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Episode 14…….
Chidinma Jerry m
Star queen
Bryan pinched my waist so I stood up and sat down.
Bryan picked his phone and sat well.
I cleared my throat as I picked my own phone.
I even feel cold and I wanted to stay on the window side,am I not crazy.
BRYAN turned and removed my sweater from my neck.
He used it to cover my body fully.
I smiled and frowned again.
“Thank you for covering me” I said
“I wasn’t covering you because I care,i am just –your sweater is blocking my view” he said
“Yes who needs”I said and looked out to the other side.
I turned and he was watching me.
I turned fully and he hastily looked away.
I smiled and soon we arrived.
It was already dark.
The suite was wow.
Bryan walked in first cos square called him on phone.
I looked around the pool and smiled then I rushed in.
Bryan took a remote and switched off some stuff.
“What did you turn off”I asked
“Your nose” he said and touched my nose I found myself smiling happily instead of being angry.
“oppa” i said
He smiled and ran I into his room
why is Bryan enjoying troubling me.
He hasn’t kissed me today.
Isn’t he missing me.
I picked the remote..oh so the camera can be turned off.
I ran Into my room and bathed,am going to teach bryan a lesson and I won’t pity him this Time.
I walked out and brushed my hair, I smiled as I tied it up and i watched the curl fall below my waist.
I removed the gown and wore a black short.
Then my white singlet.
I faced my mirror and smiled
I better drop the bra…that spoilt boy likes my br**st.
Anyways I enjoy it too.
I hastily dropped my bra.
I smiled and fell on my pillow.
It’s transparent..am shy.
I stood up again then applied cream on my leg.
I looked at my face in the mirror.
I smiled and spinned around then ran into his room.
I opened the door and walked in…
Bryan just walked out of the shower wearing a black trouser..and a black room slipper.
The black just made his skin colour bright.
I walked in fully and closed the door.
Bryans eye already went down my hip..then to my chest.
He carefully moved his wet hair behind with his fingers and cleared his throat.
I smiled.
this boy couldn’t control his eye.
I cleared my throat.
“Well you know I can’t sleep alone so I Will just stay here,i promise not to disturb you” i said and fell on his red bed.
BRYAN smiled and looked down.
then he leaned on the wall and watched me.
I hastily closed my eye.
Bryan moved closer I opened my eye and felt him fall on the bed.
I cleared my throat.
Bryan used the bed cover to cover my body..especially my chest.
I hastily removed it.
“Did you come to seduce me?”he asked
“No, i feel hot” I said and lay back in a smile.
Bryan kept looking at my chest with desire.
I smiled as I lay well.
Bryan rolled to the side and cleared his throat.
I laughed soundlessly.
He rolled again..
He is so restless
He cleared his throat again.
I smiled in my heart and formed sleep.
I heard him chuckle as he sent his hand to my hip..my eye widened I closed it again.
He brushed his fingers into my tummy
“Hey I know you are awake” he said and pinched my tummy.
I removed his hand.
“Dont touch me” I said and shifted away from him.
I smiled.
“Hey sorry..hmnnn, don’t be mad for real” he said and touched my waist then turned me to face heaven.
“Apology accepted..but Dont touch deya” I said and removed his hand he smiled and took his lips into his mouth I backed him again.
“Instead of doing this why dont you just buy a gun and kill me, “he said and used a pillow to cover my chest I removed it
“Better do not touch me” I said and shifted his hand from my hip.
“Sorry sorry sorry sorry hmnn sorry sorry” he said.
i smiled and gently dragged out the pillow then faced upward.
he touched my tummy again I removed his hand and frowned
“Deya what did I ever do to you “he said
“Who is the first most pretty woman in your life” I asked
“It’s you. i swear, only You.
I love you. I was just playing” he said and kissed my leg I smiled.
“Will you do that again?”I asked
“No” he said as he touched my leg where he sat on the bed.
