forever and ever yours
written by : chidinma Jerry.
#season_3 ‘s_episode_ 2O
Her love is so sweet and innocent.
I looked at my body which she covered well.
I smiled as i looked around her room.
I saw the pad pack.
The cloth she Removed.
Some dolls..
I saw her uniform..
What does she need..I logged into s-squares market.
What’s her shoe size.
I checked her shoe..ok
I ordered a pink,black, white,red, canvass. Different designs
Dreame highs uniform 3 more..
7 different designers school bag.
Hmmmm what else..
Ok she wasn’t wearing an earing.
8 earrings,2 diamond, 2gold, 2silver,2 pearls.
Uhmmm will she wear these, her mum doesn’t really know she has a boyfriend.
I ordered them first.
I looked at her mirror.
I swear the house is so well kept seems they where rich before they don’t seem poor.
Finally rose walked in I smiled and she sat on the bed.
“Ummm what do your parents do?”I asked
“My mum lost her job as a professor and my dad ..well he had a lot of debtors so his supermarket was locked down”she said
“What’s your mum’s name” I asked
“Ohh Isa, isa Daniels” she said.
I nodded
“Your dad”I asked
“Daniel Hart”she said.
I nodded.
She walked into the shower and i texted my manager
“Hey Sam
“Where are you
“Forget that, uhmmm isa Daniels the professor I want her called back to work tomorrow”
“Ok done
“Also her husband,pay the debtor’s
“Ok done
“I love you
“Get lost
I smiled and dropped my phone she knocked on the shower door.
I stood up
“Pretty”I said
“Uhmmm can you, well hand me the that”she said
“Huh?”I added
“Anything pink you saw on my drawer”she said
“Pink towel ?”I asked
“No uhmmm well, jace”she said i saw the sanitary pad and smiled.
I opened it and handed her one.
After a while she opened the door.
She saw me and hid the used one behind her, i smiled.
“Are you okay?”I asked
She nodded
“Turn”she said.
i turned.
After a while she sat on the bed I smiled as i sat beside her.
“I love you”i said.
she smiled.
“Me too”she said.
i smiled.
she moved closer then kissed me with her eye closed.
I smiled and kissed her back.
I moved my fingers into her waist and we kissed hotly for a long while.
i moved her into my arms and we hugged for a long time
“Why where you so difficult miss”i asked she laughed and unlocked then looked closely in my face
“Should I get you a top,”she asked i pecked her lips she smiled and hugged me again.
“I want to tell my mum but am scared”she said
“Do you hate keeping things from your mum,”i asked
“Yes,it makes me feel sick..right from when I was little I shared things with her like she was my best friend”she said
“Then tell her,in the morning”i said and hugged her tight.
“Do you experience period pains?”I asked
“A bit”she said and touched her tummy.
I smiled and hugged her tighter.
Hana’s pov.
I closed my door and Evan moved in a bit with his hands folded.
He looked a bit angry.
I smiled
“Ummm sorry”I said
“Why keep such a reckless boyfriend?”he asked
“He is my ex..we broke up”I said he nodded and looked at his white diamond laid slipper as he stood by my door.
“Why not sit?”I asked he looked at my bed and moved his hair behind
“It’s fine”he said.
Is the house– Of course the house is disgusting.
I sat on my bed ..
Then lifted the cup of Ramyeon..
“Then Where is mine”he asked
“I thought–
He took the one I was holding from me I smiled and took another as we both sat on the bed.
The music in my neighbours room played.
Evan looked around my room
“It seems you are my fan”he asked
“Yes, I love you”i said he smiled
“No not that way..like a fan”I said and forced the food into my mouth.
“So you live alone?”he asked
Tears escaped my eye..I started crying..
His eye widened
“Hana”he said
“My granny finally died, everyone died..I feel like dying”I cried out in deep tears Evan hugged me.. my cup fell as well as his.
He held me like that….
I kept crying to his shoulders
After a while he unlocked..
“Sorry”he said
I dried my tears and looked away.
“Are you full?”I asked him
“I will cook”I said
“No you don’t–
“Oh its ok”I said and tied my hair up.
