The Undisputed
Sequence 19
An hour later, the girls had arranged the house (Belonging to Mattie’s mother) in readiness to host a funeral. The mother’s friends came in to help to doing the necessary arrangements and informing the people around about the death of Mattie’s mother.
By the time it was evening, some community members had gathered at the funeral house some men sat outside and women inside.
Mattie however did not want to prolong the moarning period. She decided her mother was to be burried the following day.
” There’s no reason to have this funeral for three whole days. Since there are no relatives here, am the only one around and honestly i can’t afford this ” she told her mother’s friends who somehow agreed with her.
Sali and Thandi stayed by her side all the time. With Thandi helping out by contributing to the money for purchasing things towards the funeral.
Kelly came to know of the funeral through Sali, as they met at the hospital when Sali was arriving. He rushed to her seeing her facial expression.
” please Sali i know you dont like me at all but tell me what’s going on, is Mattie ‘s mother okey?” He asked with a pleading look.
” you are right Kelly, you are not my favourite person, but i guess i have no say in your affairs. I don’t know why you are here and what you talked about with Mattie ” she shook her head.
” her mother just died” she finally told him.
” oh God, how is she doing? ” he asked concerned. Recalling how sad she was when she had left him. Kelly had not left for Lusaka for the 2 days Mattie was at the hospital. He lodged at the nearest lodge wanting to stay closer to Mattie even when she had no idea what he was doing.
Kelly wife who had been calling asking her husband’s whereabouts, only got a straight response. ” am trying to find Mattie.”
“Listen Joy, i need to apologise for what i did to her. when i come back i will fill you in on the details” he had casually informed her not knowing how hurt Joy became. She started her plan to fight for her marriage.” Whether, i love him or not, he’s still married to me and i will make sure he stays with me happy or not” Joy had told herself.
” as expected Kelly, she’s not doing fine ” Sali answered bringing Kelly back to the moment as his thoughts had lingered away.
” what can i do to help?” He held Sali’s hand when she almost walked away.
Sali sighed stopping after looking at Joe who was waiting for her by the car. “What do you want Kelly? Have you talked to her?” She asked instead.
” yeah i have” he responded
” and?” Sali raised her eyes.
” i love her Sali, i trully do and i won’t leave until i talk to her again. Even if she wants me gone, i want her. I will stay here until i talk to her in a normal way” he shrugged seriously.
Sali was quite for a while. She had a dream a day before where she had predicted the death of Mattie’s mother. She however, never got to tell that to Mattie not wanting to hurt her.
Part of the dream was about Kelly. She had seen him carrying Mattie, she looked happy as the two played around.
Sali didn’t know how to explain her dream. She only told Joe who clearly ignored it saying it was just a dream. But Sali knew it wasn’t, she was not the type to just dream. Though her powers were gone she knew that somehow the dreams were connected to her initial powers.
She sighed rubbing off the thoughts looking at Kelly’s tired face. She felt the urge to help him.
” okey fine, hang around i will talk to her. Lets see if i can persuade her to see you again. But am not making any promises. You know how Mattie is.” She told him.
” thank you so much Sali and am sorry for what i did before. Using your tragedy to blackmail Mattie” Kelly frowned.
” yeah will see you then. We are going to the house now. ” she raised her shoulders.
” mind if i tag along?” He asked
” yeah sure, why not.” Sali looked back at him as she walked on.
Without Mattie knowing, Sali told Thandi about Kelly who was outside with the other men. Kelly offered to buy the coffin and the girls predicting Mattie’s reaction, told him she wouldn’t accept.
” well, make it like you girls are helping her. Its my way of easing up on my debt to her” he begged them.
It so happened that Mattie didn’t know the money for the coffin was provided by Kelly. Her assumption was that Thandi and Sali had put their money together to help her of which they could have done but Kelly’s offer to help prevented them.
” am so glad you girls stood by me and helped me out” she Thanked them the following day after the burial.
” it’s okey sweety, we are family, no need to thank us, besides if you knew how we acquired the money you would surely hug us more” Sali teased her with a laugh.
” what? Tell me you guys are not doing something i wouldn’t approve of” Mattie looked at Sali, then Thandi and they both smiled giving her no clue about Kelly.
