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Episode 15…….
Chidinma Jerry m
Star queen
I and alison already rushed out and I ran after her just then she received a call.
“hello”she shouted.
“whaaat”she screamed and dropped the call.
“what is wrong?”I asked
“false alarm, he left for early morning mass” Alison said and started laughing.
I suddenly start
we both laughed for a crazy long time
“Alison where where you going to half naked?”I said.
“witness protection”she said I smiled.
she moved in front
“uhmmm if you want..I mean if you are less busy we can go out” I said.
“uhmmm I can’t today, sorry”she said and moved in front.
I walked in behind her…
“are you leaving now?”I asked
she nodded
“Wont you eat?”I asked.
“No”she said
“You have not eaten since last night”I said
“That’s not your business”she said and moved away I hastily dragged her hand and took her into the kitchen.
How can someone be so stubborn.
“Hey leave me, leave me,leave me” she said and started hitting my hand i laughed as i dragged her into the kitchen.
I lifted her up and made her sit on the counter
She jumped down.
“Hey am warning you better-“I didn’t let her talk i lifted her up again.
She frowned and sat down.
Alison’s pov.
why is Austin so bothered about me.
“uhmmm which Korean food do you like”Austin asked.
“I don’t want to eat your food”I said.
He placed the pot on fire.
I watched him.
So hot and he is so tall.
Gosh hot figure.
He wore a red tracksuit and white slipper.
He Is pretty but he is a cassanova
I jumped down.
Austin carried me up again.
“Dont move”he said.
I nodded..
“Help me cut onions”he said
“No i wont”I said.
He turned and I hastily grabbed the onions..
Then took the knife I dropped it on the table.
He moved closer.
“uhmmmm can you teach me how to –I can’t” i said.
“Can’t you cook?”he asked
“I don’t have time”I said
He moved behind me and sent his hand to my waist.
I hastily cleared my throat when Austin took both my hands.
“Leave me” I said.
“Who wants to hold you?”he asked
“You”I said
“I just want to show you how to cut, cut it like this”he said.
I nodded and he left me.
I was cutting when I mistakenly cut my wrist.
“Ouch” i shouted
“Oh my, am sorry” he said and took my hand.
“Ouch how–“Austin raised my hand up to his lips and licked off the blood.
My eye widened.
“what are you do–
“your blood shouldn’t go to waste, every drop is precious” he said.
I suddenly felt silence all over me as I watched Austin cover my the wound with a band aid.
He made me sit down.
“just sit down, I will do it all myself” he said.
i nodded.
He is really caring but he is s play boy.
I watched his phone because it kept ringing.
I looked in, tasha.
“uhmmm tasha is calling you”i said
“Oh its no one”he said.
“uhmm one of your girls for sure ,”i asked
“She is just a friend” he said.
Finally Austin brought the food in front of me.
“uhmm I Wil feed you”he said.
“no I can help myself”I said.
“your hand is hurt”he said.
“but I–
“Open”he said
“Open.”he said
He forced his finger into ny lips.
I opened my mouth to yell at him and he fed me.
I got surprised.
He smiled
” why are you bothered about me”I asked.
‘am just–“he fed me again.
“Be carefull, so u don’t fall for me. Am trying to stop you from falling for me that’s why I will stay away from you “I said.
” Alison you are not even my taste any way”he said.
“My mirror tells me am very beautiful.”I said.
‘” I actually like wild and more experienced girls..”he said.
“who told you am not experienced?” I asked.
He smiled and looked down at my chest I hastily covered my chest well.
Ahhh what and what did I say last night.
His eye won’t leave my neck and shoulders.
“Ummm tell me what did I say last night?”I asked
“Nothing”he said
“Shhhhh” he added and wiped my lips with his fingers..
I closed my open lips.
I cleared my throat then i stood up and drank water.
” I will bath now.
I need to go to work”I said and tried moving but Austin already dragged my hand.
“Austin”I said.
“detective”he said.
“I am going to bath” I said.
“Am going to help you”he said
“why?” I asked.
“you cut your hand”he said.
“Alison I will take care of you from now on” he said.
