{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_5
Camille’s POV
I on the television and was shocked with the news i saw. Mr. Scott had an accident and died, that’s Antonio’s father.
“Catherine!!! i yelled her name and she quickly rushed out from the kitchen.
“what? she asked a bit pissed with the way i called her name.
“what! he’s death!
“i need to go, i need to go back home back to my mom and Antonio, they need me,” i said then quickly jumped out from the bed.
“i’ll go with you,” Catherine said.
“no Catherine, remember what i told my mom. I can go on my own,” i said while she nodded. I packed my cloths then quickly get dressed before leaving.
Nicholas POV
I couldn’t believe Anton’s father is death, i was badly hurt with this because Mr. Scott is the only one who gat my back, he always plead with me to make Anton marry Karen so that the company will be stable and i will also have some money, it a good thing he died with that last wish. Antonio must never marry that girl Camille. I need to put sense into his fucking skull, but let me finish with my family first. I couldn’t believe Lynn could come back with our son. His just two years old, i was really surprise seeing her with Ethan but am still a little bit happy. She left with our son when he’s just a year old, because she fought with Mabel my legimate wife. Lynn is just spoilt brat i meet at the club, we ended up having fun and just fews months she came to stay with in my house despite the fact she knew i have a wife and son, she insisted to stay claiming that she was pregnant for me, Mabel my wife promise to make her life miserable. They always fought living in hell. Their was a day when Mabel tried to poison Ethan with a milk, he’s just a year old and i wonder why she would like to kill an innocent child, my innocent baby, so Lynn fought with her and left the house. Thank goodness everything is over she finally came back, am just worried about my poor little boy, i don’t want their quarells to affect him this much.
“Lynn i thought you’ll never come back, atleast Ethan is also my son,” i said while she sighed then pushed me out of her way and walked in to the sitting room, holding sleeping Ethan in her arms, she laid him on the sofa then turned to me. She slapped me so hard.
“hey, what this slap for? i asked so angry.
“i only came back for our son, i don’t want him to suffer, i want him to live a good and luxury life,” she said with a straight face.
“a good and luxury life? Mabel my wife asked as she walked with holding Declan my three year old son.
“look you don’t need to fight, cos i have enough money to take care of my two sons,” i said while Lynn frown looking at me.
“she’s not your legimate wife and this child is a bastard, he’s illegimate,” Mabel fired pointing at Ethan.
“it okay , you can all stay in my house but no quarell,” i yelled at them.
“look Lynn you’re such a bitch and know that you’re never part of this family because am Nicholas first wife and we already have a son together who is older than your son, so this simply means my son is the heir to everything Nicholas have including his money and company,” Mabel yelled.
“gosh are you ladies thinking about money, about sharing my inheritance to this small kid,” i said pointing at Declan, then Ethan. “Lynn just go to your room and rest if you don’t want then leave my house and you Mabel better learn to be polite for once in your life,” i yelled then walked out of them. Now i know no peace will reign in this house as far as Lynn and Mabel are living under the same roof.
Mabel’s POV
Gosh i don’t think i will ever be happy with that Lynn. How dare she, she’s just using her son to get to Nicholas, she’s here to destroy my happy family, that son must die right away so she can leave this house. This time i must not be caught.
“mom, did i have a little brother to play with, i saw a boy of my age sleeping at the sitting room,” Declan said while i held his hand.
“i love you my boy. Please don’t be close to that little brat they are just here to take away your dad from you but i will never allow that,” i said then hugged him.
“but mom you know i have always wanted a brother or sister, to play with. I feel so lonely. Atleast i have someone to play my ball with,” Declan said happily while i sighed, i won’t allow my son to share anything with that stupid boy. Seems he’ll gonna like Lynn’s son. Well i can use him to get that little boy out of the way. I stood up and went to our bedroom.
“i will be their tomorrow,” Nicholas said on phone than hunged up.
“i need to be alone Mabel and look you tried to poison Ethan a year ago so if anything bad happen to him i will press charges against you and i won’t hestitate to turn my back against you. Nothing must happen to Ethan and Lynn,” he yelled then stood up from the bed.
“am.. sorry Nicholas, i was just mad. But you know we’re married i wonder why you have to get her pregnant in the first place,” i said politely looking straight to his face.
