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Part two…
Bryan hugged deya for a long time before he left.
She waved at him and her sight already met with that off a cute guy downstairs.
She tried looking well when her hair band fell off.
She touched her hair and walked inside.
He was so hot,but why was he sneaking in.
I thought the camp was only for girls? She wondered as she looked herself in the mirror.
3O year old virgin??
Is that how I look?
Does she mean am not good for Bryan.
At least I changed a bit am no longer that inferior when I see classier girls.
I sat on my bed and unpacked..
Nana walked in
She wore only a red polo which covered her butt then a white slipper and like 4 leg chains.
She smiled when she saw me
“Hey cutie”she said and kissed my cheek I smiled and watched her sit down.
She still looks down..I guess her dad’s incident.
“Are boys here?”i asked
“Yes,mostly trainers”she said.
“Well you–“I used my fingers to drag down her polo to cover her hip she smiled.
“So how are you” she asked in a cute simple face I smiled.
“Am fine.”i said
Just then tasha walked in
“Deya i–“she saw nana and tried leaving I closed the door
“Come on,stop fighting”I said nana smiled
“Tasha I have been waiting for you,sorry”nana said tasha smiled and they hugged.
Tasha sat beside me i smiled
“Welcome”she said
Min ahh rushed in with my roomie,she wore a red singlet with a black scarf round her waist..
“Min ah”I said she smiled
finally zaina walked in
“Deya am sorry too”she said i nodded.
“Nana have you challenged Briana before”min ah said
“No,she is too good”nana said
“I beat her only once”amandla said.
“Deya is lucky to have you mandla,better train her well”tasha said
“Deya stand and dance for me”amandla said
I couldn’t stand
“She’s shy”zaina said.
“Are you shy in bed?”tasha said min ahh laughed..
Nana looked at me I smiled shyly.
Some girls walked in ..so hot.
I felt like hidding.
“Guys guess who owns the camp ?”one of the girls said
“Aiden”the girl said
“Oh my God, that guy looks like heaven”mandla said and they all stood up and looked out the window..nana didn’t move.
They sat back
“I won’t leave without sleeping that hotness I swear”Mandy said.
“Amandla are you sleeping with Niel?”min ah asked
“Yes just here,i will dump him when I leave”my roomie said nana smiled
“Min ahh did you break up with Kell?”nana asked as she took a stick of cigarette from amandla.
“No i didn’t”min ah said and took one stick.
“Soo finally you decided to try cheating?”tasha said and lighted one stick of cigarette.
“How”min ah asked in cunning smile.
“We saw you kissing in your room with Chase”zaina said and picked one stick of cigarette.
Amandla handed me the pack and before I could say” I don’t smoke ” nana already removed it from my face and threw it to the cupboard.
“Why won’t i get spoilt when am friends with tasha and nana, anyways i couldn’t do it.
I don’t plan on cheating on Kelvin, but Chase is so cute and i don’t think I can stay for 3 months without sex”min ah said.
I looked at her she smiled.
“I can stay for 3 months without sex as long as i don’t meet any guy as hot as Bryan,aiden,Jer
emy,Ely and Austin” one of the girls said.
“Bryans girlfriend will kill you”mandla said
“Is she here? Who is it?”another girl asked.
“Deya”mandla said and touched me
“I asked of his girlfriend not the house help”the girl said and others laughed then controlled themselves.
“Linda that’s rude”min ah said
“Guys clear me,is shee dating my lifetime crush?”the girl asked
Min ah nodded.
I sat up and smiled.
I just felt like dying.
“Sorry but what does he like about her?”another girl said they all laughed again.
Now I felt like crying.
The other girl touched my hair.
“Oh gosh,now I believe in true love..even a pig can get a Prince”she said and fell on my bed.
Min ah cracked
They all laughed…
Nana smiled into her phone.
“Nana is Ely coming?”zaina said
“He is mad at me for dropping the competition..we are no longer friends”nana said.
“Deya why not deflower your hair..or does Bryan like it dirty”another girl said.
“Stop picking on my roomie”mandla said
More girls came in and i was the only one who wasn’t smoking,drinking,talking or laughing with them cause I don’t know how to talk like them.
I felt inferior so much.
They kept picking on me.
I felt like the kid there.
I really want to mix up but I find it hard.
“Guys club tonight,who is in?”mandla said.
