She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 1

“Depression too over the better part of hilton, no matter how much Juliet his wife tried to find out what was wrong, he never said anything to her. Not like they have lived together as happy couples before, because he always finds a way of snubbing her. The only person he has built a close relationship with is his daughter Almond, he loved her so much, because she was the only inevitable thing in his life.

Hilton has been summoned by the eyes of the heathen, he has been seating on a sofa, reflection on the incidents of the past, thoughts of his mother crossed his mind, he had buried her long ago, in the most unpleasant way, but somehow he now felt guilty. Back then he has always justify his evil act, by saying “if she knew she brought me into this world to suffer, she should understand i don’t like suffering”, even when he knew deep down that he loved her with all his her, his mother was the best thing that ever happened to him, but since the heathen brotherhood has requested for her, he had to use her to pay for the price of life.

He soon appeared before the dark temple, smoke could be seen emanating from different parts of the coven, and strange chirping of birds could be heard from a distance. To the mortal eyes the sight behold was as scary as a ghost visiting on a lonely night, skulls and bones of dead people littered all over the place, coupled with the skeletal frame of a crocodile illuminating red colours, candle sticks of different colours could be seen stalked in their various stands. What seem like a framed picture of a man with a staff in hand, and a crown on its head was largely illuminated by two wooden lantern that burns with no smoke he probably is their deity. The picture stood Radiantly in the middle end wall of the coven and a stream of blood flowed out from the picture flowing into the various pots found beneath it.

The eyes of the heathen has summoned Hilton for a crucial meeting. where he made known to him that the child will be given birth at an unusual time, It was known to them that San has been pregnant for the second month. And will be ripe for childbirth at the third month which is very unusual, but what they couldn’t tell was where the child was, and why he was so powerful to be a threat to their course. This is strange, the child had kicked at his second month, and anytime he does that, the effect was always felt in the coven. Most times when he does, every member of the fraternity feels an uncomfortable heat for a particular period of time, sometimes really up to 10mins.

The eyes of the heathen has sought for answers from their great Lord iiL who is the deity in the picture at the middle of the coven, and he has promised them an answer. He has done a thorough search in the world of the spirit but the more he tried, the lesser the hope for him to see where the child is, becomes. Who said Things are easier for the deities and divinities of evil, the supernatural ain’t always supernatural, when it stands for evil.

Lord iiL was a demon deity that has left his master Lucifer, to become a deity, he became a revered deity, when satan released him to come down to earth, to serve the children of men as a mediator between him and them, to bestow on them great wealth, protection, fame, and other Luxuries of Life. And for such purpose he had came.

History still have it in the brotherhood how the first man that came in contact with Lord iiL became the first eye of the heathen in the 1820’s Timileyin was a very poor man, he had led a life of shame and disgrace, been so poor and a drunk, he owed so many debt that the people of Ideile tagged him the name _’debtor the drunk’_ he was returning from the bar one late night after being beaten for not paying for the drink he drank, in his drunken state he felt a presence following him, he has become sober halfway through his journey when he noticed the persisting presence wasn’t given up talk more of leaving, and fear gripped him, in his fright he had called out “show yourself if you are man enough” and nothing happen, he let his voice linger into the echoes of the night, but he could still notice the unfamiliar presence lurking, by now the wind came rushing unannounced, an this got him activating the bolt mood, he was about to run away when it appeared hovering above his head. Timileyin Looked up in fright begging his arse out, “please don’t hurt me, please i am only but a poor drunk” please he cried out shivering in fear, he regretted ever going out that time, and wished he had listen to his pretty wife Lola. He could remember how they nearly fought that night because she wasn’t letting him go for a drink, now look at what his stubbornness has cost him, he was now seeing spirits, a being looking all dark hovering on his head late at night.

Lord iiL: Became Timileyin Ayobami, I am not here to hurt you, tonight, greatness has found you, you shall become wealth without measure, and no one will ever be able to hurt you, your name shall travel wide, and you will be a solution to all problems of the human raise, only if you promise to do “ONE THING FOR ME”, he stated sounding convincing, and this had triggered Timi’s interest, he instantly lost some atom of fear, this was hope for him he reasoned, he has been poor all his life, and here some being was promising him greatness.

Timi: please what can i do to become so wealthy as you have mentioned?? He asked with enthusiasm, and lord iiL stooped down from the towering air.

