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{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_9
I can’t believe things will actually turn out this way, i don’t want to lose Camille, i love her so much but at the same time i also don’t want to lose my daughter, but what else can i do, if Camille is alive we can still have babies.
“save the mother,” i said then wipe off the tears in my eyes, Catherine moved closer to console me.
“Chloe, sorry for chosing your mother over you, i love you so much but i don’t know what to do,” i said to myself.
“Catherine, you said you wanted to tell me something? i asked her while she quickly nodded.
“no… am really sorry about this, but i don’t think the doctor was right about this abortion, maybe the complication was not due to any abortion, they might mistaken it for another thing,” she said while she nodded, she’s right Camille will never do that, and even if she does that am 100% sure she’ll tell me everything. I kept pacing up and down, i really want my wife and baby save, i hope they both make it, i kept praying silently in my heart.




After some hours the doctor came , the expression on her face was something i can’t tell, i can’t believe Chloe is gone, i blink my eyes twice to avoid the tears.
“how is my wife doing? i asked so angry, they couldn’t even save both of them.
“am sorry… she started while i felt my world crushing down on me, what did she meant by am sorry?
“her condition was critical and we thought she wouldn’t even survive.. but thank goodness a miracle happen, we were able to save both mother and child,” the doctor annouced while i almost jumped out of my heart.
“you mean my wife and daughter are out of danger now? i asked while she nodded smiling.
“but one more thing i need to talk to you in my office,” she said while i followed her to her office, i can’t wait to see Camille and my daughter.
“did your wife has any form of abortion in the past? she asked while i quickly nodded in disagreement.
“no doctor, what wrong with her? i asked curiously.
“well, the complication was due to the abortion she had based on what we see, i guess you should ask that from her,” she said while i nodded.
“one more thing, it kinda bad news, she can’t give birth through the normal process but instead through operation,” she said while i flinch.
“why will she have to undergo this? i asked.
“no need to worry, we’ve treated her already but she have to stay here for some time before we discharge her,”
“thank doc, please if their’s anything you should let me know, i need to check on my wife,” i said then stood up and the nurse directed me to her room. I first went close to Camille who was deep asleep with lots of wire connected to her, she must have gone through alot.
“my bravest woman, you’re so strong cos you make me complete, i will forever love you,” i said then kissed her on her forehead, i went over to the crib and saw my baby girl already clean up, she looks so beautiful and i smile with tears seeing her.
“welcome to this family Chloe, i promise never to disappoint you, i will make sure i be the best father ever. The door went open and Catherine walked in with the nurse.
“will my wife be okay? i asked while she nodded.
“she’s out of danger and will be conscious any time from now,” she said while i nodded. I can’t believe my prayer worked out, Camille was strong to survived this, she’s such a strong woman, i call her my super woman. Today being 5th September, i will forever cherish and remember this very moment.
Later in the evening Camille was awake but she seems so weak, she couldn’t even sat up, i sat down close to her then held her left hand gently.
“congratulations dear, thank you my super woman for making me complete,” i whisper to her ears while she smiled.
“where’s my baby? she asked in low voice.
“in her crib, she perfectly okay. Chloe finally survived for us, am the most happiest man on earth,” i said smiling while she giggle.
“thank you love, i want to see my daughter,” she said. Catherine carried little Chloe in her arms and moved closer to Camille, she look so happy but weak.
“i love you Chloe,” she whisper while i smiled.
“we gonna be the best parent ever to her,” I said while she smiled.
….After a week Camille was discharge from the hospital. Catherine has been of great help to us and we decided to leave the moment Camille recuperate completely, i don’t want to stress her. I also called her mom to inform her about everything thing and i know she was so happy, Nicholas also called to congratulate me. I was still disturbed about what they doctor told me i can’t believe Camille will still have to undergo through same time when next she’s about to deliver, i need to ask her this question myself.
It late in the evening, i took my shower and Chloe was already fast asleep.
“Camille,” i said in a small voice and she sat up, i sat close to her then held her hands.
“am not gonna leave you for anything on this earth, because you’re my life and i love you so much,” i said while she smiled.
“i love you too Antonio, thank you for everything,” she said.
“but love, am just worried about what the doctor said, he asked if you’ve ever had abortion in the past and i told him no,” i said while the look on her face was different.
“hmm… re..ally.. really! was that the reason why i have to be operated? she asked while she nodded still holding her hands.
“Camille, you can tell me everything, i know you can’t do something like that and even if you do i know you would have tell me earlier. I guess Catherine was right she said the complication might not be due to the any abortion,” i said while she nodded.
“i think so, nothing of such has ever happen to me,” she said confidently while i smiled.
“remember no secret! No secret in marriage. If you have any problem just tell me right away but too bad the doctor said you can only undergo through operation when next you’re about to give birth,” i said while she looked so unhappy.
“but don’t worry, the doctor said you’re perfectly fine for now,” i cooed the pulled her closer to me and kissed her forehead.
“you can confide in me, i love you so much,”
Camille’s POV
I smile with tears as i held my baby in my arms, i felt her fragile little body fit in my hand.
“i love you so much Chloe you’re so lucky to have Anton as your father, i want him to be happy but i don’t know why my heart can’t summon that courage to tell Antonio everything, am feeling so guilty about everything,” i said to my little Chloe as if she understand what am saying, i laid her bed then went to the sitting room and meet Catherine watching a movie.
