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Chapter Fouty Five
Emma’s POV.
“Are we gonna rest in one room?”
I questioned when Edan and I entered a room. Its walls were painted in grey color. A king size bed was placed in the center with lamps placed on each side table. The only lamps illuminating the room.
A walk-in closet was present along with a small side mirror.
It was a simple room but looked so elegant.
“Yeah.” He gave a simple answer.
It’s not like I haven’t slept with him before but every time when I’m around him I just can’t stop the strange feelings. These feelings just set my whole body on fire.
“What? Are you afraid you can’t resist me?” He smirked.
I rolled my eyes.
Yeah right!
“Look who’s talking. Well, Mr. Wilton, you said earlier that YOU are the one who can’t resist me.”
I pointed out.
“Well, That’s absolutely right Miss James. And I may not be able to resist you tonight. And this dress is making it quite difficult for me.” He whispered in a husky voice.
My body shivered.
What does he mean he can’t resist
me tonight?
“Don’t worry Emma! I won’t do anything without your permission.”
My body relaxed but I feel a little disappointed.
But why?
Do you want that?
But what was Edan referring to?
“Emma!” He came closer and held my cheek gently.
“I was just joking. I mean not the whole part. You do look gorgeous today. And it’s really d–n hard for me to resist you. But-”
He inhaled.
“I’ll wait for you.”
My heart hinged in my rib cage.
I could see the desire, the lust, the
want in his eyes.
Does that mean he wants me?
But I’m not ready.
I haven’t told him. I haven’t told him that I have never been in any sexual relationship.
I’m a virgin.
I’m afraid I’ll never be able to give what he wants from me.
But I’m glad he loves me and I trust him. I believe in him. I believe that he won’t just give up on us.
I’ll wait for you.
Does he really mean it?
“Edan! I may never be ready.” I averted my eyes stating the truth.
“So what? I’ll wait for you. If I have to wait for like an eternity.”
He held my cheek and turned my face towards him. Our eyes staring at each other.
There in his eyes. I can see that he meant each and every word.
I tiptoed and connect my lips with his in a gentle kiss.
“Thank you.”
“Thank you for everything.” I literally mean that.
Edan is the main reason behind my change. He had cracked the shell. He had made me that Emma who was lost somewhere. Who died 4 years ago. But he gave me a new life. He made me realize it.
He became my reason to smile. He made me look forward into the future, to look forward in my life. I am really blessed to have him.
I drew back and headed towards the bed.
“Whose room is this?” I roamed my eyes around the room.
I feel so comfortable in this room.
“It was mine when I use to live here. I’m still surprised, they haven’t misplaced a single thing. Its just like I had left yesterday.” He answered moving towards his closet.
He looked through it and tossed a white button-up shirt towards me.
“I’ll take some clothes from Lily. You don’t have to.” I took his shirt.
No. I want to wear his shirt.
Stop it.
You know you want to. Deep down.
Uuhh! Maybe.
“I know you can take her clothes. But-”
He came closer and sat on the bed. He came closer so that his breath fanning my neck.
I felt electric shocks throughout out my body.
“You’re gonna wear it. Because-”
He kissed my neck, trailing kisses down my bare shoulder.
“You look extremely sexy and hot with my shirt on. And besides-”
His kisses got intense. He continued planting wet kisses on my shoulder blade. My body was turned on. The heat radiating through it. My cheeks flushed and I hold back a moan.
“Besides it just gives me a proof that you are MINE. ” He groaned and drew his head upward leaving me for more.
His lips connected with mine. I fell on the bed by his force with Edan on top of me.
He bit my lower lip to access my mouth and I gladly gave him that access. His tongue exploring my mouth. Our tongues dancing in unison but Edan being more experienced succeeded in gaining the upper hand.
I grabbed his thick black locks and pulled them. My other hand on his back.
He parted and trailed kisses along my jawline. His one hand rested on my thigh whilst other hand holding me by my waist.
His hand trailed upward towards my inner thighs. His thumb drawing soothing circles on its way.
My breath hinged at the contact of his hand with my inner thigh.
I was wet by now due to his touch. His touch creating a burning sensation throughout my body.
His hands made its way near the hem of my dress, pushing it upwards exposing my thighs.
His lips made its way to my right side of the neck and I inclined my neck to another side to give him a better access.
I moaned his name.