“no I don’t need your– ” he already dragged me into my room.
I kept runing behind him like a kid as he catwalked quietly while smiling to himself.
he finally pulled me into the Bed and I hastily lay on the bed and held the other pillow.
why is he so stubborn..
“what are you wearing today?”he asked as he walked to the wardrobe.
“I don’t need your help” I shouted.
“Which undie do you want to wear?”he asked
Austin walked out with the pant / bra hanger.
“Hey stop”I said
“If you dont choose one peacefully I will snap this and send it to the boys group chat” he said.
“Uhmmm red”I said.
He nodded and dropped it on the bed.
“Which bra?”he asked.
“Uhmmm well black” i said and Austin dropped it.
He brought out a red gown and dropped.
“Austin this is just a small wound,uhmmm I will pack my handbag”I said and took my hand bag but Austin took it.
“I will do it” he said and carefully arranged everything.
I was still in surprise
“I will take a bath..I will uhmm set my bath”I said and stood up Austin made me sit in the bed again.
“I will do it, do you want cold or warm bath?”Austin asked.
“warm”I said hastily.
He walked out and mixed the bath.
then he came back
“Uhmmm go and bath”he said and dragged me up.
My kneel wasn’t balanced so we both fell on the bed.
He was on top of me…but he hastily lifted his weight from my Body.
He looked down at my lips for a while.
I carefully pulled him away and stood up.
“Alison be careful In the shower”he said.
I rushed in.
Austin is making me nervous.
I took a quick bath.
I ran out and wore the pant.
I took my bra and tried hooking it but my wound Wont let me.
Ahhh am late for work..
I tried looking in the mirror when I felt someone hook the bra from behind.
My eye widened.
I turned, Austin!
“I told you not to stress that hand” he said.
“Dont you respect my body?”I asked
“Actually you and men change together in the station during training.”he said.
I got speechless.
I hastily wore my gown and Austin zipped it up.
He made Me sit on the bed.
“Hey stop pushing me about..leave me” I said and started kicking him with my leg.
He smiled happily as he squatted.
He lifted my leg and helped me wear the shoe.
“Why are you so stubborn” he said and looked in my face I looked away.
He smiled and wore the other leg
He hooked it well then dropped my leg
Then he helped me stand up.
I tried removing the hair band but he beat me to it.
He unbanded my hair and handed me my hand bag..
I took it from him.
“Lets go”he said and opened the door.
I rushed out.
I hurried In front and Austin opened my car door.
“Be careful, don’t hurt yourself out there ” Austin said and locked the door.
Austin’s pov.
gosh today was fun… I even thought she was strong.
Seems only her mouth has power..
I waved her goodbye.
Alison hastily opened the door and suddenly smiled.
Oh she finally smiled at me.
“Do you want to want to say thank you at last?”I asked.
She brought out her leg and matched my leg.
“Ouch” I shouted
She drove off
I smiled.
Even the match felt sweet.
Since you Wont be my friend in peace it will be by force.
Am not even dating her, yet I feel so happy.
I love this girl so much
Bryan’s pov.
I woke earlier than this dreame queen so I dropped food beside her as well as hot coffee.
I brought out the jotters and dropped one for her.
No song ideas yet
I already bathed so I wore a yellow top and brushed a yellow band deep into my hair then I still packed the hair up.
I pushed the band in so fringes of my hair will stop entering my eyes
I took my phone and turned it on.
I wore yellow room slipper as i turned the t.v on.
hmmmm Ely is coming to Korea for nana.
he is based in l.a and he is great singer though he doesn’t belong to any band.
talk about competition that’s the only guy fans keep merdging my pictures with.
then they add tags like, who is richer,who is cuter,who is sexier,who is hotter, who dresses better. who walks better. fans are so stupid.
though he is not my friend..the competition made us rivals.
we only met twice…
nana singing with Ely..wow that’s a competition.
I had this crazy headache yesterday that i almost ran mad…
I wore the black earring.
that was when deya work up.
Good morning” she said I noded and sat beside her then watched her eat.
“You where sleeping with your hand in my cloth, you!” she said and hit Me.
I didn’t even know when I did that.
