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*Episode 12*
Mama begged Mrs. Bala to allow her adopt the baby. ‘That won’t be a problem if your husband
will subscribe to the idea, ‘Mrs. Bala assured mama. Mama left the scene to her husband’s

office. Dear we need to talk and it is urgent.’ What is so urgent that can’t wait for another four
hours when I’ll be through with work?Mama’s husband protested.’ No it can’t wait; we have to talk now as she began to shed tears. ”Okay, give me five minutes I will be with you.’ He left and
came back in five minutes. They moved away to the parade ground and mama told her husband
about the abandoned baby and her interest for abduction. ‘That is a good idea that doesn’t

require my approval, you should have gone ahead. I’m in full support, what do you need now for the adoption? Mama’s husband asked. ‘Only your passport photograph and I will take care of
the rest.’ With the help of Mrs. Bala the process was a walk over.
The joy that the baby brought to the family was beyond explanation. Mama was proud to be a

mother after all hope was lost. The joy that visited mama and her husband brought excitement
and bliss to their union again. The baby was named on the eight day with a big celebration more
than their wedding day. The baby was named after Mrs.Bala, she was named Hauwa Deborah.
There were a lot of side talks as adoption was not as popular then as it is today. Nobody gives
respect to adopted children in those days. Adopted children were seen as second class in the
society but thanks be to God for mama’s firmness and crusade for adoption that gave adopted

children same rights with other children. Mama held many town hall meetings and seminars giving orientation to families who are waiting upon the Lord to adoptachild. She used Mrs. Bala
and other influential friends to push a bill in the national assembly that gave equal rights to
adopted children. She encouraged and aided many families in adopting a child. Through mama’s
crusade many elites began to adopt children rather than dying childless. Those who had one

child adopted more and those who had one set of gender adopted the gender of children they didn’t have etc.
Most of the motherless baby’s homes around Lagos became almost empty. All the children
were all adopted. This became mama’s major work althrough her life.
Nigerians, as they began to see the business of adoption as lucrative and many people
began to open orphanages, making desperate waiting parents pay heavily just to adopt a child.
It was not a big deal for the rich; they could afford any amount to have a child. Unfortunately the
poor in the society was left out because the amount for child adoption skyrocketed within a
short period of time.
Those who mocked mama and her husband when they adopted a child are bowing at her feet today.

The story is not ended yet…..
Are you feeling me?



*Episode 13*
The child that was adopted in 1995 is a first class material, a qualified surgeon from the prestigious Oxford university. The stone that the builder rejected has become chief cornerstone. Those who thought their children were first class citizens have some of their
children roaming the streets of Lagos while Hauwa Musa is bringing glory to the name of her
family all over the world. Hauwa Musa had no permanent job because no hospital or any organization could afford her. She is currently a consultant with about fifteen world class clinics
and teaching hospitals. Her monthly income is in thousands of dollars.
When a man is poor, he looks for his family members but when he is successful, his family
members look for him. Who would have believed my mother’s people from Adale village could
still look for her? Everyone wants to be associated with success. God had put a smile on my
mother again. As young as am, I am a multi-millionaire within one year of my being active in my
field. It’s true that “the race is not for the swift nor the battle for the strong”.
Like mama promised to make her mother proud, I promised I will make my mother proud too.
My greatest pain today is that daddy did not wait to eat the fruit of his labour. He died a year
before my graduation from the University. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Mama together
with Dad gave me the best in life. They went into many things to train me as a medical doctor.
When my dad died, many army officers came around to help but they were not genuine, they
wanted something in return. As big as daddy’s gratuity was, mama lavished it on my education.
She didn’t buy even a plot of land from it. Mama has a golden heart. She went to bed many
nights without dinner yet she ensured I lacked nothing.
Mama is over seventy, yet she is still a virgin. All her life she never knew a man. I’m proud of my
mother. There is no sacrifice that will go unrewarded. Today mama is resting in the States
where everything is available for her. All she does now is to pray, eat, sleep, study and have fun.
If you want to see a fulfilled woman, visit my mum in Atlanta Georgia. Even at her age she still
looks fresh and her beautiful is still traceable. Poverty makes people grow old but peace of
mind and money make them younger. Mama is looking younger everyday.
The joy of all these is that mama is an epitome of a virtuous woman. A Christian without a
blemish. Mama is awaiting rapture and if God prolongs her life, her enjoyment will continue in eternity.
I’m Miss Hauwa Musa, the narrator of *MY MOTHER IS A VIRGIN.* I decided to share mama’s
story for mothers out there who are sold out in sacrifice for their children, your day of reward is
coming. I encourage girls out there who are still virgins not to be deceived by the wayward girls
who think virginity is nothing, keep your virginity and you will be proud of yourself one day.
Thank you for reading. If you are not born again, this story should teach you that only God can make anyone great,
surrender your life to Him today and you will not regret your decision.
Please drop your remarks!!!
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