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“Wahhhh…” Emily couldn’t close her mouth as soon as she and Joel arrived at the shopping mall.
“Wae?…you don’t like it?” Joel asked teasingly.
“Huh?..Ani…I love it.I really really really love it.” Emily grinned dreamily as they stepped out of the car.
The mall looked familiar to her,like she had seen it somewhere but she wasn’t so sure.
“Huh” Joel smirked.
He took a mask in the backseat and put it on before the press and masses would notice him.
Before they were able to get to the main entrance of the mall,there were already people waiting for them.People that included the manager of the mall and some other important staffs.
As they walked to the main entrance,Joel threw his car key at the manager and walked into the mall with Emily following closely behind him,looking at the manager and the other people bewilderedly.
“Aisshhh it’s too noisy.” Joel groaned as they walked further into the busy mall.
“We’re sorry sir.” the manager quickly bowed as he trailed after the CEO who was also the owner of EMPIRE WORLD SHOPPING MALL.
“Just throw them out.” Joel Joel scowled.
“Nde?..” the manager couldn’t believe his ears.
Joel stopped in his tracks,he turned around and swept his cold intimidating gaze over the manager.
“Ahhh,nde.” the manager’s legs went limp on the spot.
‘how can I possibly throw them out,are they garbages?…’ the manager broke into cold sweats.
He bowed his head and made to turn around.
“Never mind.” Joel fluttered his eyes.
After all,they weren’t going to be disturbed by the noise.So,he decided to let them be.
‘ahhh…thank goodness.’ the manager squeaked innerly.
Joel got hold of Emily’s hand and dragged her towards the escalator.As he reached the escalator,he felt a tug on his clothes.He turned around.
“Ermm,I c-can’t…” Emily gulped.
“Wae?..” Joel narrowed his eyes.
“I c-can’t…that step…” Emily stuttered,her eyes on the escalator.
“The escalator?..” Joel raised his brows,he still didn’t get her.
“Nde…I can’t..” Emily bit her lip nervously.
“Oh.You are afraid of the escalator…” Joel arched up his brows in amusement.
“Uhn..” Emily nodded her head timidly.
“Pshh” Joel chuckled.
So,she was scared of escalator.Joel laughed.
“It doesn’t bite.” He assured her.
“Ani…I’m scared.” Emily cried.
Joel sighed.
“See,there are people using it too.” Joel pointed out.
“Ahhh….” Emily sighed softly.
“Hufff” Joel ruffled his hair.
They couldn’t possibly take the stairs,that was too stressful.Also,they’d have to walk a bit further before they find his elevator.They just needed to take the escalator to the next floor and ride his personal elevator.Joel sighed,checking the time on his wrist watch.
“Stay still.” he twitched his lips.
“Mbo?..” Emily stared at him.
And before one could say jack,Joel carried her in his arms and stepped on the escalator.Emily shut her eyes and clutched Joel’s clothes in her fists.Joel looked down at her and smiled.They reached the next floor.Joel walked up and dropped Emily on the floor.
“See,it didn’t bite you.” He pocketed his hands and walked over to his private elevator.
Emily ran after him in embarrassment.
“Kumawo.” Emily pressed her lips in a thin line as the elevator rode up to the top floor.
Joel turned and walked slowly towards her.He stop just an inch from her and placed his right hand on a side of the elevator,trapping Emily in a corner.
“Deo,you weren’t scared of the escalator right? only said that to make me carry you right?..” Joel breathed out softly through his mask.
“Mbo?..” Emily widened her eyes.
“Ande!.. Jinjja ande.
(A/N: jinjja means really)
Joel smirked and shifted tge mask above his nose.He stared down at Emily’s soft,pouty lips and licked his lower lip hungrily.He stared back in Emily’s eyes and back to her lips.He tilted his head to the left and lowered it slowly,slightly puckering his lips to kiss her.
Emily furrowed her brows as she stared at the handsome god.What was he trying to do,she licked her lips nervously,unknowingly turning Joel on.
“DUM” the elevator dinged and slid open.Joel looked up and quickly turned away from her like she was some trash.He adjusted his mask and walked out of the elevator and headed to the left.Emily heaved a sigh of relief and quickly ran after him before the elevator slid close.
“Uwa!” Emily stared around awe as they walked.
The place looked so expensive and exquisite.The owner of the mall sure deserved some accolades.Emily’s lips curled up in a cute smile as she looked up at the chandeliers.
Joel smirked as he watched her.
“You like it?” He asked.
“Uhn.” Emily nodded her head.
“How did you find this place?” She asked.
“It belongs to me.” Joel smirked and walked away.
“Huh?” Emily stopped in her tracks.
“Pshh..” she sneered.
She didn’t believe it.She knew the man she was living with was rich but,
claiming other people’s things,wasn’t that too much?….
She ran after him.
She looked back to see if those people were still following them,they were.She had noticed them when the manager and some staffs had stopped following them.At first,she thought they weren’t but now,she knew they were.Those guys were clad in black suits.
Maybe the arrogant god offended someone and the person asked those guys to kill him.Emily shuddered at the thought.
She hastily walked up to Joel.
