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Maids were running in different directions and Emily didn’t know what to do.She wiped her tears and quickly stopped a maid as she made to walk past her.

“Sorry but please what’s happening?” She asked,sniffing miserably.

“Ahhh,it’s little pumpkin…he fainted again.” the maid rushed out at once.

‘again?…’ Emily furrowed her brows.

“Take me to hin please..” Emily stated.

“” the maid nodded her head and helped Emily to the living room.

“Have you called the doctor?” Joel yelled furiously at the maids around.

“Yes master.” the maids shivered in fear.

Whenever there was a problem or issue,their master was always yelling angrily.And since it was his little nephew that was dying,there was nothing he couldn’t do.He could skin everyone alive if he had to.

As soon as Emily ans the maid reached lavishly furnished living room,Emily leapt quickly towards the cute little boy that was lying lifeless on the sofa.
Ignoring everyone in the living room,she dropped her crutch and sat on the chair.She carried the boy and stared in his face.

“Onion.” she muttered incoherently.

No one heard her.They were all staring at the door,waiting impatiently for the doctor to arrive.

“Gimme onion.” Emily yelled,looking closely at the boy.

Everyone turned their heads in her direction.

“How…where…” Joel stuttered.

“He’ll die before the doctor arrives.Please get me onion.” Emily blurted out.

The maids stared at her,all looking stunned.They all stood still and stared at their boos,as if waiting to get permission from him.

“Tell them to get me onion!…Trust me!” Emily stared desperately into Joel eyes.

As if being controlled,Joel turned to maids.

“Are you mad?!..Are you deaf?!!..She said to get her onion!!!” He yelled at them.

“If anything happens to Andrew,you are all dead!..I’ll feed you to the dogs!” He threatened.

The maids shuddered uncontrollably and scampered towards the direction of the kitchen.In no time they arrived with a bowl of onions and placed it on the floor,beside Emily.Emily took one of the onions and bit deep into it without bothering to peel off it’s skin.She hastily chewed on the onion and forcefully opened the boy’s mouth with her fingers.She forced the onion in her mouth into his mouth.

“Water.” She looked up at one of the maids.

And before she could say jack,a bowl of water was already in her hand.She sprinkled the water on his face and chewed on the onion again,she spat out the onion out of her mouth into the boy’s mouth again.

“Hurgh hurgh!” Little Pumpkin coughed as he regained conciousness.

Emily heaved a sigh of relief and sprinkled water on his face again.

“Little Pumpkin are you alright?” Joel hastily carried Little Pumpkin from Emily.

“Umn.” Little Pumpkin nodded his head weakly.

“Thank God!” Joel sighed and hugged him close to himself.

“Where is my son?!” Michael rushed into the lounge.

Joel looked at his brother as he approached him.He gently handed Little Pumpkin over to him.

Michael gave a little gasp and hugged his son tightly.

“He’s alright,no need to worry.” Joel patted Michael’s back and walked towards the staircase.

Michael sat down with Little Pumpkin on his laps.Emily smiled.
The doctor arrived shortly after a while,he handed some drugs for Little Pumpkin over to his dad and left.
Michael stared at Emily who was already fast asleep and raised a brow slightly.

“Nugu?” He looked up at one of the maids.
(A/N: nugu here meant who is she)

“Ahhh,..” the maids stared at Emily.

She took her time and explained how Emily had saved Little Pumpkin.After she was done with her explanation,the duo; father and son,stared silently at Emily.

“Who brought her?” Michael asked the maid,his his still on the lady sleeping softly on the sofa.

“Master did.” the maid bowed.

“Joel?” Michael looked up at the maid.

“Ye.” the maid bowed.

“Arraso.You may leave.” Michael dismissed.

He and Little Pumpkin kept staring at the lady on the sofa.They both pouted their mouths at the same time and looked at themselves.They shrugged.

“You need to use your drugs.” Michael smiled at his son.

“I don’t want to…too bitter.” Little Pumpkin whined.

“ we go again..” Michael groaned.

“You really need to your drugs,for your health.” he frowned slightly.

“Anniiiiii..” Little Pumpkin pouted.

He got off his father’s laps and scampered on his feet.

Michael rolled his eyes.He knew exactly what his son was doing,his son was trying to run away.He always ran away whenever he needed to use his medication.
Michael stood up on his feet and ran after his cute son that was scampering around the living room.