“Am in,i need to cool off”tasha said
“Am in,i and deya”min ah said
“Uhmm no”I said
Min ah nodded.
Soon all of them left for the club and i slept while missing Bryan.
I have never been far from him.
Look,his not picking his calls.
I miss him so much that I have headache.
What Is he doing now
I better bath.
I walked out of my shower with the towel on my chest.
I saw cute guy standing there.
I held my towel tight.
“Who are you?”i asked he turned.
Oh my God
how can someone be so hot.
“So hy,uhmmm sorry. I am aiden and–
“Did you come to see mandla?”i asked
“No i came to return this,your hair band…it kinda fell earlier?”he said.
“Oh thanks”I said then took it with both hands.
I bowed he smiled.
“Nice meeting you miss?”
“Ok miss huh”he said i cracked then laughed gently
“Deya”I said as if it was song lyrics.
He nodded and walked out..he suddenly came back
“You have amazing hair”he said i smiled.
“Thanks”I said and locked my door.
I checked my phone..
Bryan didn’t call back.
I called him again as I dressed up then sat on my bed
He didn’t pick.
I nodded and covered my body well.
From deya’s pov.
I called Bryan again by midnight and he picked
“I miss you”I shouted he smiled
“I love you”he said
“Bryan whe–
“Deya drop s–square is calling”he said and i dropped..
Deya couldn’t stop thinking about how she felt earlier with her fellow girls.
That was when nana and min ah walked in then closed the door.
She smiled.
“Deya am sorry about earlier with the girls”min ah said deya nodded
“But my love,you need to change. If you continue being inferior this girls will turn you into a comedy. They will ruin your life and they will push you into a life you hate”nana said
“Deya look,you will be here for months now imagine getting bullied everyday. Do you think you will achieve your goal?”min ah said.
“Deya with the way you are acting they will think they are better than you , they might belive you are a commoner and start bullying you with that.or they might belive you are a kid and start bullying you with that. now if they think you are a virgin thats the worst cos they will push you into a very dirty lifestyle,they might even drug you. Finally in an effort to try and mix up you will get caught in the web of peer pressure and you will ruin your life”nana said.
“Deya I dont understand why you are Inferior, you are not a kid you are my age mate, you are no longer a commoner cos before the band storm nationals will pay you and Bryan. you have a Boyfriend, i have a boyfriend,nana had a one same with all the girls our age.you had sex right?”she asked
Deya nodded
“I had sex too, nana too, almost all of us. You are an idol and we all are so why are you so inferior,why can’t you talk when girls like you are talking. You are bringing yourself down and if you don’t change they will turn you into their house helps.”Min ah said.
Deya sat well.
“Deya Everyone has their principles.the only way you can stay here and go home without doing something out of peer oressure is to join the crowd and feel alife. You don’t talk when girls talk, you don’t reply when you are Insulted, when you see a classier girl you try hiding your face, when we are gisting you keep silent, and all that. You make them think you are kid, inexperienced, poor, below etc. Deya you don’t know what female idols do when they find an Inferior girl,they will bully you till you become a laughing stock. You won’t concentrate on anything. Even the ones who should train you will see you as below their level. You will fail s-square. So don’t be that inferior girl deya you need to be exposed. Free yourself get wild on the outside it doesn’t mean you must change on the inside”nana said.
“Deya look at me, we are the same right. I left my boyfriend at home and i decided not to have sex with any one until I go home. But have you ever seen any girl bullying me? Is there any place I can’t enter and talk. Have you ever seen me feeling inferior with my fellow girls. No no no, so why must you be so?”min sh said.
“Well I just find it difficult to mix up and secondly the dressing “deya said
“Deya your dress sense is whack. Before you get fame as a female idol you must be a crazy fashion diva. Have you ever seen any female idol dressed like you do?”nana asked
“Deya you are too dull for the world you are going into. I mean what if you are about to go on stage as an idol and uhmm your fellow girl insults you?”min ah said
“She will cry and run away “nana said.
“Come on,smart up deya. There is a difference from being smart and Immoral.
Sir Edwardo wanted you to change that was why he personally chose mandla as your room mate. S-Square wants you to learn the crazy side of her,her dress sense,her composure,her skill. It’s left for you to decide wether you want to become immoral”min ah said.
