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I was trying to get hold of Keith and Sam. I have been calling them to no avail and I believe they
are in trouble. I can’t even track them down because wherever they are there is no signal. I am doomed. If they were caught then I am doomed. That stupid boy is very smart and will come at me
with all that he has. He will make sure my life is a living he’ll and without those two boys we are
doomed. We need them. The team is still weak. We need a lot more training. It’s been a while and
I feel like everyone is losing their touch so if this is happening now then it’s over before it has even
begun. I called the IT guy so he could track my boys. He came after 30 min
Me: Brains ntwana yam
Brains: Hey my man zishan
Me: I can’t get hold of Keith and Sam so I need you to track them down.
Brains: Alright you got all that ii need?
Me: Yes turn around and check on the desk.
Brains: Okay cool
Brains got busy with the work at hand while I got busy with planning heists. After two hours brains
still couldn’t get hold of them. I was defeated. I honestly didnt know what to do anymore.
I went out and instructed the guys to take care of the guy I shot. Remove the bullets and clean up
the wound. I still want him to suffer. I went out to go check on my wifey. Well fiance. I just missed
her. This time around I was very serious. I wanted no mistake. I really love my baby. Mashudu was
a mistake. I learnt my lesson. I will never repeat the same mistake twice. I almost lost my diamond
while chasing cheap glitter. I only spent an hour with Shaz then went to buy a few things at the
mall. From the mall I went back to the warehouse. I got there and found the guys relaxing.
Me: Majimbos. Did you sort out that laitie?
Them: Sho boss
Well what you must know is that I am not a gangster. I’ve just got people backing me all the time. I
know ii can trust these guys. They are my go to guys.
Me: Thanks guys.
I walked to where we were keeping the guys and gave them food and drinks. I do have a heart so I
won’t treat them like dogs. They were simply doing their job. I walked to the of ice there then sent
a message to Stanley. I want him to know that I know his plans for me.
I have been making calls trying to arrange a surprise for Rudzi. But first I want her to go for driving
lessons. There is so much that I want to do for her. I want her to put together a business proposal
for her business. One of her choice. I don’t want to pick for her. I also want her to go back to
school. I want to support her dream of being independent. I love this woman and Lord knows I
would die for her. I also want body guards for her. My mother’s threats took me back to the past so
I won’t take them lightly. I have got so much to do but little time to complete it all.
With the way that she has been with me through it all i would not even trade her for the world.She
is one in a million.
She walked in while i was in my thoughts.She looked really pale and drained.
Me: Babe please dont let what my mother said get to you.Stressing will harm my baby.
Rudzi: Im not stressing.
Me: You are. Babe all that matters in this world is that i love you and you love me..I know that your family will not accept me expecially after what happened but that won’t stress me because i know
that i have you by my side..Stop minding my mother, besides we came here to start afresh not to
get back to zero by letting oyr parents get to us…
I am a walking corpse. There is no hope for me. I give up on life. There is no point in being alive.
Honestly. Non of this is worth it. I am no longer allowed to leave the house unless I am with
Stanley and he is forever busy. I am always locked in the house. This man has really outdone
himself. He showed me his true colours. I have given up. This is the love I have received. Love I
am receiving. Love that has landed me on my death bed. It is over for me.
My phone rang while i was in my thoughts.
Me: Hello
Voice: shudu
Me : ba, baba (da, dad)
Voice: ni kho tea u vhuya hayani (you have to come back home)
Me: mini.. vha kho toda mini kha nne? (What? What do you want from me?)
Voice: nikho tea uvhuya hayani nwana nyana. (You have to come back home little girl)
Me: Hai ndingasi tsha dovha nda vhuya hafho (No i will never cime back there)
Voice : Thikho to ni humbela. Ndiya zwidivha uri zwe nda ni ita zwovha zwo khakhea ende ndikho
tea u tshila vhutshilo hanga ndi tshi khou khakhulula dziphoso dzanga..ndo shanduka. Ndi vhoya
na kerekeni
(im not asking you. I know what i did to you was wrong and i have to live my life rectifying that
mistake. I have changed. I’m even going to church.)
I kept quiet
Voice:I know what you are going through. I know what that boy is putting you through. I have been
looking for you. When i found you and realised all this i made a vow that i will come save you. I
know what that boy is capable of hence i have to get you out of there soon
I cant believe this is happening.I thought he has forgotten about my existence.Why is he on my
back now? How did he even find me?

Me: Leave me alone.What this so called boy is putting me through is better than what you put me
through. he is a stranger to me.We are not related and to him its okay.but you, what you did to
me.what you put me through is worse.
I hanged up
I cant believe this man.After all that he has done to me.After all the things he put me through.Its
because of him that im here today Its because of his greed and cruelty that my life is like this..
No amount of sleep can cure the tiredness i feel..Im huge honestly looking like an elephant.. At
this moment i just feel like giving birth.I cant take it anymore.
I was in the bedroom i sleep in.I no longer sleep with Lesley.We also got a house which i honestly
think its big for our little family..It was a 5bedroom house and each room has an ensuit with a huge
kitchen,dining room, lounge,studyroom and outside there is a tree house..
He also bought me a car and now i have my own resturant.
The reason why i no longer sleep with Les is because of his frequent cheeting.He comes home
late smelling with women perfume and sometimes with lipstic on his shirts.
Sharon: Why are you stressing about that fool babe? We have the black card, we have access to
anything concerning money that belongs to him.Grab his attention buy just buying something
unnecessary with his money.
Me: all i want is for him to stop.Why is he doing this to me?
I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my abedomenal area.
I shut my eyes with so much force to suppress the pain inside.
Shaz: Are you okay?