“thank you so much Catherine for leaving everything behind just to come here with me,” i said while she smile then turn to me.
“what are friends for, Camille you have to tell your husband about everything, it was too close i would have tell him everything but it wouldn’t be nice for him to hear that from me, you tell me yourself,” Catherine said.
“i can’t, i don’t know why. Anton might detest me, he might even doubt if Chloe is our daughter, everyone is so happy, it better this way than the other way round,” i said while Catherine looked at me.
“do you prefer someone to tell him that, stop procastinating Camille,”
“i know, but i can’t, i don’t want to ruin all these happy moments, afterall no need of telling him since am done with Jake, is not that am still having his child, it my past and i want to forget about it, i don’t have to include Anton in this i don’t want him to think otherwise about me or doubt me, i just want a perfect life and that’s all,” i said while she sighed.
“if you wished so,” she said while i breathe out.
After like two week we travel back to canada and i was happy seeing mom, she was glad i put to bed successfully and also asked if i told Anton about everything, i told her yes, maybe with this no one will disturb me again. I love Anton and am not ready to destroy my marriage not now that am a mother already, i don’t want my child to grew up with two seperate parents.
Antonio threw a party to celebrate me for scaling through those hard times. It was such a wonderful party, he invited his business associate, workers, friends and even his uncle who refuse to showed because he always wanted Karen for him. I also invite mine as well. Anton bought me a new expensive gown to wear for the party, he’s still so caring and loving even after giving birth he never stop pampering me, he said he still have two babies to take care of in the house and that’s me and Chloe.
“congratulations Camille, i can see how close you are to your husband,” Nicholas said to me while i smiled.
“don’t be too happy because one day you might just wake up and notice your marriage just crumble. Anton might end up getting married to Karen while you leave with your daughter,” he said with a smirk while i smiled.
“whatever, i know their must always be bad people around who pretend to be friends. Anton love me more than you could ever imagine, he’ll never leave me nor abandon me and our child,” i said while Anton walked up to us.
“you two seems to be getting alone,” he said while i just smiled before glaring at Nicholas, i knew he’s of no good right from the very first day i saw him. I held Anton hand and we walked up to the stage for the vote of thanks. The party ended well and i really enjoyed it i didn’t allow what Nicholas said to ruin my day, i also sighted his two handsome sons playing.
…After the party i and Anton freshen up and sat at the large sitting room. He played the piano, my favourite song, Your love by Alamid.
“am all alone without you..
“my days are dark without the glimpse of you..
…..but now that you came into my life..
”i feel complete..
the flowers bloom, my morning shines and i can see…
” your love is like a sun..
“that light up my whole world..
.. .i feel the warmth inside….
I smile as i listen to his sweet voice..
“you love is like a river..
“that flows down through my veins
i feel the chill inside…
“everytime i hear our music plays
“reminds me of things we’ve been through
in my mind i can’t believe it’s true
but in my heart the reality is you..
“Awwnn.. that so sweet,” i said wiping away the tears in my eyes.
This has been our favourite song with Anton, and i love it each time he sings for me.
Having a happy family is one of the best thing ever, everything went on well and Anton loves Chloe each passing day. All those that think our marriage won’t last, we still proved them wrong!!!
It been year now, our love for each other grew each day, visiting places with Chloe and celebrating her brithday each year.
Everything went on well when i have my second child which turns out to be a daughter, i still undergo same operation during the time i gave birth to Chloe but this was much better, Chloe was happy having someone to play with, we named her Jasmine. Anton seems to be the prefect husband and also the perfect dad, he so much loved this girls the same.
*Daddy love his girls* that what he always assure them, he’s so closed to them, he sometimes skip work just to play with them, isn’t that crazy. Chloe seems to be a talkative whenever she’s with her dad, she five years while Jasmine is now three year, those girls are exceptionally crazy and beautiful.
We stroll at the plantation and everything seems to move on well with Anton’s business, his workers are doing so well in those vineyard.
I notice Chloe and Jasmine playing with Declan. Declan is now nine years of age while Ethan is eight but i notice Ethan wasn’t with them, could his mother stop him from coming, but they always sneak out to play.
“Declan where’s Ethan? i asked while he smiled, i notice ever since Declan became friends with my girls he abandon his brother and doesn’t get close to him any more.
“i don’t now, Ethan is such a boring person atimes,” he said he ran off to meet Chloe and Jasmine, i just smile at his childish attitude then went to check on Ethan i saw him earlier, he must be somewhere around this place. I walked a little bit far from them and notice Ethan siting all alone under a tree with his dressed drenched with water.
“Ethan my boy, you know i always want to see you happy, i don’t want your parents issues to affect you,” i said then squat down close to him, i don’t know why i love this boy in particular, but seems he want to isolate himself which is very bad.
“stay away from me, nobody likes me, not even my father, even Declan doesn’t want to play with me anymore. And look at what Chloe did to me, she poured water intentionally on me, i thought Declan will gonna stood up for me just the way we usually help ourselves atimes but he didn’t, instead he was laughing,” he said while i felt bad, that was so rude of Chloe to do that, i thought they’re all friends.
“just leave me alone! Ethan yelled then ran back home, i guess to his mom. my Poor boy!.
“Chloe!!! i yelled her name then hurried to catch up with her..
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