“Ntin!” Emily sneezed as she became concious.

She looked around,that wasn’t the villa.She removed the wet towel on her forehead and stared at it for a while before getting up from the bed.
She touched her hair,it seemed wet…Did someone bathe her?…Emily huffed as she walked out of the room and descended the stairs.She heard some clattering and walked towards the direction the clattering came from.

“Huh” Emily furrowed her brows.

Her knight in shining armor and a lady were eating.

Vincent laughed at something his sister said and looked up.He dropped his chopsticks as he caught sight of Emily.

“Emily..” he stood up on his feet walked towards her.

“Are you okay now?…does your body hurt anywhere?…how are you feeling?” Vincent bombarded Emily with questions.

“Huh…” Emily scratched her hair and grimaced in bewilderment.

“Yah,you should be careful you know…I almost hit you today…How could you have been so careless…” Vincent sneered.

“…” Emily gulped and licked a corner of her mouth as she stared at the chicken on the dining table.

Vincent raised one of his brows at the lady who wasn’t replying to any of his questions and traced her eyes to the direction she was looking at.The chicken.He scoffed and dragged Emily to one of the dining chairs,he sat her down and placed the whole chicken before her.

“Since you just woke up and you’ve lost some of your strength,you should eat.” Vincent patted Emily’s shoulder and sat down beside her.

“Really?..I can eat everything?” Emily stared widely at her knight.

“Uhn.” Vincent nodded his head.

Before Vincent could speak any further,Emily hastily pulled out one of the chicken laps and devoured it within a twinkle of an eye.

Becky dropped the meat she was eating back in her bowl and stared at the unnie sitting before her in astonishment.She stared at her brother with her mouth opened and shook her head.The unnie liked food.

Joel pressed on the brake immediately he drove into the villa and rushed into the lounge.
He hastily walked up the fleet of stairs and opened the door to Emily’s room.She wasn’t in.

“Emily!” He yelled as he knocked on the door to bathroom.

He waited for a while and after he got no response,he opened the door.She wasn’t there either.

Furious,he walked out of Emily’s room and climbed down the stairs.

“Where is she?” He asked the first maid that came his way.

The maid didn’t need anyone to tell her who the master meant by ‘she’.

“She is not back sir.” the maid replied quickly.

Joel swallowed angrily.He took out his phone from his pocket and dialed Emily’s phone number….

She wasn’t picking up.

“Aisshhh!” He threw his phone away.

If anything ever happened to that girl,the whole world was going to regret it.

Joel picked up his phone and walked out of the villa.

“Uwa!” Becky clapped her hands excitedly.

“Unnie,you’ve finished the whole chicken.” She stated,grinning from ear to ear.

“…..” Emily smiled cutely.

“You are good.” Becky gave her a thumb up.

“I really want …” Becky began to talk.

“It’s okay.” Vincent cut her short.

He knees his sister.Once she started talking,she wouldn’t stop.

“Yah…” he turned to Emily.

“What exactly were you thinking about when you were trying to cross the road?” he asked.

“Huh?..” Emily arched up her brow.

She recollected what had happened earlier that day and frowned.

“Wae?.. what’s wrong?” Vincent asked as he noticed the change in her expression.

“….” Emily shook her head.

“Ahhhh..” she stood up at once.

“Wae?..what is it?..” Vincent furrowed his brows.

“I have to go.” Emily turned to Vincent.

“Wae?” Becky pouted.

“I have to work…Aish” Emily slapped her forehead.

How could she have forgotten that she was supposed to go back to work before four.

“Please can you take me back?” She bit her lip as she stared at Vincent.

“…” Vincent shrugged his shoulders and stood on his feet.

He would also be going back to the office anyway.

“Unnie you’ll come again some other time right?” Becky pouted as she watched Emily and her brother head out of the house.

“Uhm.” Emily nodded her head and waved at her.

Becky waved back and headed to her room happily.The unnie was going to come some other time.

Emily turned on her phone,seven missed calls!…She quickly checked her call log.All seven calls were from the arrogant god…What?!!!…She was in deep shit.
She trembled deeply as she fondled with the hem of her skirt.She looked up from her phone and looked around,not knowing what to do.

Vincent chuckled as he took a peek at her.

“Why are you trembling?…you are not late,it’s just 2:55.” Vincent smiled.

“Huh?…nde.” Emily breathed out.

