I went to my room.If I can’t have her then Les will not have her aswel. I will move mountains to
make that happen. I wonder why Shudu did this. Im gonna f–k her up for real. She will wish that
she never met me!
I took my phone out and called the PI. I wanted answers from him and I wanted him to know that
his license was going to be taken away.
PI: Hey man what’s up?
Me: Nothing is up besides the fact that I have found my brother and I want you off the case with
immediate effect.
PI: That’s good news I guess. I will drop everything.
Me: That is not all
PI: Got another job for me?
Me: No. Remember the lady that you were sleeping with so that you wouldn’t tell me about your
PI: Ahm…man look I…I was…I
Me: I’m glad that you know her. Well she told me everything and I Just wanted to tell you that you
will be losing your license soon. I will also sue you. After that I will deal with your side chick and
also inform your wife about her. That will be all. Bye.
I dropped the call and relaxed on the bed facing the ceiling.Im not going to call his wife nor get him
to lose his licence,I just want him to sleep with one eye open because he can’t go around eating
other people’s money then not do the required job.All I will do is threaten him until I’m satisfied. I
slowly drifted off to a world where only me and Rudzi existed..
Ethan was really getting on my nerves. He surely knew which buttons to push. If I didn’t know
better I would say that he wants Rudzi. The way he looks at her doesn’t sit well with me. Also with
Mashudu here I think he is trying to break us up in some way.I wonder sometimes if I shared a
womb with him because I would never do to him what he does to me.It was very low of him to
sleep with Mashudu. I will just have to be careful when it comes to him being alone with Rudzi.Not
that I don’t trust her because I trust her with my life but it’s that snake called my twin which I don’t
trust around her.
Me: Baby
Rudzi: Yes love
Me: How are you and the baby? Any cravings? Want a foot massage?
Rudzi: We are perfect thanks just fatigue killing us. I dont have any cravings yet and a foot
massage wouldnt be a bad idea. How is daddy?
Me: well move over so I can give you that foot massage.
I said standing up and going to sit by her feet and lifting her feet and putting them on my thighs.
Me: Daddy is fine. Just miss his women.
Rudzi blushed and covered her face.
Rudzi: Would it be bad to say that I missed you too
My heart leaped for joy. I was in actual fact happy to hear that but also sad because it made me realise that I hadn’t given her much attention.
Me: Does that mean I can make it up to you?
She started blushing. I get happy when my woman is happy. I love this soul right here. We started
kissing and one thing led to another…
I was sitting in the house waiting for Ipfi to return from school. It was late afternoon and still no sign
of her. Les returned and I asked him to escort me to go check for Ipfi at her school. We walk there
togather hand in hand and when we reached a bush I saw her bag. I froze! Les saw what I was
seeing and he moved closer. He took the bag and her one shoe as well as the letter. We didn’t
read the letter but by Les’s facial expression I could tell it was bad.
Les: Let’s go back home.
Les took my hand and we walked back. All the way back I was silently crying. Bad thoughts
crossed my mind. Nothing positive! I was devastated.Mu worst fear is that pervet taking her and
putting her through torture again.It would really kill me if something was to happen to her.I love Ipfi
very much because she understood my pain when I was still living at home.
I felt like somehow there was something wrong.Like she is in some kind of trouble.
Me: Let’s go and report.She must be in some kind of trouble.
Les: Babe we will only go there just for law.Otherwise we know how poor those people are when
coming to such cases.Anyway I think I know where to start.
I was very scared. This person has not showed themselves but the voice was very familiar. I was
very hungry and pressed. I had peed on myself already because there was no one to take me to
the toilet. It was also dark in here. The only light coming in was that from the very small window.
You could see that the sun was setting. Rudzi must have been very worried. I couldn’t hear any
movements or sounds.
The person finally walked in again. They were covering their face. He had a plastic with him. He
untied my hands and gave me the plastic. I tried acting up but this guy didn’t buy my story and
forced me to eat with a gun pointed to my head. I finished eating with my face wet with tears and
the guy left.
After a very long time someone walked in again and started laughing. It was now dark outside.
Very dark. I recognized that laughter…no no no it can’t be! It just cannot happen. How come? I
was devastated. I began crying again. I was wailing hoping Rudzi could find me. I was hoping she
would come to my rescue but then I was wrong. Little did i know that it was just the beginning…
Me: Rudzani!!!!! Please Rudzi help me…
It hurts.This pain hurts.I wana go home.I wana be with my sister…
Voice: Shut up!!!
He gave me a back slap.i could taste the blood in my mouth..He injected me with something and I
felt myself falling into a deep sleep..
I woke up to a different environment..It was dark outside..I was on the bare ground.I tried to stand
up but I felt a very sharp pain on my womanhood.I placed my hand there and I came back with
blood.I started to panic and cried alot.I couldn’t be on my periods because I just finished 2days
back.I was outside Lesley’s place.Whoever took me knew where I live
Me: RUDZANI!!!! Help!!! LESLEY!!!
I screamed louder so that they can hear me.What have I done so bad to experience such cruelty?

We were in the bedroom when I heard someone screaming our named out side and I was certain
that it was Ipfi because it sounded like a child.
Me: Did you hear that?
