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{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_12
“you can’t do this to me Jake, you can’t,” i yelled in tears.
“am giving you only tonight to think about this, am damn serious,” he said then walked back to his car. I was left speechless in tears, i return back home and meet mom helping my girls with their assignment.
“mom,” i said then sat down frustrated close to her.
“welcome mom,” Chloe and Jasmine chorused, i pulled them closer to a hug.
“mom, have you been crying? Chloe asked who seems to notice my face, my eyes were already watery.
“no.. mommy is a super woman, she doesn’t cry,” i said trying to hold back much tears from my eyes.
“your mom will be fine, just go to your room, i will talk to her,” mom said to them while they left.
“Camille, you seems trouble? she asked looking at me.
“no mom, am fine,” i quickly said. I once told her we’ve settle this with Antonio since our honeymoon so she won’t disturb me to tell him. That was all in the past afterall, i thought their’s no need to tell him, now my past is hunting me. I don’t want to make my mom get worried about me.
“mom am perfectly fine, i just need to rest,” i said then stood up to leave.
“i hope you’re not keeping any secret from me nor your husband? he asked while i felt so guilty. Can’t they understand i want to forget about my past, i can’t tell Antonio. Yes i love him but i don’t know why it so heavy to spill out everything to him and beside i thought their’s no reason telling him that.
“mom i just need to rest,” i said then walked upstairs to my room. I freshen up and went to check on the kids, Antonio must be busy in his study room, i will just let him be i don’t want to disturb him for now.
“i thought you girls are asleep,” i said as i walked in and sat down at the age of their bed, Jasmine rushed to me then laid her head on my thighs.
“what about dad? Chloe asked, she care so much for Antonio, i sometimes feel she loves him more than me, they’re just too close and fond of each other.
“dad is busy with work stuff for now, you need him let him concentrate,” i said while she nodded.
“you look so sad mom, i have never see you cry or sad, what wrong? Chloe asked again while i sighed then looked at her.
“did you and dad quarell? she asked while i gasped.
“Chloe! don’t ever say that, i love your dad so much and we’re perfectly fine with each other,” i quickly rushed my words while Chloe just nodded.
“okay mom, i guess time its for bedtime stories,” she said.
“yes darlings,” i said then picked my a book tittle: *bedtime stories* I finished reading cinderella story for them, but my mind wasn’t at rest, i only have tonight to think or else i will lose everything including my family, i don’t want this to happen, i never knew Jake will ever be this heartless, i used to know him as calm and humble person but hell no, he’s so stupid. I was lost in my thought when i felt Chloe’s little hand tapped me.
“mom, are you crying again? she asked, that when i realise my eyes were already filled with tears.
“mom, are you sick? she asked again.
“am fine Chloe,” i said wipe away my tears, i notice Jasmine is already asleep. I kissed Chloe on her forehead then stood up.
“sweet dream sweetie, i just need to rest,” i said then walked out to my room.
I sat down on bed and wipe away my tears. Jake is actually back to hurt me this much, so he was serious with the message he sent me on my wedding day, i guess it time i tell Anton everything, but how can i, it will all gonna be useless because Jake has the video. I hate Jake so much, i will never agree to his condition, never!
“love,” Anton called then walked in, i quickly wipe away my tears and laid back on bed. I kept thinking how to tell him, will he be able to bear it???
Lynn’s POV {Ethan mom}
Ethan and Declan went to the plantation to play as usual, i tried calling sebastain but his line wasn’t going through. It five years now, that so stupid for me to still think his line will go through. My friend Cherry called me last week and told me that Sebastain travel to Japan since two years back, i wonder how it all happen. I just need him right away, i need him to do me a favor. Am desperately in need of this.
I walked down to the garden and sighted Ethan and Declan playing with Anton children, they seems so happy not until when stupid Mabel came and dragged Declan alone with her.
“the next time i saw you play with this boy, i will make sure i pluck one of your ear,” Mabel yelled at him. Nicholas wasn’t home yet, he’s just busy with his work.
“Ethan, come over here,” i called him because i know what next will happen.
“mom, am playing with Chloe,” he sadly while i dragged him back home with you.
“you should stay away from those girls, and also Declan,” i said getting pissed. Mabel walked up to me and the next thing i felt was a slap on my face.
“Lynn i guess it high time you leave this house with your miserable son, Nicholas doesn’t need you,” she yelled while felt so much hatred for her, i slapped her back and she pulled my hair.
“stop it mom, stop! Declan and Ethan yelled. I freed myself from her grip then pushed her to the floor.