I smiled and relaxed well.
“Come” I said as i opened my arms to him.
He smiled happily and moved in”dont worry i will –” I closed my hand tight around my chest
“What did you say?..you will do me back right?”I asked.
“Noooo i will love you forever” he said and I opened my arms again he carefully moved into me I smiled as he lay well and turned me into his body with his hand locked around me.
“Bad girl” he said and used hit teeth to bite my nose I smiled.
I gently touched his br**st he smiled..
“that’s ticklish”He said.
i smiled and sent my lips there Bryan laughed.
“What are you doing,”he asked
” let’s say am your baby” I said as i sucked him there Bryan chuckled.
I unlocked in a smile and he hugged me tight then kissed my lips I smiled.
He moved me well into the pillow and i gently dragged him down into another kiss.
We kissed for a long time..
He unlocked and kissed my neck then placed his face on my chest.
I smiled and touched his hair.
I carefully pinched his nipple he chuckled.
“If i Start now you will run away. the other day I was still trying to open your button when you already closed both eye tight”he said
“No i didn’t do that” i said
“You did and that was why I stopped”he said
“No you stopped because of the rain”I said.
He smiled..
“Why will I stop because of the rain..Isn’t rainy weather the best time for romance? Hmnn”he said.
I smiled.
“I was just nervous..I never did that before”I said
“Yes, I was even thanking God that you didn’t knock my head”he said i smiled as I lay well on my pillow.
He moved his face into the middle of my chest.
“I like this singlet”he said.
I remembered that it was transparent so I used my hand to cover.
Bryan chuckled and removed my hand.
I smiled.
He kissed my tummy then
kissed the sides of my br**st.
“Bryan” I said he smiled and kissed my ni**le.
I gently hit his hair he moved up and kissed my lips.
“Dont do that”I said
“Are you sure?”he asked as he ate into my ni**le again..
I smiled.
And used the bed cover to cover my face
Bryan opened my face and hugged me.
I smiled As I held him tight
he felt warm..
I just held him to myself I couldn’t get enough of him
“Won’t s-square complain’I asked
“The camera?”he said
I nodded
“I always turned it off..they should be used to it by now” he said
“How many times had you been here and how many girls” I asked.
“Uhmmm..I guess 4 times..I went on the first one after I debuted, then yes four to five times” he said.
“Only nana right”I asked
“No, nana was 3 Times, Shantel one and kira” he said.
Oh no wonder she had a crush on him.
“So uhmmm did you guys…I mean–
“I didn’t sleep with Shantel or kira Crazy girl. none of them are my taste.i actually a very high taste in women and not every thing in skirt can seduce me”he said I smiled
I smiled.
“Am I your taste?”I asked and looked down to his heart not his face anymore.
He didn’t talk
I gently touched his heart..
“You are my only taste”he said I smiled shyly and hid my face I his chest.
“You are the only girl who makes me loose control deya. I Dont really fall for other kind of girls. am too perfect to be with just any girl, you hear?” he said i smiled and nodded.
“Unmmm will it be too painful, I mean my first time?”I asked.
Ryan started coughing I laughed as i moved into his arms.
He doesn’t like talking about sex with me.
“He stopped coughing and kissed me I smiled and watched him unlock.
“Why won’t you talk about sex?”I asked
“Mmmmnnn”he added
“Ryan” I said and hit him he smiled.
” deya, should we leave that?
I keep for getting that you are a virgin and truthfully I don’t know if I want to do that” he said
“Bryan”I said
“I dont want to cause you pain, i might not be able to handle it.”he said.
“Bryan I want it, if you don’t do it then it means you don’t love me.I want you to be the one”I said
He smiled and lay with his face on my chest.
“ok”he said I smiled.
“tommorow”I said he nodded.
he started closing his eye little by little
“are you ok?”I asked
“Am jetlagged,i feel headache”he said and lay well on my body.