“Really?”I asked she nodded
“Which part of your cloth”I asked she smiled and forced the egg into my mouth.
“Ahhh I don’t egg in the morning”I said
“It’s good” she said I smiled as I chewed in.
“Do you like it?”I asked
She nodded
My phone kept ringing..s-square and their camera case I smiled and soon deya was done eating so I took the plate.
“I need to wash my hand”she said I smiled and took her hand she walked out of the bed.
She wore my top to cover her singlet.
We walked into the kitchen and she dropped it I smiled as I turned on the water.
“Do you want to wash?”she asked
I nodded.
She smiled and I poured the dish wash.
She gently touched my shoulders i turned and kissed her she frowned.
I knew she wanted to do it first.
“You beat me to it” she said and hugged me from behind..then wrapped her arms round my waist..
“Uhmmm did your headache reduce?”she asked.
I nodded she held me tighter.
“So how are you now?”she asked
“Fine, am fine cos you are here”I said she smiled and brushed the fingers under my top I smiled as she placed her head on my back.
“I love you ” she said
I didn’t reply she pinched my tummy I smiled and i turned with the soap on my hand she smiled as she held both sides I my waist making me lean on the sink
“I love you too”I said and kissed her nose she smiled and rushed the plate.
“I will wash it” she said.
I carried her away and continued.
She organised the fridge
“Deya do you have any song idea’s..any at all”I asked
“What about that song you where writting in school? you sang it that first day I met nana and she landed ice cream on me.”she
“Uhmmm i forgot..I Dont think I wrote it down”i said
“I did,i actually wrote my own part in it too” she said I smiled.
“Can I see” I said and dropped the plate then added clean water I watched her run down.
oh now I remember which part of her cloth my hand went.
She kept removing the hand when I was having fun.
Ahhh Bryan you are a girl spoiler
It’s almost 8.
Am suddenly nervous
Doing it now..I don’t know if this what deya really wants
I know why she is like this but her fear is far from her
I might be naughty but it’s only when I feel like being naughty with just the person I can be naughty with.
But doesn’t reduce my self control of my ability to wait for her without cheating.
Deya will flog me one day..
I don’t want to leave her fine br**st for her.
Anyways jokes apart.
We came here for a reason and we can’t loose the duet competition, my dad will kill me.
But last I logged in deya is becoming a star.
People keep creating fan pages with her name the last one I saw had up to 2O million followers.
S-square will soon get her a manager but just like I will tell dad no one should sign her into a girl band.
She has to be on her own and do her stuff.
Just like Nora.
band is a no no because I know he will want her for girlfriends or spark.
Is deya still searching
She ran out.
“Oppa here” she said and opened it.
“Sing”I said.
“No you first”she said so I cleaned my hand
She sat on the table and I sat on the chair.
I sat well on the table and Ryan opened the book.
He smiled like it was a song he wanted
“When I sang this song,my life was really so stupid. I was looking for you almost everywhere. nana was everywhere. I didn’t know whom I will later sing with,i got so confused.
I just felt like dying.”he said.
“But why did you break up with her,you never told me” I said and sat well.
“Ummm she cheated.
it wasn’t once deya but i caught her once. She just joined this group of girls who can’t limit themselves to one guy. tasha is the queen of that game that’s why I don’t like you with her “he said I nodded
“So uhmmm how long did you guys date?”I asked
“Ummm up to 7 year’s” he said.
He smiled
“Well if am counting from when we made it official and mature that would be 5 years..but from when we uhmm–
“Yes that would make it 7 years.” He said.
“Wooow its been long”I said
“Yes I guess”he Said.
I smiled.
Why is he answering all my questions,has he decided to stop being secretive
“So uhmmm who is your dad?”I asked
“My dad was once a president in Australia, before I turned 7.
I Will take you to my family after we win the duet”he said I nodded.
“I love you..”he said I smiled.
“I still can’t believe nana’s dad and nana kidnapped my mum.
I suddenly hate nana so much I just hope we never meet again”i said Bryan smiled.
“Yes her dad too. I saw him in my dream and i am still wandering why?
