{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_1
Everything seems perfect, the weather, the cool breeze and also my angel seated next to me. I love Camille so much and has always wanted to spent the rest of my life with her. I have just proposed to her, i don’t care about anyone else, not even my own father who never liked her, he has always wanted Karen for me, but i was so stubborn to listen to him, am a man enough to choose and decide for myself.
“i love you so much Antonio, thank you for accepting me, for who i am, since you know everything about my past,” Camille said in her sweet tiny voice which make me chuckle, she has a sweet voice too. I pulled her closer to me then kissed her passionately.
“i won’t allow you experince what happen to you in the past,” i said then use my thumb to wipe the tears falling from her sparkling eyes. She’s just too perfect, beauty with brains even thou she’s from a poor family, she’s such a strong woman and i so much believed in my Camille. Soon it began to rain and we had shower in the rain, it so much fun chasing each other in the rain like kids, i promise never to love any woman aside from my Camille, my angel. After the rain finally stopped i quickly carried Camille to my car and drove her home. I guess her mother must be damn worried about her.
“oh no Camille, won’t you catch cold? her mother quickly asked, she seems to be a caring mother, i wished to experience such love from a mother but it never happen. I lose my mom at ten and ever since then i have being living with my damn father who is not even concern about his son’s happiness all he wanted was his business secured and me getting married to Karen but never. Am not a kid to let him control me.
“mother, am fine,” Camille said smiling, i love her smiles, dimple appear on her cheeks when she smiled.
“i love your dimples,” i whisper to her while she smiled her mother welcome me inside while i entered.
“you two are drenched, you need to change your dress i don’t want you catch cold,” her mother said again so worried.
“okay mom, Antonio come with me,” Camille said while i followed her to her room.
“mom is right, we shouldn’t have play in the rain like kids,” she said while i softly pinch her nose while she chuckle.
“okay then let bath together,” i said while she arhced an eyebrow.
“don’t be too silly,” she said shyly while i laughed, i know Camille is quite a shy type but not too shy.
“sir Antonio! i heard her mother called my name she was holding a clean towel, i don’t like it when they call me sir, especially her. Thank goodness i was able to force Camille to stop calling me sir and she did.
“you can call me Antonio,” i said while she smiled
“have this,” she said while i collect it then hand it over to Camille.
“i have my own towel,” she said removing her shoes and cleaning the driplets of water from her long black shining hair, i really lover her hair, i mean i lover her and everything about her is so special.
“come with me,” Camille’s mother said while i looked at Camille she gave me a charming smile and i followed her mom.
“you can call me Antonio,” i said to her mom while she smile.
Camille’s POV
Am Camille Meltzer, am just twenty one years and so much in love with Anton, his full name is Antonio Santagio, one of the famous billionaire son in canada. They’re are filthy rich but that not the reason why i love Anton, i love him and not his money or for his popularity. i’ve already break up with Leo my good for nothing Korean boyfriend, i regretted giving him my body. Well i guess you guys want to know my story, nothing much about me, am just a beautiful girl from a poor family, living with my mom Sarah i looked so much like her, i really missed my father.
# flash_back
My father died just one year ago when i was twenty. Mom wasn’t at home that evening while i and dad were making dinner. A man dressed in black shirt, a pair of black jeans trouser and a boot came into our house and threaten to kill me and my dad if he didn’t have a taste of me. I know he must be one of those that like me, cos every guy has always wanted me to be girl, i only accept one person and that’s Leo but everything changed when i meet Antonio. He almost hit me with his car on the road and that was the first day we meet. I love him at first sight and i know he’s the one for me. Ever since then i don’t know how Antonio was able to know my house, he was so kind and that how we get to meet as friends.
“i love you Camille but you never notice me, all you care about is Antonio and no one else,” the man dressed in black yelled at me pointing his gun towards my dad.
“please do whatever you want to do with me but don’t hurt my father,” i begged in tears.
“now unclad yourself or else i killed your father,” he yelled while i cried, i pleaded but it all went on deaf ears, the man tore my gown and forcefully kissed me, dad wasn’t able to do anything because the man tied him up. How can my own dad watch me, his only daughter being raped, this the worse wickedness ever, dad eyes were closed as tears drop from his eyes i know he couldn’t stand to watch his own lovely angel being raped in front of him. This man have his way in me, he use his hand to close my mouth while he raped me to his satisfaction, he kept thrusting in and out of, going more deeper, i couldn’t help but to bleed badly. This unknown just disvirgin me for no reason, i could hear my dad crying out his heart, i know if he was given the chance to kill him he will stabbed him so badly to death. This man used me to his statisfaction then quickly stood up and zipped up his trouser while i was breathing so slowly, i felt my breath ceasing.
