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Within a few weeks of being together,Emily and Little Pumpkin grew so close to each other.They wrre always doing virtually everything together.Little Pumpkin never felt it when his dad and uncle were never around since the pretty noona was always with him.

“Haaaa..” Emily gasped,her eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

“99th position…” she stuttered,staring widely at the Little Pumpkin’s school report.

“Omo!…” She quickly covered up her shock with a smile.
(Omo means oh my)

“99th position again?!!!” Joel and Michael gasped as they entered the lounge.

Little Pumpkin and Emily stared up at the duo who were staring unbelievably at Little Pumpkin.

“Ha…” Michael sighed,sitting on a chair next to Little Pumpkin.

“When will you change?..99th position all the time.” Michael groaned.

“You tried kiddo.” Joel grinned,ruffling Little Pumpkin’s hair.

“You keep telling him – you tried-you tried..” Michael sneered.

He stood up on his feet and headed to his room.

“He didn’t take the last position.” Joel yelled at his brother.

Michael scoffed and waved his hand in the air,not looking back.

“I’ll get you a toy car okay?…” Joel winked at Little Pumpkin and climbed lazily up the stairs to his room.

“…” Emily opened her mouth agape.

‘he tried?!…’ she stared at Joel’s retreating body.

With the little time she had lived with him,she already knew Joel was always a sweet person whenever he was around his nephew so she wasn’t shocked when he grinned, but she was shocked when he said Little Pumpkin tried.99th position!!!

“Humph…” Emily heard Little Pumpkin let out a sad sigh.

“You actually tried baby…” she cheered him up.

“Ani…” Little Pumpkin shook his head.

“I know I didn’t noona.” He pouted his cute pink lips.

“Don’t worry cutie,we’ll work together okay?..” Emily smiled.

“Nde.” Little Pumpkin nodded his head slowly.

“Kaja.” Emily stood on her feet and gently dragged Little Pumpkin towards the dining.It was time for dinner.
(A/N: kaja means let’s go)

After taking their baths,the two brothers,Michael and Joel strolled over to dining table.

“Little Pumpkin eat well okay?..” Michael smirked.

“Nde.” Little Pumpkin nodded his head.

“At least you are good at something.Tsk tsk tsk…” Michael shook his head.

Joel chortled lightly.

As soon as their dinner was served,a chop su-ey dish was placed on the dining for them to eat,Emily hastily dug in.One of her traits was that she loved food a lot.
The ‘boys’ had just taken their first chopsticks in their when but Emily had taken ten.She was a fast eater.Michael and Little Pumpkin stoped eating and stared at her in amusement.

‘a beautiful lady with a beautiful appetite..’ they thought.

Joel stared at the girl before him in annoyance.

‘why does she like to eat like an animal?…’ he shook his head,disgruntled.

“Yah…” Joel dropped his chopsticks and and folded his hands.

Emily swallowed and looked up at the handsome god.

“Have you no manners at all?..” Joel furrowed his brows.

It’s been three weeks already,the doctor will come here tomorrow to remove the bandages.” He stood up on his feet and took long strides towards the staircase.

Emily dropped her chopsticks and stared at the floor dejectedly.She stood up and walked away to her room.
Little Pumpkin pouted as he watched his pretty noona walk away dejectedly.He climbed down from the dining chair and also walked dejectedly towards his room.

“Little Pumpkin,you are leaving me too?..” Michael pouted,staring at his son as he walked to room.

“Umn.” Little Pumpkin nodded his head and shut his door.

“Ahhh…everyone ditched me.” Michael shrugged his shoulders and continued eating.

Emily slumped on her bed and sighed.She was slowly falling for the handsome god but she’d be leaving the next day.
The few weeks she spent with the family seemed like months.She really felt like she belonged in the villa but it was all a lie and fantasy,she was leaving soon.
She’d miss Little Pumpkin,his dad,the maids that treated her fairly,the villa itself and the god.
Even though the god never really spent much time at home,the little time he spent with Little Pumpkin made Emily know he wasn’t that bad after all.And even if he was bad,he wasn’t bad to his family.
Emily let the tears stream down her face.She was really leaving.

The next day,Joel decided to take a day off work.He sat on the couch,very relaxed as he watched the doctor unwrap the bandage on Emily’s arm.

