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{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_4
Camille’s POV
Catherine made something for me to eat this morning, i felt a little bit okay. I picked up my phone to call Antonio but his number wasn’t going through, i just hope all is well, maybe he’s just busy with work. I laid on my bed thinking about my life, i wonder why am this unlucky, am so unlucky when it comes to have a rich parent, i was raped, my father was killed right infront of me, tears slide down my tears.
“Camille! Catherine called then tapped, bringing me out of my thought.
“are you crying, did you regret aborting this baby? she asked while i wipe away my tears.
“somehow Catherine, will Antonio ever trust me if he finds out about this someday, what of my mom,” i said in tears. Catherine moved closer and pulled me to a hug.
“tell your mother right away when you get home, the earlier the better, as for Antonio maybe you should try to tell him,”.
“am just so unlucky,” i whisper within tears.
“did you just said unlucky! Camille at least you’ve found someone who love you for who you are, despite the fact that he knew about you being raped, he still accept you. Camille did you know a lot of ladies out their are jealous of you because you’ve got the perfect man and also a billionaire, who doesn’t know Antonio Santagio, he’s every woman dream man.
“his dad doesn’t like me, i don’t even know if our wedding will push through,” i said wiping away my tears.
“of course it will because the love you have for each other is true love and nothing else, you have faith Camille, be strong,” she said.
“thank you Catherine, thank you so much,” i said in tears, i hope everything turn out well for me.
Later in the evening i and Catherine took a stroll down the street, we gisted about ou high school days which make me laugh.
“what about your crush, you haven’t seen him again ever since we graduate? i asked her while she rolled her eyes.
“that was just infacuation, am only focused on Jared now,” she said smiling.
“huh.. so all this while you have a boyfriend but can’t even introduce him to me? i asking frowning.
“come on, i will but not now, Jared is kinda busy person. I want to make sure everything is stable before introducing him to you probably as my husband to be,” she said while i smiled.
“seems someone is inlove..” i teased, my smile cease when i saw Jake. What is he doing over here! I pretended not to see him but he quickly ran over to me.
“Camille we need to talk,” he said, seeing him already makes my blood to boil, i hate the sight of him, i turn to him then landed him a heavy slap on his cheeks.
“calm down Camille,” Catherine quickly held me.
“can you just leave! she shouted at him.
“am not going anywhere, it a good thing i meet you. Now tell me where’s my baby? he asked while i was shocked to hear that, i felt my head spining.
“your baby.. huh..the last time i check you didn’t give me any baby,” i scoffed.
“really! have you forgotten what happen between me and you the last time you visited me, i want the outcome of what happen, you’re pregnant Camille don’t denied it or else…
“what! how did you know that? Catherine asked surprise.
“no one told me, i just assumed it, you have to be pregnant because we had sex,” she said aloud while i slapped him hard again.
“remember you raped me Jake, can you just leave me alone,” I yelled at him.
“not until you tell me why you aborted our baby, Mrs. Whitney told me everything,” he said while i was shocked, i looked at Catherine, i felt my head heating up.
“yes.. Yes Jake i was pregnant for you but not anymore because i have aborted the baby,” I said in tears.
“because i don’t love you,” i yelled.
“and what has you not loving me got to do with aborting our baby? he asked which make me angry.
“i don’t want to be the mother of your child and neither do i want you to be a father of my child, i don’t want anything to connect us, i don’t want to have anything that has to do with you,” i yelled in anger while Catherine held me.
“let go home Camille,” she said slowly.
“really? but i still love you Camille, with or without this child you’re still connected to me, i will make sure i win you over again,” he said then left in anger.
“Catherine, am scared what if Jake told Antonio? i asked in tears.
“he will not Camille,” she said comforting me.
We arrived home and Catherine made dinner for us, i wasn’t able to eat much food, am just sad, i never wanted Jake to know about this, why would Mrs. Whitney tell him that.
“are you still thinking about Jake? she asked while i nodded.
“i regret ever falling for him in the first place, i shouldn’t have date a devil like him,” i cried.
“it okay Camille, we will talk to Mrs. Whitney tomorrow she’s such an idiot for telling him,” Catherine said so angry.
What is life after all, now i feel like committing sucide.. what if Jake tell Antonio and my mom, i had a sleepness night, worried about my life, is such a mess. Maybe i shouldn’t have abort my baby, my innocent child. I cried silently throughout the whole night wondering why i can’t be the happy girl i was. Life is so unfair.