” have you seen Kelly?” Sali started as the girls sat down in the house awaiting for everyone to disperse.
” no, but i saw him yersterday” she shrugged
” and?” Thandi asked
” and the jerk told me he loves me, that he’s here to help easy my pain bla bla bla!, i don’t want to see him ever. ” Mattie responded
” are you sure?, remember you ran away from his house cause you fall in love with him” Thandi reminded her.
” yeah and i was a fool, you guys were right. I should forget about him. After all his married and he hurt me so much” she shook her head.
” mmmmhm you love him still right? ” Sali burged in.
” what’s your point Sali? I don’t love him anymore” she tried to make a serious face but the friends could see her eyes giving her away.
” you love him and the only reason you shoved him away is because you can’t resist the man. You know being close to him will make you fall for him all over again” Sali pointed out.
” Guys please stop it. Lets not talk about Kelly now. He’s probably with his wife right now so what’s the point. Whether i love him or not is not the issue here. He should just leave me alone. ”
” well, you wrong again my friend, that man has not left this place. This is his third day here and he won’t leave unless you talk to him” Sali quickly explained.
” you are joking right? ” Mattie sat up tieing the Chitenge wrapper she had around her waist.
” nope” Sali smiled .
” what the hell is he doing here i told him…..”
“I know, he told us but he’s as stubborn as you are Mattie he won’t leave this place until you talk to him.” Thandi spoke this time cuting Mattie’s sentence short.
” just see him Mattie. What will you loose anyway? Tell him what you feel and am sure he will understand.” Thandi added as Sali nodded her head in agreement.
” and you, where is your man you busy sending me to that jerk? ” Mattie chuckled looking at Sali.
” he left, he’s working today so he left early in this morning.”
” well, tell him i appreciate what he’s done for me. Staying here all night. I barely know him. Hes so kind” Mattie said honestly.
” yeah i will” Sali smiled.
” so what now, you are trying to dodge the topic here. Are you seeing Kelly or what?” Sali asked with a laugh.
” fine i will see him. Where is he?” She asked.
” at the lodge he’s been staying for days.” Sali responded.
” oh no, am not seeing him from there” Mattie giggled.
” now what?, you want him coming here and talk outside with people around? Or maybe stand in the road and talk like kids? Come on girl be realistic. Just man up and see him” Sali shook her head.
” well, he could have said some place else where, outside some eating place or something like that” Mattie defended herself.
” you are crazy. Okey say you sit outside then what?” Sali laughed slighlty.
” hey Mattie! am sorry i forced myself on you, i blackmailed you with the issue of your friend Sali killing a man!” Sali mimicked.
” in public?” She asked frowning her eyes on Mattie.
” okey i get it. You girls are crazy. I don’t understand how you are suddenly bargaining for him. Remember you two almost killed me for falling in love with him” she shrugged and the girl’s smilled at her.
” just go”Thandi pushed her shoulders slightly.
“Fine, will go after everyone has left.”
Hours later….
It was passed 7 pm when the funeral house was quiet. All the neighbours gone leaving Thandi, Sali and Mattie alone.
The girls reminded Mattie to see Kelly.
” yeah right let him come pick me. I can’t walk all the way” Mattie told Sali.
” he’s already outside ” she smiled knowing what she had done.
She had called him earlier telling him Mattie had agreed to see him and Kelly parked a few yards from the house waiting. When it got a bit dark outside he drove closer and waited.
” see you soon girl, be careful ” the girls saw Mattie to the car.
” we will be here sweety. Just call if need be” Sali added patting her back.
” she will be fine and i promise i won’t hurt her” Kelly who heard them talk responded.
” sure you won’t ” Thandi gave a warning look as Mattie sat down the front sit.
They moved in silence to Kelly’s room.
” well, am here now Kelly. You wanted to see me please get to it already. I just burried my mother and i don’t think being in a lodge with a man, married for that matter is the right thing to do” she scoffed.
” am sorry, we have to meet under such conditions Matilda. Am sorry for your loss too. ” Kelly started looking at mattie who sat on the bed as he stood his back to the wall. Taking in Mattie’s beautiful face. Even in a Chitenge he thought she looked great. The black blouse she had on fiiting her perfectly he felt proud. She was a woman now. He took time studying her features realising she had grown so much from the last time he saw her that close, she even looked more beutiful and he swallowed hard pushing down the urge to tell her the truth about how he was seeing her.