“Sorry, do you have drugs”I said
“I hate drug’s” he said and closed his eye then brushed his fingers under my top them into my br**st.
where did I meet this boy
I gently removed his hand but he brushed it in again.
I smiled.
Naughty even when sleeping.
“Bryan”I said
“The headache is paining my eye”he said.
I smiled and kissed him.
“Sorry”I said.
he nodded.
His eye was already red. ordinary headache.
He fell asleep again i tried removing his hand but he brushed it in deeper and started pressing softly.
I smiled…
Do I look like your mum this boy
I covered the singlet well and left his hand for him there..
He smiled in his sleep.
So cunning.
I gently raised my hand and placed it under my head that was when I enjoyed his hand there.
This boy spoils me every minute.
“Uhmm is the headache much?”I asked as I felt his fingers move under my arms then down to my br**st again in a fondling manner.
I gently Lay well on the pillow
“Yes..I can’t even see well” he said as he quietly brushed his fingers up and down my ni**ple. Intervally..
I smiled..that felt heavenly.
“Is there uhmm anywhere I can get drug,” i asked.
He didn’t talk he was already sleeping.
“Bryan”I said he didn’t talk.
I smiled and tried removing his hand.
what if he wakes.
I left it for him and closed my eye..
After a while I gently removed the hand then covered my body well.
He was sleeping.
But his eye was teary.
is the headache really paining his eye.
Where will I get headache drug now.
I moved in and hugged him tight then moved my fingers into his hair..I gently touched his eye..
tomorrow is gonna be sweet and painful.
I want the romance to be longer before penetration..
I can’t even insert my middle finger well without discomfort …
I hope I don’t cry.
I kissed his fore head in a smile..
ahhh he spoilt me..I removed his hand now am wishing he will brush it in again.
I smiled to myself as i turned down the room lights
Rose’s pov.
Am just coming from my school.
I went to take all my file and books.
Jace keeps appearing in my mind.
I keep remembering all those moments wlth him.
Right from that day when I hugged him..
When he gave me admission.
When he kissed me.
I liked him but ..but..why did he kiss me like that.
Because he gave me admission did he want to sleep with me.
I don’t understand that kiss.
Oh no am about to rich the bet house.
I entered a bet and lost so this kids must pour me water for 2O days.
Today is the 12th day
I end up dying of cold every night.
But that’s better than paying money right.
I better walk fast
Am not aloud to go out at night the boys around this area are so rough.
I once almost got rapped if not for Neil.
I couldn’t even tell my mom or dad.
Soon I got to the area I already saw the kid’s with their water and buckets..
Jace’s pov.
I wish rose can give me another chance.
I couldn’t even eat last night.
I never fell this deeply before.
I feel so bad.
I have been following her since morning but i don’t know how to talk to her.
Why is she covering her hair..
“Unnie cover your bag too”some kids shouted from up i watched her cover her bag.
“It’s remaining only 8 right?”she asked
“unnie bend so your eye won’t blind” another kid shouted she nodded and bent.
Roses’s pov.
How can this little things be so bent.
I carefully Bent my face and water fell but someone covered me with an umbrella.
I raised my face. jace.
I tried runing he took my hand and moved me into the umbrella.
I opened both my mouth and eye in shock.
I saw the water fall.
I gently bowed.
he removed the umbrella.
Jaces pov.
Yes I knew it would be water.
“Rose lets–” she moved back.
“I have to go” she said
“Rose I only need one minute of your time please” I said
“That’s my auntie coming” she said and ran further.
I just squatted down there and watched her walk quietly while looking around.
I felt the water fall.
My guards pulled me up i felt so teary.
Rose is the most difficult woman I ever met.
As in, the money and the looks can’t have see those.
I walked into my car and the driver took off.
Austin’s pov.
Where Is Alison.
Now jace called saying he won’t come home I can’t stay alone..
Am worried sick right now.
where is she.
