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forever and ever yours
written by : chidinma Jerry.
“She’s gone,we couldn’t find deya” Emma said and Bryan fell down in tears all the idols rushed him…
Deya’s dad fell on the floor in tears as well as deya’s mum.
“We don’t have time”the doctor said i squatted to Bryan
“Bryan you need To do this,this is the only way the person who killed deya and the person who killed your parents will pay”i said and dragged him up he sat on the bed
“Oh no,time is up.”the doctor said.
“Waaaat”I shouted
Mr Kim smiled a bit.
“Alison today is almost over”Mr Joseph said.
“Doctor can’t you–
“Time is up, only tomorrow”he said.
But I was summoned.
Mr Joseph will close this case.
Choi se won fell back on the floor.
Emma went for treatment
“Take Kelly away”I said and the lifted him Bryan recognised him.
“Stop”I said..
They held him to Bryans face and bryan bowed his face down then screamed.
The doctor rushed him and held him down
I smiled.
They turned on the systems and placed a speaker to his mouth
Lawyers started recording the evidence.
He injected something to Ryan and he slept off.
“Bryan..Bryan”he said
“Deya plesse”Bryan said
I dried my tears
“Bryan”he said
“Mum”Bryan said.
he smiled
“What Is happening?”he asked
“The car caught smoke. I, mum and dad ran out and 3 boys came out and shot mom and dad. I hid”Bryan said.
What did they boys say?”he asked.
“Kelly call Mr Kim
“Kelly there is no kid here
“Mike stop shouting my name
“Hello Mr Kim,there is no kid..
I smiled as I watched them cuff Mr Kim
“Bryan what happened after that
“I ran off into the wood and met a man..
He helped me but someone shot his leg”Bryan said
“Who was that man.who shot him”..
“I didn’t see him”Bryan said
“You saw him”.
“No he used his gun to cover his face”..
“No you saw him before he lifted the gun to his face”..
“I didn’t see–” Ryan screamed and woke up.
“Who was the man?”inspector Jones asked him.
Bryan wiped his tears and fell back.
“Nana’s dad” he said and fainted.
all the idols hugged him at once.
Deya’s parents left in tears.
Mr Kim was arrested instantly..
He was locked up.
Soon every one cleared.
Bryan fainted so he was in the hospital.
The idol’s stayed with him till morning and we all returned home.
The dreame mansion was so pain filled.
Rose,hana,min ah. All her friends where there.
Nana’s crew came down.
Nana too was in tears..
She apologised and
All the idols forgave her.
I looked at deya’s room in tears.
We all met in the living room in full tears.
Will Bryan ever wake up.
I already told someone to watch him.
Bryans pov.
I feel like I am in a different world.
I saw mum with deya.
I came to them but deya turned back and walked inside.
I tried following her ..
I felt some one touch my hair only that brought me to life.
It felt like deya.
She touched my hair just like deya.
I opened my eye, Emma.
My tears fell.
Emma’s pov.
I will like to be a good friend to him.
I will help him live again.
He is my favourite idol..
I smiled when he opened his eye.
A lot of flowers filled the place.
He tried sitting up so i helped him sit.
He dried his tears I sat well and he leaned on me.
He was in so much tears.
“I can’t believe deya is gone “he said and cried like a kid.
I tapped his shoulders.
He Is just too fragile.
Wil he ever move on.
“It’s ok, you will be fine”i said and he tried standing I helped him stand..
His dad and sisters came over and hugged him one after the other.
They took him home.
I dried my tears.
Deya where are you?
Around evening, like 6 hours later. I went down the cliff and watched the water.
I wondered if I would see any clue.
I turned and saw Bryan where he sat with both legs in the water.
I watched him from far.
He wore white..
Even his leg in the water was dressed with a diamond stonned white slipper.
He held his hair with a white band and the air blew it all over the place.
I looked at his fingers in the sand..
He wore a diamond stonned watch and a diamond ring.
What a beautiful being.
all the girls watched him with lust..
His skin was as clear as diamonds
Deya why did you leave something so good..
Better come back so you can get married to him and keep as yours forever.
I don’t know why I just like this bryan.
I moved over to him
“Bryan hy”I said.
He didn’t even look at me.
He faced his phone.
I tried touching him
“Please Dont” he said.
I moved back.
He picked his car key and stood up..
He walked out in a sweet step while moving both hands Into his pocket.
I watched him brush his hair backward with his fingers.
I ran and stopped in his face.
He was in tears.
So he has green eyes.
I stood facing him.
He stopped.
“By chance, Do you like me?”he asked rudely.
“Me? no”I said he nodded
“Good, Then please stay away”he said and walked past me.
i smiled.
He is really rude.
I won’t stop till I cheer him up.
I ran after him
“Hey wait” I said and took his hand He pushed me away and entered his car I smiled.
He is so sad.
I got a call from my dad
“Yes sir”I said
“Bryan is going to Australia,go with him for his safety”he said i nodded.
I met Bryan in his jet he didn’t talk to me he was holding a wrapped picture..He looked at the picture in tears then hugged it.
“Bryan”i said
He didn’t talk.
Soon we arrived and walked into a house.
The gate was built with gold.
Is he this rich?
We rushed in and a lot of men sat there.
I saw Allison’s dad and mom.
I saw a lot of men and lawyers.
Ryan sat down.
“Good day. I just want to say few words. I will talk and no one should reply. Just do as i say”he said everyone nodded and he opened deya’s picture.
“This is my wife,deya. I wanted to bring her here but she died. I brought her picture.
