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She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 3

As the days to his birth draw by, so the heathen waited patiently, they have given up all hope of finding the child, since he was securely protected, they all now rely on the day of his birth, though they didn’t know for sure the exact date, but their Lord iiL has been active enough to tell them to expect the birth of the child, The Light bringer. Many members of the frat has come to terms with hilton, and has promised to fight, with every one of their resources, though at first they were against him for bringing misfortune to them, but with the way things are going, they had no choice than to believe that this was supposed to be.

Hilton’s major concern now was to find a way and killed the child. He was reasonable enough to understand that if the brotherhood goes down, he will become nothing. He had soon giving up hope on the spiritual and opted for his best computer geeks at Techcom Global, they tried very much in hacking Cal’s location, or his wife, but they never saw anything, the story was always the same, “sir we found nothing”. Soon it had deteriorated to “sir as we were searching, we found a gps but the moment we try to connect everything on out system got erased drastically and we got locked out”. These reports weren’t good for hilton’s ear, something has reminded him quick, “the things of the spirit, should not be tempered with by carnality of men”, he was a strong man, he knew already that Cal can not be found except the baby was born, but he was too desperate to be idle about the whole thing.

After all hope lost, he soon made their coven his place of solace. He spends most of his time there, rather than being at home or in the office. His office has suffered great loss and his company was now dropping down from his ranking top of being one of the best tech companies in the country, all for two major reasons, 70% of their Capital gone, and also Cal was gone too, Cal has been the main brain behind the top ranking of the organization from the onset, and now he was gone to the wind, untraceable. Other branches in different parts of the continents has started folding up, not like his brotherhood couldn’t help, but they too were suffering from the effect of his misdeed, they have never been stable in their operation and activities ever since Sandra took in and became pregnant.

Why couldn’t I keep to myself, why was sandra so appealing and captivating then? He reasoned as his head and thought were filled with ‘why’s’, in nostalgia he had groaned in pain, in the privacy of his room. ‘Now is not the time to weep, be brave for the war ahead’, he heard the voice of the eyes of the heathen, taking charge and filling the room with his presence, and in echoes came his voice. “”Thou art worthy of my obeissance, the eyes of the heathen, gracious is ur unusual and holy presence”” hilton recited the fraternity’s greeting mode.

Eye’s of the heathen (EOTH): Thou art wary hilton, be not. We never cower in cowardice in times of war, it has never been heard of and neither shall it be, victory is always ours.

Hilton: I am only reflecting on my misdeed soberly, the revered one, but what seems to baffles me is that what troubles us is just a little baby, still in the womb, who has not seen the light of day, neither can he differ between the good and the wrong. Hilton said in depression.

Eoth: it is not you, who to call the child little, he bears in him the soul of thousands of ancient spirits who seek justice on their soul, for been kill by the heathen brothers. Your mother the one who gave you life has been assigned to lead him, she too seek to be avenged, because of what you did to her long ago. At the mention of those statements, realization done on Hilton on what he was up against .

He could remember the hopeless look on his mothers eyes the night she was buried alive, how she called out to him for help but he turned his back on her, and let the errant boys do their job.

AT St Lucia 🇱🇨

Cal could be seen pacing with unrest, he had very much tried to stop thinking about the mystery dream of his wife, but the more he tried the broader his thoughts and fear became, he couldn’t tell why, save for the fact that something in him kept telling him that hilton was diabolical. And now he’s come to torment they because of his money, and probably his baby. Only if he knew it was more than that. In his lost state san had walked in unannounced.

San: what is my husband thinking about? She said laughing at the funny look on cal’s face.

Cal: omg!! You startled me he said as he came out from his land of thoughts.

San: oh did i? She asked feigning ignorance, then you really need to stop thinking to the point of being lost honey! She mentioned.

Cal: ok i agree, but don’t u think it’s better we think of a way forward from all this?

San: all what?, don’t tell me u are still thinking, and at the same time talking to me?

Cal: no not really, baby, he moved forward to her, and crossed both hands on her neck.

San: you might wanna let me in on your thoughts?

Cal: sure, I was just thinking about your dream and……. …

San: oh is it that? Common baby it’s a mere dream, you know that can never happen, and for the baby kicking too early, it might just be a coincidence, why don’t you take you mind of that, lemme make you happy, she said giggling.