He decided he had to stick to his main business there of which he realised his mouth become dry and he had no words to tell her. How was he going to explain himself.
Initially he had thought seeing and talking to her again would give him the opportunity to express himself. But now he was tongue tied.
“What now? You have nothing to tell me after all. Well am leaving” she stood to leave.
“Wait!” Kelly stepped in front of her. “Please sit” He sighed holding her hands and leading her back to sit down.
The Undisputed
Sequence 20
Thandi was going back to work, it was already a week past and her off days had come to an end with the funeral and helping Mattie move in with her, it seemed to have run out quicker than she expected.
“morning Thandi?” Harold greeted her immediately she opened the door to his office.
” well come back, i Hope you managed to do whatever it is you wanted the leave days for, we have lots of things on our plate. I bet you have to start going through that file without delay. ” Harold rushed through his speech.
” am fine thanks and how are you doing?” Thandi smiled at her boss who seemed to go straight into business without greeting her.
” yeah, sorry, my mind is just so pilled up. Am fine dear. I hope you are too” he sighed sitting back in his chair.
Thandi was still standing on the other side of his table, dressed in a pink chiffon dress that went up her knees. Her new hair style, short and curled 100 percent weave giving her a hot look.
” what?” Thandi asked noticing how Harold had been checking her out.
” you look good. I love that hair style but am afraid you will have to undo it tomorrow.” He smiled
” okey?” Thandi asked wanting to hear more
” yeah, you are requiresd to go for the photo shoots for that company we signed a contract with the other week. And this is the kind of hair look they want.” Harold added, pushing a leaflet towards Thandi.
” yeah great. You only forgot to mention that i will have nothing on my body except that wig” she sat down unpleased.
” Thandi we already talked about….”
” i know am sorry i just thought maybe something down my body would do” she frowned
” well, look at that, you will have your hands on your sensitive parts. The whole essence is to show your perfect body and skin so that the photo will display an ellegant skin on the cover of this product they want to launch.
Besides that you and other models will have a function this friday were some stake holders will attend. The company wants to launch the product and your services are needed there.” He went through the details as Thandi listened in quitely.
” that’s okey. I bet am back for work. Anything else boss ? i go through this” she lifted the file up.
” yeah, one more thing” Harold responded.
“Ummm what are you doing this evening?” He asked.
” nothing planned yet, anything ?” Thandi looked up his face.
” i want you to meet someone this evening. Say dinner at 7?”
” am sorry, but am I in the position to ask who this someone is?” She made a face raising her forehead.
” don’t worry its not work its kind of personal, but i would really love you to go. I promised the person you will see him and i pray you accept to” Harold smiled.
” what’s this about Harold, you acting up” she chuckled.
” just get to that address and met the gentle man there. He knows who you are and it shouldn’t be hard for him to see you. You will be fine don’t worry. You are the best i have in this company i wouldnt lead you to anything bad” he smiled dismissing her after handing her the address.
” will see you later” she nodded leaving the room.
‘ wait, am i supposed to dress casually of formally? ” she looked back before leaving the door.
” just be yourself dear” Harold smiled
” okey” Thandi said walking out her mind trying to process what Harold just told her. ” who is this person who wouldn’t ask me for dinner straight up? ” she wondered as she got to her desk.
Back at home…
Sali and Mattie were planning on how they would expand Mattie’s fish business.
” since i have this money Thandi lend me, what do you think of us putting what we have together and starting this business at a larger scale. Say we build a shop within town, buy some freezers and we start buying fresh fish from Kafue and dry ones from Luangwa.” Sali suggested.
” oh yeah thats it, that’s it Sali!, wow, why didnt i think of that idea before? Its brilliant love. We can find a space to build on or even rent some shop from a central place in town. You know relish is something that people would always buy on a daily basis. Executed well, we will make good money” Mattie responded excited.
” we will. Lets just plan well on how to begin. By the end of this month we should be settled.” Concluded Sali.
The girls agreed and immediately went into making a budget for their business. By the time they were done it was past mid day.
