he’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 7

In the middle of a very dense forest, filled with tall trees and shrubs, most part of the forest were swampy, and there are only but a few dry land, the forest housed all sought of wild animal, ranging from aquatic due to the swampy areas, and also inhabits dangerous land animal, it was a typical example of a Nollywood Evil forest. Juliet was tied on every limb, ‘hands and legs’ including her mouth to gauge any outburst from her mouth. Though she was wriggling and screaming, but her voice was obstructed by the thick clothes that that was used in tying her mouth, even if she her mouth wasn’t tied, the forest was too dense for anybody to hear her, people rarely visit the forest.

Hilton had made it looked very much like a kidnap, they had left home that evening, to a dinner that was proposed by hilton, only for them to get hijacked from their vehicle and bundled into another. She had initiated a struggle and tried to scream, but there was no need to do that, reflecting a cool 9mm had kept her shut, she panicked, she manages to look at her husband, who by now settled down comfortably at the front seat of the vehicle. He watched her with a cool gaze that made her confused, she had wanted to say something when a blow from one of the goons struck her face thereby obstructing the word she wanted to say, and off to the land of unconsciousness she went. By the time she woke up the atmosphere outside was all dark, and her legs and hands were bundled, coupled with her mouth. She tries saying some words but they were incoherent. As much as she tried to get hilton’s, so had hilton wanted to talk to her but there was no use, talking to her since she would soon be dead, it was just a matter of time.

Soon they were at the ritual ground, two graves were dug already. The fact that her husband was her captor was too much for juliet to bear now look at what she was seeing two grave dug for who she asked herself, what is hilton up to? That was a big question that she never got the answer up till the very hour of her death. Since it was already dark at night, the place was now luminated by lamps that emanates thick smokes, and nobody uttered any word to the other, there was complete silence in the bush, save from the struggling put forward by juliet, coupled with hooting from nocturnal beds, chirping of crickets and sounds from toads and frogs in the swampy path of the bush, son EOTH had appeared from the ground, with great force that made it seem like the ground was breaking, this action scared the living daylight out of Juliet, the other people in the forest including her husband stood their ground and watched as if nothing was happening and just as he appeared in an all black robe that looked like a catholic Rev Father’s robe with long staff in his hand, with a snap from his finger he had ordered the boys to perform the next step of the ritual, without saying a word, and the boy took Juliet to a place where rafia palms were gathered and #slaughtered her, before giving up the ghost, she had stared at hilton hopelessly, even in her death, her eyes were not closed, the still had those innocent stares that made tears dropped from his eyes, ‘My hands are filled with blood the thought’ Just like Eoth was reading his thoughts, he had said to him, ‘now is not the time for that, concentrate on the ritual at hand he said to his hearing, bringing out from his sorrowful thoughts.

When the blood of the innocent woman was fully sanctified, it was sprayed and smeared all over hilton’s body, and some were dropped on the two grave, a little quantity was left in the bowl, the Eoth offered It to Lord iiL in Libation, making enchantments and incantation, smoke started emanating from the bowl, though it didn’t make the content of the bowl hot, the bowl was passed round to everyone present and finally back to the Eoth, Some pang of guilt had crawled up hilton’s heart, but he managed to wave it off, this wasn’t the first human blood he was drinking, neither was it the first person he had killed. Now there was no one else left in his life, No family, No relation, except the brotherhood, who then will enjoy all what i am fighting for today? ‘If i get my money back from cal and the brotherhood is stable and brought back to it’s normal standard, who then will enjoy all the wealth? Well i will marry again, and move away from africa, and have other children, But how could i forget so soon that i have also offered my manhood for this brotherhood too, is this really worth fighting for? He asked in his thoughts but it seems very much like the Eoth was reading his thoughts, an he said

Eoth: yes hilton, it is worth it, you remember what cal did to you? It’s time to pay back.

Hilton: but what is the use of that when there is no one to continue my lineage or enjoy for this great sacrifices i have been making?

Eoth: Hilton! Now is not the time to ask such a question, no when victory is very close by, if you are so worried about this, for you loyalty Lord iiL will give a son after this battle is fought and won, this news had gladdened hilton’t heart, the very reason why her couldn’t have another child after the birth of Almond. Now he was gonna have a son.

This is worth it he finally confessed.

Soon hilton lied in the grave smeared with blood, and it was covered with earth. His wife’s corpse was laid in the other grave beside him. It was time to visit Lord iiL for the proper fortification.
In an all narrow road hilton found himself walking uncladed from his waist upwards he was only on a short. The road seems lonely, and scary, it was a typical example of the biblical narrow road, but there was something strange about it, the further he went the broader the road becomes, by if he stares back, it seems there is a wall right at his back, this had got him confused, though he was moving, but it seems very much like he wasn’t moving at all, this was frustrating, but he kept on moving, he soon saw a fire set on the way to obstruct any passer by, from a very far distance, this had giving him the hope that he was actually moving, and the wall behind was a mirage. He finally came to where the fire was after a long trek on the quiet narrow-broad road. Soon the fire parted ways giving room for him to pass like the Red Sea parting ways for the children of israel, in the bible when the Egyptians were pursuing after them. And right ahead of him was a portal, he was scared to go further, but later braced up and moved his legs till he got to where the portal is and entered.