Me: I just feel some pains..I need to pee.
When i got up my water broke.
Me: Oops seems like i helped myself.
Shaz: Its not pee.Its your water and it just broke.
I panicked.
Me: What?
Shaz: Yes the baby is ready to meet it’s foolish father. Let me get the baby bag so that we can go
to the hospital.
Me: Okay.
Sharon has been an amazing friend.A sister i never had. She cared alot and thats what made us
be rhis close.Her and Ethan are engaged and lucky her because they like her at the inlaws.
Shaz: Done.. Lets go..uhhh should i call Lesley?
Me: No.I have been okay without his help all this months so i can do this with you.
Shaz: Okay lets go.

I have watched movies where pregnant women scream and do all unspeakable when about to
give birth.With me all i could do was close my eyes and supress the pain inside. Pain has been a
part of my life..
We have been in the ward for two hours.
The pain came twice hard and I could help but let out a scream..The nurse came and checked me
and she said I was ready to give birth..
I don’t want to lie I was scared.I was not scared for about to give birth but I was scared if I will be a
good mother to my child.I don’t know the gender because I wanted it to be a suprise..
Shaz: Ready?
Me: Yes I am.
Rudzi and I have drifted apart the past few months because she was forever Moody. She kept on
accusing me of having an affair until one day I decided to actually have an affair. Yes I understood
that it was the hormones but it was worse because she hated me everyday. It was very hard being with her. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed a peace of mind. I needed an escape…
Ethan: Boy you really have to sort out your problems with your Lady. She is pregnant and she
needs you by her side. It’s worse now because she is heavily pregnant. I just don’t understand
how this happened. You couldn’t stay away from each other. You were madly in love.
Me: life happened. She was becoming hard to live with.
Ethan: Even so bro. You are about to be a father soon.a role model to your child. Be a father you
would want your child would look up to whenever situations comes up.
Ethan was making sense but it’s not that easy
Me: What should I do?
Ethan: Take her out for dinner.Make her feel special.Appreciate her and b there for her.
I have gathered enough information I need on this Lesley guy.Who his family is.What he does
now.Who his enemy is and even the fact that Rudzani is pregnant.
My enemy’s enemy is my friend so I have become very close with his cousin Stan.He seems to
have an agenda with him and his brother so working together will make us avenge very simple..
Our first step is to kidnap his new born and if possible kill it.He has taken a huge amount that he
can’t even give back.
Stan: Is the plan coming along fine?
Me: Yes it is.
Stan: My source tells me that Rudzani is at the hospital.
Me: Awesome.
I rubbed my hands together.This is great..
After a long time I gave birth to two babies.A girl and a boy.No wonder I was so heavily pregnant.I
don’t even know how this wasn’t picked up.I should have known the possibility because Lesley is a
Shaz: They are so beautiful.I hope they look like you because you are a natural beauty
I smiled
Me: If you say they are beautiful now then I’m certain that their beauty is natural..Their parents win
the trophy.
She giggled.
Me: I’m still tired.
Shaz: Uhm I called the father an the uncle.
I honestly didn’t have the energy to argue so I let it pass.
Me: Okay.
Shaz: Okay?
Me: They have a role in their lives so why not.
She let out a huge sigh..
Me: Relieved?
Shaz: You just don’t know how much.
Les and Ethan walked in.
Les came to my side and kissed me on my cheek.
Les: How is my favourite woman in the world.
Me: I’m okay.
Led: Where is my boy? I don’t see a hump?
Me: I think the…
The doctor and nurse walked in with my babies.
Ethan: They are two?
Shaz: Akere you are also two.
Les had a huge smile on his face .
Shaz: Both genders
Led: Wow!!! I’m the most happiest father on earth.
Ethan: Wow I’m an uncle.At least boredom is gone.
Doctor: Your babies are per ferfectly fine.You aswel so I will be discharging you tomorrow

Those where news to my ears.I don’t like hospital food even though it’s a private one.
Les: I’m not leaving. Can’t leave my family here.
What I know is that Ethan and Lesley are stubborn so the doctor will not win even if he argue.
Shaz: I doubt they will stop reasoning.
Me: I doubt too
Les: Doctor if im not allowed then I’m taking my family home.See my twin is a gangster so I have
to protect my family.His enemies might come for their lives.
Doc: We have security guar….
Ethan: Hebanna this guy.Are you for real right now? That skinny guy I saw you call a guard.Ai you
might be a doctor but I swear that doesn’t stop you from being stupid
Shaz: Ethan no.Stop insulting the
Ethan: Babe talk to my hand cause my face is busy.
He was looking at my cute baby girl that he had in his arms.

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