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{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_2
“what wrong with you love,” i said softly as she kept quiet and looked at me with tears in her eyes then ran to her room and locked the door.
“Camille! I called out then hurried to her room but i guess i was too late cos it already locked up, i knocked the door but she wasn’t saying anything, i could only hear her cried.
“Sir Antonio..uhmmm am sorry but you should please leave..
“Leave! i can’t leave while i know fully well that Camille is not okay,” i quickly said.
“i know she’s only hurt about the past, i pray she will soon get over it cos it now a year,” her mother said wiping away her tears with her palm.
“am really sorry about this,” i said softly while she nodded.
“look Camille, am always here for you, and i love you so much, i don’t care about your past and i will do everything in my power for justice to prevail over the death of your father, just confide in me, please stop hurting yourself,” i said softly close to her door but she wasn’t saying anything.
“Camille will never the open the door for anyone, i know her too well,” her mother said.
“if that’s the case am not going home, i will sleep here tonight,” i said while she arched an eyebrow.
“sleep here in the slum ! in this small house, we don’t have any extra bed sir, please you need to leave, i will talk to Camille myself,” she said while i nodded.
“i can’t leave while i fully know my Camille is crying. Ma’am i really love your daughter so much and am willing to do everything for her,” i said while she smiled sadly.
“open the door or i sleep here tonight,” i said aloud, i know for sure Camille could hear us but she wasn’t saying anything, she was now sobbing, i just hate to see her tears. Her mom took me to the sitting room while i laid on the old couch to sleep.
“please sir..
“please ma’am, don’t call me sir, am Anton you can call me that,” i said to her while she nodded.
“am just used to this sir,” she said then turned to leave.
“will Camille be fine? i asked while she looked at me then sat down on a small chair next to me.
“Camille has always been a happy girl, she loves her father so much and she was much close to him, i could vividly remember what happen that evening, i left to the market to get some stuff while Camille and her dad are making dinner, when i arrived i saw my husband lying death on the floor, he was shoot in his forehead and i also saw Camille half naked, she was raped, that my worse moment ever, if only i could get to know who did that to my daughter..” she said in tears while i placed my hand on her shoulder.
“nothing is hidden under the sun Ma’am Marcy, if only Camille knows the person, but time would tell,” i said while she breathe out then stood up.
“thanks, but are you sure you’ll be comfortable here? she asked while i nodded, then she walked away. I sighed and wonder when will all this end, i so much love Camille, i want to help her forget this memory but how can i do that?
Marcy’s POV
‘Camille open the door it me your mother,” i said in a low tone standing close to the door.
“i just want to be alone mother, just let me be, allow me think, i don’t want to see anyone nor talk to anyone not even you or Anton,” she said while i sighed.
“sorry for everything that happen my child, sorry for not giving you the good life you’ve ever wanted, i just want to see you happy and am glad Anton is here for you, he still haven’t left because he truly loves you. Please just forget about the past, for me, for your dad nd also for Anton sake, i know your dad would also want to see you happy,” i said as tears slide down my tears, i wipe it off then went back to my room.
Camille’s POV
I wipe away my tears after hearing what mom said she was right i should just get over this but i can’t help it, i can’t forget it, am just so desperate to know the person that rape and still killed my father. I stood up from the floor then packed my messy hair in a bun, i quietly open the door then rushed to the bathroom to vomit, i felt relieved, my stomach was paining me so badly, i quickly rinse my mouth and went out but bumped into Antonio, he quickly hugged without saying anything.
“i thought you’ve left,” i whisper while he withdrew from the hug and kiss my forehead.
“are you alright? are you still thinking about your past? he asked while i kept quiet and wipe the tears in my eyes.
“am fine Antonio, you need to go home, it already late,” i said then glance my wirst watch, it twenty minutes past eleven.
“am sleeping here tonight, Camille i want you to know i will never leave you for any reason,” he said while i smiled then hugged him again.
“thank you,” i said softly, he held my hand and we walked to the sitting room, we both laid down on a couch, i rested my head on his chest, while he kept caressing my hair until i fall asleep.
I slowly open my eyes and discovered i slept with Antonio here, my head was still on his chest, he was sleeping so peacefully, i stared at him for a while before getting up.
“love..” he said then blink his eyes lashes before opening it.
“relax dear, i will just make something for you to eat,” i said then kissed him before going to the kitchen.
“morning princess,” i heard my mom’s voice from behind.
“mom.. i said
“Camille.. please don’t hurt yourself again, don’t cry for the sake of your dad,” she said then hugged me so tight.
“i love you so much mom, i will try to be strong for you again,” i said then smile sadly. I quickly made breakfast, just a simple noddles with egg cos that what we have in the house.