She jumped up the bed.She ran out in my big shirt.I followed her and when we got there it was not
a nice sight to see.Ipfi was on the ground crying.She seem to be in pain…I went back inside to
Ethan and I didn’t knock.I found Mashudu ontop of wonder
they didn’t hear anything.i saw his car keys on the dressing table so I grabbed the but they fell
causing them to see me.
Ethan: What the f–k bro?
Me: There is nothing I don’t know here.Its funny how you enjoy my leftovers.
I took the keys and left I carried Ipfi and put her in the car..Rudzi got at the backseat with her.
Me: Babe which way is the hospital?
She directed me and I got there as fast as I could..
I parked inside and carried her inside the hospital at the emergency door.The nurses took her with
a stretcher and asked us to remain behind..Rudzi was crying uncontrollably..
I brushed her back trying to calm her down
Me: But I didn’t say you should rape her father.She is innocent and young.Dad how can you be so
cruel.The aim was to send a message to those two that if they don’t break up the worse possible
can happen.Now you have traumatized a child for life.
Boss: She will thank me some day.She is a woman.
Me: She is a teen dammit!!! You can’t rape a virgin and expect her to be okay with it..Imagine if
that was me.Daddy I didn’t ask for this..
I walked out.My dad is something else.We agreed on just kidnapping and atleast roughing her up
to send a message.
I felt hands holding me.
Boss: You can’t go home when mini boss is misbehaving like this.
I looked at his trousers and indeed mini boss was awake.
Me: I’m not your call girl.
He picked me up and we went to the bedroom.We were in his other house.What I like about dad is
that he is very good in bed.He knows his game that’s why he goes after this young girls.He can
make a girl c-m multiply times in one round..
I felt a sharp pain on my abdominal area that caused me to scream.
Les: Hey what’s wrong.
I touched the area and cried in agony..
Les called the nurses and they had to admit me aswel.
I was checked and they said that it’s my first trimester and mostly it’s the critical trimester that
needs me to be careful which includes me reducing stress.
Doctor: Mam you need to reduce stress because it’s not good for the baby..Your blood pressure is
even high.We are going to keep you here tonight to monitor your bp…If it’s okay by morning then
we will let you go.
I frowned.I really don’t like hospitals..I used to be admitted most of the times when I was bullied at
school and mom increased by beating me up when I got home in pain and refusing to do house
chores She would beat me to a pulp and lie to the doctors that I was beaten by bullies at school.
Me: Doctor I’m okay..all I want is to see my sister.
Doc: You need some rest
Me: I can’t rest without seeing my sister.I need to know what happened to her.
Doc: Let me go and check her and also get the report from the doctor who is handling her.better?
Me: Its better than nothing.
The doctor walked out.
Les: Baby you have to take it easy or else you will lose the baby..
Me: I’m calm can’t you see? This is as calm as I can be.
Les: I don’t even know how you do it.You remain calm even when you are hurt.Dont keep things
inside love.
Me: I’m not..This is how I express my pain.There is no other way I know.
Les: I love you.
Me: I love you more ..
He sat next to me on the bed.
We just spoke until the doctor walked in.His facial expression wasn’t pleasing at all.
Doc: Sir can I talk to you outside.
Me: Hell no.You are gonna talk to him infront of me.There is nothing you are gonna hide from me
because that is my little sister in there.
Les: Babe please.
Doc: She was molestrated..
Me: I don’t understand.
Remember school was never for me.
Doc: She was raped.Someone raped her and she had a paper in her bra.
Me: Wha….what paper?
The doctor gave Les the paper.
Les: ‘As long as you don’t do as asked then expect something huge than this next.’ What the f–k
is this? So we should have let him molestrate her in her own mother’s house? Why is she like
Doc: We have to file a police report for this.
Me: My sister is going through alot and all you can think of is the same police who asked us to
come back after 24hours? You must be kidding me.
I walked out and went to the receptionist to ask where my sister is and she told me.I went
there.She was sobbing on her bed..It broke my heart to witness this.
I got on bed next to her.I made her lie yeah on my chest.
Me: Cry it all out baby.
Ipfi: It wasn’t dad..It was a man who approached my friend at school and she refused him.He also
approached me but I reduced him too.I hate him.I hate him for doing this to me.That was my
pride.Something that was speacial.It was meant for someone special but he took it away from
me.What did I do wrong to him? He is an old man.He is very old.
I was starting to be confused.I thought it was that pervert..who is she talking about?
Mashudu. This girl is in for a big surprise. She honestly thinks that she knows me. She thinks
simply because she rides my d–k i will let what she did pass? Nah she hasn’t seen anything yet. I
want her to suffer the same way I did when I did not know where my brother was. Yes I act like I
don’t care but in actual fact I do. Although ii get jealous of him but I care. After Les saw us I
stopped Mashudu and kicked her out knowing no one is home. She also knows that she is nothing
but a booty call to me. I doubt anyone would ever want to marry a girl like her. I mean she is loose
and has no real value. I was really hungry and there was no food. Rudzani didn’t cook. I must say
she is a great cook. Les is one lucky bastard. I took my phone to call Stan so he could help me
with something.
Stan: I’m almost there we will talk when I arrive.
Tititi. Call was ended. What the hell did he mean by that. I am not home if that’s what he meant.
As I was busy in the kitchen the door swung open and my mouth flew open. What the hell?

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