“She’s alright now right?” He asked the doctor.

“Ye.” the doctor bowed as he finished unwrapping the bandage on Emily’s left shin.

“Good.” Joel nodded his head.

“You may leave.” he waved his fingers in the air as he dismissed the doctor.

The doctor bowed,packed his things and left the villa.

“Now that you’re healed,you should leave.” Joel turned his gaze on Emily.

“Nde.I’ll pack my things.” Emily stood on her feet and made to walk to her room.

“Things?” Joel’s word made her stop in her tracks.

“Things you say?” Joel arched up one of his brows.

“You didn’t bring anything when you came into this house.Leave the way you came.” Joel ordered coldly.

Tears stung Emily’s eyes as she stood on a spot.

“Nde.” She forced out,trying to fight back her tears.

She turned and faced Joel that was sitting comfortably relaxed on the couch.

“Kamsahamnida.” She bowed her head and made to walk out of the lounge.

“Let’s….not meet again.” Joel stood up on his feet and took long strides towards the stairs.

Emily gasped,tears slowly streaming down her face.She slowly helped herself out of the villa.

As soon as she had reached outside the huge,tall gates of the villa,she looked back at the villa and waved her hand at it.She slowly walked down the road,crying profusely as she did.She really left.

Emily passed by a car,still crying as she walked.She heard someone honk the horn of the car and looked back.Sitting in the driver’s seat of the car,her life-saver waved at her.Emily smiled.

“Miss Emily,get in.” He grinned at her.

Emily nodded her head.She opened the door and got in the car beside her life-saver.

“Pretty girls like you shouldn’t cry for anything in this world.” Vincent smiled and wiped her tears.

Emily stared at her life-saver and broke down in fresh tears.Vincent let out a small smile and hugged her.

Joel crushed the phone in his hand as he stared at the CCTV camera’s footage.He threw the phone away,panting in annoyance.

“Aisshhh!” He yelled.

What was wrong with him,was he falling for that nitwit, he didn’t know.He violently pushed everything that was on his desk down onto the floor.His study room turnied into a mess within a twinkle of an eye.

“So,she has a boyfriend after all…” Joel balled up his fists.

Even though he didn’t see the face of the person the girl hugged in the car,he knew it was a guy and to him,the guy was definitely that girl’s boyfriend.

He sat down on his chair rocked it gently,trying to suppress his anger.

He was supposed to be in Italy for a meeting but he had taken the day off because he wanted to spend it at home with that girl around.
Through out the three weeks the girl lived with them,he didn’t know why but whenever he was at the office or away on a trip,he was always looking forward to going home just because of that girl.
And when he had asked her to leave,he thought she wasn’t going to,he didn’t want her to anyway.When he told her he didn’t want them to meet again,he lied.He wanted to always see her everyday.He thought she would refuse leave.He thought she’d stay.He thought she was going to be adamant.He thought….

“Fuck!” Joel cursed under his breath and lightly slapped his forehead with his palm.

To be sincere,everything about the girl amused him.The way she ate,the way she walked,the way she looked,her way of reasoning, -Everything!.He just didn’t want to show it.He was the ‘Almighty CEO Joel’,the man that could make anything happen with a snap of his fingers,just how on Earth could he fall for that lowlife.How?!

“Uncle JJ!” Little Pumpkin’s breath hitched as he banged into Joel’s study room without knocking.

It was pretty much obvious that he ran up the stairs into his uncle’s study room.

Joel turned and stared at his little nephew.His face softened immediately.

“Where is she?” Little Pumpkin stared keenly at his uncle.

Knowing who the ‘she’ his nephew was talking about,Joel sighed.
Little Pumpkin had already told him that morning before he left for school not to send the pretty noona away.

“She left kiddo.” Joel broke the bombshell.

The bombshell hit Little Pumpkin like an ice bag.He didn’t argue with his uncle,he just stared at the ground and walked out of his uncle’s study room dejectedly.Tears brimmed down Little Pumpkin’s face as he walked down the stairs into his room.
Michael who way standing by the stairs stared at his son intently.Immediately he noticed the tears on his son’s face,he instantly knew that his brother had sent that girl away.He pouted and also walked sadly to his room.

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