I just can’t wait to get my memory back”Bryan said I smiled
“I wish my dad will leave Lydia,i wish our family can come back together. My mom cheated on him and I guess that’s why he hates us so much. I forgave her already and i pray I never face such temptations Bryan,infact I will be your handbag better take me everywhere you go so I won’t get an opportunity to do something wrong..I don’t want to hurt you”I said as i sat well on the table He smiled and sang.
just stay, stay with me
I said, don’t let me go.
Be mine, forever and ever friend.
I smiled and sang
i ‘ll stay,i will stay with you.
Tonight, and many more nights to come.
Just wait,i will be your forever and ever friend.
He sang
they said,forever is too far.
wish,you would be my keeper.
from now til forever and ever ends.
I sang.
who said,forever is too far.
For you, i will wait till forever ends.
I love you,my forever and ever breath.
He sang
your words, are my reason for breathing
your smile,makes me wish for forevermore
One day lets meet and never part
By then,i will be your forever and ever friend.
I sang
with you,my forever begins
without you,my forever ends
be my forever and ever friend
will be your forevermore i promise!
We sang together
forever with you…….together.
together with you forever
every day every day, me and you, you and me
oh my forever and ever,ever and ever friend.
I smiled and we clapped for ourselves.
.”deya when did you write your path of this song?”he asked i smiled.
“That day. even when you didn’t talk to me Bryan. Each time I saw you i got more reason to live”I said he smiled..
“When we return to Korea remind me to win a doll for you..baby doll”he said and touched my leg I smiled.
I smiled.
He pressed a button and everything we sang started playing.
I smiled and Bryan stood up
“Can I have this dance”he said I smiled and stood up too we both started dancing and moving about.
He held my waist and i raised my hand and locked them round his neck.
“Is this how we will dance on that day?”I asked bryan laughed and fell on the couch.
he sat down then i lay on his leg.
He folded his leg making me balance.
I smiled as he kept pinching my tummy.
He raised his phone and kept on my chest then started chatting with his hand there.
be my forever baby.
me and you together yes..
I will never ever break your heart.
He sang and covered my cloth well I smiled and closed my eye.
“Deya we should practice with Instruments”he said.
“No am sleepy” I said he smiled and I turned over then placed my face down his tummy.
He deeped his phone into my short.
“Bryan” I said
He smiled and brought out the phone then sent his fingers down my butt and gently tapped playfully.
“ahhhh Oppa” I said
“What did I do now,”he asked as he gently arranged my p*nt
With his fingers then brought out his hand.
He placed it there with his phone.
“You are beautiful”he said I smiled.
“Lets go and rehearse with instruments” he said and carried me up like a child.
I wrapped my leg and arms around him he smiled.
Nana’s pov.
Am still waiting for Ely to pick me up,i sat with the girls.
I can’t believe Ely came down for me.
I crushed on this guy for like forever..gosh.
“I can’t believe deya is with Bryan now”I said.
“Nana just do your best with Ely,make sure deya doesn’t win. I can’t believe you are with Ely, these are two guys all the girls wanted. Ely and Bryan.”zaina said.
“deya shouldn’t sing” I said
“Gosh I can’t want for the band competition..we are going to beat tasha’s band.”kira said
“if deya wins with Bryan that means she will sing with boyfriends on the band competition. she will be the furst girl to go in a live stage with them..nana this can’t happen” zaina said.
” deya can’t dance” I said.
“You don’t know nana, secondly after the duet competition dancers will go on a break before the band competition. dreame can always train deya..nana I see deya becoming an idol..she is already getting so much fans” bella said.
“deya can never be better than I am never” I said just then Ely walked in.
wow hot.
all the girls started smiling…
“Am soryy but uhmmm, who is the nana?”he said all the girls pointed at me I stood up
“uhmm hy,thank you for honoring my dad” I said he nodded
he moved out in front and the guards carried my bag…
we both entered the jet..
“so uhmmm any song ideas?”he asked with his eye on his phone.
“uhmmm no..we will get something” I said he nodded.
ok am I the only one noticing that this guy is not noticing me.
that’s a first
I faced my phone.