Lord iiL: call me Lord iiL he said. At sun set tomorrow you shall find a pebble in your wooden bed, take that pebble to wherever your heart leads you, settle there, and you will build me a coven, all materials will be made available for you when you get to the place. Return after Three day and kill your wife, Sacrifice her heart to me, and I will make you wealth in all ramifications. All this theory left Timileyin, with mouth dropped open.

Timi: No i won’t do it because i can’t kill my wife. He said boldly.

Lord iiL: you don’t have a choice, tomorrow awaits you!

She’s Worth The Kill

(He Brought Light)

Cal Empéror

Season 2

Episode 2

You can’t run away from me, I have chosen you and you must kill your wife. Lord iiL said as it disappeared into the wind.

Tranquility returned to the atmosphere and Timi came back to his senses, when realization done on him, he took to his heels he almost ran past his house. When his wife finally opened the door after repeated knocks, he bolted passed her to his bed room, the woman shook her head in pity for the drunk man.

Timi sat up his bed that night, with sleep refusing to open its door for him to enter, confusion was written all over him, “I need to be rich at all cost, but i can’t kill my wife, I love her so much, she is the only things i have got” he reasoned, for the first time since he became a drunk he thought about something reasonable. Lola will understand, I have to be rich he said to himself.

The next day at about 6pm he had opened the door to his room, to find a pebble that looked very much like a man-made god he picked it up and set out to leave, lola had called after him, but he didn’t answer her, he only shook his head and walked away to God knows where, he kept on walking for six hours till he got to a thick bush and the voice in his mind told him to stop. On his way he had been very skeptical about what he was doing, but the voice kept motivating him and now finally he was here. just as he became so uneasy he notice the presence again but this time not alone, it was accompanied by two other being like itself, Lord iiL channeled all his powers into the pebble with Timi and melted along with it into the idolized pebble. Just then the two accomplice too charge of things, they consecrated they idol with timi’s mind and mounted and altar for Lord iiL and from that day, that place became The coven for The heathen brotherhood. Lola’s blood was later used for the activation of the idolized god Lord iiL’ and in few months, Timi’s name has traveled wide and broad, people came from far and near to obtain wealth, fame, fruits of the wombs protections among others, well all that are in the past.

Now, many ‘eyes of the heathen’ has been consecrated and dead till the incumbent one that has granted wealth for hilton.

You have in you a sacred child who many sought to kill, but he shall be protected by me, for my soul is in him, he is the seed of you immoral acts, but the deities and celestial being of sheol has chosen him to bring justice and light to the world of men. Never get wary, you and the father of the child, are in for a long war, from the very hour of his birth his cover which i have tried very much to protect shall be blown off and they shall hunt him down. Lead him in the light, for it takes hope to fight darkness. The voice from the woman on all white clothes faded away, from the fading voice San heard her last word ‘He shall be birthed 28 days from now’ the wind came and blew her away.

Omggg What is going on she snapped out from her nightmare breathing heavily. This had woken Cal and he sought for her, he had enquired for what it was, and she spilled out the shocking revelation to him, and this caused some goose bumps on his body at the early hours of Thursday morning, not like he was religious or spiritual, but he knew this wasn’t a good sign, the fact that his wife has always complained that the baby kicks earlier than every other normal child came crashing on his head, and this increased his fear

Cal: baby did u say the strange woman told u you will give birth to the child 28days from now? He asks to be sure what san has told him.

San: yes baby I am scared, the dream was so scary. Though cal was scared too but he had to show he was the man.

Cal: baby did you say the baby kicked too early?

San: omg!!? yes yes, so this is all abt it, i am very scared, she said as she smuggled herself right into cal’s arms.

Cal: what are we going to do now? He asks because he really had no idea what to do, i mean who would at this point in time?

He soon found sandra sleeping again, and he ease his body from her, he walked straight to the window, he folded the blind a little to let in the St Lucian air at the early hours of the day, it was 3am he shook his head in thoughts, was this hilton? Did I do the right thing carting away with his money? He thought and for the first time he had seen the evil in what he did! I shouldn’t have let sandra keep hilton’s child he so he thought, only if he knew that the spiritual controls the physical, letting sandra keep the child, wasn’t his decision, it was made in sheol, by the king of the dead, every one of his actions were controlled by the supernatural.


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