“Come here.” he bit his lip as he chased Little Pumpkin.

“Ani.” Little Pumpkin stuck his tongue out and wagged it teasingly at his father.

“If I catch you ….” Michael laughed.

He ran swiftly after his son and got hold of him.He carried him on his shoulders towards the chair he was sitting on before.

“Little Pumpkin needs to take his drugs…” Michael singsang.

“Ahh…I don’t want to.” Little Pumpkin groaned.

Michael sat down on the chair and dissolved the first tablet in a spoonful of water.

“Now say ahhh.” He smiled at his son.

“I don’t want it …” Little Pumpkin pushed the spoon away and the medicine poured his father’s shirt.

“See what you caused.” Michael sighed,staring at his stained shirt.

“I don’t like drugs..” Little Pumpkin pouted,almost at the verge of tears.

“I don’t want it .” he muttered sadly.

“…” Michael sighed as he stared at his son,he had no choice but to call Joel.

“Please let me feed him.” Emily who had stirred awake while the father and son were chasing after each other stated soflty.

Michael and his son looked in her direction.

“Ahh kumawo.But,he..” before Michael could complete his statement,Little Pumpkin packed his drugs from the table and walked towards Emily.

“….” Michael opened his mouth agape as he stared at his son.

“Good boy.” Emily grinned at the cute darling before her.

“Bring the spoon and water.” She ruffled his hair affectionately.

As if being controlled,Little Pumpkin turned around and snatched the spoon from his father’s grip,he carried the bottle water on the floor too.

“….” Michael watched his son like a movie as he scampered back to the beautiful stranger.

“Very good.” Emily smiled.

“Cutie,please sit on the chair.” Emily patted on the chair beside her.

Obediently,Little Pumpkin climbed up on the chair.Emily nodded her head happily.

She managed to dissolve the tablet in a spoonful of water with her right hand.She turned to Little Pumpkin.

“Baby,say ahhh..” Emily smiled sweetly at him.

‘ahhh my foot…he’ll never open that stubborn mouth of his,you are only wasting your time and effort.’ Michael shook his head pitifully at the pretty stranger.

But to his utmost surprise,Little Pumpkin opened his mouth and gulped down the drug.Of course,the medicine was very bitter but for the beautiful noona sitting right in front of him,he’ll take it.
(A/N: noona means very big sister.It’s used for females that are way older than one)

“…ahhh” Michael gasped in shock.

Like wait,did his son actually take the drug?…Unbelievable! He wouldn’t even take it from him,his father not to talk of a stranger.S T R A N G E R.Michael stared unbelievably at his son.

Little Pumpkin never took things from strangers,he never even got close to them at all.He even never allowed the maids in the villa touch him.The only two persons that are allowed to touch him are his father and his uncle.
Taking medicines was a pain in the ass for everyone in the villa.He never allowed anyone feed him drugs,even his father.Only Joel was always able to feed him and that was after a lot of persuasion and promises to get him everything he wanted.

“Awwn awwn…you did it baby.” Emily clapped her hands cheerily.

“You are soooooo strong.You didn’t even grimace.” Emily wowed.

“Let’s take the last one.” She grinned as she dissolved another drug in a spoonful of water.

“Fighting!” She cheered.

“Fighting!” Little Pumpkin giggled.

“Hana – Dul – Set!” Emily quickly fed him with the drug.
(A/N: hana means one,dul means two and set means three)

Little Pumpkin gulped down the drug but this time,he grimaced a bit.

The second drug was more bitter than the first one.

“Ahhh..” Emily feigned a grimace.

Little Pumpkin giggled.

“Uwa!” Emily gased,wowing.
“You did it again baby..” Emily ruffled his hair.

“You are such a big boy!!!” She nodded her head.

Of course she was only saying those things to make the cute little boy not grimace.But joking apart, Little Pumpkin was actually strong.Many boys his age would have cried their eyes out if they were the ones that took the drugs.

Little Pumpkin hugged Emily.

“…” Michael blinked his eyes rapidly as he watched the duo.If one saw them,one would think they were mother and son.Who’d know they were just meeting themselves for the first time.

Little Pumpkin gently laid on the sofa with his head resting on Emily’s laps.Emily stroked his hair happily and in no time,the cute little darling fell asleep.

A/N: so guys,we are celebrating 2000 likes in this page.๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ guys won-der-ful people…Az in you are won-won_won

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