My dad already hired a song which i will form as mine.
my dad assured me that deya Wont sing so I trust my dad….
Deya should never became an idol, she must die a commoner.
Alison p.o.v.
I arrived home and this heavy rain started.
ohh I have cold.
I walked out of my car and an umbrella covered me.
I was shocked..he lifted my hand and I took the umbrella.
he walked in
“Why are you so bothered about me anyway?…won’t You just leave me alone “I asked.
he was in the rain..
he carefully moved his wet hair behind
“i cant, am i actin wierd? I guess its cause I stupidly fell on love with you. you told me not to like you right? well i did. I love you so much, i really loved you right from the first night i saw you. I know am a play boy fine but even before you came i already made plans to change and after you came i changed fully. that’s why I was acting crazy in the morning just to make sure I helped you..I like you i hope you understand it now” he said.
“its ok, i know you love Bryan…actually all the girls I ever liked end up loving Bryan. but at least, even if you won’t like me too then just be my friend. I had been waiting out here since the rain started..I didn’t want you to get rained on ” he said and ran into the building.
my own umbrella fell off and i got into the rain I was avoiding.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
deya’a P.O.v..
I and Bryan had been practicing all day.
we just got an opportunity to eat now..
I watched him eat quietly with a face like the food was tasteless.
he took a deep breath.
“You will marry me right,”he asked my eye widened
“huh” I added He smiled.
“ahh” he said and I opened my mouth so Bryan fed me I smiled and fed him too.
soon we where done eating..
we both looked at the clock at the same time..7.2O
and we agreeed to do it by 8.
we looked at each other and started coughing.
we both got so nervous.
I cleared my throat and looked at him then looked away.
“uhmmm we should bath” Ryan said.
“Yes yes bath” I replied we both ran into our room and banged the door.
I lay flat on the floor.
I wanted to do it..
my mouth was sharpening like knife.
now am so nervous.
I swallowed nothing and ran into the shower.
I walked out.
Am dead.
I fell on my bed and stood up.
dress sexy.
I wore my bra and pant.
singlet and short.
Jean trouser and top then jacket.
I even wore socks..
Am sooo nervous.
I walked out and Bryan was walking in.
he wore a white top and white trouser.
he was holding his phone..
he moved forward and saw me he smiled and moved his wet hair into his ear.
we both looked at the time.
8.o clock..
‘uhmmm my room or your room?”Bryan asked.
“your room”I said and ran in front he nodded and walked behind me.
he turned on the light
“noooo turn it down” I said he deemed it to red.
we both moved into the bed and knelt down there.
we sat on our legs.
“uhmmm deya we are not doing this because of insecurity or peer pressure right?”he asked me I nodded
“No”i said he nodded.
“uhmmm you want this right?”he asked I nodded.
“Ok” he said and tried touching my jacket I hastily rolled into the bed and covered myself.
he laughed.
” sorry” I said and sat up.
I came back.
“uhmmm I Wil feel less nervous if I start” i said he nodded.
“should we kiss first?”i asked.
he smiled.
“uhmmm the cloths”he said
I nodded.
“Bryan raise your hand” I said
he nodded.
I gently lifted his top he was just watching Me.
finally he bent in a smile and placed his face on me
i pulled out his top he smiled as he sat well on his kneel..
“uhmm your turn”he said.
I noddee he tried touching me I held my cloth tight he cracked and controlled his simile.
“deya”he said.
“huh” I added as i held my cloth tighter
he smiled..
“leave your cloth already” he said i nodded and removed my hand.
he tried touching me again.
“uhmmm I will remove your belt so I can get some inspiration” I said he nodded and used the band on his wrist to tie his hair then he leaned up.
I carefully unhooked the belt and dropped it Bryan sat back in his leg.
“uhmm done” I said and looked around the room.
“your turn, uhmm should I?”he asked as he touched my jacket I nodded and he zipped it down then pulled it out.
he smiled.
“uhmmm raise your hand” he said
I nodded.
he touched my top and lifted it then saw a singlet under.
he laughed and fell on the pillow.
“deya how many cloths are you wearing?”he asked
“huh? well….
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