I opened the Door and he stood up
“No wait here?”I said and held the Door
“No lets go”Evan said and ran into the rain like a stubborn kid
“Hey kid”I shouted and ran after him he ran off laughing
Finally he stopped and the rain dropped on his hair.
I used my hand to cover his head
“What are you doing?”I asked he bent and pecked my cheek.
my eye widened
I touched my cheek..
“Hey”I said.
he smiled
“Where is the kitchen”he said and dragged my hair..
I Pointed and Evan dragged my hand we ran off.
Soon we arrived.
“You might fall sick here”I said and used my fingers to clean his body he smiled and kissed my cheek again.
I used both hands to cover my face.
He smiled..
I smiled..
I never belived in love at first sight now what is happening to me.
“Hana cook”he said.
I smiled as I opened our cupboard.
I took a chair to climb up but Evan lifted me up with his hand on my waist
“Hey”i shouted.
he smiled.
I opened the cupboard and took the key to the lower one.
Why is he so playful.
I took everything I needed to cook.
He smiled and tried sitting I pulled him up
“It’s dirty”I said and spread my wrapper there he sat.
“Which school,”he asked
“Uhhhh none”I said he nodded.
I mixed everything and placed it on fire.
“Why did you come here?”I asked
“I came to see you”he said and looked in my face
“Why?”I asked
“Cause you left without saying goodbye”he said
“But why will you care–
He bent and kissed my cheek again.
I hit him and he laughed.
I used my hair to cover my cheek
I turned the food
“Do you eat spicy food?”I asked
He nodded and moved closer to me.
I stood still I couldn’t turn again.
I opened the pot and hot water dropped on my leg
“Ouch”i screamed and rolled over.
Evan caught me and held me tight..
He smiled and balanced me on my feet I bowed and opened the pot then turned down the light.
“Lets go back”I said as i carried the pot.
we ran into the rain while laughing into nothing.
Then into my room.
I hastily locked the door and Evan locked the window.
we sat on the floor.
“The rain is wicked”Evan said as I handed him the chop stick.
“It once ruined our kitchen last year”i said as I deeped my chopstick into the noodles and tried forcing it into my mouth, Evan hastily blew air on the food
My eye widened.
“You forgot”he said
I nodded
“Eat”I said
“Am full”he said.
“Did I cook for me alone?”i asked
“Ok”he said and started eating
“How was it?”i asked
“It’s great actually”he said
I smiled ..
How we bonded I don’t understand.
I looked at his lips and looked away
soon we where done.
I gave him the only drinking water remaining.
“Drink half”I said
“Huh”he added.
“Half”I said and placed my fingers on the limit.
“This is wickedness”he said
“Hey”i said
“Ok”he said.
I held the bottle and lifted to his pretty lips.
He tried finishing it I hastily took the can and ran away.
He laughed.
I finished it and threw the can in the rain.
I closed the door and the light went out so i turned in the
“I will Bath”I said he nodded and turned on a music on his phone as well as his phone light.
I bathed ..
I wore my white pajamas.
I walked out and looked in the mirror first to make sure my nipple didn’t trace..
Evan’s pov.
I looked around and finally she walked out.
“Evan are you going home today?”she asked
“Yes sure, i will just–
“This Is twelve fifty”she said my eye widened.
“And its raining, what can you do?”she asked
“Its fine I will stay in my car”I said
“That’s not safe. Stay on the bed I will stay on the floor here” she said and squatted to take a matress
“Hanna I can’t let you stay on the floor,the weather is cold”i said.
She nodded and packed her hair then sat on the bed.
I smiled.
We both tried taking a pillow at the same time our hands met.
I held her wrist softly..
I felt fire works everywhere.
She hastily collected her hand.
We both dropped the pillow and lay down.
“Goodnight”she said
I nodded and turned to cover her well..
She took a deep breath and we started moving into each other..I finally leaned in and kissed her as i moved over to her.
She kissed me back and locked her arm around my neck.
I moved well on top of her and we kissed like that for a sweet long while.
I unlocked and gently kissed her cheek into her ear then kissed her lips again
Hana’s pov.