I stood outside when a girl came in with allison.
I smiled and ran further.
“Uhmm Alison had a little too much to drink”the girl said
“But why” I asked as Alison moved into my arms i hugged her
“Well we met..am her childhood friend so we decided to get some drinks but Alison suddenly started taking to much”she said
“Thank you” i said as i carried Alison up and we walked into the house.
I dropped her on Bryans bed
She smiled and used the pillow to cover her face
“Hey detective”I said and sat up
“Read one to 3 ” she said
“Uhmm 1 2 3 4 5” I said She clapped.
“What about a.b.c” she said
“A.b c.d”I said she smiled and clapped again as she dragged me to the bed I smiled.
So am only her friend when she is drunk.
“Thank you for that drug.
it realky really really worked” she said and touched my nose I smiled
“Why did you drink,”i asked.
She sat well and carried her pillow on her lap.
“Am sad,my life is so emty so am sad. I have been on this case almost all my life and I keep feeling like my life will start when it ends but with the way things are going I Dont know when it will end.
I just pray Mr choi will be safe till Bryan returns” she said I nodded.
“Was that all?”..
“Am jealous, Bryan is with deya so am jealous because I love him.
My mom was so bent on Bryan..she didn’t let me have a life.
She didn’t even let me get a boyfriend and I didnt even like Bryan then.
I liked one guy in my school, i liked him so much.
But mum sent me away from him.
she broke us even before we could share our first kiss.
She said I was married.
I never had a boyfriend from high school to now.
My friends teased me, no boy, no romance,no sex, no fun, no dates, no outings.
just books and work..while waiting for Bryan.
“But Bryan just rejected me too. my family will be so mad at him if they find out. Now i have to lie to them too, i will tell them that I rejected bryan or that Bryan caught me cheating” she said.
I smiled
“I will sing a song.
” No you have to bath” I said and removed her shoes.
“Noo Iet me sing will sing a soooooong” she said.
“Ok sing” I said.
She smiled
twinkle twinkle little star.
I smiled as I removed her shoes then unlocked her jacket.
Leaving only the red down she wore.
how I wonder what you are
I laughed and turned on my phone recorder.
I banded her hair and folded it
Upper upper world so high
I started laughing..she can’t sing it.
diamond diamond in my sky” she said in a happy laugh.
I smiled.
I lay her on the bed and covered her well.
She too loves Bryan.
Wont I ever get a chance to try this love.
Dont I deserve love.
Seeing Alison and loving her already made other girls disgust me.
If i don’t get her I wonder what will become of me.
I kept remembering when she hugged me.
when she Wakes up now She will become the devils first child.
I ran into my room.
Early the next morning I woke up and rushed into Bryans room to check whether alisson was still sleeping..
I walked in and Alison rushed out half naked.
She wore a red pant then a diamond laid waist chain.
She hastily wrapped her hand round her chest.
“Am sorry..I dint mean too,am sorry”i said.
“Oh its ok,this is nothing.
we normally change with boy’s during training” she said and hastily wore her jacket.
“Oh am glad you are awake I will just
“It’s ok”she said so I sat down.
Thank God.
She moved her hair into her ear..
“Uhmmm my girlfriend said she handed me to you last night” she said
I scratched my hair.
“Yes she did” I said She nodded
“Uhmm am sorry for stressing you and don’t believe anything I said when I am drunk I talk nonsense when I am drunk”she said I nodded.
“Actually you made my night ..” I said and played the voice record.
twinkle twinkle little star.
how I wonder what you are
Upper upper world so high
diamond diamond in my sky”
“Nice voice alisson”I shouted.
She used her hand to cover her face I laughed at her.
“Austin why would you do this to me” she said and started hitting me.
I smiled..
she suddenly got a call and stood up.
“detective Ali–
“madam choi se won is missing” a voice said.
Alison rushed out..I ran after her
“Alison wait,dress up,Alison

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