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“Nde?..” Emily gulped.
“Uhn,this is Miss Maria,your manager.She’ll be the one taking care of you from now on.” Michael smiled.
“Yeoboseyo.” Miss Maria waved sweetly at Emily.
(A/N: yeoboseyo means hello)
“Huh…” Emily stuttered.She bowed her head slightly.
“You don’t need to worry Emily,she’s got managerial skills and experiences.She actually used to be Sandra’s manager before Sandra retired from the industry,you can trust her.” Michael assured.
‘mbo?! Sandra?!..the famous broadcaster?!..her manager?!’ Emily’s eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.
Sandra used to be a very well known broadcaster in the country before she got pregnant and decided to retire from the entertainment industry.It was after she retired that Stephanie stepped into limelight.
Ever since Sandra retired,Maria had refused to manage any other person.Even when Stephanie pleaded with her,she declined to be her manager.But surprisingly,when the boss,Michael called her earlier that day and told her about Emily,she gave in easily.
Emily couldn’t close her mouth,she just stared blankly at the woman before her.
“Here darling,we need to get going.” Maria smiled at her.
She took Emily by her left hand and led her out of Michael’s office.
Michael turned on his LED CCTV monitor and watched as Maria took Emily to the studio.
“I need everyone out of this place.” Maria’s voice rang out as soon as they stepped into the studio.
Everyone in the studio turned towards her direction.Most of them were really shocked to see her,like what was she doing there.She only always came to the industry,she never for once interfered with anything they were doing.
“Sunbae,we are preparing to go on air.” One of the junior managers managed to speak up after a while.
(A/N: sunbae means senior)
“You don’t need to.She’ll be the one going on air.” Maria replied and gently dragged Emily to one of the chairs.
“Mbo?…..sunbae…” another manager groaned.
“Wae? want to go against your senior?” Maria stared angrily at them.
“Ahhh,Ani…” the managers quickly packed their things.
“Deo…what are you still doing sitted here?..” Maria turned to face the girl that was supposed to be a co anchor with another male anchor for the radio broadcast that was about to be aired.
The lady quickly stood up on her feet,she stared at Emily briefly and walked out of the radio studio.
“Here,sit.” Maria smiled sweetly at Emily.
Emily bowed and took her seat beside the co-anchor.
“Ready?…Hana Dul Set!”
Maria stood outside the studio and watched Emily closely as she performed with the male anchor on the show.It was just a minimal documentary that involved music.They weren’t even interviewing anyone.
‘uwa,in-built talent.This is the real deal.’ Maria smiled as soon as the show ended.
“Wahhh,it was really nice working with you.” the male anchor turned towards Emily and shook her hand.
“Kamsahamnida.” Emily bowed and walked out to meet her manager.
“You really did well honey, let’s get ready for the news.” Maria smiled,checking her wristwatch.
She turned around and headed to the news studio.Emily followed her,looking around in awe.
As soon as they stepped into the studio,Emily gulped audibly.The television production studio was completely different and larger than the radio studio,classically designed with professional video cameras mounted perfectly on pedestals and other equipments perfectly spotted around.
It’s studio control room,transmission control room and master control room was uniquely designated at the far left corner of the studio.
The studio floor alone was really large and beautiful.
“Get on the studio floor,you are about to go on air.” Maria’s voice brought Emily back to her senses.
She climbed on the three steps that led to the studio floor and sat on the only available seat.
The control technicians were already set and soon,Emily was on air.🎚️🎚️🎚️
Sitting very composed on the chair,Emily read out the news without taking a blink at the script,she had mastered everything in the manuscript when she had first practised at home.
She had no fear and thoughts on her mind as she flashed her white set of teeth at the cameras,broadcasting the news.The manner with which she read out the news was quite unique and impressive.
Michael and Joel looked away from the monitor and stared at the screen with the audience measurement.The viewing rate increased drastically.They watched in amazement as the viewers that tuned in to the station increased from one million,the amount that Stephanie was always able to get, to fifty million viewers,and then to two hundred million,to seven hundred million,to eight hundred million,to nine hundred million and up to five hundred and fifty nine million viewers!…That was huge.
