Chapter. Fourty Six
Emma’s POV.
“Move in with me.”
I sat up and so did Edan. His head resting on the headboard of the bed.
Move in? With him?
This was his condition.
How can I?
No. Not at all. Never.
“Edan! I-I…”
I can’t.
“Emma! You are and you will move in with me. I’m not hearing a no from you.” He stated.
I don’t know how to refuse him.
Do you want to Emma? Do you want
to move in?
No. I don’t want to.
Yes. I want to.
You liar. You want it deep down.
Urgh!!! Why is my inner voice always against me?
Why can’t we just agree on one thing?
Because you keep on denying that
you want him. You want to spend
each sec of your day, of your life with
him. But you don’t let yourself to
admit it. You keep on fighting. You
keep on denying. You keep on
battling. You are a coward! Stop it.
Stop it for once Emma!
Just stop.
Again my conscience is right. I hate the fact that it is always right.
“Edan. I can’t.” I averted my eyes.
“Why? Don’t you trust me? Don’t you love me?” He turned my face towards him.
I do trust him. I do love him.
“You don’t love me. Do you?”
I do love you.
“Edan! It’s not that!” I don’t know what excuse should I make.
“Emma! You love me or not?” He was so demanding.
“Yes. I do.” I stated in a whisper.
“You do what?”
D–n it Edan!!!
“I do love you. But-”
“But what?” He frowned.
“Look! I want to fully concentrate on my studies. And being with you. I don’t know. I just… I mean it will be difficult for me.” I rambled.
“You mean. I’m a distraction for you?” He smirked.
Of course, you are!!!
I bit my lower lip. It’s so d–n true. Whenever he’s around me I can’t function normally. I can’t think properly. Whenever I’m with him its just electrified sparks and butterflies invading my stomach. His touch, his sweet words, his caressing, his teasing, his kisses, his love. All of this just made me lose my mind.
“Edan! What I’m trying to say is. I’ll always remain in contact with you. We can hang out on weekends. We will see each other often. I was even thinking to reside the same apartment as your sister’s.”
I thought about it and then I thought it would be great to live with Lily. I liked her. She’s so full of energy and fun. I loved her company. And it’s only been a day.
“Nope. I’m not hearing anything else. That’s final. I want you to stay with me and besides its only a half hour drive from my house. I’ll drop you and pick you up.”
This arrogant, stubborn man!!!
“What? Seriously? Are you my daddy or something? Or am I a little girl?” I rolled my eyes.
He’s acting so possessive.
“No, I’m not your daddy, sweetheart! But…I am your boyfriend.” He sat straight and came closer.
“And this boyfriend of yours is 100 times more stubborn than you. So I’m not taking a no.” He had left no room for my excuses.
“Because Emma! I just can’t live a day without you. Hell! I can’t live a minute without you. You are always on my mind. The first thing when I walk up and the last thing when I go to sleep.”
He held my face in his warm hands. He caressed my cheek with his thumb creating an electrifying sensation throughout my body.
“I don’t want you to leave me. I’m afraid. Afraid of losing you. I am afraid that once you are gone you’ll never return. So…” He breathed in.
“I want you to be by my side always. I want to see you the first thing I woke up and the last thing when I go to sleep. And not just in my dreams but in reality. I want you in my arms when I go to sleep. I want to kiss you every time I get home, to hold you whenever I can, to make sure that this is not just a dream and that you’ll not leave me. I want you so badly Emma!”
My heart hammering in my ribcage. My body warm by his every word and his touch. My eyes fighting the tears in them. My mind trying to digest what he just said.
The revelation I came across made my heart ache. Ache from love by Edan.
I just don’t believe. How I just get someone like Edan?
He’s so caring, sweet and loving. He’s so protective and possessive. But I like his possessiveness. I like the way he treats me, the way he show’s his love, the way he kept on striving.
No matter how hard I try to still refuse his condition I just can’t. I knew that I want the same thing deep down and this time I’m gonna go with it.
I traced his jawline and then his nose and lips. He held my hand and kissed my fingertips and then my palm.
“Okay. I’ll move in with you.” His eyes shot up and in the next moment, he showered my face with kisses. He claimed my lips in a lingering kiss.
“Thanks. I guess my emotional blackmailing really had an effect on you.” He smirked.
