She’s Worth The Kill
(He Brought Light)

:Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 17

After the victory match, the family had drawn closer to God, and lived a happy life, Cal donated Hilton’s Money to many charity organisations all over the country, even with that, enough of it was still remaining, he had no choice than to return the remaining money to the government. Messie made the family proud, he became a hero in the human world, he could sense danger in a thousand miles, and go rescue the victim, at that time, death rate in the humam world reduced only natural death became the only death that was recorded, as he saved accident victims, and healed sick people, at some point he had transferred his heroic acts outside Nigeria, but his heroism was cut short, when The people from his world, requested he come back home, He let his parents in on the new development, but they were devastated at first, but he promised them he will come visiting them from time to time, His absence was missed greatly by everyone, including his parents, but not that much, because he came twice a week for visit. The issue of hilton’s death had made the family become public figures, it was also announced on the news of his departure, people who heard the news were sad, but never for once was his great work forgotten, and his story will forever be told from generation to generation.

All went well for the family, continually, especially with messie’s visit twice a week, but it had gotten to a time where he was greatly needed in his own world, so he limited his visit to the world of the humans, it was in one of those period that san took in, and became pregnant for another baby, the couple were expectant for the baby’s arrival, by now Cal had started up his own IT company, he Named it EmpireTech, soon the group has become a household name, as they were responsible for the production of all technological gadgets in the country, and also provide communication services. But the peace they shared as family was interrupted when the baby was born.

I am the Lord iiL i don’t die, my legacy must leave on, those fools couldn’t fight my war, the were destroyed by a little boy, but now she whom i have stolen from the dead kingdom of sheol, and corrupted with evil, will lead the human world in my supremacy, and bring honour and glory to my name and my father lucifer. ‘‘iiL Live on! iiL Live on!! iiL Live on!!!’’ he chanted his praises, as he laughed hus laughter filled the air, and echoed through the whole place, thereby interrupting the tranquilty of the night.

At Sheol

The dead king could be seen pacing up and down restlessly, with confusion, all was not well at all,

Dead King: How did iiL break into my kingdom, and stole Amelia? He asked himself all baffled, he was brought to the notice of this when he was inspecting the all the castles at sheol, checking castle after castles, he noticed Amelia’s room empty, he had searched for her but didn’t find her, he kept on with the search, he even searched the prison of Sheol, where wicked souls like that of hilton, the Eoth, Marcus and their likes were kept, but he never saw her. In sheol, just like every righteous people who had lived a pleasant life while on earth lived in castles, so do the wicked who has done evil while on earth do also, but the castle of the wicked, is regarded to as prison, and they were kept as prisoners, and constrained with strong chains, and they lived in the locked castle, which the King of the heavenly host (the Supreme being) has given the keys to the dead king, to let in wicked souls anytime they die, that is the very much reason why sheol was void of wrath and confusion, Because the wicked people where kept in a separate place. But now that iiL has gotten hold of the keys to the prison of sheol, confusion was bound to occur, the dead king had continued in the search for Amelia, till he heard the familiar voice of iiL,

Lord iiL: I guess you must be looking for Amelia? He growled in laughter like a wild beast.

Dead King: What?? How do you know that?

Lord iiL: Because she is with me, and i guess ypu didn’t notice this was missing too? He dangled the keys of the prison of sheol at him, and continued in his evil laugh, The dead king looked confused, and tense, he was mute for words, how iiL got those keys wiil forever remain a mystery, that his dead life will never be able to unravel.

Dead King: Now iiL how did you get hold of that key? He said in anger, confusion was written all over him, and could also be noticed in his speech.

Lord iiL: oh no respect for me anymore? Imagine you calling me iiL? Better stop it, I am your lord now, Hahaha he roared. Well let’s say My father Lucifer gave it to me!

Dead King: You had better return it. He said, as those were the only words that was available for him to say, at that crucial time, the gravity of his mistake, was sure gonna cause a lot of trouble.

Lord iiL: or else what?

Dead King: You will incur the wrath of the Supreme one.

Lord iiL: what can he do? Who can harm me when have got the backings of Lucifer, see Dead King Of Sheol, Quit talking, we know you and your Supreme one are too weak to fight, he said, casting spells upon spells on the dead king who tried very much to block it, the very way he had taught Messie, till iiL got tired and returned to his universe

Some days after the duel between the two deities, The dead king had sat on his palace throne, thinking on how to tackle the situation on ground, and get the keys back, though the prison has not been opened yet, but he knew it was a matter of time before it was, and whatever iiL was planning to do with the key and prisoners wasn’t a good one, and he knew the human world was going to suffer greatly for it, it was his mistake, and he really didn’t know the answer to give to the Supreme one when he finally gets to know of it. He was still deep in thought, when a subject ran in to let him in on something very important,

Subject: My king the prisoners are out, did you let them out? Immediate he heard those words, he stood up immediately, None of the citizens in sheol, knows about the duel between him and iiL, neither did they know about mssing key, but now that the prisoners were headed out of their cage, there was a big explanation to be made.

iiL had cast spells on them, and opened the gate to their castle, he had let them out and they followed him submissively like and hypnotized Zombie. The citizens of sheol made to stop them, but their king stopped them from doing so, because attempting to stop them would be futile, iiL commanded great powers, and such he had used on the prisoners, as they followed him in their chained shackled hands and legs, till they got to a particular spot, and they all disappeared to iiL’s universe. The dead king sighed

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