“i don’t love Lynn, i told you it a mistake. I was drunk and i happen to meet her at the club, everything happen so fast and the next thing she did is to come claiming Ethan to be my son,” he said calmly while i sighed.
“they’re those gold diggers who wanted money from you,” i said a little bit pissed off, i felt like strangling Lynn to death. I hate her so much.
“but we’ve conducted a DNA test and it shows that Ethan is my biological son, i have to accept it, i can’t let the innocent boy suffer because of my mistake,” he said.
“thank goodness he’s just a mistake after all,” i said while Nicholas glare at me.
“Ethan is not a mistake, please don’t develop so much hatred for this little child,” he said so pissed off then walked out slamming the door behind. I sighed if anything bad should happen to Lynn and her son i know everyone will suspect me. I will just think of another way to get rid of them!!!.
Camille’s POV
I finish having dinner with mom. I couldn’t get to reach Antonio, he must be so busy concerning his father’s burial and also sorting out some of his office work. Tomorrow is the burial hoping to see him, but my heart is still hurts. I just had rumors about his father last wish.
“mom, am so confused right now, what if Anton stick to his father’s last wish,” i said with a sad face. I wonder what my fate will be.
“if he truly loves you and if you’re destined for each other. You will get married not even his father last wish will seperate you. Look Camille if he chose to stick to his father last wish then let it be, maybe you’re not destined for each other. I so much believe in destiny cos what meant to be will always be even when it delayed,” mom said holding my hands while i just nodded holding the tears in my tears. i stood up and went to my room.
“what if we are not destined? what if Anton marry Karen, what will be of me? a laughing stock, Jake will mock me the more he’ll use that to frustrate my life. Not after aborting my baby. I cried silently in my room hoping for the best.
The next morning i woke up feeling so weak, my eyes has swollen because i cried the whole night i wasn’t able to sleep. I quickly took my bath and made breakfast, i didn’t even feel like eating.
“your eyes Camille, seems you’ve cried,” mom said while i nodded.
“yes mom but am fine, i hope everything will turn out well,” i said holding more tears.
“sure, you’re so strong Camille, just accept what life has to offer to you,” she said while i smiled.
I was already dressed in a black gown and packed my hair in a bun. I arrived at the cementry, quite number of people were their i sighted Antonio and quickly went and hugged him from behind, he turned to face me then hugged me tightly, i saw the tears in his eyes, i know he was so much hurt.
“am so sorry for not being here for you,” i whisper to him. I hugged me so tight.
“it okay love, am always here, because i love you so much,” i said while he disengaged from the hug and stare at me for a while, suddenly i felt someone pulling my hair.
“stay away from my man you poor bitch,” a female voice yelled, i know it must be Karen, the girl his father always wanted for him.
“don’t create a scene here, respect my father at least for once,” Anton yelled at her then pulled me closer to him.
“Anton!!!, Karen yelled so angry.
“i need to talk to you,” a husky voice said, the voice seems so familiar, i raise my head and saw a man beside Anton, i guess he’s his friend.
“love, meet Nicholas my buddy,” Anton said while i smiled, he stretch his hand for a handshake. His face look familiar… seems i have seen him before..
# Flash_back
Things became difficult for mom and dad so i have to stopped schooling because i got a job to work as a waitress in a restaurant down our street. I was able to raise some money and i was just counting like fews days to quit the job and resume back to school cos i was missing a lot at school. One cool evening at the restaurant i remember serving Nicholas, he was so nice and he told me he liked me, at that time i wasn’t dating Antonio, we were still together with Jake. Nicholas became serious and visit the restaurant everyday just to see me, uttering all sort of sweet words to me and sometimes giving me money while i decline it even thou i need it for my school. I don’t want to be cheap collecting money from any guy. Well it a good thing i have some money, i quit the job and ever since i have never seen Nicholas till now. It been almost three years now.
# end_of_flash_back .
“hi, nice meeting you,” i stammer while Nicholas smirked. Thank goodness i never had anything with him, i didn’t even agree to date him so no need to tell Antonio. I sighed.
“your uncle just arrive from Los Angeles,” he said to Anton while Anton peck me before leaving. I turn to see if Karen is still here but i guess she left.
Antonio’s POV
Uncle! i said surprise to see uncle Karlo.
“am here to pay the last respect for my brother. But Antonio you must fulfil his last wish, Nicholas told me everything,” he said.
