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forever and ever yours
written by : chidinma Jerry.
#season_3 ‘s_episode_ 18
“come on, my eyes are close”I said and carried deya up she smiled and held me tight.
I carried her into the shower and placed her in the Jacuzzi.
I made the water warm and foamy..
she relaxed so I left her there and walked into the room to change the bed cover..
I came back and changed the water into clean water.
after a while I carried her out and made her sit on the bed then I Dried her body.
odeya’s pov.
I stood still and Bryan dried my body with the towel.
after that he tied it round my chest
I still felt pain.
I wondered when it will stop.
my phone rang
“uhmmm must be rose”I said and took the phone.
I sat down and bryan dried my hair
“hey, who Is this?”I asked
“deya,its nice to hear your voice”a male voice said.
my eye widened..
Bryan will break my phone.
“uhmmm hy”I said
“hy, your voice Is as pretty as you” he said i smiled and bryan was just watching me like a movie.
“but who are you?”I asked
“just a secret admirer sugar”he said.
I nodded and dropped the call.
Bryan walked out
I sat well..secret admirer..
he sounded sweet..
Bryan returned with my pajamas and a red pant.
“was that rose”he asked as he deeped both my legs in and lifted my pant…
I smiled and sat up.
Bryan pulled it in
“no not rose” I said and he wore the trouser for me.
“so who was it?”he asked.
“I don’t know” I said and he jealously forced my hand into the jacket.
“ouch”I said
“who was it?”he asked childishly.
I smiled and hugged him tight where he stood
“bryan,you are too jealous”I said as i wrapped my arms round his waist
he chuckled.
“am not …am just,don’t take unknown calls”he said and came out of my body then buttoned my jacket.
he made me sit well on the bed…
“thank you for the waist chain”I said he smiled.
he squatted and lifted my leg then looked at it Quietly.
he smiled.
he wrapped a diamond anklet on my ankle.
it glittered .. my eye widened.
“but I don’t wear anklets” I said.
“well you just started”he said i smiled.
he removed my old ear ring and placed a diamond earing there.
he looked At my neck and realised I was still wearing the necklace he gave me
“thank you”i said.
“tell me what you want deya, anytime and any day. tell me anything you want even the ones that feel impossible I will do them all for you. even if you want to buy your street just tell me huh”he said i nodded.
he brought food.
“eat”he said
“you too” I said and deeped my fingers in the food.
he fed me and I fed him too.
he smiled..
I smiled.
“ahhhh” I said he opened up and i fed him.
I felt like kissing him so i kissed him.
after all, he is mine forever.
this thoughts make me happy.
mine forever.
“open”he said
“no am full” I said.
he forced his fingers into my mouth I laughed and used my teeth to bite his hand.
after that we cleared out and i fell on the pillow.
he touched my pant I smiled
“is it still painful?”he asked
“yes”I said
“much”he asked
“yes”I said in a smile
“what should I do?”he asked
“just just leave your hand there”I Said he laughed I smiled and i lay on his chest.
“we will rehearse finally tomorrow”he said
I nodded
“bryan can I ask you some thing”I said
he nodded
“jace,is he a play boy?”I said Bryan smiled
“every male idol loves women deya, the like girls,sex,fun..it inspires”he said and picked his phone.
“so you are like that too,” i asked
“me nooooo”he said i smiled and hugged him tight.
“is jace good for rose?”I asked.
“jace is still very young,you know he is the youngest right. his love is still innocent so rose is lucky cos he can’t hurt her I swear. he will treat her well”Bryan said i nodded.
“am happy” I said as i brushed my fingers into his face and touched his hair.
he smiled
“so how old are you?”I asked he smiled shyly.
I laughed
“he’s shy”I said in a happy smile he smiled
“ahh am shy”he said and used his pillow to cover his face I laughed.
evans pov.
I walked into the guest room immediately I returned home at midnight.
I wanted to see how the girl was doing.
I met my maid outside
“what did the doctor say?”I asked
“she is ok”my maid said so i walked in.
she was sleeping soundly…
a white duvet covered her body.
she kept fighting with her hair until I removed them and tucked them into her ear..
I traced the length and it stopped at her hip..
I left it there.
what am i doing.
I removed my hand from her body
she rolled to her side then slept off.
God plesse, don’t let this happen to me..
don’t let me fall in love..
save me from that curse.
I don’t believe in love at first sight.