Cal: no san, it’s more than that, ion want sex, this left her surprised and more interested in what next he was about to say, San i think Hilton is diabolic, and he is using his powers to fabricate dreams for us, so that we can succumb to it and return his money. He said and this got san serious.

San: you might be right cal, but what do we do? Because I am beginning to get scared, she said.

Cal: don’t be scared sweetie, he said owning up as a man, I think we should go back to Nigeria, return the money to him, and come back here to stay, you know I have used any of the money.

San: I know baby, but do you think that is a good idea? She asked.

Cal: yes san it is, but how do we go abt it? He asked.

San: no idea

Cal: ok lemme sleep over it, by tomorrow I should have come up with something.

San: it’s ok my love so will you come to me now?.

Cal: sure I will but very soon we won’t be doing it, because u will be completely big.

San: Lol.. That’s why i want it now

Cal: I love you, he said through his breath smooching her and reciprocated the Love ❤️


She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 4

The night before the supposed Journey to nigeria, something drastic happened at night that made the couple to retrace their choice of leaving. The strange woman on all white had appeared to Cal in his dream, and made it known to him that it wasn’t safe going all the way back to Nigeria.

Joyce (hilton’s mother): you might not want to go to africa. Your planned journey is not safe. Remain here in st lucia till the baby is born, else you would have yourself to blame for the grave mistake you are about to make.

Cal: who are you and how did you know i am traveling to Nigeria? , he asked still perplexed at the accuracy of the woman’s claim, she was claded in all white, and she stood far off backing hilton, who tried very much to see her face, but all to no avail.

Joyce: Stop trying to see my face, I am dead already.

Cal: well that is not my question, i only asked you how you know so much about me, my journey and my child.

Joyce: the child is not yours, you are chosen to be his caretaker, because you have a pure spirit, the child is a fruit from your wife’s infidelity, if you don’t wanna get hurt, or lose your life and that of your wife and the child, don’t venture leaving the shores of this country. the people who sought for the child are the once you stole their money,

Cal: How do you mean?? that is why i want to return the money, he said interupting her, and she brought out a wand she striked it towards the sky, and there was a great thunder bout that shook the very ground cal was standing on, he had fell to the ground as it shook, Joyce had remain standing.

Joyce: I am joyce and this is the story of my life. She said pointing to the direction she had stroke the wand to, the wand was a magical staff that was given to her by the king of the dead, it commands great powers, one of it’s function was to relay events of the past.

Cal: what has the story of your life got to do with this?…. , he said standing up from the ground, he had kept shut, when a picture came to view from the air.

It was a grave yard, and a woman was being dragged into she had screamed and call for help especially to a young man who stood backing her, help my son!!! Hilton please save your mother, why are you doing this to me!! The woman cried, Hilton had turned to face the grave, as the last pack of earth was dropped to cover the body completely. He shook his head and a tear dropped, “sorry mother, i have to do this”. And Just as he made to move away, everything faded out.

Back to present!

Cal’s expression was a opened mouth that refused to close. He tried to say something, but the voice wasn’t coming forth. The revelation has left him in total shock.

Joyce: Hilton is my son, He buried me alive to pay for the price of life, ever since then my soul has known no rest, she said. She soon feed cal with the event of things going on and showed him the more reason why he shouldn’t go back to the country. Afterwards she faded away.

He had woken the next day with a new orientation of things, he had let his wife in on the happenings of the night, she was gripped with fear , in the light of this she had asked.

San: Baby are you sure we can trust this woman?

Cal: honey! I don’t know what to believe anymore, what i saw with my eyes in that dream ain’t deceiving, so we ain’t taking chances.

San: so we ain’t going back to nigeria, the question had made cal laugh.

Cal: come here dumb head, what were you thinking when i said we ain’t taking chances, of course we won’t go back, this had incited some anger in her.

San: so it’s me that ya calling dumb head?

Cal: common baby i don’t mean it that way, i was only trying to be fun, he said and made a move to tickle her she noticed on time and laughed out…

San: Lol Don’t just try it. This had made the both of the laugh..

Cal: on a serious note we should be very careful from now onwards.

San: you are right dear.


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