What exactly am I doing..
After 7 months of controlling my desires after loosing by virginity..I don’t understand why am falling now .
Evan finally unbuttoned my shirt slowly and when He was done he lifted me up and pulled it out i carefully removed his top then he moved down into my body and kissed me from my lips to my neck then down to my cleavage..
He licked the sides of my breast
I moaned as he traced his lips down to my tummy.
He kissed me down to my pubic bone then lifted my hip from the bed and removed my trouser.
I kicked it off and he removed the white trouser her wore then moved into my body.
He kissed my lips and kised my neck sweetly..
I moaned out and finally he licked into the middle of my chest then sucked my already hard ni**le
I moaned as he brushed his fingers down and massaged my Clit at the same time..
I brushed my fingers into his hair ..
finally he lifted my hip from the bed again then pulled out my pant this time.
He moved in and took my legs..
he carefully lifted my leg up to my face
then penetrated ..
I moaned out.
I felt him deeply inside of me and i moaned as he rode me to the moon and back.
I kept shrieking out moans, as my bed made crazy noises..
Evan was so not gentle in bed.
I moaned up and down.
He grabbed my br**st and and I felt his hardness as he pounded hard into me.
after a while Evan turned me to my back on the bed then ate into my neck from behind as he straddled me from behind.
I moaned out
He moved in and out of me in a sweet rythym.
He was so sweet..
I moaned In with my lower lip trapped into my mouth as he dragged my hair and and licked into my shoulders then kept pounding into me.
I moaned out and threw my face up I felt him grab my br**st which was facing the bed then as he fu*cked me Hardly he pressed and squeezed hardly.
leaving me in all moans.
We went on like this and finally I released and threw my head down on the bed.
I felt so sweet but i still felt small discomfort.
he moved in one more time the He moved out of me.
I took a deel breath as he cleaned me off himself.
Then slept off after covering me well.
Tears filled my eyes.
I regretted everything..
Why did I do this with someone who doesn’t even know my name.
What am I becoming..
If i continue like this then I might as well be called a harlot wen am just nineteen.
Was this what the walls of my virginity protected me from??
Inability to control sexual desires??
I did it again.
I dried my tears.
Early in the morning I won’t see him again. Just like Logan he will leave.
I woke in the morning..I was naked gosh Hana.
I covered my body well with the wrapper.
I touched the bed but i didn’t feel him.
I smiled and dried my tears.
I folded my legs on the Bed and tears bathed me.
just then someone dropped a fruit basket in front of me.
my eye widened
“thanks for last night” he said in a smile as he leaned on his Palm and looked in my face.
“Do you cry early in the morning, by chance, is that your beauty secret?”he asked I smiled and looked down.
he lifted the Apple to my mouth..
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I smiled out tears as i took it from him.
“Hana come home wlth me, i enrolled you in school?”he said
“really? which school?”i asked
“Dreams high”he said.
“But What will be in your house,”i asked.
“Anything you feel comfortable being. you can also work if you like”he said.
I nodded and he gave me the banana.
he doesn’t want to talk about last night.
I guess it was just sex.
he is an idol after all so he has a lot of mistresses and girls.
sex with one poor girl shouldnt be anything.
am glad he didn’t run.
Logan I gave my virginity ran.
i feel small discomforts
he was so rough with me last night but it was fun.
I lifted my hand and saw a diamond bracelet glitter, I smiled
“Did you give me this?”i asked.
He nodded.
“in case you didn’t want to come to my house, I wanted to give you a gift that can feed you for 2O years if sold” he said.
I smiled
“And now that i agreed to come?”i asked
“It’s still yours, this too”he said and lifted my other leg.
a gold laid ankelet was there.
I smiled.
how I wish he can be mine.
but am sure he has a girlfriend..
Maybe he would have asked me out if he didn’t.
no he can’t ask me out am not his class and I still gave him my body cheaply.
“thanks”I said he nodded and took a call
I stood up and he watched my step..I tried covering it but i couldn’t.
I walked into the shower and walked out then lay on the bed where he sat.