The two brothers couldn’t contain their excitements as they stared back at the monitor,watching how Emily broadcasted flawlessly.TALENT.
πŸŽ™οΈπŸŽ§πŸŽ™οΈ”We have come to the end of the news,don’t forget to tune in tomorrow.I’m Emily Chen.I love you.”πŸŽ™οΈπŸŽ™οΈπŸŽ™οΈ Emily let out a killer smile.
The technicians in the control room quickly put on a documentary for the viewers.
Every one stood up on their feet and clapped their hands,the technicians hastily stepped out of the control rooms into the studio.Emily smiled as she climbed down the from the studio floor.
“You really tried miss”
“I love working with you”
“You are amazing”
“You are a newbie right,but you were just to perfect.”
“You are my mentor”
“You are my inspiration”
Emily blushed deeply as everyone,including the technicians and some other newbies in the studio praised her.
“It was nice working with you guys,but she really needs to get going.” Maria cut in and took Emily out of the production studio.
“Fuck!” Joel cursed under his breath as soon as soon as the news ended.
He watched the monitor as Emily was being praised.
“She was great.” Michael couldn’t stop himself from grinning.
“Hmn.” Joel nodded his head.
“Ahhhh,now I’m hungry.” He groaned,gently patting his stomach.
“Once Emily gets here,we’ll get going.” Michael twitched his lips.
“You really tried honey.I don’t need to teach you anything more.” Maria smiled as she and Emily walked towards the elevator.
“Kamsahamnida.” Emily grinned.
“But,you need to be really careful.This is the beginning of war.” Maria stared expressionlessly at her.
“Mbo?” Emily couldn’t help but furrow her brows.
“Uhn” Maria nodded her head.
‘war?.. I didn’t come here to fight anyone.’ Emily grimaced.
“Huh.” Maria chuckled
“You didn’t come here to fight.” Maria spoke up like she was reading Emily’s mind.
“Huh?..” Emily pouted.
“We’ll talk better tomorrow.They are waiting for you.” Maria smiled and walked away to her office.
Emily got in the elevator and pouted.War?..Who was going to kill her?.She couldn’t help but think.
The elevator reached the top floor and Emily walked out of it grudgingly.
Before she could reach Michael’s office,Joel and Michael already stepped out,they were really hungry.They both had face masks on.
Michael was the first to notice the sad expression on Emily’s face.
“Emily,wae?.. what’s wrong?” he asked as they walked towards Emily.
“Ani, it’s nothing.” Emily quickly let out a smile.
“Kaja?” Michael took her hand and led through the private back door.
Joel frowned as he walked behind them.In no time,the trio were out of the industry.
The girl that Maria had chased away from the radio studio furrowed her brows as she sat in her manager’s office.That person,was she really her step sister?…She couldn’t help but think.
“Rachael.” her manager’s voice drifted her out of thought.
“Wae?..” Rachael sighed and looked up at her manager.
“Are you still thinking about that scene?..” Lucy,her manager asked.
Rachael didn’t respond,she turned Lucy’s laptop towards her and went online.She searched for the news and played it,she stared intently at the newscaster.It was really her step sister,Emily.
Rachael almost couldn’t believe her eyes.
“How could…how come ..” she stuttered.
“Wae?” Lucy turned back the laptop and stared at the lady in the video.
“That’s the lady that broadcasted this evening.” She sneered and looked up at Rachael.
“We should find something to do about her.” Lucy smirked.
“Only God knows the amount of men she slept with to get to broadcast that news.Even you that also slept your way up to where you are,you still haven’t been given any chance to broadcast.Just radio broadcast alone,and it’s just the minor broadcast.” Lucy blabbed.
Rachael swept a quick,murdering gaze at her manager.How could she have just said that so bluntly,what if someone heard.
“Mihanae.” Lucy slapped her her mouth.
“But really,what do we do about that girl.She’s going to be a pain in the ass if we don’t act fast.” She gazed unwaveringly at Rachael.
“She’s my step sister.” Rachael blurted out.
“Mbo?!” Lucy’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.
A/N: lobatan!…Emily yaff enta gauuuπŸ˜‚
Rachael babyπŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΎ
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