” There’s someone at the door Mattie!” Sali called out from the bathroom.
” i got it!” Mattie responded walking to see who had come.
” Joe, what a surprise, you are welcome ” she smiled at Joe who stood by the door clad in a suit she guesed he was from the office.
” hey Mattie, doing okey at a new place?” Joe asked as Mattie led him inside.
” yeah, there is no better place to be than here with my two favourite persons.” Mattie giggled.
” yeah thats great.” Joe nodded
” she’s taking a bath, we had a business meeting here the whole morning”she informed him seeing how Joe’s eyes kept researching around she assumed he was looking for Sali.
” okey. Great i just wanted to take her out for lunch today” he smiled.
” wow, am sure she will be thrilled. Let me tell her to ….” Mattie couldn’t finish her sentence and Sali walked out wrapped in a towel that showed off all her thighs covering a small part of her hips.
” oh my God! Am sorry love, i didnt know we had a visitor” she screamed shy.
“Well, there she is” Mattie laughed and walked away from the living room.
” hey! ” Joe swallowed hard. You look ummmmm..” he paused scratching his head.
” naked! ” Sali responded laughing.
” let me just…”
” yeah sure!” Joe cut her nodding his head as Sali pointed at the bed room door.
She rushed to go to the bedroom leaving Joe smiling at her.
” wow!” He sighed sitting back. ” now that was a perfect skin” he thought to himself resurfacing Sali’s wet body he just saw a few minutes back.
He even felt his reason for seeing her was timely. He felt he couldn’t hold himself anymore. He had to make her his as soon as possible. In his mind he knew now that Sali was getting there, he was to face some competition and he dared not have some other guy snopping his nose on what he had seen grow into something beautiful. He assured himself she was going to be his soon enough.
Telling his parents about Sali was hard but he made it a mission to convince them.
” i don’t know Joe, are you certain she’s the right person for you? She was a house worker in this house for years son, you could have chosen better” his mother had argued when he told her about his relationship with Sali.
” mother, all my sisters and brothers married whoever they chose, why will it be different for me?” He asked his mother.
” well cause none of them chose a house girl Joe come on. Plus that girl has issues too. She didn’t even say bye to us the last time she left. She cannot be trusted ” his mother pointed out.
” well, am sorry to disappoint you mother, but Sali is a good person those issues you talking about are long gone and she’s doing okey now. Besides, i don’t even know why am even explaining myself here mom, i love her and none of you will change that. Please just accept her already. That girl has been through a lot and i don’t want some mother in law drama in her life now. I want her to be happy and i know she will make me happy too cause she loves me. Atleast i know she loves me genuinely unlike those girls out there who are just after money.” Joe stood on his point.
” well, its obvious nothing your mother and i will say will change your mind, just make sure you know what you are getting yourself into and don’t come say we never told you. ” his father sighed.
” thank you father. I will bring her here when the time is right.” Joe smiled at his parents his mother shaking her head at him.
” am all dressed up now!” Sali announced snapping Joe from his thoughts.
” you look great my love, can i have my hug and kiss now?” Joe smiled standing and opening his arms to receive her.
” here you are silly, i missed you ” Sali embraced him and slightly kissed his lips but he pulled her closer.
” that kiss is for your in-laws, can i have what i derseve? ” Joe laughed holding her closer.
Sali smiled lifting her face to look at his. She lifted her self on her toes and held his neck kissing him deeper.
” mmmmm thats more like it my love” Joe smiled widely not letting her go.
” well, what brings a handsome man dressed in a full office suit to my house this time of the day?” Sali asked him.
” can’t a man see his beloved woman at any time he wishes?” He teased pushing her hair off her face.
” nmmmmhmhmh, i don’t know, on such a busy day, monday. Something isn’t usual” she sighed pulling his hand and leading him to sit down.
” no love am not here to sit. I came to pick you up for lunch. I wanted to eat with my woman today ” he shrugged. ” and i have exactly 1 hour before my lunch time is over, can we leave now?” He amiled
” am all yours handsome, i will be crazy to defile such a handsome looking man’s wishes” she laughed and walked to grab her shoes.
In a few minutes they settled at a poshy restraunt to eat. Their order came in a few minutes later as Joe had already called in the order before he went to pick Sali.
