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“Aisshhh!…Nothing works out perfectly for me.” Emily pouted her lips and threw the soju she was trying to open away.

“Hhsss…” She inhaled as she propped herself up on her elbows.

She stared at the mirror and clicked her tongue. “tsk tsk tsk.”

“You are such a failure Emily.” She let out a small smile.

“Ahhh,it’s a good thing I got dumped today.” She nodded her head vigorously.

She stood up from the chair and grabbed a sweater from her closet,she wore her slippers,took her earmuffs and took her last cash from her purse before walking out of her studio apartment.She had decided to visit a bar for a cocktail shake.

At a certain corporation,the conference room was cold as usual,not because the air conditioners were on,but because the CEO of Empire World was not in a good mood as usual.He had never been in a good mood but it seemed his mood that day was critically worst.He had kept the officials in the room for good four hours straight.Even though some of the officials were older than him,they dared not complain.
Considering the fact that the ACs were on and functioning perfectly well,everyone in the conference room were supposed to be freezing from cold but the reverse was the case.The officials,Noah,the CEO’s personal asisstant included were sweating profusely like they were on the hot seat.

Joel lazily placed his left elbow on the arm of the office chair he was sitted on and slightly raised his left hand in the air where he sat at the far end of the conference table.And then,on the cue,Noah stopped reading.

‘Thank you Lord Jesus.’ Noah cried innerly.He had been reading non-stop for hours.

“That’s all for today.” Even though Joel’s voice sounded cool,it still made the officials shiver in their seats.There was that cold aura his voice had.Even himself.

He lazily stood up on his feet,buttoned his well ironed tuxedo and took long strides out of the room.
The officials quickly stood up on their feet and bowed.They dared not look in his face even though he wasn’t looking at any of them.And even if they wanted to,his cold aura wouldn’t let them.They all had no their eyes on their scripts till Joel left the room.

Noah quickly arranged the blue scripts he had been reading and trailed behind his boss.

Immediately the officials were sure that the CEO and his assistant had left the room,they swiftly packed their documents and scrammed out of the room in different directions.Some of them were already trembling from starvation.

The few people that met Joel on their way in the company bowed their heads,the cold aura coming from him making them fidget uncontrollably.

Joel got in his elevator and just when it was about to slid close,his assistant ran in.

‘boss’ legs are always to fast.oh! life is so unfair to me.’ Noah cried.

Immediately the elevator reached the ground floor,Joel took long strides our of the building towards his car with his personal assistant run-walking behind him.Something flashed through Joel’s eyes and he stopped abrubtly.Noah who didn’t know his boss was going to stop so suddenly,ran right into his boss.
Joel turned around and swept his cold gaze over Noah.

“I-am-s-sorry s-sir.” Noah stuttered,breaking into cold sweats.He quickly bowed his head.

“Hand over my car key.” Joel ordered as he stared expressionlessly at his assistant.

“S-s-ss-sir?” Noah stuttered,his face to the ground as he dared not look at his boss,the CEO of EMPIRE WORLD in the eyes.

Joel’s face darkened.

Noah quickly gulped,even though he wasn’t looking at his boss in the face,the sudden cold he felt told it all. *Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself*…
He hastily brought out the key in his pocket and handed it over to his boss.
With a swift movement of his hand,Joel grabbed the key from Noah and got in the uniquely parked benz.

“Good night boss.” Noah bowed.

The screeching of the car moving out of Empire World onto the tarred road of Seoul replied Noah.

Noah raised his head and opened his mouth.He shook his head.

‘my boss is….’ he waved it off.


“Y-yo-you need to seeee t-th-the way he y-yelled at meee.” Emily belched.

“Oh…such a loss..” her life saver shook his head.

She had been attacked by some gang in the bar who had wanted to harass her and the guy had saved her from them.She had decided to take her time to tell him about her breakup.

“No…me??” She stared drunkily at the guy.

“I don’t mean you.I mean the guy…he lost such a pretty lady.” her life saver smiled.

“Yeah ..heee e-ev-even called m-meeee ugly…tsk tsk tsk.” Emily clicked her tongue.

“Hmph.He’s blind.” her life saver grinned.

“Exactly!..even t-the blind ma-man can see that I am very-very beauti-ful!” Emily propped herself up on her left elbow.

Her life saver raised his brow and stood up.

“I have to go now miss.” He smiled down at drunk beauty.

“Ahhh…arasso.” Emily nodded her head.
(A/N✍🏾: arasso means alright.)

“May I know your name miss?” her life saver asked.

“Emily.” Emily smiled.

“Thank you Miss Emily,bye.” her life saver smiled and walked out of the bar.

“Ahhh..I better s-sstart going tooo.” Emily staggered on her feet and blindly found her way out of the bar.

Emily hadn’t walked ten steps when she felt a very stinging pain around her arm and slumped on the road.

“What the fuck.” Joel cursed and lazily stepped out of his car.He checked his bonnet and wing to see if it had any scratch on it,it didn’t.

He stared at the body on the ground and squatted beside her,she was already unconscious.He carried her in a bridal style and placed her in the backseat of his car.He got in the car and drove off.
After driving for sometime,he found a hospital by the roadside and parked his car.He stepped out of the driver’s seat,opened the backseat and carried the girl out of the car.
Joel took long strides into the hospital and handed the girl over to first nurse that came his way.
The nurses had never in their life imagined to see their city’s sweetheart in their hospital,they kept gasping and whispering amongst themselves as soon as they saw him step in.
Joel took out a pack of cigarette in his pocket and a lighter.He saw the ‘No Smoking’ poster on the wall and threw the pack of cigarette and lighter away in a trashcan.He sat on the bench in the corridor,paying no attention to any of the nurses.

After a while,a male doctor walked towards the nurses at the reception and said some things to them.One of the nurses pointed at Joel and the doctor nodded his head and walked towards Joel.
As he neared Joel,he got a full view of his face and became very shocked.

‘MR JOEL?! THE CEO OF EMPIRE WORLD?!!’ he trembled.

“Sir…” he quickly bowed.

“The girl,how is she?” Joel asked coldly.

“She-she is-ss okay.J-just a broken leg and dislocated arm.She only p-passed out from shock.” the doctor gulped nervously.

Joel nodded his head.

“Good.Noah will settle you.” He stood up on his feet.

“Yes Sir.” the doctor bowed.

Who didn’t know Noah,the handsome personal assistant of the extraordinarily handsome CEO.

“Good night Sir.” the doctor bowed his head again.

“Take me to her.” Joel’s mouth twitched.

“Ye?” the stared at him bewilderedly.
(✍🏾A/N: ye means yes but sometimes,it can also mean ‘what did you say’ or ‘i don’t understand’.)

Joel’s face darkened.

“Ah,ye.” the doctor quickly bowed his head.
(A/N✍🏾: in this case,ye meant yes sir.)

“This way Sir.” He led the way to the girl’s ward.

They got to a door and the doctor was about to turn the knob when Joel stopped him.

“Leave.” he dismissed.

“Ahh,ye.” the doctor bowed and quickly took his leave.

He was going to die if he still stayed around that man anyway.

Joel’s eyes scanned the door for a while before he creaked it open.He closed it behind him and took long strides towards the girl lying on the hospital bed with her left hand and leg bandaged.
He stared at her for a while before taking his seat.He watched her as she breathed softly and steadily.She looked so fragile and naive.


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