“it taste so delicious just like you,” Anton said smiling, as he continue eating, suddenly i felt a little bit dizzy then held my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I just vomitted again, i washed my face then walked out of the bathroom, losing my appettite.
“are you okay love, did you just vomitted? he asked.
“uhmm… yes i guess.. i need some rest, am fine Anton you need to go home and get ready for work,” i said, but he drop his fork then stood up and held my hand.
“are you sick? did anyone hurt you? he asked so concern, i stared at him, i could see how much he loves me and how much he truly cares.
“am fine Anton, trust me am a strong woman,” i said while he smiled then kissed me. After breakfast i escort him to the gate while he left, am already missing him, i know Antonio loves me so much and i won’t do anything to disappoint nor hurt him cos i love like crazy. I smiled to myself then walked to my room.
“yes mom,” i replied as i jumped on my bed.
“why did you vomitted earlier? mom asked while looked at her immediately.
“nothing mom, i was just feeling so dizzy, am fine,” i replied adjusting my blanket.
Antonio arrived home, he walked into the sitting room and meet his father Mr. Scott Santagio seated, from the look on his face he was so angry.
“Karen was here yesterday, we called your line but it wasn’t going through, i would have sent my men to deal with that damn stupid girl you claim to love,” he yelled at him.
“dad, why can’t you understand me, i love Camille and not Karen, yes Karen was my childhood, she’s my friend and she’s still my friend, i love her but only as a friend..
“you have to be more than just a friend with her,” Mr. Scott yelled while Anton said nothing but just sighed.
“okay dad, whatever i guess Karen should get married to you and not me, i need some rest and if anything bad should happen to Camille just know that you would lose your only son, the heir to your everything,” Antonio said then walked out of him anger.
“Antonio, i use to be close to you, i use to know you as obedient son, but ever since you meet that girl everything changed about you, well let see who plays with fire and go scott free…” he said then smirked.
Camille’s POV
OMG I can’t believe i slept so much, since yesterday evening and it ten already, i quickly jumped from my bed aand saw my mom making breakfast.
“you slept early and still woke up late,” mom said while i just sighed.
“good morning mom,” i said with a sad smile, i don’t think am okay.
“let me have a taste of this soup,” i said trying to sip from the spoon but i felt irritated by the aroma then rushed to the bathroom and spit out some saliva, seems like i want to vomit again, i felt so dizzy. Mom held my hand and took me to my room.
“are you pregnant Camille…?? .. are you pregnant for Antonio so soon, you’re not even married, how sure are you he has quit playing and he’s willing to marry you and take his reponsibility? mom asked while i looked at her in shocked.
…I guess mom is right.. am pregnant but Antonio is not responsible for it, ever since we started dating, we’ve only hug, kiss and cuddle each other and nothing else so how could i be pregnant for him…WHAT!!! I just remember one person.. Jake my ex boyfriend…
Yes Jake was my ex boyfriend we’ve been dating for three years and in all this years we’ve never kiss talk more of having sex. I broke up with him two weeks before i meet Anton, i caught Jake cheating on me, he was dating someone else while dating me, i knew he could turn out to be this foolish, even after the break up, Jake kept disturbing me, pleading with me to come back to him, i know he made a mistake, i forgave him but i told him i can’t date him again.
One fateful evening i stopped by to visited him at home cos he told me he was so sick.
“are you leaving me for real because you’ve got a rich handsome billionaire? he asked almost in tears.
“look Jake you started it by cheating on me, and know that i love Anton so much, maybe what i feel for you these years isn’t love,” i said.
“yes i know it all my fault but it not like you caught me and Jean on bed, you only heard that i was dating her and i agreed to that but please forgive my stupidity, sorry for hurting you i need you back,” he pleaded.
“are you actually sick or you wanted me to just come to your house, Jake we can still be friends but not lovers,” i said then turn to leave but he quickly hugged me from behind, then kissed my neck.
“i love you Camille,” he said in a whisper then held my waist, i don’t know why i fall for his stupid touch, i guess what Jake have for me all these years was lust and not love. He kissed me on my lips making it become hotter then pushed me to the bed, he kept exploring each part of my body while i foolishly allow that. I quickly remember something in a flash, how my father was killed and how i was raped, am damn scared again, i quickly pushed Jake off me, i realise he was even naked already.
“Jake, what the heck are you doing? am just carried away, i don’t love you and i need to go now,” i said not looking at him, i tried to stood up from the bed but he pushed me down and have his way in me. That how i was raped by Jake, i hated him so much but i didn’t tell my mom, cos i knew she will be mad at me. It all my fault cos i tolerated Jake in the first place.
# end_of_flash_back .
Am pregnant, mom must not know it Jake. I can’t keep this pregnancy, what about Antonio? i love him so much. Leaving this pregnancy simply means letting go of Anton.. i need to do something quick..
one advise for Camille…

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