If only her knight knew why she was trembling…Seven missed calls from the CEO of Empire World…Emily broke out in cold sweats.

Vincent parked his car right in front of the industry and turned off the engine.

“We are here.” He smiled at Emily.

“Huh?….ahhh.” Emily nodded her head and carried her bag.

“You should be careful next time okay?..” Vincent stared at her.

“Nde.” Emily bowed and stepped out of the car.

She waved at Vincent.

Joel furrowed his brows as he slowed the car down.Wasn’t that the girl he was looking for,smiling widely and waving at some guy in s black car.He bit his lip and tightened his grip on the steering wheel.
He was about to die for a girl who was busy with her boyfriend….He was stupid.
Wait,the car even looked familiar….Yes,it was that car he saw her step out of in front of the villa the other day and the same car he saw her step into the day he sent her away from the villa….The car belonged to a guy,he knew that for sure.Even though he never saw the guy’s face,he was sure it belonged to a guy.

Joel swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched the girl walk into EWEI.

So she intentionally ignored his calls because she was with that guy,her boyfriend.Bullshit! Joel hit his fist on the steering wheel.

He turned his car around and headed to the villa.

Why was he even jealous,it wasn’t like he had a thing for her or did he….

“Shit!” Joel cursed under his breath as he drove back to the villa.

“Uh..Emily,you’re back.” Maria smiled as she looked up at Emily.

“Nde” Emily bowed her head slightly.

“Good.” Maria smiled.

“We should get going.We need to get there earlier.” She carried her bag and stood on her feet.

“Nde.” Emily bobbed her head.

The duo walked out of the broadcasting building and got in Maria’s car.
Maria drove out of the industry and headed to their destination.

In no time,they arrived at The Masons’ mansion.

Maria drove right into the mansion after she got access.She and Emily stepped out of the car and walked into the main house.

They were there to interview Mrs Mason,one of the richest women in the state.She was a single mother of five kids and many people wished to know how she became successful even with the kids and without her husband who had died years back.

“Good afternoon Evelyn.” Maria grinned and made to hug Mrs Mason.

She had known Mrs Mason for some years now and they were friends.

“Maria just hold your greeting.” Mrs Mason snapped.

Maria withdrew and frowned.Something was wrong.

“You are late.An hour late!” Mrs Mason yelled.

“Deo,you are the newbie right..I knew it.I should have just allowed Stephanie do the interview.” She scowled as she looked Emily over.

“Evelyn the interview was scheduled four.” Maria shrugged.

“Four or two? know I’m a very busy person and I have no time for nonsense.Just take this proud thing out of my house.” Mrs Mason snapped again.

“A word of advice Maria,you should stop managing her.” Mrs Mason eyed Emily and walked out on them.

Emily tilted her head as she tried to force her tears back.

Maria sighed and looked at her.She slowly led her out of the house into the car.

Emily sobbed silently as Maria drove back to the industry.

“It’s okay…someone tampered with the schedule,stop crying.” Maria consoled as she drove into the industry.

“You should go home.” She let out a small smile.

Emily hiccuped and carried her bag.She stepped out of the car while Maria walked into the industry.
Before Emily could walk ten steps,she felt something hit her head and smash all over her face and before she could look up,more eggs were thrown at her.




“She should be punished for shaming our queen!!!”

“Shaming our queen!!!”

“She should be sent out of EWEI!!!”

“Sent out of EWEl!!!”

“She doesn’t deserve to be here!!!”

“Deserve to be here!!!”

Annie Bella’s fans threw more eggs at Emily.They were so furious,how could a stupid newbie from no where just tarnish the image of their idol…So they decided to teach her a lesson.

Emily didn’t know what to do.She just stood there,crying as eggs kept smashing all over her body.

Some of the people in the industry brought out their phones and took videos of the scene.It was really going to trend on the internet.

After a while,words got to Michael and some guards were sent to help her safely out of the industry.

Joel picked up his phone and checked the caller’s ID.He twitched his mouth and swiped the answer icon.

“Boss Miss Emily was…” Noah began to speak hurriedly.

“Stop.” Joel cut in.

“From today henceforth,don’t ever tell me anything about her.” Joel spoke up calmly.

Before Noah could say anything,he hanged up.

Joel dropped his phone on the bed and frowned.Enough was enough.

A/N: I tire for this Emily o😞…haters shaπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

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