“Hanna why do you feel pains?”he asked
“No, no its not pains”I said and lay my face on the pillow.
“when was the last time you had sex”he asked
“last 7 months,that was when i lost my virginity..then he never came back,Logan” I said and dried my tears as i remembered that day.
“if this was your second– why didn’t you tell Me to be gentle with you?”he said and hugged me tight i smiled as I lay there Quietly
“Evan what am i to you?”i asked he couldn’t talk
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.
I should be called his mistress..
so actually happy..he has done more than I dreamed off.
I guess he is too good to be mine but now I can go to school.
I smiled happily
Austin’s pov.
i can’t belive we had sex last night..
it was crazily beautiful..
she is so beautiful.
I already changed the bed cover and we bathed but she wouldn’t stop sleeping neither did she dress up.
I covered her body well with the white duvet she turned and moved into my body I hugged her deeply.
then held her tight..I pecked her lips she smiled
“I love you ” she said i smiled and moved her over to lie on my shoulders.
Allison’s pov.
yesterday night was unexpected but fun.
Austin handed me a cup of wine I smiled and gulped down everything..i felt a ring in my mouth..
I was surprised..
I hid it
he lifted the cup
“Hey didn’t you see anything?’he asked
“me no”I said
“but —
“what was it?”i asked
“well it was–
he turned to look for it I hastily wore the ring and showed him my fingers he smiled
“Yes”I said
“Really?”he asked
“Yes yes yes” I shouted and we kissed them moved back into each other’s arms..
my phone rang.
“hello?”i asked
“detective we found him.”they Said.
I nodded and ran out of the bed
“be careful”Austin said
I nodded.
I dressed up
“baby you didn’t bath?”austin said
“I bathed by 3″I said as i pulled in my short.
“thats too short”he said i dropped it and wore a gown.
“bra”he said
“No it won’t be notic–
“Alison”he said
“fine”I added
I wore a bra and rushed out with my bag.
I came back and kissed him with my gun on his tummy he smiled.
I closed the room door.
I ran off.
I headed to the market.
I want to meet the guy who created this per knife.
only him can give me info on that guy who burnt down deya’s dad’s house.
I followed the address and walked in.
“Hey,DiD you make this?”i asked and lifted it.
“that’s a special knife for a special customer, are you a cop?”he asked.
“What I am is not your business but if you don’t talk, your sons teacher might call you now and tell you that your son king who is forth grade of star high has been shot from the window”I said
“No that’s not necessary, his name is Kelly.” he said
“where does he live?”i asked
“I don’t know”he said
“Where does he live ?”i asked
he looked around and hastily wrote the address then handed it to me.
I smiled.
“leave my son”he said
“I don’t have your son”I said and pointed to the school I.d on his table.
king lee
fourth grade
star high
school I.d
“You used me”he said
“No but piece of advice, protect your sons identity”I said and ran into my car.
I headed off to Kelly’s house.
Mr Kim’s pov.
I was in Kelly’s house,we went through some certificates.
I got a text from my source
“Kelly” I said.
” boss”he said.
“Allison Is tracking you down”I said.
“Waaat”he said.
“How can you be so stupid to forget your knife” i Said and punched him.
“boss she can’t get any info on me,trust me” he said.
“better be sure” i said.
“but you need to leave right away “he said
“does that dealer know your adress?”i asked
“well yes”he said
“fool and you are just telling me now”I said and stood up.
Allison’s pov.
I got to kelly’s house.
I need this boy.
he was in the crime scene so Bryan can recognize him easily..
I must get him arrested and he will tell me who the main master mind of this crime is.
I lifted my gun and tried pushing his door when i heard voices..
this voice
so familiar
who is be calling boss.
could the master mind be here too?
I hid behind the door and waited patiently.
finally a man walked out with his hands in his pocket.
i couldn’t see his face but his body build looked like nana’s dad. no I know it can’t be him..
I stood up and lifted my gun to his head.
“turn with your hands on your head” I said.
he was shocked.
he didn’t turn.
“turn” I said and clutched my gun.
he raised his hand to his head and turned..
I dropped my jaw in shock
“Kim soo hyun?”…

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