SHES WORTH THE KILL (S1) final episode

She’s Worth The Kill



Season 1

The Final Episode

“Hilton’s 5billion dollars has been compromised, It’s Just a matter of time before he noticed, The company at the state were only surprise about, the sudden ask for a refund, which they granted with no course to be suspicious, because the same person who struck the deal was asking for it.

“Cal succeeded in his plan, and wiped out every trace of him or his wife knowing fully well that mr hilton will surely go any length in looking for him, but what he never knew was that the man he sought to wreck was actually a spiritualist.

“Hilton had expected a Call from cal when he got there, but the call never came through, he had reasoned that maybe he was trying to settle down, that was why no call was coming through so je relaxed, he became alarmed after 2days no call yet and his number wasn’t going through, since it was a tech organization, he ordered a thorough search for his best man, but nothing could be found, not even his wife, he had feared for his safety and that of wife. But nothing could be done, they were gone.

“That night Hilton sought help from the brotherhood in Locating Cal, and he was told, that he can never be found because the seed with them has protected their location, from being reachable, and against harm

Hilton: Protection against harm? Who harmed them? And what has the child got to do with protecting them?

Eyes Of the heathen: You… You will harm them, because, you know not what Cal has done.

Hilton: what cal has done? He asked with confusion, written all over him.

Eyes of the heathen: Yes, the money assigned for your contract with the american firm, was compromised by him, so he ran away.

Hilton: Oh nooooo what wrong have I done to cal, to deserve this from you cal?

Eyes of the heathen: you speak of wrong? Have you forgotten how you killed his child and impregnated his wife?

Hilton: So cal knew all along, but never acted like he knew, I was behind all those.

Eyes of the heathen: he is aware of that you impregnated his wife, but not of the child you killed.

Hilton: Oh why now? I have always thought sandra terminated the child, she never spoke of it again after that day. How careless I was to have taken it lightly.

Eyes of the heathen: you are not alone on this Hilton! That seed you bear in her, is a great treat to our course, and the solitude of this brotherhood. You will work relentlessly until will kill that child, he is a seed from your evil deed and he is out to bring doom to us.

“For the first time in a while, hilton regretted ever having anything to do with san, or casting a lustful glance at her, his act of infidelity has now become a treat to his brotherhood, he loved the brotherhood so much, they had made him who he is today, he could remember when he had nothing, how they elevated him from poverty, how he had gone to school, and was an unemployed computer engineering graduate for so long.

He remembers the sacrifice he paid to become so wealthy. How he buried his mother alive for this same course. All this i have done to be where I am today, and Cal took them away from me. 5billion dollars, was 70% of the companies capital. It can’t just go down the drain. For a single s–t of getting a slutty wife pregnant with an evil seed. I must fight for the course, I will get back my money, and save ”The Heathen Brotherhood”

“Cal settled with san in a hotel at St Lucia, the country was located at the American continent and surrounded by the caribbean Sea and the Atlantic ocean. The scenery was a beautiful one to behold, most part of the country we filled with Captivating flowers and grasses. St lucia was a very sight, that depict The phrase ”Heaven on Earth” it was so beautiful.

“The couple spent their time, enjoying the best St Lucia could offer them. They loved the place, Cal spends most of his time securing an accommodation for them and also took proper care of san.

“Their love bloomed and with a smile on their lips no one saw the trouble lurking.

The End….
Watch out for Season 2.

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