“say your last prayer,” the man said pointing his guy at my dad. This guy must be stupid he just used me and want to killed my dad again.
“please spare my dad,” i cried but before i knew it the guy shoot my dad on his forehead and hurridely left out of the house. I managed to stood up then crawl to my dad and held him tight he was already death. I cried in pains and as i held my own father death. This unknown guy just disvirgin me, he used me badly and still have the nerve to kill my father. I quickly stood up then picked up a pills on a table and swallow it. I just hope i don’t get pregnant. All thanks to Lara my friend at school who forgot the pills in my bag.
“jesus! my mom scream as she walked in, thank goodness she’s still alive and has back home safely.
“what happen to your dad,” my mom yelled out then held dad as she cried, she didn’t notice the blood stain in my dress or how half naked i am. She was just focused on dad.
“he killed my father,” i cried while mom turn to me.
“who did this? she asked.
“i don’t know mom, he was putting on mask, i can’t even recognise him,” i cried. I slowly stood up to the bathroom to freshen myself up but mom seems to notice what happen to me now.
“what..w..hat ha..ppen to you? mom stammered wiping away her tears.
“i was raped mom, he raped me! i said in tears while mom hugged me tight leaving dad still lying lifeless.
“who could he be? mom asked while i said nothing cos i have no idea of who the person is. I freshen up and changed into a simple gown, my heart was broken and totally shattered i couldn’t help but to cry the more, my dad is death and am raped. After dad burial i and mom promise to find that person and have our revenge. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and now it being a year. I still couldn’t forget about dad and i also can’t believe the pills i took worked out cos i didn’t get pregnant, i also resumed back to school but not as happy girl as before.
# end_of_flash_back .
. That was all that happen to me in the past and i still thirst for revenge but it useless since i still don’t know the person who killed my father and raped me, i keep on praying to God to fight for me. I told Antonio my whole story and he was able to understand my pains, he also promise to help me get my revenge whenever i find that person. I wipe away my tears then took off my dress and tied a towel around my chest, i quickly took a hot shower not to catch cold just as mother said then then applied a lotion to my skin and quickly dressed in my pyjamas. Am now feeling warm, i walked to the sitting room and meet Antonio dressed in a singlet and plain trouser. Mom must have given him that. It was just last week i brought it and intend to give him as a gift even thou i know he’s damn rich and has more cloths, i just want him to know how much i love him.
“you look so sweet,” he said while i smiled then walked up to them, they were all seated round our small wooden dining table, it has only three seats which belong to me, mom and my dad, i still feell so sad, i really missed my dad.
“dinner is ready,” mom said while i smiled then steal a glance at Antonio who was staring at me.
“hope you like it? i asked while he smiled then winked at me.
“i so much like it,” he said aloud which make me and mom laughed. I can’t believe the rich and well respected Antonio is the one in my small apartment having some local meal as dinner.
Antonio’s POV
The food taste so great. Camille and her mom are such a great cooks, they look so much alike but of course my Camille is more beautiful. Her mom is such a nice woman, she gave me this new singlet and plain trouser to wear, she said Camille brought it and was planing to give me. Awwnn Camille is so sweet. Their house looks so small and they lived in the small area but the room is so neat and i like it. I will make sure i get a new house for her mother cos i will soon get married to Camille i don’t want her to suffer, i will also make sure the person who murder her father and rape her, pay fo what he did, justice must prevail. I promise to help Camille in everything, i know she’s still hurt that’s why am here in her life to make her happy.
“Camille! i called out her name then placed my hands on her warm hands she seems so lost in thoughts.
“are you okay? i asked softly while i saw a drop on tears slide down her cheeks.
“Camille,” i called so worried then stood up and she quickly stood up and pushed all the dishes to the ground.
“just leave me, stay away from me,” she yelled at me as she threw whatever her hand laid on, she’s getting out of control and i wonder what wrong with her.
“Camille..,” her mother called out looking so worried.
“just leave go away! she yelled aloud and her hands were shivering, her eyes were suddenly red which was freaking me out…

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