She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 5

Inside the coven all members of the frat sat in deliberating on the next line of action to be taken. At that time of the day when every normal human beings were supposed to be at their workplace between the hours of 12pm in the afternoon brothers of the heathen gathered together for a meeting, this wasn’t their first time of gathering at noon, but ever since the emergence of this issue, any time became their meeting time. Soon the EOTH walked in with a very bad mood and everyone could notice from his action.

Eoth: Hilton, you attention is needed at home, he said backing them without removing his gaze from what he was staring at.

Hilton: Holy one what do you mean? He asked in confusion.

Eoth: It is your daughter almond, she had an accident, and she is dead.

Hilton: What?? Omg Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He yelled and his voice shook and echoed through the whole coven. “She was all he had as far as having a relation was concern”, he loved her so much and now she’s gone. Who did this to meee?? He cried.

Eoth: Well the soul of Daniella, Cried Vengeance to the Host of the celestial king of the first heavens, and they decided to pay you in your own coin.

Hilton: Oh noo!!!! Why me? He asked in tears.

Eoth: Weep not Hilton. We now know the cause of our nightmare. This word had brought hope to the saddened members of the Frat about the loss of Almond (Hilton’s daughter), But not Hilton, he was fed up already.

Hilton: I never signed up for all this, he said in pain. The death of his daughter had really weakened him.

Eoth: it’s not time to be wary son, you have always been a man, why not now. We should focus on your mother Joyce, she has found favour in the sight of the “King of the dead”, and she sought vengeance, she is behind all this. She is the one that incited the spirit of “The dead little daniella” to cry for vengeance. And now look what she has done.

Hilton : oh why dear mother? He yelled.

Eoth: not now hilton, go back home a call is coming to inform you. Soon hilton transformed to his normal human form and he woke up right in his Living room, he has not gone to the office that day.

Phone rings… And hilton picked up.

Caller: I am a member of the Nigerian Redcross society, Please are you in any way related to one Ademola Almond? She’s been found In her car crashed into a tree and confirmed dead.

Hilton: what? He cried pretentiously. Please where? He asked, and he was told, he soon enter his car and zoomed off to the place.

When he got to the spot, people were all gathered there some who witnessed the incident. The sight of the 21yrs old girl crushed behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz GLK Brought tears right to his eyes he stood and casted gaze right to the sky, to seek solace for hope, but none was coming, his own world and everything crashed, soon the sound of sirens filled the air, to announce the arrival of an ambulance. he watched as the ambulance carried her into their van and zoomed off, by now the tears were rolling uncontrollably. The mother of the girl had come to see for herself, she shared tears uncontrollably too and she was been consoled by the people around.

The news had spread far and wide about the billionaire daughter who had crashed on a tree and gave up the ghost, it was something very unfamiliar. The accident was too minor to have resulted in death. So was everyone saying, but what happens when fuel is being added to an already blazing fire? The spiritual controls the physical.

The bereaved has taken heart. Though that didn’t stop them from mourning, and for the first time Hilton became close to his wife. Since the child was gone, he had to fall back on any source of hope available.

As the day of the child’s birth drew near, the heathen kept on working strategies and making preparation on how to terminate him, because they had suffered enough. Hilton’s had all his hope high, on killing the child, getting his money back, and deal with Cal so severely.

The Eoth had told him about their plan of fortifying him before the baby’s arrival, such fortification requires blood but this time whose blood will be required?

She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 6

Few weeks later.

Cal rushed San into an awaiting uber. As she was screaming in labor pain, the prophecy of the old woman which they had taken for granted had come to light. Not even in their Life and entire existence had they believed such would happen. It was only possible in movies. But right here this wasn’t a movie any more, Sandra was in labor, the uber driver maneuver the way to the hospital, the soon rushed in calling for aid from the medical staff, a nurse fetched a stretcher and they rushed her into the ward, soon the doctor came around and started off with his work. He had ordered for some privacy, which cal was very stingy to give at first, but he reasoned he had to let the doctor do his work, He paced the hallway expectantly waiting for good news, some moments later, the door to the ward tweaked and the doctor came out with a smile, and with his French accent he said

Doctor Schwitz: Congratulations Mr your wife Just put to bed a baby boy.

Cal: Wow, he said Hugging the doctor.

Doctor Schwitz: I must confess this delivery has been the best so far, with no stress at all, he confessed revealing his perfect white set teeth.

Cal: Oh that’s great can i see them now, he asked anxiously, trying very much to wave off the doctors compliments.

Doctor schwitz: sure.

Cal: thank you he said and headed for the door, he was, could fathom, how miraculously things worked out, a baby not upto 9months in the womb conceived and born, Just 90 days after conception. Nothing on earth would have made him believe if someone had told him, but here he was in it. He couldn’t even risk the fact of letting in a third party on this. He had smiled when the doctor was making those compliments, ”he didn’t know warris goin on”, eventuarry the supernatural was at work.

Hilton was still brooding over his loss and what he was yet to lose for the brotherhood. He was still cuddling his wife, who lays her head on his lap while he sat on the couch, they have been mourning for weeks, and this has brought about their closeness. he soon felt the familiar presence of the Eoth, and he knew instantly that he was being summoned. He gently brought out his phone from his pocket and faked a call, this had gotten his wife’s attention.

Hilton: Juliet, i think my attention is being needed at the office, he said to her.

Juliet: it’s ok honey, be safe out there, she said. And he went upstairs to get his car keys, she was glad she had won hilton back, he was now very much like the man she had married some twenty fours years ago, Hilton then had been every woman’s dream, handsome, wealth and lovable, but things changed 5 years after almond was born, he became cold to her, she couldn’t tell why, but as a prudent woman, she tried to win him back in many ways, but the more she tried, the colder he became. Her prudency had led her those 17yrs, and now she’s lost Almond. Her death has brought hilton back to her.

He gear his vehicle to a very secluded area and disappeared into thin air. He soon appeared in the heathen coven.

Eoth: Now is not the time to show affection hilton, The child is born already, Prepare her for the sacrifice of fortification.

Hilton: Oh gracious… he was still saying when his voice trailed off and he experienced a choke that seems very much like life was being strangled away from him, he wasn’t the only one suffering from this action, other members of the frat in their different location felt this seizure, and things around the that hold little or no weight started turning upside down. Everything in the coven turned upside including the picture of Lord iiL which has fallen from it stalk, this has never happened before. Hilton’s house was not left out, every bit of light furniture flung to the air scattering all over the place. This had made Juliet very scared, she screamed at the top of her voice and in fright she reached for her phone to call her husband, but unfortunately for her, his cell wasn’t reachable. And she panicked, hoping all was well with him, because all that was happening was very unusual.

Moments later everything subsided, and hilton was quick to ask

Hilton: what was that for? He asked gasping for breath and trying to gain composure.

Eoth: it’s the child, i think he just cried. This single statement brought great fear upon them. The reason was not far fetched, “If only the cry of the child could do this, what will happen as time goes by?”

This is war.

Tbc….. .

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