“If you stay here for 3 months without changing then you really wasted these 3 months. Just upgrade. Walk with your face held high. Live. don’t smoke if you hate it but that doesn’t mean you will feel inferior because you don’t smoke, no. you stand firm in your principles. And still feel among. You musn’t dress immoral, but look good and look sweet. Maybe you promised yourself that you won’t cheat on Bryan, thats cool. but it doesn’t mean you won’t miss up, you won’t club once in a while, you won’t talk In a group no no no. Your principle is in your heart but if you make it too obvious those girls will push you” nana said.
“I will try to change”deya said.
“I wish she can be friends with Briana”min ah said.
“Do you know Briana?”nana asked.
“Noo”I said.
“Come”she dragged deya’s hand and opened the window.
A girl was dancing with a cup of juice in her hand.her nails were hotly polished. She wore two leg chains. A black short and yellow half cut.
Very pretty and tall.
“Wow she’s pretty.”deya said
Deya watched her gist with many girls including mandla.
.she must be very spoit deya thought
“Did you see her,”nana asked deya nodded.
“She is still a virgin”nana Said
“She doesn’t smoke”min ah said
“And she doesn’t drink.”nana said.
“Yes but look, she is friends with Mandy,she is outspoken. who are you to bully her? She is the hottest girl in this Camp right now and also the best dancer. Morality shouldn’t bring down your self esteem. Morality is different from stupidity. She is your age,she has been Here 4 times but nothing changed in her principles . deya you don’t need to be inferior or local just to be decent.”nana said and left.
Min ahh touched deya and left.
Deya fell fast asleep.
Early the next morning she ran down into the training hall when she ran into briana and that was how she made a friend.
“Hey am Anna”she said.
“Deya”deya replied.
Soon they met up in dance class and deya wasn’t really doing a good dancing job..
“Dont worry I will train you personally every Monday night” briana said
“I will train you Tuesday”nana said
“Wednesday”min ah said
“Thursday”tasha said.
“Friday”Mandla said and deya smiled.
“maybe I will train you Saturday”aiden said deya smiled.
3 months later.
Only a day left before deya returns.
Bryan sat with the boys.
Nationals already Payed bryan and deya 3O billion won for winning the duet.
Bryan left the money in deya’s account..
“I miss deya,she no longer takes calls”evan said.
“I heard Their camp owner took 3 of his dancers to the biggest dance competition held in north korea” Jeremy said.
“Call the names,” Ryan said.
“Amandla, Briana and deya”jace said in a scream.
“Deya one of the best? in 3 months? “Austin asked Bryan smiled .
“Turn on the t.v, i wanna see her”Bryan said almost in tears.
Diego sat down too.
Even sora
Every one wanted to see deya
breaking news.
Choi jin ahh, mostly known as odeya Blake has successfully gathered millions of fans here in south Korea.
As it seems the owner of their training camp marked her As his favourite.
He keeps sending her to dance challenges and in just 3 months she has gotten the Nick name of south Korea’s dance machine.
Bryan laughed
Diego clapped.
reporting from the one star dance challenge held yesterday. Deya,Briana and mandla where chosen to represent the camp but the challenge rules changed and it was one female dancer against one male dancer from another group. Deya was chosen by her team and as we speak deya won the challenge. The owners of the challenge believed that deya cheated so the challenge was held today had deya successfully defeated two dancers from different schools.
Today choi Jin ah is 3Obillion won richer.
Everyone clapped.
” I knew it” Ryan said.
ODEYA Blake is now the most
re known dancer in north Korea. We can’t wait for her first debut so we can finally start calling her an idol.
Bryan clapped.
watch video of deya leaving the dance challenge..she is really exhausted.
Bryan looked well and deya walked out while waving to her fans.
Her manager covered her like gold.
She wore a skin tight black short and white sports singlet with a white can
She held her car key.
Bryan rarely saw her well cos of crowd.
She was holding her roommate on one hand and nana on the other.
Her catwalk alone was the highest.
People screamed her name.
Soon she entered the car.
Jeremy started clapping
“She made it”Jeremy said
“I always knew those hips where made for dancing”Evan said.
“But Damn..she’s so hot now” jace said Bryan smiled.
“She hasn’t Debuted yet but she is so famous. Thanks to the owner of their camp for favoring her and exposing her talent.”Jeremy said.
“Aiden owns that camp, maybe be he likes her”Austin said.
“He is a cute guy anyway.. maybe they are dating”sora said
Not having an idea of Bryan and deya’s relationship.