“Yah…” She called silently.
“War?..” Joel fluttered his eyelashes at her.
“Some men are following us,we need to hide?..” Emily whispered in his ears.
“Really?.” Joel looked behind them and chuckled.
“Yah!.. it’s not a joke.I’m serious.” Emily stomped her foot on the ground.
“We need to run.” Emily whispered again.
“Mbo?” Joel stared at her in amusement.
“Kaja.” Emily dragged Joel’s hand and walked away swiftly.
“Yah.” Joel chuckled as they ran.
“Shhhuuuu” Emily hushed.
She found an empty place and quickly opened the door.
“What are you doing?.” Joel arched up his brows.
“We need to hide.Ppali!” She quickly dragged Joel into the room and shut the door.
“Yah,do you know …” Joel was about to protest.
Emily quickly covered his mouth with her hand as she heard footsteps.
“We lost boss.He’s going to be really mad at us.” Emily heard one of the men speak.
“They just suddenly disappeared, let’s go.” She heard another one talk.
And then she heard their footsteps retreat.
She stared bewilderedly at Joel.
“Boss?” she inhaled deeply and removed her hand from Joel’s mouth.
“Yah !..why didn’t you tell me?!” Emily yelled furiously.
So she had been running for nothing.Aishhh.
“Uhn.I wanted to tell you twice!..did you let me talk?!” Joel yelled back at her.
“They always follow me everywhere I go.” He sneered.
Seemed like she had suddenly forgotten who he was.
“And besides,how dare you yell at me?! you know who you are yelling at?!” Joel sneered poutily.
“Deo!” Emily pointed in his face.
“Who are you?!..You are rich so?…are you even as rich as the CEO of Empire World Corporation?!” She shook her head furiously.
‘wow,at least she knows that the CEO of Empire World is rich.’ Joel’s eyes twinkled.
“Aisshhh!” Emily scratched her head frustratedly and walked out of the room.
“Aisshhh!..ever since her met that girl I tend to talk a lot.” Joel groaned.
He snickered and walked behind her.He watched in amusement as she talked to herself,hitting her head and stomping her feet on the floor as she walked.
‘which normal human being will hit herself on the head like that.’ Joel shook his head.
He took long strides to her side and grabbed her hand.Time was going and they hadn’t picked her dress and done her makeup.
As Joel turned around the corridors,Emily kept wowing.She kept seeing beautiful things.But she noticed something,ever since they reached the top floor,she didn’t see anyone,just staffs.She and Joel were the only people there and she wondered why.
Joel dragged her into one of the rooms.
“Uwa!” Emily gasped.
Different designer labels filled the room.It was a very spacious room with a lot of expensive clothes.The manager too was already there waiting for them.
“Dress her up.” Joel’s cold voice brought her out of her fantasy.
And almost immediately,two ladies grabbed her by her arms and led her to the dressing room.
Soon,they were done dressing her up and she felt them drag her out.
“Too big.” Joel waved his hand.
They changed her dress again,
“Too small.” Joel rolled his eyes.
And again,
“Too loose.” Joel huffed.
“Too fitted.” Joel dismissed.
And once again,
“Too short.” Joel grimaced.
And again,
“Too long.” Joel rolled his eyes.
Emily was losing it.Like seriously,was she some sort of doll?..She huffed as the ladies took her back into the dressing room.
They dressed her in a fitted white shirt and multicolored flared skirt and multicolored high-heeled shoes.The ladies took her out of the dressing room once again.
Joel who was reading a magazine he saw when he got bored looked up and for a moment,he just couldn’t speak.
“Perfect.” He found his voice after a while.
He snapped the magazine shut and stood up on his feet.He dragged Emily out of the room while all the workers in the room, including the two ladies that had helped Emily with her clothes bowed.
Joel dragged her into the store that was right next to his personal wardrobe,his personal salon with the manager trailing right after them.
“Do whatever to her.” He sat down on a couch.
‘do whatever to me? I a toy?’ Emily almost couldn’t believe her ears.
And again,she felt some ladies drag her into a seat.The ladies washed her hair,styled it,did manicure and pedicure for her,fixed her nails and applied makeup on her face.
After they were done,they turned the chair towards the CEO who was sitted comfortably on the couch and the arrogant CEO was speechless for once in his life.
Joel stood up on his feet.
“Kaja” he gulped and took long strides out of the room.
Emily stood up on her feet meekly,she thanked the stylists and hastily rushed after Joel.The manager walked behind her.
“Omo!!!” Emily opened her mouth widely as soon as they stepped into Joel’s personal jewelries store.
Everything in the room was glittering.She didn’t need no one to tell her those things were expensive.
“Get me three sets that matches with this dress.” Joel pointed at the clothes Emily had on.
In no time,three sets of silver necklaces and earrings were placed before the CEO.Joel picked one and they wore it on Emily.
The CEO stood up on his feet and checked Emily out.Perfect.He checked the time and dragged Emily out of the room.
A/N: I should have posted this chapter last night but I didn’t get enough likes and comments,so I didn’t.Don’t forget to like and comment this time around o guys…no dull your writer o…Good morning and have a splendid day😚
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