“let go Ethan,” i held his hand tightly, then stormed out of the sitting room.
Mabel’s POV
I’ve told you Declan, Ethan is not your brother and can never be,” i yelled at him then picked up my car keys.
“stay in your room until i come,” i yelled at him while he kept quiet, i hate seeing him with that Ethan of a boy, i so much hate his mother too. I quickly rushed out to my car, i need to get rid of them immediately. I want peace back in this house again. I drive with full speed on the road, so angry with everything that happen, how dare she slapped me and try to fight with me!!!. I kept driving in anger not noticing when a car from a juntion collide with mine and the front glass broke into pieces, piercing in my skin, i hit my head so hard on the steering then passed out.
Camille’s POV
I, Chloe and Jasmine came back from the plantation, Nicholas need to see the way his wives behaves, this might affect the children, they might hate each other and i don’t want that.
“his mother hate to see him play with Ethan,” Chloe said sadly.
“yes dear everything will be fine,” i said as we walked to the sitting room, Declan mom left in anger, only God knows where she’ll go to. I gat lots of problems to think. What if Jake already showed Anton the video, then am doom!, i need to tell him this once his back from work. I don’t want him to notice how sad i am this days. Am so worried i just need someone to talk to, i need to tell my mom and also Catherine, i need her help… but they all advise me to him the truth but i procastinate, i was so foolish to have do all this. I pray Jake doesn’t do anything funny. Am willing to tell Anton everything.
Nicholas POV
I just got a call from the hospital my wife was admitted to. She had an accident, i can’t believe that. I rushed to the hospital and already saw Lynn at the waiting area with Ethan, she seems so worried.
“what happen to my wife, you bitch,” i yelled at her, i quickly rushed in and meet Patricia, she’s Mabel’s sister, Declan was seated next to his mom.
“Mabel, how are you feeling now? i asked then held her hands gently.
“it all because of that slut you brought to your house, she did this to my sister,” Patricia yelled at me not considering the fact that we’re in the hospital.
“yes dad, she fought with mom and mom angrily left the house, she got into an accident,” Declan said then brust out in tears. Lynn must be so stupid.
“i’ve told you earlier to get ride of her,” Mabel said in tears, she couldn’t even move any part of her body, her head and arm was covered with bandage, she must be in pains.
“learn to fight for yourself my son, remember you’re still the legimate son of your father, no one, not even Ethan will ever take your place,” she said in a low voice then held Declan hand.
“please mom don’t leave me,” he said crying so bitterly, Patricia was also shedding tears.
“promise never to be friends with Ethan again, promise me you’ll hate him for the rest of your life,” she managed to say then coughed out blood, i was so scared when i saw her coughing out blood, i still can’t believe even in her dying bed she’ll still ask her son to hate his brother, what type of mother is she, i quickly rushed to call the doctor.
A minute later i came in with a nurse, i tried calling Anton but he wasn’t picking up my calls, i wonder what must be going wrong.
“Patricia promise to keep Declan away from Ethan, help me have my revenge. Lynn must have plan this, you need to make her regret ever coming into our lives, i don’t want her to be the mother to my son,” Mabel said she looks so weak and the doctor came to attain to her but seems her breathing was ceasing away.
“Mabel, please don’t go,” i yelled then moved closer to her, Declan was crying so hard as he held her hands. Mabel looked at us once more.
“mom, wake up,” Declan cried, he’s too young to pass through this. I know Mabel is only scared of the future, but that won’t change anything Declan is my legimate son but i still can’t abandon Ethan with his mom, he’s also a part of me.
“Mabel…Mabel,” Patricia cried. The doctor examine Mabel for a while then shook his head.
“am sorry,” he said while i felt so heavy in my heart.
The door went open and Lynn walked in with her son.
“am so sorry,” Lynn said in tears.
“you caused it, if only you left with your miserable son, now my sister is gone just because of you” Patricia yelled at her. Ethan ran to Declan who was seated close to his mom in tears.
“Declan? Ethan called. The look on Declan face was of anger when he saw Ethan.
“stay away from me,” he yelled at him….
Anton’s POV
My eyes were clouded up with tears when Jake showed me the video, him and Camille in bed.
“but this was five years back as you said, that was all in the past. I don’t care what you have with Camille in the past, she’s my wife now,” i said in a cracking voice feeling so disappointed. Nicholas called me but i wasn’t able to pick any call, i just need to sort this out myself, i love Camille so much.
“yes it was in the past, now what i mean exactly is that after this, Camille got pregnant, she was just a month pregnant when you married her,” he said while i felt my world crushing down on me, what is he driving at.
