She’s Worth The Kill
(He Brought Light)

:Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 18

The Rebirth Of dead Amelia, was very much like the birth of ever other baby, except for the fact that when she started giving the couple tough time, She would cry through the night, in scary voices, the couple would run down to her cot, only for them to discover her sleeping soundly. The couple would return back to their rooms, only for the scary crying sound to comtinue! The cry was like that of a thousand babies, holding a cry vigil, it was very much like a nollywood scenario, where man who is involved in money ritual, and used the blood of a baby, but the spirit of the baby always come to torment him at night. Cal’s case was not different, even though he was a pure man, but this very situation had held him on the neck, he and his wife looked frustrated. Some few weeks ago, they were so happy about the birth of the baby in to the world, she was so beautiful and adorable, they thought her to be the very replacement of Daniella, but hell, only if they knew what they were signing in for, Now they knew this was not ordinary, but they couldn’t place their hand on why they would be tormented like this!

They heard the baby scream at night, and they rushed down to her room as usual, because they were already tired of all this. In frustration, Cal opened the door, they saw her still strapped to her cot, But something strange and dramatic happened, she started Laughing.

The laughter had continued, for so long,and the scared couple, frozed in fright, san clutched to Cal’s Arms. The laughter was so intense, that it got to a point the baby started vibrating on the fancy cot she was placed, and the sound of different animals and their cry could be heard, the sound was deafening. San screamed and ran out of the room, crying her eyes out! Cal wanted to follow, but he didn’t know what to do, he stayed back placing both hands on his ear, to protect it from the deafening sound, some moment later, he still stood watching the baby, as she settle down and layed still, cal had to leave the room and go for his wife, met her still crying, and he did his best in consoling her!

Cal: Be strong darling, we can pull through this! He consoled!

San: When will all this be over? We never signed up for this. She cried.

Cal: I know honey, but let’s hope on God to see us through, he said holding his hand, and in the dark of the night they prayed fervently, as they prayed, the baby, kept on making horrible noise, but the didn’t mind the prayed ernestly. By morning, the couple Contacted Pastor blessed and let him in on the terrible situation, the pastor was taken a back, he promised to check in on them, later in the day!

Cal went to the office that morning, Looking all battered and unkempt, with bloodshot eyes, he has been like that for weeks now, but last night own was the worst. Some staffs noticed, and they tried to know what was wrong with their boss, but he told them he was fine.
Throughout the morning he was unable to perform any duty, the issue was telling on him, he hoped Messie would Just come to their rescue, or at least tell the what was going on, this wasn’t any way near ordinary.
At noon he contacted Jude his friend, and told him of his problem, he too was shocked, and he also promised to join them in prayers.

At Home, San sat one her bed, reflecting on the activities of the past, Just in a Year, Her life has turned around, she didn’t know the reason why everything had become like this, and for the first time she blamed Joyce, for involving her family in the whole issue. ‘‘If she wanted Revenge on her son, she should have done it herself, and not involve us’’ she lamented. Just then she remembered she had cheated. I guess this is the nemesis of my infidelity catching up on me” Oh God have mercy on me she pleaded, even if you won’t have mercy on me, Please unleash the anger on me, and leave my husband out of this, he is innocent. She kept on with reflecting on her plight till she remember she hadn’t feed the baby for that day, so she headed for the kitchen to prepare her some custard. Soon she was done, and headed for the baby’s, but the moment she laid hold on the door knob, she felt a seizure, that made her drop the flask she was holding in her other hand, and it shattered right on the floor, she couldn’t move her hands, or her legs, she was magneted and stalked right there. And it became clear in her head when she heard it loud and clear.

‘‘I am not done with you!’’ This was followed by thousands tones of laughter. San wanted to run away, but then she remembered her legs were stalked to the ground, so she gave a loud scream, that frightened the calmness that once prevailed in the house, soon her legs gave way, and she crushed down paralyzed! PARALYZED.

soon she could be seen crawling on the floor, trying to reach for her phone, so she could inform her husband! As she kept on crawling, the baby kept on laughing at her predicament. Her laughter filled the air, and it came like echoes. Soon san reached her room, he called Cal, and he was tense, he entered his car and started driving back home, on his way, he contacted pastor blessed, who in turn, started coming to the house too.

Right Inside the pastor’s car, he drove silently, with his heart uttering words of prayers for san! and her family. as he drove on, his views became hazy, the road seem so unclear, and everywhere looked dark. He knew instantly that this was trouble, he kept on calling on the name of God, till two trucks appeared right in his front, he tried to manoeuvre and swerve but the were blocking the dual carriage road, he kept on stepping on the break, but it seem not to respond, the car was on full throttle, by now passers by and onlookers were screaming on top of their voices, but the ran into the trucks and the car flew up the air, and landed right inside a gutter very close to the road, and people kept on screaming!!!

They came for the rescue,the sight they saw was very horrible, sighing and negative comments on how reckless the driver was, was being heard, but as they looked forward, look again, the two truck they saw obstructing the road was no longer there, and they became surprised, this was mystical, But they soon noticed the single occupant of the car was still breathing, but was badly injured. And the quickly dial the emergency speed dial, and the ambulance came and took him to hospital.

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