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“Deo!..You did that on purpose right?!” Annie thundered angrily.

“A-an-ani..” Emily muttered in tears.

“Annie….” Maria ran out of the control room.

She stared at Emily who was sobbing uncontrollably and stared at Annie who was boiling with anger.

“You said that purposely to tarnish my image right,to ruin the reputation I worked so hard for uhn?!” Annie wiped the tear that brimmed down her face.

“Annie take it easy.” Maria sighed.

“I don’t know where EWEI got you from.It was supposed to be Stephanie interviewing me.Disgusting!” Annie walked down the studio floor.

She handed her purse over to her manager and they walked out of EWEI.

Maria sighed and stared at Emily.She sighed again and hugged her.She squatted down and picked the script that had fallen off Emily’s hands when she got slapped and helped Emily out of the studio to her office.

Stephanie couldn’t stop laughing,the slaps were really resounding.

“The slaps were oh mai gawdπŸ˜‚πŸ€£…” She laughed again.

“Hot?” Carmen chirped in.

“Yeah.” Stephanie laughed.

“I hope that hacker’s changed the time for her schedules..” she pressed her lips in a thin line.

“Nde.” Carmen smiled.

“Good.Very soon,she’ll leave.” Stephanie smirked.

“The script was switched.” Maria scowled and scrunched up the script after she was done reading it.

That wasn’t the script.

“…” Emily’s lips quivered as the tears kept streaming down her face.

“It’s okay…” Maria sat on her desk and patted her back gently.

“It’s one of the wars I told you about.Stop crying.” Maria smiled.

“You are going for an interview by four.Go home,take a shower,sleep,cheer up and come back before four.” She tucked Emily’s hair that had fallen over her face behind her ear.

“It’s okay,take a break.” She smiled again and handed Emily’s bag over to her.

Emily stood up and dragged her feet towards the door.

Maria shook her head as she watched Emily.

‘poor girl.she didn’t know what she was getting herself into..’ she shook her head.

She walked around her desk and sat in her chair.She’d definitely find the person behind the false script.

Everyone watched Emily as she dragged her feet out of the industry.It was an unpleasant sight,she was crying really hard.Annie’s fingerprints could be seen on her cheeks like she had Nigerian tribal marks.

She wandered aimlessly across the road,she didn’t see the oncoming car that was going in her direction.The car let out a screeching sound as it stopped a few inches from her.

Vincent who was driving to his office noticed the familiar figure wandering across the road as his car neared the figure.He hastily pressed on the brake to avoid hitting her.The car let out a screeching sound and hastily rushed out of the car to check if she was okay.

“Are you okay?” Vincent asked wearily as he looked all over Emily’s body.

Without getting a response,he tilyes Emily’s face with his right hand and what he saw gave him the shock of his life.He swallowed the lump in his throat and walked Emily to the car.He opened the door for her and Emily got in,he walked over to the driver’s side and got in.
Vincent didn’t know what was wrong with him but he kept giving the steering wheel a rough squeeze at intervals as he drove.The prints on her face were just too….He stole a glance at her,she was already asleep.She actually cried to sleep.
Vincent drove into his mansion and hastily stepped out of the car,he carried Emily and headed into the lounge.

“Oppa!” Becky ran towards her brother.

But there was a girl in his hands,she stopped midway.

Vincent ignored his sister and climbed up the stairs.

“Oppa who is she?”

“What is wrong with her?”

“Uwa,she’s so pretty.”

Becky bombarded her brother as she trailed after him to one of the guest rooms.

“Deo,get the bath tub ready with hot water and bathe her.” Vincent signalled to one of the maids.

He placed his palm on Emily’s forehead,she was already burning up with fever.

“Do quick.” he yelled at the maids.

He hastily walked of the room and walked back and forth in annoyance.The person that did that was definitely going to pay.

Becky pouted as she watched her brother.

‘Did he hit that unnie….Aishh!..he won’t talk.” She stomped her feet on the floor.

Vincent took his phone out of his pocket and dialed Gabe’s number.

“Something happened to her,find out for me.” he spoke in the earpiece of the phone and dropped the call.

Few moments later,the maids told him they were done bathing Emily.

Vincent sighed and walked back into the room.He sat down on a side of the bed and touched Emily’s forehead again,it was just a little bit fair.

“Get me a bowl of hot water and a towel.” he snapped his hands at one of the maids.

The maid bobbed her head and rushed out.Few seconds later,she was back with those things.She placed the bowl of water on the bedside table and made to dip the towel in it when Vincent stopped her.He collected the towel for room her and b dipped it in the water,he squeezed the soaked water out of the towel and placed the towel on Emily’s forehead.

“Tell the cook to prepare a chicken soup for me.” Vincent twitched his lips.

The maids bobbed and walked out of the room.

“Boss here’s the document.” Noah quickly dropped the document on the table and moved back.

Joel fluttered his eyelashes and picked a pen,he signed the document and handed it over his PA.

“Anything new or odd in the corporation?” Joel’s cold voice made Noah swallow the lump in his throat.

“No sir.” Noah bowed.

“You didn’t tell anyone I’m here,did you?” Joel arched up his brow as he stood up from the chair.

“Animnida” Noah bowed.

“Good.” Joel nodded his head and headed for the stairs.

“But boss…” Noah called hesitantly.

He wasn’t sure whether to tell his boss about Miss Emily.

“I need to sleep,get out.” Joel dismissed him and walked into the room.

Noah bit his lip as he stood hesitantly on a spot.After a while,he slowly walked out of the cabin.

After Vincent finished feeding Emily with the chicken soup,Emily started to sweat and her temperature gradually got back to normal.
Vincent tucked her fallen hair behind her ear and gently walked out of the of the room.

“Oppa!” Becky pouted as soon as her brother stepped out of the guest room.

“Wae?…” Vincent smiled.

“Deo,you just ignored me because of that unnie right?” Becky sobbed.

“I didn’t ignore you,your questions were just too much and I didn’t know which one to answer first.” Vincent chuckled.

“Hmph.” Becky puckered her lips.

“Mianhae.” Vincent ruffled her hair and carried her on his shoulder.
(A/N: mianhae is an informal way of saying sorry)

“Ahhhhhh,drop me.” Becky giggled uncontrollably as Vincent carried her down the stairs.

“Ani.” Vincent tickled her.

“Ahhh ..Oppa!!!” Becky squeaked.




Joel sat on the bed eating grilled octopus.He kept tossing from side to side.
He took his laptop from the table and logged in to his weibo account,it had been long since he last logged in.

“A trending video,hmmn.” Joel chewed on the grilled octopus and played the top one video.

Joel’s face darkened as he watched the video.He dropped the grilled octopus in his hand and replayed the video.

He backed the video and read the news.


Joel balled up his fists as he read the news further.Annie was sure going to pay dearly for those slaps.
Joel got down from the bed,wore his slippers,took his car key and walked out of his cabin.

He stepped into his car and drove off speedily to the villa.He dialed Noah’s number.

“Boss…” Noah’s voice came in almost immediately.

“Why didn’t you tell me about that news,you are tired of your job right?!” Joel flushed angrily.

“Boss I tried…” Noah was cut short.

“I don’t want to see any traces of that video online.” Joel blurted coldly.

“And the person that posted it,find him.” He hanged up.

Joel’s grip on the steering wheel tightened.Annie was sure gonna pay.2.1K2.1K102 comments10 sharesShare

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