“yes uncle, i love Camille and i have to marry her. I will never be happy with Karen,” i said.
“enough Antonio, what have you ever done to please your father, all you’ve ever done is to disobey him and prove to him how stubborn you are, you’ve not even being a good son to him,” he said which make me angry.
“but he’s neither a good father to me, he always take decision for me, wrong decision that will end up hurting me.” i said sadly.
“then you have to marry Karen after all you know her better then the way you know that poor girl. Karen was your childhood friend we all know she’s good in business and her parents are willing to help the Santagio wine company to move on. You have to respect your father last wish if you don’t want to bring a curse upon yourself. You might even end up having no child, no blessing in your marriage with that girl. Just stick to father last wish. Give the poor girl money, enough money to take care of herself, just make her understand it wasn’t your fault,” he said while i sighed then looked at Nicholas.
“he’s right, give Camille enough money and marry Karen,” he said.
“Why is everyone forcing me to marry karen? i asked aloud.
“so you could avoid your father’s anger in grave, this the only way to make him happy. Just this one last wish, fulfil it for him, once you’ve do that am sure you’ve make it up to him for all the wrongs you did,” uncle Karlo said while i walked out of them in anger. I sat down alone under a tree, thinking about what he said. am so confused. It true i have not been good son, but dad has also not been a good father.
**You have to respect your father last wish if you don’t want to bring a curse upon yourself. You might even end up having no child, no blessing in your marriage with that poor girl. Just stick to father last wish. Give the poor girl money, enough money to take care of herself, just make her understand it wasn’t your fault,**. Those words kept echoeing in my ear. I stood up and walked back to them. Dad was finally laid to rest. I dropped my flower and so did uncle Karlo.
“dad i have no option than to do this, maybe Uncle Karlo is right to make up for all the wrong i did i have grant your last wish. But i want you to know no one can replace Camille because i lover her so dearly, maybe we are not destined for each other,” i said as tears slide from my eyes.
I stood up and notice only few people were left i saw Camille standing alone, she looks so pale, sad, frustrated and so worried.
Camille’s POV
Karen just finish shouting at me, insulting me for bewitching Anton.
“if you truly love him then you have to let go of him, for him to fulfil his father’s last wish, or else curse will be upon you. Mr. Scott will be angry with you in his grave for not allowing his son to fulfil his last wish,” she said before leaving. What she said kept echoeing in my ears. Am scared already maybe i should just allow him to marry Karen. But no i love him, i even abort my baby so he wouldn’t leave me, i love him so much how can i let go of him. I was still battling with those thought when he came closer to me then hold my hands.
“Camille i want you to know i can never stop loving you, i love you more than myself,” he said while i smile in between tears.
“but Anton, what about your father’s last wish? i asked while he kept quiet for a while.
“am getting married to Karen but that doesn’t mean i don’t love you again,” he said, i felt my heart tearing into pieces, tears were already streaming out uncontrollable.
“aren’t you fighting for our love, are you letting me go like this? i asked in tears.
“am confused Camille, no one want us to get married, everyone is against us. I just want to fulfil my dad last wish that’s all..” he said while i nodded.
“you’re right. Maybe we are not meant to be just as mom said. I should just accept what life offer to me. But it really hurts to let go of the one you love so much. I love you Anton and i will always love you till eternity, i guess we are not just destined to be, let just accpet our fate. I wish you happy married life with Karen,” i said then quickly ran out of the cementry, he was yelling my name but i didn’t say anything nor turn back to look at him. I quickly ran out and hailed a cab, i arrived to the beach, they were only few people. I went close to the water, staring at it, it look so calm, only this can cool me down. It was getting dark and i didn’t go home i just want to be alone, i went out to the first place Anton once took me to. To see the fire flies. I admire the place then sat down on the grass. I sighed then smile a bit with tears threatening to come out from my tears.
“mom said i should accept what life offers me, maybe i wasn’t meant to be with Anton, but why did i love him this much. I wipe away my tears and close my eyes. If only the fairies can grant my wish, can’t i be a happy girl with her prince charming. Can’t my life be a fairytale, when will i have my own prince charming. Did i even deserve it. It hurt to be seperated from th one you so much LOVE. Maybe that’s my FATE…
Anton is getting married to Karen..
Maybe he’s not destined for Camille..? what did you think…??

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