. The next day, we had breakfast before going to Mrs. Whitney, she has to explain to me why she told Jake about me. We arrived to her apartment and gladly we meet her ready to go for work.
“Camille, seems you’re fine already,” she said while i nodded with a sad smile.
“Ma’am, did you tell anyone about Camille abortion? Catherine asked her politely.
“yes, he’s Jake he said he’s your friend and just wanted to know if you’re sick,” she said while i was shocked to see Catherine grabbed her by the collar of her dress.
“you’re such a shameless woman, aren’t you ashame of your job talk more of exposing a patient record to an outsider,” she yelled at her.
“just let go of her Catherine,” i said then pulled her aside. Believe me you wouldn’t want to see Catherine other side, she’s so hot tempered atimes.
“you can’t come to my house to disrespect me this way,” Mrs. Whitney said so furious.
“next time you should learn your job well, you have no right to say anything about Camille to an outsider without her permission,” Catherine warned in anger.
“but Jake is not an outsider, he said he’s her friend,”
“he’s not, he’s only lying. You just ruined my plans, you’re irresponsible how could you tell him i came for abortion,” i yelled at her while she rolled her eyes.
“okay.. okay girls am sorry but this shouldn’t give you the room to disrespect me like this, i will handle this, i know am so careless to say that,” she said while Catherine dragged me out.
“let go home before i do something bad to her,” Catherine said holding my hand, we hailed a cab back home.
‘Mrs. Whitney is such useless woman to have tell Jake everything, she must be a gossip” i said then gulped down some water from the cup beside me.
“what about Jake now?
“i don’t know i just hope he doesn’t tell anyone, afterall i have aborted his baby,” i said so worried about the whole situation. Am in big mess.
Antonio’s POV
I just received a call from doctor Felix that father had an accident, this a bad news, i quickly rushed to the hospital, i hope nothing bad happens to him, despite the fact that he has never been a good father to me, is till don’t wish him death. I hurried to the hospital then went straight to doctor Felix office.
“what about my father, hope you’ve started the treatment, just make sure he survives,” i said rushing my words.
“too bad sir, am so sorry he was brought here late and has lose a lot of blood. Am sorry but he gave up the ghost even before he was brought here,” he said while i was shocked hearing that, the reporters were already outside waiting for me to come out. I can’t believe dad is gone without us resolving our problems. I stood up then went out of the office.
“sir Anton, sorry about the great lost of your father. Mr. Scott Santagio*
*but sir his last wish was for you to get married to Karen* one of the reporters said. I wasn’t in the mood of talking so i just excuse myself from the crowd and talked out.
“sir,” i heard a voice behind me,”
“yes? i said to the woman.
“i was their when the whole accident happen to your dad, he has been calling your name and the last thing he said was for you to marry Karen,” she said while i glare at her.
“okay, that’s good,” i said to her then left.
“what the heck am i hearing Anton,” Nicholas said as he rushed in and hugged me.
“father is gone,” i whisper to him.
“am so sorry about that, i wonder why he has to die now,” he said while i shrugged.
“his last wish was for me to get married to Karen, that’s what everyone is saying,” i said sadly.
“Karen!!! what about Camille? he asked.
“am not gonna marry Karen. Camille is the woman i love,” i said stubbornly.
“oh really, then his blessings will never go with you, he’ll never bless your marriage with Camille, why not marry Karen, she’s nice, beautiful..
“enough Nicholas, i have made up my mind to get married to Camille and that’s final not even my dad last wish will stop me from doing so. At least he’s gone no one to frustrate my life again, but that doesn’t mean am happy about he’s death. I will miss him so much,” i said in a cracking voice tears were threatening to come out from my eyes, but i hold it back.
“oh my Anton,” i heard Karen voice she quickly ran and hugged me.
“i can’t believe the news has spread all over, am sorry about this lost,” she said while i just nodded then withdrew from the hug.
“i just want to be alone,” i said then walked out.
Everywhere has been so busy, busy about my dad’s arrangement for the burial. I can’t believe i end up being an orphan, if only money can bring back both my mom and dad i would have done that, i cried silently wishing to have my family back. I never want my father to die, maybe everything happens for a reason, this might be the only way i can be with my Camille .
Do you think Anton would stick to his father last wish..? if he does what will happen to Camille??

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