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β€œEotte….” Gabe stuttered.
“Hmphn.” Vincent chuckled.
“So she’s the new BC?…” He smiled.
“Nde.” Gabe bobbed his head.
“Hmn..” Vincent smiled.
“Hum, what about the stuff?..” he arched up his brows.
“On it Sir.” Gabe bowed.
“You need to be careful.We don’t want Joel suspecting anything.” Vincent twitched up his lips.
“Nde.” Gabe bowed and made to leave his boss’ office.
“And hum…” Vincent’s voice stopped him.Gave turned back.
“Emily,I need her info.Everything about her.” Vincent fluttered his eyes.
“Ye.” Gabe bobbed his head and walked briskly out of the office.
“Omma!” Rachel grinned as she walked into her mother’s room.
(A/N: omma means mum)
“Huh…Rachel.” her mum grinned and hugged her.
“Omma can you imagine..” Rachel gently dragged her mum down and they sat on the cushions.
“Wae?.. what’s wrong?” Hye Ri stared intently at her daughter.
“It’s that stupid bitch!” Rachel spay out.
“Nugu?..Emily?..Her mum?” Hye Ri sneered.
“Emily.She actually broadcasted last night mum.Can you imagine the shame,I haven’t even broadcasted once.” Rachel scowled.
“Mbo?!..” Hye Ri couldn’t believe her ears.
“Nde omma.She really embarrassed me.” Rachel pouted.
“Rubbish!… Eotteoke? did she even get to Empire World?” Hye Ri grimaced in disgust.
“Omma,we really need to act fast.” Rachel bit her lower lip in annoyance.
They heard some footsteps and they stopped talking.Hye Ri knew who the footsteps belonged to,she had been living in that house for years.She quickly signalled to her daughter.
“Mbo?!!!…Emily did that?!!!” Hye Ri yelled.
Rachel smirked.She knew what her mum was trying to do.
” Nde!..Omma,I still can’t believe unni did it.” Rachel quickly grimaced wearily.
(A/N: unnie means elder sister.It can only be used by a female.)
“Aishhh,so she slept with men just to broadcast?…Aigoo..” Hye Ri frowned.
“Omma,don’t say that…even though that’s what everyone in the industry thinks,I refuse to believe it.” Rachel shook her head vigorously.
“But,the only that pained me is that unnie actually stole my radio broadcast even though she knew I was supposed to be the broadcaster.” Rachel sighed.
“Mbo?.. that’s heartless..” Hye Ri sighed.
“But omma,you can’t tell appa okay….” Rachel pouted.
(A/N: appa means dad.)
“What did you say that girl did?..” they heard a masculine voice behind them and stared at the door as it slid open.
(A/N: yeobo means honey)
Hye Ri and Rachel hastily stood up on their feet.
“That bastard!..That insolent bastard!!” Mr Chen thundered angrily.
“She sleeps with men now?..Aishhh!” He balled up his fists.
“Appa,ani….” Rachel shook her head and ran towards her step dad.
Emily who just entered the compound ran into her step mom’s room since she heard raised voices from that direction.
“What happened?” She asked,rushing into the room.
Mr Chen turned towards the door and gave Emily a resounding slap.
“Appa” Emily gasped,she quickly placed her left hand on her cheek.
“Deo,do you have no shame?!..going after your sister’s spot and sleeping around with men!..Or did you not steal her radio broadcast from her?!” Mr Chen breathed out heavily.
“I don’t ever want to see you in this house again!.from this moment henceforth,I have disowned you! are no longer my daughter!” Mr Chen scowled and walked out of the room.
“…” Emily gasped and fell on the floor.
Nothing she did pleased her father.He always treated her badly,complaining about everything she did and sorts.And now,he’d disowned her.
“Unnie…” Rachel pouted and squatted by her sister’s side.
Emily’s lips trembled.She looked at her sister as tears streamed down her face.
“Rachel,I really didn’t know that broadcast was supposed to be done by you..If I had known,I wouldn’t have done it.” Her lips trembled.
“Unnie,you don’t need to say anything.I believe you.I know you wish me no badluck.” Rachel pressed her lips in a thin line and hugged Emily.
She smirked.She knew the type of person her stepsister was.She knew Emily was going to go home that morning to break the good news to her parents but she,Rachel,needed to get there before Emily did.To turn Emily’s achievement to shame.Mission Accomplished.
“Kumawo.” Emily smiled admist her cry.
She slowly stood up on her feet and walked out of the room.
Hye Ri and Rachel smiled to themselves as they watched the poor girl.
Emily dragged her feet to her mum’s room,her mum and younger brother wasn’t around.She left a letter for them and dragged her feet out of her father’s house.
She walked to the bus stop and sat down on one of the benches.She cried her heart out even though people were around.She was still crying when someone squatted down before her with a handkerchief in hand.Emily looked down at the person,it was her knight in shining armor.
Vincent smiled and dabbed her face gently.He stood up on his feet and sat down next to her.
“I have told you before,pretty girls don’t cry.” he smiled and dabbed on her eyes.
He brought her head to his shoulder and stroked her arm gently as Emily broke down in tears again.
“Deo,are you sure you’re alright?..” Vincent stared at Emily beside him as he parked his car.
“Uhm.” Emily nodded her head.
“Okay.” Vincent smiled.
He took Emily’s phone from her hand and typed some things.He handed the phone back to her.
“Bye.” He waved.
Emily twitched her lips and stepped out of the car.She waved at Vincent.
Joel’s body went stiff as he stared at the CCTV monitor.He gnashed his teeth as he watched Emily wave at the guy in the car,he didn’t really see the guy’s face though.He stood on his feet and walked out of his study.He placed his hands on the banister and watched Emily as she dragged her feet to her room,she had forgotten she had switched rooms.Few seconds later,she was climbing up the stairs.Joel stared at her as she walked past him to her room.Now,that was absurd.
He walked towards her door but he stopped midway.
“Ani,this won’t do.” He swallowed and calmed himself down a bit.
He turned around and headed down the stairs.
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