“you mean i married Camille, when she was pregnant for you? i asked as tears slide from my eyes.
“sure, I know my sweet Camille is good at keeping secret. Camille got married to you while she was still carrying my baby therefore Chloe is my daughter,” he said dropping the worse news ever.
“you must be stupid,” i said then pulled him by the collar of his shirt and punch him hard which make him bleed immediately.
“Chleo is my child and also Jasmine. Fuck you Jake, i love Camille so much,” i yelled while he smirk.
“am gonna file this case to court and you know what that means, i will show this video to the whole world and this will gonna ruin your wife reputation. Chloe is my daughter we can for DNA test am 100% sure of this,” he said confidently. I felt my heart tear into pieces, i hate my life. The girl you’ve raise for five years and have always love, only for another man to come and claim her as his child. What is he up to? I don’t want Camille reputation to be ruined. But why is he too sure of himself..?
“get out of my office,” i yelled at him.
“okay, let just go for DNA Anton, am back to take what rightfully belong to me, you can ask Camille, she was once pregnant for me,” he said then walked out slamming the door behind. I sat down and cried out my eyes. This what i hate must, why would Camille hide this from me, i love her so much, she’s my life, she gave me life and a happy home but it seems she’ll be the same person to ruin everything.
Nicholas called me again, but i didn’t picked up his calls, i just want to be alone. It getting to seven, Camille called me but i didn’t picked, i felt so hurt i will do everything to protect my family, am not gonna leave them. I went to get myself drunk at the club, this something i hardly do, i hate going to club but i guess it the only thing to cool me down.
I sat down somewhere alone and order for a drink. Girls walked passed me intentionally inorder to notice them, i guess i just need someone to talk to.
“Anton,” a familiar voice called my name. A young lady sat down beside me and i was shocked to see Karen, after five years. I gulped down my drink. What if what Jake told me was all the truth. What if after the DNA Chloe turn out to be his daughter, am doom!!!
“Anton,” Karen called.
“when did you came back? i asked, my vision was already blur
“since last month Anton, i miss you so much, i came to visit my parent and uncle Karlo, i was so busy to even visit you, what about your wife and kids? She said while i gulped down another drink.
“they’re all fine,” i said feeling more frustrated.
“i have never see you drink,” she said then picked up my phone.
Karen’s POV
I needed to move on since Anton has also moved on, he even have beautiful kids and am happy for him, but i still love him. I know i came at the wrong time because Anto will never leave his wife and kid just because of me. Something must be wrong with him, his eyes looks red and swollen, he must have cried, he look so frustrated. Anton isn’t the type that usually drink or come to clubs. I went to his gallery and saw of his pictures with his wife and kids.
“such a sweet home, but i can’t believe Camille stole my man and she has the right to hurt him now, i know something must be wrong with him. suddenly Camille’s call came in and i picked it up.
“your husband is here with me, just come to wines club,” i said then hanged up, i know she must be confused by now. Whatever disturbing him must be something serious.
“Anton! i said but he seems so drunk, i moved closer to him then peck him, i miss you so much Anton, your wife is coming to pick you up,” i whisper to him then kissed him on the lips while he responded to it.
Camille’s POV
I can’t believe Declan lose his mother, Nicholas just called and inform about me that, he said he have been trying Anton’s line but he wasn’t picking up the call. I also called but he didn’t picked. I was so scared i hope is not what am thinking, i hope Jake didn’t tell him anything. It already past eight and Anton isn’t back i called him again, thank goodness he picked but it wasn’t him, it a female voice, they place seems so noisy and i was scared when she told me Anton is with her, i should come and picked him up at the wines club. I quickly get dressed and told my mom to take care of the kids, my driver drive me to the club and i hurriedly walked in. Anton has never been to club, he hate club! so why is he here today. I walked then sighted Anton. OMG! Anton and Karen kissing!!!, Was he cheating on me all this while, my eyes were filled with tears, my heart was heavy as i saw my husband, the father of my kids, the man i so much love kissing another woman, this what i feared most, i felt my whole world crushing down on me…am doom!!!
Everything is now complicated…
Karen is also back with her problem…
Declan mother is death…Now, will the two brothers turn out to be the worse enemies..?? with the help of Patricia!
….The way Jake was telling Anton to conduct this DNA Seems he’s 100% sure that Chloe is his child.. but how come..??
… Things are just too complicated now… Camille will thought Anton is cheating..!!
Will Anton and Camille get seperated.. .just the way everyone wanted it to be??

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