All I have will be divided and sent to her name.”He said
“Sent to The dead?”..
“Yes everything. I won’t get married ever again so deya is the woman who owns all this”he said .
Is this how much he loved.
Willing so much to the dead?
“Yes sir”his lawyer said.
Ryan lifted her picture
“This is deya,my woman.
I want her picture all over the place.i want her picture all over this house.
Paint her even on the floor.”he said
“Yes sir.
He stood up and we left.
It got late so we lodged in one of his suites.
He walked in and changed his top then walked out..
He poured himself a glass of wine..
I still stood around like a cup of tea.
” you can change in the room..”he said and that was the first time he looked at me.
“Oh thanks” i Said.
“Please Dont come out anymore..I don’t like seeing you”he said i smiled and nodded.
I ran into the room and changed..
I watched him from the door.
He drank the wine and he fell on the couch with his eyes closed.
I walked out and he brushed his diamond laid fingers into his face and covered his eye.
He didn’t want me to see his tears but I saw them drop on the floor.
I better not touch him.
I ran into the room again
How will he sing tomorrow.
Finally he introduced her to his family in a grand way.
He loves her.
At midnight I heard bottles hitting.
Bryan is still drinking he can’t sleep.
This is the best time to get any man into your bed..
Weak and pained..drunk
I looked at him from the door.
But I can’t do that.
I respect that deya so much.
I wish she didn’t go.
Next day.
National’s.Deut ground.
Zaina’s pov.
Nana couldn’t sing.
This competition that ruined many things.
She left it in honour of deya.
The idol’s watched from up.
Bryan didn’t come.
Sir Edwardo felt so sad cause he invested too much in nationals.
Up to fifty teams already sang.
the final pair for the show to end. Where is Ryan and deya. Where is Bryan and ODEYA Blake…or as the kids called them # team dryan” the man shouted
Billions of people filled the stage.
Everybody shouted and clapped..
I dried my tears.
I regret everything I did to deya.
Just then Bryan walked out
Everybody screamed.
Oppa looks so sad
Oppa sorry
so dreame will loose this year too
Oppa why didn’t you choose another girl
Ryan..I love you.
He looked sooo sweet..he held a picture.
I smiled.
Bryan where is your Partner??
“Deya? She is in my heart”he said.
Everybody started crying
All dream high students.
All the idol’s.
Poeple clapped.
Bryan took the Mic and moved into the stage.
” it was her dream for us to sing, she even fasted.
she dreamed of being on this stage.
she always watched the old video’s with her phone.
she stayed up to make sure she trained her voice.
so I decided, even if she is not here,i will make her dreame come true because I love her”Bryan said everyone clapped.
He dropped her picture on her chair.
He dried his tears.
“dad am sorry for not choosing a female partner like you ordered me too. I can’t sing a duet alone and i will ruin your dreams of winning.. I know, i know what nationals means to you and i am sorry but this is the first time I am disobeying you. please forgive me this once cos I can’t sing with any other girl” he said.
I smiled and looked at his dad.
Bryans pov.
This Is painful but I will do this for deya…
I will sacrifice this competition for her.
I pressed the guitar all the girls clapped.
I saw Emma and she waved at me.
Deya you killed me.
you did worse than nana did.
I sang…
just stay, stay with me
I said, don’t let me go.
Be mine, forever and ever friend.
I wiped my tears but I heard deya’s voice..
i ‘ll stay,i will stay with you.
Tonight, and many more nights to come.
Just wait,i will be your forever and ever friend.
I looked around in tears.
BRYAN stop it,you are going crazy.
I sang again in tears.
they said,forever is too far.
wish,you would be my keeper.
from now til forever and ever ends.
I heard her voice again.
Very close to me this time
who said,forever is too far.
For you, i will wait till forever ends.
I love you,my forever and ever breath.
I sang as i stood up and moved on front.
your words, are my reason for breathing
your smile,makes me wish for forevermore
One day lets meet and never part
By then,i will be your forever and ever friend.
Someone touched me from behind.
i turned… deya
She had so much injuries.
Even blood was in her fore head.
Her cloth was tattered.
She smiled and wiped my tears.
with you,my forever began
without you,my forever ends
be my forever and ever friend
I love you forevermore.
I smiled out heavy tears as we held hands and sang together.
We sang together
forever with you…….together.
together with you forever
every day every day, me and you, you and me
oh my forever and ever,ever and ever friend.
I dropped the Mic in tears
She dropped hers in a cute smile as she touched her tummy.
Wow,i love this concept. dreame won the duet competition”
My dad stood up clapping.
I hugged deya.
“I told you, i will fight God and death for you”she said.
I wiped the blood on her face with my fingers then kissed her.
we kissed for a long time and she hugged me again..
I couldn’t stop my tears.
” i didn’t leave you, even heaven rejected me”she said in tears.
i hugged her tighter.
The end.
Expect the epilogue.
{For more details}….
Epilogue will be out after 10 comments.
Unless of course u don’t want an epilogue on how everything and everyone ended ooooooo.it’s not by force.
I leave you with love fans.
Wish me exam success.
Date and prologue of new story comes after the epilogue..
Well that’s if I still decide to write again, its not yet certain…
Still thinking about it cos the page was very stressful and wasn’t encouraging with dreame at all.
Infact i don’t have strength to be shouting and complaining again. So thank you for reading my story.
dreame has gone.
May all your dreams come to pass in Jesus name amen.
Thank you for reading.
Drop your comments…
So how was dreame??

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