” Sali sat back ready to enjoy the meal and she opened the plate before her, expecting a delicious meal, just to see a small item sparking bright in the centre of the plate.
Shocked, she looked up at Joe’s face just to see him go down the table kneeling before her.
” what is…?” She stammered realising what was going on.
” I saw this in some movie and i thought it was so romantic, i couldn’t come up with my own ideas of how to do this” Joe started a wide smile on his face.
” Saliya Kalenga, will you marry me?” He asked his deep small eyes filled with passion and pure love.
” Joe, … oh my God, Joe you will kill me!” Sali cried tears of joy in her eyes as the people around looked on.
” what do i say, you are too much my love.” She cried even more, tears running down her face.
” say yes my love. You are the one after my heart and i want you to be mine forever!, will you marry me and make me the happiest man in Zambia?” Joe smiled still kneeling.
” yes!, yes i wll marry you. I love you Joe, i love you so much you amaze me” she shouted happily.
Joe slipped the engagement ring on her fingers and she stood up crying loudly this time pulling him up and throwing herself in his arms. He gradly held her closer and kissed her tenderly.
” thank you for accepting” he smiled in her face.
” wait” she laughed wiping her tears. ” i have to go” she stepped back.
” what? Where? but we need to eat our food now!” Joe laughed holding her hand.
” i have to tell the girls , this is too much happiness for me alone my love, i have to go” she said impatiently making Joe laugh.
” come on love, the food is already served just sit down we eat then we will celebrate later!” He pulled her back.
Sali was over joyed, she couldnt hold still the knife and folk in her hands, she kept shaking until Joe decided to feed her instead.
Minutes later, Joe dropped her home promising to see her later in the evening after knocking off. He drove away happy and relieved. ” well, thank you Lord Jesus she said yes ” he whispered to himself as he went away.
That evening the girls sat together, Thandi had just knocked off. She threw herself on the couch sighing heavily.
” girls i want to take you out tonight. I don’t care if its a monday.” Sali who had waited for the moment to announce the good news announced cheerfully.
She stretched her hand to show off her ring.
” we need to celebrate!” She yelled loudly.
” he didn’t! ” Thandi exclaimed.
” yes he did guys and i said yes, i love him even more now!” Sali screamed happily.
” Oh Sali sweety you lucky fool!” Mattie teased pulling Sali into a hug and the girls went on saying how beetifiul the ring was.
” we are so happy for you Sali. Joe is a good man and you deserve him. After everything we have been through. This is God’s bleesings shining on you” They uttered the words with admiration.
Mattie sat back quiet. ” what’s wrong now my love? You look sad” Sali asked sitting down next to Mattie.
” i wish i had fallen in love with a genuine man too. It hurts to love a jerk like Kelly. One i can’t even have to myself” she shook her head.
” oh Mattie come on, you are still beautiful and young am certain you will find a good man who will love you with all your flaws too. Take heart” Thandi spoke to her calmly.
” yeah sure. I don’t know, its so hard to forget him especially after the last meeting i had with him.”
” what happened back there sweety?, you have never told us anything the past days. ” Thandi asked her.
” its easier when you talk about it Mattie. Come on tell us what happened at the lodge in Kafue” Sali added as the girls both moved closer to her.
” and be fast too, i have an arranged Dinner with God knows who ” Thandi sighed.
” mmm and who organised such for you?” Mattie asked.
” who else if not my crazy boss” Thandi frowned.
” no wonder i don’t want a man. I dont like going for such ventures especially when am tired. I love my life as it is free from heart achs, no offense girls ” she smiled looking at Mattie and Sali.
” none taken sweety. Sali here is the only one lucky with love.” Mattie responded.
” and she derseves a girls time out. We need to celebrate your engagement Sali and the bill is on me. But not today. Lets make it friday” Thandi looked at Sali.
” yes ! Thanks love” Sali laughed.
” anyway i have minutes before i leave for that dinner. Now can you tell us what’s up with you and that coloured dude” Thandi patted Mattie’s hand.
” okey, i will tell you. No matter how painful it feels. I just want to forget him already.” Mattie sat back placing her back on a soft pillow on the couch.

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