Bryan walked into his room and closed the door.
Aidens pov.
I sat waiting for deya in my room and finally she walked in.
I smiled..
She handed me the award.
“Congrats”I said, she smiled.
“After training me,when you asked me out–
“You said you couldn’t date me but you would win every challenge I send you to and get me the award as payback” he said deya smiled
He took it and dropped it with others then hugged her she tapped his back then unlocked.
“How is Bryan”he asked she smiled.
“My phone was seized by my manager so i would concentrate. I texted bryan before it happened. So we hadn’t spoken since”deya said he nodded and hugged her tight again
“I love you”he said and finally she unlocked.
“Am going home tomorrow”she said.
He nodded.
Mandla’s pov.
Deya walked into the room.
It’s a miracle that deya changed.
But she didn’t ever agree to relax her hair..she said her hair belongs to Bryan.
She folded her full curly hair up and tied it …
Work out and dancing really made her figure hotter.
She wore a pink room slipper with 3 diamond stonned leg chains.
Then a pink polo which covered coverred her hip.
2 earrings..
A tattoo on her leg.
Of course she fixed her nails,it was pink.
Then her feet nails had natural polish.
She held her phone..her phone has a pink diamond laid pack.
Guys almost ran mad over deya here but the only name she knows is Bryan.
I still can’t belive deya danced better than me after I trained her.
She fell on nana
nana laughed.
“Deya that dance was hot”Linda said.
“A fan said my hip was made for dancing”deya said in a smile.
“Come on, Do that last step for me”nana said and deya stood up then increased her music volume.
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“This …”She said and danced. nana smiled.
Min ahh dropped her wine cup.
“Deya you are so famous now”min ah said.
deya smiled
“How is aiden”I asked
“You are drunk..I swear”deya said.
“Ohhhh is that why her hip is widening ?”nana said and deya started hitting her.
Tasha smiled
“Deya you will see Bryan tomorrow”tasha said.
deya hugged min ahh.
“I swear the first thing I will tell Kelvin is” just make love to me” ..3months is not 3 days” min ah said deya smiled.
“You know Am a good girl. I wont even see Bryan, I will go to my parents house direct” deya said and everyone threw their pillow at her.
She laughed.
Next day.
All the idols crowded south Korea’s main airport waiting for deya..Bryan wasn’t there.
deya walked out wiTh nana,min ah ahd tasha with zaina.
All the idols left there mouth open cos deya looked hottest.
As she walked she carefully moved her hair.
Her guards held her bag.
She was on call.
She dropped the call
the crowd noticed them and rushed her.
security covered her..
I love you deya
why not becone a Girlfriend.
check out her watch
unnie I want to touch you
i love you.
Deya laughed as tasha whispered something to her.
Jeremy smiled.
He was so happy.
Deya waved at her fans
She even bowed to them.
The crowd kept increasing.
Finally her friends left and she walked down while making a call
That was when she saw Jeremy
She screamed and dropped both her phone and purse on the floor.
she hugged Jeremy.
He carried her up, she smiled.
Then hugged all the idols
She hugged Austin.
She looked around.
“Oppa where is he, Ryan?”she asked Jeremy.
someone hugged her form behind.
She smiled happily and turned, it was Bryan.
she hugged him.
He kissed her and hugged her again
He looked at her
“I swear I love this new deya”he said and hugged her tight.
She held him tight.
They signed in at s-s-square and returned home.
They moved into Ryan’s room.
“I missed you so much, I almost died “deya said as she kissed him.
Ryan locked the door with his other hand.
Then kissed her back.
He zipped down her gown and she pulled out his top.
They kissed and deya gently unhooked his belt with her long pink artificial nail.
Someone knocked.
“They are not around” Ryan said
Jeremy laughed.
Deya dropped the belt then dropped his white trouser.
Ryan dropped her gown then she removed her shoes.
She pushed him into the bed he smiled and he suddenly laughed as She crawld to his body.
She sat on him and he leaned her in then unhooked her bra she laughed.
“I must be on top”deya said
“Awwwn nana finally spoilt her for me” Ryan said,
deya laughed and fell on him.
They had a fun fillled session.
Which inspired them to win the band challenged.
S-s-square was do proud of deya.
Deya debuted the next month and within one year she became the wealthiest idol in Korea..
mother and wife to dear Bryan.
Thanks for reading.

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