,” she said smiling when she saw me.
“morning princess, seems Jasmine is enjoying her sleep,” i said and looked at Jasmine sleeping peacefully.
“dad can i ask you this? Chloe said while i nodded, i can’t believe Jake has the gut to claim Chloe as his child, he’s so stupid, but only Camille can answer this.
“did you notice mom this days, she crys, she look so sad and sometimes starve herself,” Chloe said while i gasped, am so stupid not to notice any of this. What her reason, did she know about what Jake told me!
“your mom will be fine, she’s little bit stress out sweetie,” i said then kissed her hair.
“i love you, let me go and prepare your favourite noodles and egg sauce,” i said then stood up.
“what about mom? she asked standing up.
“she’s still sleeping, mommy need some rest okay,” i said while she smiled. I held her hand and we walked to the kitchen.
“do you know how to make noddles? she asked while i laughed.
“of course, your mom taught me that, she’s my great cook, i love her so much and i love you too including Jasmine,” i said while she giggle.
“okay dad, teach me then,” she pouted while i smile.
“as you wish my princess,” i smiled.
Little Chloe is too young to understand how to cook noddle but anyway i showed her how to prepare it with egg sauce and she seems to be a fast leaner, i think she’s gonna be a good cook in the future.
We were done cooking, thank goodness today is saturday i will have all the time to play with my two beautiful princesses. I set the table and went back to our bedroom, Camille was awake, she look so pale and weak, i wonder what’s wrong with her.
“good morning love,” i said then peck her while she smile weakly. I remember what happen yesterday night, i need to apologies to her, Karen was such a useless bitch, i can’t believe she’s here all this while.
“love am sorry about yesterday..
“it okay dear, i understand i guess Karen drugged you,” she said.
“no she didn’t, i was just frustrated about something, anyway we’ll talk about that later,” i said with a sad smile while she nodded, she seems so guilty, i guess she knows everything too, this so heart breaking..
“breakfast ready, Chloe and i prepare that,” i said while she smile, i held her hands and we walked downstairs to the dining room.
“good morning mom,” i greeted her mom while she smiled.
“good morning mommy,” Chloe and Jasmine greeted, i smiled then kissed Jasmine on her cheeks.
“morning my baby,” i said then sat down while Camille sat next to me.
“wow yummy,” Jasmine said while Chloe grinned.
“mom, i and dad prepare this,” she said while Camille smile sadly, she wasn’t happy.
“so delicious,” she said as she picked up her forked and stroke the noddles with egg sauce before eating it. I notice the look on her face was dull, is she sick? or hiding anything from me? Suddenly she quickly stood up then rushed to the bathroom.
“Camille,” her mom called out so worried.
“was wrong with mommy, but i thought always like Noddles,” Chloe said sadly.
“just eat your meal girls i will check on her,” i said then stood up and hurried to catch up with her, i bumped into her on my way going in, she look so dizzy.
“love, are you okay? i asked.
“sure, am just tired,” she said while i held her hand and we went back tot he dining room.
“are you okay dear? her mother asked while she nodded.
“i will just be in my room,” she said then walked upstairs, something must be wrong with her. I want us to sort this Jake case but i don’t think i can tell her anything, she need some rest, she look so weak, i don’t want to add more to her problem.
We were done having dinner and Camille’s mother took Chloe and Jasmine back to their room. My phone rang and the caller was Nicholas. I forgot to call him yesterday.
“Nic, good morning,”
‘morning! Anton you weren’t picking up my calls yesterday,” he said, his voice tells he’s sad.
“am sorry about that, i was damn busy, so sorry,”
“it okay, i lost my Mabel wife yesterday,” he said while i stood still. I was so stupid not to pick his calls yesterday.
“poor Declan, how is he coping? i asked.
“he’s aunt is here with him,” he responded.
“am so sorry Nicholas, am coming to your house right away,” i said then hanged up.
I can’t believe troublesome Mabel is gone, i felt so hurt and bad. I went back to our room and Camille was lying on the bed, she also look so frustrated herself.
“i need to tell you something love,” she said while i picked up my shirt and trouser, i urgently need to see Nicholas.
” i also need to talk to you about something but not now, you’re not feeling too well love, what wrong with you? i asked then sat down beside her and held her hands.
“am fine..
“no you’re not fine, should i call the doctor? i asked while she nodded.
“am fine, am just tired. I need to tell you something,” she said again while i stood up.
“okay love, we’ll discuss about that when i came back from Nicholas house, he lost his wife yesterday,” i said but she doesn’t look surprise.
“he told me yesterday, it such a bad news, i pity Declan,” she said, i kissed her lightly on the lips.
“i’ll be back soon,” i said then left. My heart is so heavy now, i so much love Camille and my kids, they’re my life.
I arrived to Nicholas house and meet him at the garden, he look so sad, i comforted him as friends should do and we talked about lots of things.
“what about the children? i asked.
“before Mabel died she asked Patricia to take care of her son while Lynn is still with Ethan, but am planing to sent Declan to school in Germany, i want the best for my son,’ he said.
“what about Ethan? i asked.
“i also love Ethan, but am not willing to spent much on him, cos he won’t be the one to inherite everything i have in the future, Declan will be the one to take over my company and everything,” he said while i sighed, i pity Ethan.
“Nicholas but atleast treat them equal, who knows if Ethan might be your saviour in the future,” i said while he smile a bit.
“i don’t think any of this will happen cos Declan is way too better than him, he’s even poor in school, Ethan hate school so much his performance are low,”
“his performance are low because of your wives quarell, he’s a child for crying out loud, you don’t have to frustrate his life, once his family are happy him too will be happy and his studies will move on well, that why i don’t want to get seperated with Camille i love her, and i don’t want my daughters to get affected with this,” i said.
“Camille is such a nice woman you know,”
“yes.. but something came up about Jake her ex,” i said then explain to him everything that happen, he look so surprise. He’s my buddy and i confide in him, he’s such a good adviser.
“Camille is such a good woman, you shouldn’t let her slip away just because of her stupid ex, but when it turns out that Chloe is his child am sory to say just let go, their’s no need in depriving the little girl who her true father is, atleast you still have Jasmine and who knows if he’s lying. I sometimes get jealous because i couldn’t get a perfect wife as Camille, don’t let her go,” he said while i smile a bit.
“but i love Chloe, she has been a part of me for good five years…i …can’t let go of her to another person, even if he truly turn out to be her father am gonna fight for her, am ready to kill for my family. Nicholas, am ready to spent billions to keep Chloe close to me. Jake can never be her father after all that was lies, i trust Camille so much,” i said boiling in anger, i so much hate that Jake, how dare he try to temper with the Santagio family. No one does that and go scot free.
Anton love for his family is a strong one..
can Jake be able to ruin it..??
Anton still love and care about Camille..

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