The moment he entered inside, he was greeted by a horrible voice that sounded like the voices of a thousand soldiers chanting war songs. ”””Hilton Ayodele, the son of a mortal with a heart as strong as stone and that conceive evil and unjust, the killer of his mother, the murderer of his wife and the bereaved father of Almond, He whose head vengeance is pleaded upon from the many souls he has condemned to death. He whose evil has brought me glory, and has incur my Love, I Lord iiL personally love you and I put so much trust in you, that i have sent you to fight the war against the bringer of Light. Who is now born in St Lucia of the American continents of the human world. You have come for fortification you shall bath in that stream and I shall hand you a staff of power. Then you are free and above destruction from any powers from the heavens or the earth, I shall inscribe in you the mark from the Royal Gehenna, where all wickedness prevail, the same mark that Lucifer has given to me. He roared endlessly,””‘ and hilton tried his best to assimilate whatever he said. Soon he had taken his bath in the stream where Lord iiL directed.

It would have being very much like every other bath in pools or in streams or river, not until some transformations started taking place in his body, he could feel his feet quiver and given way making the ground look a little farther than his normal view of it. He looked taller, he became surprised and touched his legs, a little laugh had escaped his mouth when he realised what had happened, soon other rituals were conducted on him, and he was now full prepared for war, he was soon handed a small staff that look like that wand Joyce was holding in Cal’s dream, it was powerful too, and it cast magical spells. You shall only become this tall anytime you lay your hands on the staff of power. You are ready to go Lord iiL informed and urged him to go, the moment he stepped his Legs out of the portal that seems like the Entrance and Exit to Lord iiL’s kingdom, The grave shook and mighty thunder strikes swept through the forest like it was about to rain, it was followed by lightning that illuminates the whole forest, and like a basketball that was hit so hard on the ground, Hilton Jumped out of the grave, the ground He was still with the staff, so he his added feet had enabled him some stamina that didn’t allow him to fall after the Jump. The ritual was complete and The time was 12am in the middle of the night.
San has being discharged from the hospital that same day After the birth of the baby, and the baby was named Messie which mean Savior in English, They couldn’t spend a day or more in the hospital, for their cover not to be blown, Joyce has made it known to them earlier that the child will take full form of a teenager at it’s twenty fourth hour on earth. They weren’t ready to take chances so they had tried their best to Return home immediately after her was born, because they couldn’t afford explaining to the whole world what transformation happened that will make a day old baby grow up overnight to a teenager.

As promised, the next day by 10am in the morning the baby groaned so loud from his cot the parent had both rushed to him, you might be wondering, but san was very fit, she very much was like someone that has not visited the hospital in decades talk more of giving birth, this is how the supernatural works. They both watched how the child formed up to become a boy, san clutched to Cal’s arm, they watched in awe, and tissues Joined together like a metal human, the transformation was very much like our popular series of Animated DC and Marvel movies, Just Like how Flash, Iron Man, Supergirl, and other superheroes transforms. In couple of minutes Messie was formed. He was Striking resemblance of Cal, even though it was very much obvious that Hilton was his real father. But the child was made to Look very much like the pure in heart, his foster father. The only difference between them was his possession of a thick brown hair that made him like an halfcast being.

Messie: Hi mom! Hi Dad, were you amazed by the transformation? He asked winking. Oh my God, he can talk, this is so unusual and strange, the only thing that stopped san from running away, was the fact that she had carried him in her womb. ‘Well since you guys don’t want to say anything, I am Messie, incase you have forgotten you gave me that name. He said pointing to cal, who by now was trying to keep the balance between sanity and insanity.

San: omgg you can talk she finally manage to say.

Messie: Of course I can, when Joyce told you guys to expect something like me, did you think i would be dumb, or wait for three years before i start talking? Common mom I am hungry, what did you cook?

San: Oh My…. She said embracing him. This was too much for Cal, who stood transfixed looking at the boy.

Messie: Dad why don’t you join the hug, instead of thinking about what you did not sign up for.

Cal: what how did you know that? Cal asked with more surprised look. Messie was right, he has been thinking in his mind, ‘I did not sign up for this’.

Messie: Because I know everything, and you are my father, the father of ‘the Light bringer’.

Cal: wow i am amazed he said hugging them both.

Messie: What is making you amazed dad? The transformation process or the mind reading ? He asked revealing a perfect set of dentition that knew no spot of brownish.

Cal: I am amazed by both, he said totally falling in love with the child. He was lovable to every eyes that behold him. By now cal has broken from the hug

Messie: mom i think it’s time you too break up from this hug, I am choking already. He said and this made san laugh.

San: You really are funny, well let’s get down to the dining room Let’s get something to eat.

Messie & Cal: That should be fine, They said simultaneously and Laughed.

Messie: I knew what you were gonna say, I am sorry dad, it’s really a bad manner which i have to stop. Saying words in elder mouth is really disrespectful.

Cal: wow such a gem I love you boy

San: I love you Messie

Messie: I love you both, Lucky to have you as my parent he said Jumping towards the dining section of the house.

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