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To say that I was heartbroken was an understatement. I was devastated. I was humiliated. Why
was I rejected everywhere that I went? It’s like I reek poverty. I hate this honestly. I sat in the car
sobbing. I must have fallen asleep because I was woken up by a knock on the window. When I
looked up I saw Les’s mother standing there with a frown on her face. I woke up and opened the
door then stepped out.
L’s mom: You are even sleeping comfortably in my son’s car. Do you even know how much it
costs? Sies wa swabisa maan.
I looked down since i had no response for her
Her: is that even Lesley’s child or are you the trapping type?!
Me: with all due respect ma this is Lesley’s child.
Her: Liar!
She said that screaming and pushing me back.
Her: Listen to me and listen carefully. I will open that gate and you will run for your life and never
look back. If you don’t do that, I will kill you then feed your body to my dogs. Well your head i will
courier it to your family!!
I sobbed silently while looking down.
Her: You are ugly and you lack class. I hate you! My daughter in law is Mashudu and no one else.
You are stupid and I’m sure you didn’t go to school. You are so stupid thinking that you can warm
your poor self into this family! Wow! Do you even know how to cook sophisticated dishes? Chicken
a la king? Useless child!
Her: Go!!!!
By now I was i had hiccups. I was devastated. She opened the gate and I turned to walk to it but it
closed as I was still walking towards it. I turned around to look what was happening only to find the
rest of the family outside. Les looked so angry as well as Ethan. I couldn’t read Mr Pilusa’s facial
expression. I stood there frozen, scared and perplexed. Les looked at his mom and she looked down in shame.
We were sitting in the house and talking. I told my dad what my plans were and he understood. He
understood where I was coming from. He offered me all my things back and I told him I will get
back to him about that. We were looking for my mother so we could tell her but she was nowhere
to be found. We decided to leave without seeing her and we used the back door because we were
sitting outside anyway. We walked in on her saying all sorts of things to Rudzi. I was disappointed
but again remembered that this woman has always been bitter. I was livid. I was disgusted. I
tolerated it when mom was looking down on her in the house but now….nc nc nc. This woman
thinks I will bow down to her. I don’t need them anymore. We had come to an agreement but now.
Now no. I will go back on my word.
Me: Mother!
Ethan: Woman!
Dad: Mme Pilusa!
We all said in union. She jumped because she didn’t think we would find her. She was
embarrassed. But I know my mother. She could be acting.
Me: Mother how could you? How could you? All because of Mashudu you now have to do this?
Mom: Les my dear this girl is not suited for you
Me: There is nothing to explain here because I heard everything! Let me tell you something you
don’t know about this Mashudu

that you praise so much. When you decided to stop giving me an
allowance and kicked me out, I couldn’t afford her lifestyle anymore. She left me. She went and
slept with Stanley. From Stanley she moved to Ethan and then came back begging me to take her
back. After begging she went BACK to stanley again. Is that the kind of daughter in law you want?
Is that what you define as “CLASS”?!
Mother: I know you are lying!
Me: whatever mom! And my girlfriend here found me with NOTHING! She stuck with me even
when I had that NOTHING! Now that I have money she has never even asked for a cent! She has
never nagged me about endless trips and allowance. Even in her state she wants to work and
earn her own money. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Ethan: I am so disappointed in you mother. Guess what? You have just lost both your son’s…FOR
GOOD! Old man we are sorry but you will see yourself out with the family businesses. Les lets get
out of here.
I walked to get Rudzani and opened the door for her then closed it once she was settled. I walked
to the drivers side and entered. Ethan drove out then I followed.
I have no words at all to describe the stunt my mother pulled earlier on. Of all the things she has
done before this one really takes the cup. Her behaviour came as a shock to all of us. It was very
much unexpected. I need to talk to Les about taking care of Rudzani and getting a few body
guards to look after them. I know my mother a little too well. I decided to go to the mall and get
some food as I was starving. As i drive out I see a very familiar car parked not too far from my
house. I really need to dig deep about this. Lately I feel like I am being followed. I just can’t shake off that feeling. Every time I look in my rearview mirror I see a black GTI following closely. I
decided to call one of my guys to tail that car whilst I drive to the warehouse. A place I had grown
fond off.

