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She’s Worth The Kill
(He Brought Light)

:Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 15

The couple stood hand in hand with Jude and the pastor, as the pastor said words of prayers, consecrating them to the most high God, after the prayer session, san was quick to ask

San: sir you said my son is fine, will he be back to us? She ask expectantly while Cal concur.

Pastor Blessed: Yes he is fine as a matter of fact, he will be here soon, the destruction of the wicked is near, all you have to do is stay steadfast in faith, and be prepared, you know you guys are really lucky to have given birth to ‘the bringer of light’

Cal: sir how did you come across that word, he asked in awe, “which is the same word the woman that foretold the story of his birth said” he added, while the others in the room watched in amazement, as the pastor opened his mouth to explain

Pst Blessed: The father revealeth every secret to his servant, God…. Just as he concluded his statement and made to explain further, the door to the living room crack, and they could notice movement behind it, Just as they expected Messie walked in, looking all smile. He quickly walked up to his parent and engaged them in a hug, before he went to Jude and hugged him.

Messie: Pastor Blessed welcome to our family he said to the utter amazement of everyone present, except the pastor. Though they knew what he was capable of, but messie had greeted the pastor, as if he had known him from somewhere before.

They soon settled down, and messie told everything that transpired right at hilton’s house, he later told them he traveled back to sheol to visit the king of the dead. In the kingdom of sheol, as stated before, _ ‘Sheol is devoid of love, hate, envy, work, thought, knowledge, and wisdom’ _ it was the cry of Harriet (Joyce, her real name is Harriet, but she was christened Joyce, when she received the holy spirit by baptism, so she later chosed to be called Joyce, and that has been what everyone knew her to be.) That incited the Mercy of The king of Sheol, and he had to seek help from the host of celestial beings and they granted him Messie, to come help save the human world from the Lord iiL and his loyal subjects like Hilton, The Eoth, and the likes of Marcus, who has become hilton’s right hand man and also the vice president of the country.

Now messie went to the king and he accepted him into his chambers, he help him up on tactics on how to defeat hilton, and bring a total end to the whole evil brotherhood, he also taught him on how to balance his supernatural powers and his human strength, he also told him the secrets behind breaking spells and creating a strong shield of protection, “‘All this you can do with your mind without making any enchantment, enchantment are evil, they turn one to the dark side, but if you must succeed in this battle, you must focus on the light of hope, hope will bring you victory, one key to seeing the light of hope is always see the face of the people that are depending on you to come rescue them from the hands of these heartless beings, he said and showed him to a big screen on the wall in the beautiful palace, the palace look like a typical example of a fairy tale palace, everything found in it was colourful, with every bright colours that can beautify a place, just like every other part of the kingdom that was all colourful, in brilliant greens reds, pinks, blues and other fascinating colours. The people of sheol live in small castles, and the colour of their castle were painted to taste, just like their favorite colours while they were still in the human world(earth)
The king showed messie on the screen a picture that shows a great number of nigerian citizens, these are the people that needs your help, “”if you want to be victorious in this battle, always remember this picture and if it seems too tough for you, come over our kingdom is always open to you, every soul that has come here, because they died in the hands of the heathen will be grateful to you Messiah(Messie)””

Messie explained everything to them in detail, once he was done, the story left them marveled,

Cal: Hmm, what are we going to do now because i am lost.

Pst Blessed: we just have to be prepared. He said and prayed once more with the family before going home, Jude stayed a little longer to discuss with his friend, they both stayed at the balcony, catching up on old times, while mother and son prepared dinner

Jude: you never told me you were gonna leave the country

Cal: I did, when I told you I got a promotion.

Jude: that’s not what i meant bro, you know what I am talking about.

Cal: yes i do, i did it because I sought revenge, but now i am willing to give the evil man back his money.

Jude: what!!! So you mean you still have the complete money?

Cal: Of Course I do.

Jude: so which money have you been spending all this while you were in St Lucia with your family?

Cal: well you know you don’t need to ask me those questions, because you very much know how much my father left for me in his before his death, and also, have you forgotten how much I worked my arse for the evil man? Well it paid off well, so I have been we have been living on that.

Jude: Cal, I must confess you are prudent, and one of the best people in the world,

Cal: Thank you so much Jude you are truly a Friend, you have always been by me, even when I had nowhere to go you have always stood by me.

Jude: it’s nothing brother,it’s what brothers do, we are brothers and not friends.

At hilton’s residence, The Eoth did his best to revive his fallen soldier, he waited patiently till he was conscious, as he sat in one of his luxurious sofa, moments later, he heard him grunt and saw him get up.

Hilton: Where is he, he yelled striking his staff.

Eoth: Calm down Hilton, he is gone.

Hilton: Oh Holy one you are here, he said as he dropped the staff on the table, and he returned to his normal height. All the while he had held on to the staff, even in his unconscious state, thereby making him as tall as a giant, when he laid on the ground unconscious.

Eoth: we need to restrategize, this people are closing in on us, if not for my timely intervention you would have been dead by now.

Hilton: What do we do now,

Eoth: well come over at night, we would have find something by then.

Hilton: Ok I am off to the office he said as he disappeared and later appeared at the Villa. He never bothered about the Eoth, he knew his way around the house, so he just left him there.


Darkness cover the surface of the atmosphere, no sign of Light, neither from the stars nor from the moon, the sky was bleak, just like it was in the beginning when the earth was without form or void, until God said let there be Light, but in this case there was no light, only the blazing red eye of a scary creature Luminated the little place it could, the creature looked at his palm, a small object in his hand which seems like a mirror, he stared at the human world, it was also night there too, and he said out Loud to itself,

_The Human world Is advancing, will there be any hope for me after now? When all this is over, I will strike, Humanity can never be stable, more trouble will come, the light bringer will not be able to conquer me!! He growled in a loud voice, I will kill the Light Bringer, and feed his flesh to the beast of the land he growled louder one more time, and the effect resulted in the striking of Lightning, the luminate the dark universe, and made great thunder sound that shook the whole place._

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