What? Emotional blackmailing?
He’s is really impossible.
I rolled my eyes.
“Really? So that was all a drama of yours?”
“Oh, no baby! I’m just kidding. I truly meant my every word.” He chuckled and laid on the bed with me in his arms. His head buried in the crook of my neck. He kissed there.
“Now go to sleep sweetheart.” He entangled our legs and tightened his arms around me.
I felt my eyes drop heavy. I was sleepy all of a sudden.
“You are a crazy man,” I mumbled in my half sleep.
“Yes. I am. Crazy for my Emma!” I heard those words before I went to sleep. A smile on my face.
I looked at my surroundings. I was standing in a middle of a well-furnished room. I peeped through the window and saw mountains covered with snow. No wonder it was chilly out here.
I looked for Edan but couldn’t find him.
Where could he go?
I grabbed my white coat and went in the garden. It was a small cottage in the middle of mountains. The long trees as if their barks gently touching the sky.
The birds chirping and the sun was hiding behind the clouds.
I guess the sun is feeling a bit chilly
I smiled at my stupid, childish thought.
I looked through the garden but still no sign of him.
I went inside the cottage and searched the rooms again.
I saw a figure standing in front of the big window in the last room.
“Edan?” I went to him and hugged him from the back. My hands encircled around his waist.
He turned around and smashed his lips on mine.
I returned the kiss back, my hands went to his black hair.
“I missed you my Emy!”
Edan never calls me that.
I pushed him away and parted my lips.
I looked at him.
He was not Edan! Where did he go?
I’m sure it was Edan. But where is he
now? And how did this beast came
My body started to panic. Sweat beads formed on my head. The hair on the nape of my neck stood up.
“Missed me Emy?” He smirked and hold me tighter. He started kissing my neck.
It disgusts me. The sense of his lips, his body against mine disgusts me. His presence disgusts me.
I pushed him away but his hold gets tighter. So tight that my waist would be crushed if he continued to hold me with the same force.
I pushed him away but he didn’t flinch.
“Let go of me! You Bastard!” I yelled trying my best to get away from him but he growled.
I had evoked his anger.
He gripped my hair and pulled my face up forcefully. I shrieked at the pain. Tears welled up in my eyes.
Edan! Where are you?
I need you Edan!
“This time your rich boyfriend isn’t going to save you.” He smirked.
“Edan!” I screamed.
But no sign of him.
I fell to the ground by his slap. My cheek was hurting so badly. My tears made their way out of my eyes. I cried holding my cheek.
Emma! You’re strong. Fight for
He grabbed my hair and pulled me by it to stand up.
His eyes burning with rage and a smirk plastered on his face.
You need to be strong. Fight him.
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I aimed for his face but he dodged. As he did I kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine.
He groaned in pain. I tried to free myself from his grip but he hardened his grip.
“You f**king w—e.” He growled and dragged towards the bed.
He pushed me on the bed and stood in front of me. Opening his shirt he tossed it on the floor.
My eyes widened.
“Now you’re gonna get what you really deserve. You are a w—e.” He climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck.
I pushed him but he grabbed my hands with his one hand and rested them above my head.
“Please no. Stop!” I pleaded.
He was going to rape me.
“So now you are begging me? My sweet Emy! By the time I’m done f**king you. You will be screaming my name.” He smirked.
“Edan!” I screamed but it came like a whimper.
The tears cascading down my eyes.
“Stop calling him! You were, are and will remain mine.” He smacked me on my face and kissed me so hard that I was sure my lips were bruised by now.
I could taste the blood in my mouth.
I heard him unbuckle his belt.
Edan where are you?
“Emma!” That voice. It’s Edan’s.
I turned my head towards the door.
There he was! His eyes bloodshot.
I knew he would come.
I saw as Edan’s body went limp and he fell on the ground.
“EDAN!!!!” I screamed.
“There. Now no one’s gonna disturb us.”
He shot him.
That monster shot my Edan.
It’s all because of me. Edan had died because of me.
Everything was finished now.
I cried as that monster took my most precious thing from me.
“Edan!” I cried.
“Emma! Emma!” I was still hearing his voice.
“Emma! D–n it!” His voice! It lingers in my mind.
to be continued…….

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