I arrived at the warehouse and went in. There were guys waiting for the GIT outside. They all
came in along with the two fools that have been following me.
Me:well well well look who we have here.

We got to our place with Rudzi very quiet..I can hear her distant sobs.I didn’t know what to say to
her to make her feel better.What mom did was really not nice at all.She didn’t wait for me to open
the door for her she just got out and ran inside. When I entered the house she was wailing.

sight really broke my heart. To see my girlfriend crying like this all because of my mother? It’s
worse because she had begged me not to take her with. She was afraid of rejection and that’s
what she got at the Pilusa household. I was not going to leave this laying low. My mother will leave
to regret this. I kneeled down next to Rudzi and pulled her up. I picked her up bridal style and took
her to our room. I laid her on the bed then went to turn on the shower. Nothing was said to
anybody. I went back and Undressed her then picked her up again. We both went in after I
undressed as well and just stood there. I took the shower gel and sponge and bathed her. She
was silently crying. I thought that it hurt when she was crying loudly. That was nothing compared
to what I was feeling now seeing her cry silently. After showering I went out then dried and put on
my morning robe. I then went back for the love of my love. I dried her and wrapped a towel around
her body. Walked with her back into our room and laid her on the bed. I lotioned her body, dressed
her in pyjamas and covered her with a fleece. I kissed her forehead before saying…”I will be back
my love”. I walked down, grabbed my keys and drove off.
Rejection. Rejection. Rejection. Rejection. I have no words anymore. Les? I thank God for that
man. I heard him driving off and I woke up after some time. I went to the kitchen and cooked lamb
stew with salads and I also cooked rice. After cooking I baked a chocolate cake and cupcakes. I
just wanted to take my mind off things. I waited for Les after I was done cooking. He came back
late around 8:30. I was worried about him but happy that he came back home. I had set out the
table and put everything there. He was surprised to see me standing there. As soon as he stepped
into the house I ran into his arms. He just hugged me and that was all that I needed.
Me: I love you and its okay. I forgive her. I honestly do.
Les: We will talk about this later. I love you too.
Me: I have cooked. I didn’t know what you would want to eat so I cooked a variety.
Les: Thank you baby. You are the best.
Me: I also made dessert so leave some space.
Les: I will do that mamakhe.
All this while we were standing near the door and I was looking into his eyes. We walked to the
table to wine and dine. But I drank juice of course. I love Les with my entire being.
I could not believe what I was seeing. I decided to interrogate the guys so they could tell me what
was happening. We tortured them until they told us where they were from and who had sent them.
Me: So tell me…are you saying to me that my cousin sent you?
Guy1: Yes yes. He said he wants every little detail about you. What you do and who you visit
being the main focus.
Guy 2: Shut up you fool.
Guy1: I still love my life. I don’t want to die. I have a family to fend for.
Guy2: Jy is simple. Jy is mal. Jy is dood. Ek weet jy weet.
Guy1: Jy nie ondersteer nie.
Me: Ek verstaan Afrikaans en Ek kan praat. Jy (pointing at guy2)is dood.
I pulled out a gun from my waist and shot at his leg. As he was still screaming in pain I shot at his
He was like a baby.
Me: I told you that you dead. You are a fool. You are stupid.
Guy2: I am sorry. I will tell you everything. Just don’t shoot anymore. Please…
I walked out smilling because I knew things were about to be interesting. Yes it was going to be
great. I just can’t believe Stanley.
This means nothing but war. Family means air to me but what Stan just did is air of fuckery.He just
made the biggest mistake of his life.
I was trying to get hold of Keith and Sam. I have been calling them to no avail and I believe they
are in trouble. I can’t even track them down because wherever they are there is no signal. I am
doomed. If they were caught then I am doomed. That stupid boy is very smart and will come at
Father was seriously leaving no stone unturned..He was going up and down trying to figure out
who did this to him.He even went far to hire a computer geek to do so.They were so close to
finding who did it and i was feeling sorry for the person who did this.
Boss: What the f–k? How didn’t I see this?
I heard him cursing in his study.
I ran there because I was at the passage..I didn’t even knock.
Me: What’s happening?
Boss: That shit of a small boy did this.How did he pull this off without me noticing it? I’m going to
kill him.Im going to cut off his balls and feed it to the dogs.He has messed with a wrong

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