He s—-d and nibbled my skin. His tongue creating an e—-c sensation in my body.
His hands doing unexplainable things to my body.
His hands move upward and went to my stomach. The bare contact of his hand created an electrifying spark.
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered kissing my crook of the neck. His tongue doing magical things to my body.
His hand rested on my panties and my heart accelerated. My breath caught up in my throat.
I need to stop this.
Or else I’ll not be able to resist it.
I’m not ready yet.
I need to stop him. Stop me.
“Edan!” I breathed out.
“Ahan?” He continued kissing. His lips made its way to the valley of my chest.
“I can’t.” I exhaled.
He stopped and for a minute I regretted.
His face came closer to mine. His eyes having disappointment in them but in a flash, it was replaced with care.
He pecked my lips.
“I’ll wait.”
After saying this he went to the washroom. I brought myself back.
I’m feeling guilty. I know what he wants but I’m afraid I may not be able to give him that. Moreover, I am not quite thrilled with myself. I don’t think so that I’m that beautiful. I’m not much fond of my own self.
Sometimes it is just so hard to believe that Edan loves me. It is hard to believe where my fate had taken me.
I thought there wasn’t a single sign of love in my life for me. But I found him. I guess we were destined to meet on that day and I was destined to fall for him and to find love which once I thought I’ll never find.
I just hope we remain as we are.
I hope he will never leave me. We remain beside each other until the
end or at least as long as this
relationship goes.
I quickly changed into Edan’s shirt and button up. Edan came out in his pants, his muscular chest, his abs.
Oh my God!
I looked at his naked chest and towards his V line.
D–n Emma! Return to your senses.
Would you?
It’s not like I haven’t seen him like this but during that time I had never noticed him like in this way.
But now I just can’t help but look how sexy and handsome he was. He is really every girl’s dream. And me.
I’m opposite of him.
I looked down at my hands. My almost black hair hiding my face in them.
I felt the bed dip beside me giving me an indication that Edan’s just beside me.
“As I have already said. You look hot and sexy.” He brushed my hair out of my face and gently push them behind my ear.
My cheeks reddened.
“Am I proud to know that this blush is due to me. And I’m the reason behind it.”
He chuckled and I blushed harder.
D–n you Edan!
He always knows how to swept me by his words, and how to make me blush. He knows how to make me laugh and how to make me smile.
He held my chin gently so that I was looking in his eyes.
I just love them. I just love him.
I don’t know what just came over me but I wrapped my arms around his neck and dipped my head in his crook of the neck.
He was taken aback by my sudden action and even for me, it was quite unusual and strange.
I just want him to hold me.
“Emma? Are you alright?” His voice concerned.
I nodded in his neck.
“I just w-want y-you to-”
“To?” He questioned.
“To never let me go,” I whispered in his neck.
Oh, God! It feels like I’m desperate or
Idiot! Why just I said it!
But I don’t want him to let go. I will never survive without him. He had spoiled me and now I will never be able to live my life without him.
He’s the reason behind my life.
Edan encircled his arms around me. He hugged me tighter.
“I promise. I’ll die but never leave you.” He kissed my head.
Tears started streaming down my eyes.
I was happy.
Beyond happy.
“Thank you,” I whispered.
“Thank you, Emma. Thank you for letting me love you.” He kissed my head and soothed my hair.
We lay on the bed. Our legs entangled whilst my head placed on his bare chest. I could hear the rhythmic beating of his heart.
With his one hand, he was playing with my hair and his hand wrapped around me.
“I got admission in NYU.”
I told him. I know I have to tell him sooner or later. Moreover, I have only one month left before my classes start.
“Congratulations.” He whispered and kissed my head.
“I’ll not work for you. I’ll quit.” His caress stops and his body stilled.
I looked up to see his face. His jawline stiffened.
“What do you mean by that?”
I could tell he was getting a little frustrated now.
“I-” I breathed out.
“I want to fully concentrate on my studies. I don’t think I’ll be able to manage both my job and my studies. So I will quit.”
“According to that contract, I can’t quit. So could you issue me my resign?” I continued.
His eyes looking past me. For at least 5 minutes he didn’t reply. My anxiety raised up.
“On one condition.” He finally answered.
One condition?
Before I could ask, he gave me that condition.
My eyes got wide open.
“Move in with me.”
to be continued…

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