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She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 10 & 11

The tax of using all his mortal strength to retain the stablity of the almost crashing plane has drained Messie. He looked lifeless as the paramedics too him on a stretcher back to the base of the plane, boxes with the red cross sign could be seen in, one of the paramedics hands, no doubt they were members of the red cross, and no doubt the boxes were first aid box, but they still couldn’t revive the unconscious boy, they never knew what happened in the pilots cabin, they were only called to duty, almost when the plane started regaining balance, as they too had lost hope of surviving the impending crash. They tried their best to revive the boy, but the situation was nothing of medical expertise, the situation was a clear example of what will make a doctor ask a patient to be discharged from his hospital, because the situation is not ordinary, Cal looked up to the doctor, while they were still at the base, but the look on his face didn’t tell well, and there was this part of him that felt relaxed, he couldn’t tell why but he wasn’t tensed. He later left the base to meet san his wife, she had seen them rushed her boy to the base but she didn’t know what was going on and now she looked up to cal for explanation.

San: Darling what happened? She asked quizzically.

Cal: Messie used his powers to save us from the crashing plane, and now he’s knocked out and unconscious. He said.

San: oh my… will he be fine? She asked, a little panick could be detected from her voice, not even when the plane was about going down had she panicked like that, she didn’t want anything to happen to the boy, she loved him that much, i mean who will not?

Cal: calm down san, the doctors are trying their best.

San: I don’t need their best, she flared a little, they have to do something fast, because he made that sacrifice to save the lives of everyone here she said, look at what has happened to him, and this had drawn a little attention towards them.

Cal: Nobody said he is not going to be fine, just keep your voice down san, at least you know what this is, it’s more spiritual than physical. He said in a whisper.

San: fine fine… can we go see him now?

Cal: yes, he said standing up to lead the way.

In couple of seconds they were at the base,

Cal: doctor! Any improvement?

Doctor: no sir, he said facing him. well from my level of experience in the medical field i hav….. He was still saying when another member of the paramedics team interrupted his professional speech. “”Sir there is a twitch on the right limb”” he said showing him an ipad that shows the total scan of the boy’s body structure, both san and cal had come forward to catch a glimpse of what was in the ipad, and right on the screen they say what look like a skeleton, lying down, they could notice a slight movement on the phalanges of the skeletal structure, and then the full fore limb started moving gradually.

San: is this my son you are displaying in a skelet…. She was still saying when they heard a cough from Messie’s direction, and the all moved their eyes towards the direction, followed by their legs they walk to met him by now the boy was trying to seat up. The tense atmosphere dropped and both parent ran towards their son and hugged him just as the got there, they saw an image that looked very much like joyce waving goodbye to them. This had made them static for a while like when you press the pause button of a DVD player. They later realised themselves and rushed to complete what they wanted to do before, and they hugged the boy.

Messie Mom, Dad.

Cal & San: Good to have you back son. They said simultaneously.

Messie: Nothing was gonna happen to me. I will always be fine he assured.

San: you had better be because i can’t afford losing you. She said hugging him one more time.

The medical official who were totally surprised at the miraculous waking up of the boy, the static motion the couple had displayed like they were paused when they were rushing to hug their son, though they were surprised at the unfold of things, but they had cleared the room for them. The family soon walk out from the door, and was interrupted by the doctor they were earlier communicating with.

Doctor: Sir why don’t you let us give the boy a proper check up before taking him away? He asked addressing Cal.

Cal: well he doesn’t need the check ups, as you can see he is perfectly fine, but if need be we will get him checked at home by our family doctor when we get to Nigeria. He retorted.

Messie had explained to them, how Joyce had helped him out, while he was deeply unconscious, every elements of mortal strength he had in him was gone, not until she came and helped him balanced up with supernatural strength.

Cal: I am proud of you boy, he said patting him on the head.

Back In Nigeria

The heathen watched from a mirror, to see what has happened to the plane, at first they were glad it was going down, and moving zig zag in the air, they knew the pilot has lost control, they were just waiting for it to land in the middle of the sahara and crashed. But to their utter disappointment, Messie had sabotage their plan again, they tried their best to attack again, but the plan was now secure protected from every form of attack.

Hilton: this boy is proving to ve a real pain in the ass he said in rage.

Eoth: well those powers he command are really something else. We will surely conquer, but all it will take is time.

Hilton: time? We don’t have all the time in the world, this brotherhood needs to be stable, and i need my money back, he retorted.

Marcus: Please calm down brother, at least haken to the voice of the holy one, the Eoth, the greatest and most loving father of forbearance, The most rev…..

Hilton: Quit the praises i think i have gotten an idea he said to the, and they listen up, he soon communicatex it them, and soon they were jubilating at the authenticity of what has just been disclosed to them.

The Long Journey from The Caribbean coast finally came to an end, when they plane finally touched the ground of the most populous black nation in the world and passengers started trooping down, pilot mike had hurries towards Cal and family, he soon caught up with them he shook hands with cal and the to messie he said.

Pilot mike: I don’t know what you did back then in the plane, neither can i ever forget it, you save everyone’s life, and this is my little way of appreciation, He said to him and handed him a brand new, Airforce pilot gear. Thank you he said smiling

Messie: You are indeed a grateful man he said and hugged him. I don’t need to fly plane he whispered to his ears why his parents watch them in amazement, only if Mike knew what he meant by that.

They got their luggage and headed for the airport reception. Just as the entered the building exiting the airport into the awaiting car of Jude (cal’s friend who they had informed earlier of their arrival), They were surrounded by Men of the Nigerian AirForce, with gun in their hands, You are arrest, For attempting suicide bombing. One of the men yelled at them, and people at the exit section, watched as everything unfold.

Thanks for your wishes guys Love u all

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