I looked at the band in her wrist..
I gently turned her hand it was written boyfriends Evan
awwwww is she my fan.
I covered her body well and left.
i fell on my bed….
now I don’t feel comfortable staying alone.
should I call a girl.
I never dated a girl before.
having to much women around you makes it difficult for you to choose.
so I just have my fun..
but sometimes I also feel lonely..
according to Jeremy..
life Is sweeter when you have that special someone who you belong in her arms.
jace has been drinking sadly..he hasn’t left his house.
he missed all dreame meetings.
after Playing so much I am sure no one told him that he will fall in love with an impossible girl
Austin has been so moody recently.
he never dated before.
I know how it feels when you confess your feelings and you don’t even get the cheapest response..
Allison didn’t even give him a response she overlooked his confession like it wasn’t her problem.
Austin almost died of pain when he came to see me at the hotel.
I never kneel he was so emotional.I was shocked to see him shed tears.
he really changed and Alison is not willing to see him as more than a friend.
Austin why did you fall for a detective.
even if she likes you too..they are trained to keep their feelings aside.
oh God,i don’t want love..
it’s so painful.
I heard a sound and rushed into the room.
oh no ..the dirt–
the girl fell.
I looked at her where she lay on the floor.
are you not used to high beds?
she wore a red gown..her cleavage was showing.
so white..her skin is pretty.
I looked at her legs.
Evan..your eye Wil rape this girl.
I smiled.
who dressed her like this..in this weather
I took a jacket and made her sit up then I pulled it in.
I care fully placed her on the bed and covered her.
I sat watching her and each time she rolled over I would stand in a haste.
I was this stupid till four in the morning.
what the fuck
why do you care.
I angrily ran into my room and fel on the bed.

early the next morning I opened the door but i didn’t see her again.
I felt like something left from my being.
I sat on the bed
no name..
how do I find you.
I got so restless.
what is this..why do I care.
Alison’s pov.
I can’t offer what austin wants.
I dropped my gun behind my Jean belt.
I dressed for work when my phone rang.
“inspector Joseph” I said.
“Alison go to the general bank, some investigations are going on and i promised to send a braniac detective”he said.
“No,” i said
” you know this is more important after all choi se won has no enemies”he said.
“but still–
‘that’s an order
“Yes sir.
I dropped the call..
wel I trust my team to care for deya’s dad.
I headed out.
hana’s pov.
my granny was burried..
someone touched me last night and i was awake but the only thing I dont understand is why I formed sleep and let him touch my hair when he came back.
boyfriends Evan, he was the one who hit me
he has always been the only one I liked in all the boyfriends I can’t believe I met him.
I lifted my book where I pested his picture.
too bad I couldn’t see him well.
I can’t believe what I did last night..
but then how did I get dressed in a sweater
I don’t remember the part but I know I was well awake wen he placed my hair on my butt.
I was awake when he left my room
then I slept off.
I better stay away.
I really can’t believe what I did last night..
I let him touch me even when I was awake..
hana are you mad
I already accepted my fate.
my granny was never good to me.
I dropped the cups of ramyeon I bought on the table.
it’s just a small room.
I normally slept on the floor while my granny stayed on the bed
but now you don’t know how scared I am.
I looked up
I can’t believe Evan’s picture is on my roof too.
then on my fan.
he is just too cute..
then he sings well and he is real.
each time I go for the live show he is the only one I want to see.
I watched the picture and i felt less scared.
just then someone walked into my room I sat up in fear.
my ex
“hana finally your granny is dead,she always stopped me from seeing you”he said.
he was drunk.
“Logan what are you doing”I said
“I miss you,” he said i hastily ran to my door he pulled me to the wall.
“Logan leave me”I said
“no one will protect you from me hana, just accept me back”he said.
“logan let Me go”I said.
he forcefully Zipped down my gown from the front.
my red bra to my tummy opened.
I got scared and tried pushing him away he trapped my hand.
don’t rape me.
“Logan stop” I said and he kissed my neck
“plesse” i said.
I felt someone drag him away..
I hastily used my granny wrapper cover my body.
it was Evan…
“coming to a girl’s house to rape her, are you drunk?” Evan said and punched him
he fell
“she’s My girlfriend, hana will you lie? you call this rape”he shouted.
Evan looked at me.
I covered my body well and dried my tears.
“even if she Is your girlfriend you should have some respect”he said and kicked him again..
why is Evan so angry.
Logan coughed out blood.
I rushed Logan..
“is this how you treat women”Evan said and tried kicking him i used my hand to cover Logan.
Evan scoffed and moved back.
“hana am sorry, i will change..it was my friends please. tell him to go away so we can talk” Logan said.
I looked at Evan..
he tried leaving but
it started raining heavily.
he scoffed angrily
oh no..
should I call him back
“hana tell him to go” Logan said
Evan brushed his hair behind with his fingers and looked away.
I stood up and closed my window.
Evan tried entering the rain I gently dragged his sweater.
Logan angrily left.
“uhmm don’t enter the rain”I said and watched Logan rush into the rain then enter his car.
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Allison’s pov.
I was on the system working but i swear all my mind is on deya’s dad i don’t know why.
I called my team
“is choi se won safe?”I asked
“yes he is even drinking with his friends”they said.
I dropped
“detective any evidence”a co-worker asked me
“am still on it”i said
“ok its getting late.the team wanted to get some drinks after we solve the case.”he said
I nodded.
drinks drinks drinks.
choi se won is a grumpy man.
where Is Austin
why did I think about Austin now.
he keeps appearing in my mind and distracting me.
Alison stop.
ok choi se won is a grumpy man.
grumpy men don’t have too much friends.
grumpy men drink alone.
waat do they mean
I called my team again.
not reaching.
I ran off and met a man who was masked in a lonely area.
i looked around the place was lonely.
“who are you,” I asked.
he brought out his per knife.
I gasped.
“detective you can’t leave yet”he said.
Kelly’s p.o.v.
in few minutes we will set choi se wons house on fire with him inside.
this little girl can’t spoil things.
my name is Kelly yes.
I was the lead culprit in the death of that pretty boys parents.
right now sir Kim ordered me to kill Alison if she proves stubborn.
“move”Alison said and brought out her gun.
I kicked the gun out of her hand she turned and gave me a flying kick.
they didn’t tell she was strong.
we entered a combat.
I grabbed her and tried hitting her head on the wall she bent and kicked my leg I fell down and dragged her down
she grabbed her gun I kicked it out.
she dragged me up and punched me
I tried taking my per knife she matched my hand and broke my fingers then kicked my Neck..
I fell down and she picked her gun I stood up kicked the gun out her hand then kicked her tummy.
she rushed me and i stabbed her across her arm.
she screamed and used her elbow to hit my heard I fell down she picked her gun and i ran away.
my team texted me that they are done.
I laughed..
Alison took a bike and drove off.
I hope she doesn’t save him
her hands where bleeding but she drove off in high speed.
what a girl.
I called Mr Kim
“it’s done,the house is on fire and he was tied there
“what about Alison
“the girl is too strong. she left but she’s too late.
odeya odeya.
I and Bryan had Been trying to sing since morning but i just can’t concentrate
“deya”Bryan said
“Sorry”i said and he pressed the key again on the piano.
I sat facing him.
he was on the other side of the piano.
the piano table separated us.
he wore a yellow. trouser topless and i wore his yellow polo.
“deya try concentrating we don’t have time”he said
“am sorry” I said and my phone rang it was rose.
“hello”I said
“deya your dad is dead” she said
‘waat”I exclaimed.
“your house has burnt down and your dad is inside”she said.
I dropped the phone and fell on the floor in tears.
Bryan rushed me
“deya”he said
I ran out of the gate in tears Bryan chased after me.
“deya wait”he said
“my dad”I shouted and Bryan hugged me.
I pushed him and ran into the street.
Allison’s pov.
I tore my top and tied against my arm.
I left my bike half way and rushed out on foot.
I arrived and the house was burning down to ashes.
I fell on the floor and screamed.
no one was inside….
the fire workers couldn’t bring it down
everything was in ashes.
who did this
where do I start
what is going on.
the cia and forensics already surrounded the place.
I dried my tears.
“choi se won” I shouted in pain.
“detective austin is in the fire too. boyfriends Austin ” my team mate said.
my eye widened
I screamed in pain as i ran into the fire all of them held me.
“let me go”I screamed in pain.
all of them held me.
austin, fine I like you too.
don’t go anywhere.
I agree that i like you too, don’t you get.
they held me tight
“Austin” I screamed.
next episode after two thousand comments.
love ooooo

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