She’s Worth The Kill



Episode 10

Cal: Honey how are you? Are you any better? Cal asked immediately he came back from work… he was expectant that she will be fine by the time he was back.

San: no honey but i will be soon. But meanwhile my love there is something I want to tell you. She said dejectedly.

Cal: it’s ok i am listening, I have something to tell you too.

San: fine honey why don’t we say it over dinner. She said. And moved to set the table.

She had been consumed with guilt for the whole day, and she has made up her mind to tell him, she had decided on fate whatever happens she knew she messed up, she had hoped the loving man in Cal, still finds her worthy of a second chance in his life, if not for anything for the love the shares.

Some while Later, dinner was set, and they sat to eat, her heart beat increased as the seconds went by. Soon cal had brought up the topic, she had hesitated for a while, all her boldness were now gone, she couldn’t find the right word to even begin her speech.

Cal: common honey talk to me, or you don’t wanna tell me again? He asked with concern.

San: I don’t know Cal why don’t you tell me yours first, she said not sure if she did the right thing by asking cal to say his first, what if hilton has told cal about their adventure, her mind panicked, while cal smiled and this brought a little hope on to her.

Cal: oh you should say you wanna hear my own first, and stop acting like someone who broke the cup and doesn’t wants mama to know about it. “Only if he knows she has broken more than a cup”. Well I have been promoted in the office and in a month from now, we will be living in the states. Cal said beaming with a smile, she had expected a Joyous look from san, but was surprised to see her unshaken expression and this has got him alarmed.

San: This is good news honey. She manages to say, it pained her that the man that have worked so hard to make her happy and never lack anything, was paid back by a pregnancy that is not his.

Cal: San what is it? You ain’t happy about the news? I mean we are going to the states, he reiterated. But still met the unmoved expression on san’s face, and this made him furious!

San: I heard you the first time sweetie but… but…. She stuttered.

Cal: But what san? What is eating you up, you’ve been like this for days now?

San: Cal I know you have tried for me. I know all you did for me and how much you loved me, and made me happy, and stood by me when there was no hope and the future seems bleak. How you carter for everything, how you were the best dad to daniella. How….

Cal: Hold it san!! He said in a seemingly loud voice. What is the meaning of all this? Why are you saying all this.

San: it’s because I’M PREGNANT. she said as she could no longer hold it, her conscience had pricked her to that point. And decorum fell upon the surface of the room, tranquility took place for some seconds before it was rudely interrupted by Cal’s voice in the most gentle manner he had ever spoken to her.

Cal: You are what? He asked to be sure of what he heard.

San: I’m 6 weeks pregnant she said as tears fell from her eyes. Cal’s expression remained unreadable, as his brain was still trying to assimilate and interpret what he just heard. Now it was done on him, she was sleeping around while he was away.

Cal: how come? He asked as calmly as he could.

San: it’s hilton, he drugged me during one of the tutorial session, and ever since then we seize the opportunity to do it, because i was blackmailed, and overtime I started enjoying it, till we finally ended up with this, he said pointing towards her stomach.

Cal had remained silent as the shocking revelation unfold in his very eyes, he watched the erring San, explain her sexcapade with his boss in detail. Soon he couldn’t take it anymore, without uttering a single word he stood up and left the dining section and soon exited the house with his head full of compromising thoughts and not knowing what to do he entered his car. He could hear san calling after him and pleading in totaland sincere regrets, a tear dropped from his eyes he wounded up his glass and zoomed off into the night, immediately the gate man opened the gate for him, it was 10:13pm at night.

San couldn’t tell what Cal was upto, she stayed up late, but he never returned, she had prayed for his safety, and hope nothing happens to him, because his cell wasn’t going through. He must have switched off his phone because he knew very much she would call him.

Cal drove straight to his friends house Jude. During the drive he tried to clear his head off the thoughts, but they were not clearing off it was like trying to chase a goat off a sweet leaf, it lingered on, the weight was too much. Jude’s place was the best place to go now, he could offer some encouragement and besides, he couldn’t roam the night in his car, it wasn’t safe, he tried to reason if he still love san, but the love was still there, but why will she do this to me? Why san, i tried my best to satisfy you and give you all you want, and you paid me back with this, just for the 3 months i was away. He tried not to think about the blackmail aspect, or even reason that his boss was responsible for it, a man he respected so much and did everything to make sure his company moved forward, that same man got my wife pregnant he cried as he leaned on jude his bosom friend. Jude has tried his very best to console him, but it was meeting a dead end. He had tried most of his therapeutic skills on him, and soon, he was able to subdue Cal and get him relaxed. After a session with jude that night, he had fallen asleep right on the sofa in his living room, the next morning he had woken up with a different mentality about the whole situation, he noticed his love for san was unending, even when she erred I Love You San no matter what, I will always do, with hilton’s child or not. He said out of his thoughts, totally oblivious of Jude’s presence in the room.

Jude: Yes man that is the spirit. True love never dies, Situations Like this only make love stronger. He said patting him right on his shoulder.

Cal: oops you startled me. He said laughing

Jude: Lol. Good morning brother.

Cal: Oh cool, they exchanged pleasantries and Cal made it known to him he will be returning home.

Jude saw him off and he went home.

She’s Worth The Kill



Season 1

Semi Final Episode

San dropped to her knees that morning, as she behold Cal’s presence, she had been worried through the night, her eyes never saw sleep… she prayed for his safety, and hoped he has not done anything to himself. And right there he was this morning. Looking as handsome as ever, as calm and loving as ever, san pleaded, she had asked if he wanted her to terminate the baby, but that got his attention, he has been quiet all through.

Cal: San in as much as I would love to do away with the baby, I had very much love to keep her. He mentioned and this made her relaxed, there was hope, she could see the loving man in his eyes, and she knew forgiveness was not very far. She has been praying for a second chance, and she promised to be faithful no matter what!.

San: what…. What do you mean baby? She asked to be certain she heard clearly.

Cal: San I love you so much, and my love for you is unending. Let’s keep the baby, she will serve as a consolation for our baby daniella, meanwhile Hilton must surely pay for this. He said with grudges in his heart.

San: Baby Thank you so much for finding me worthy to be your wife again, you are too loving to deserve a bad naughty s–t like me. She said weeping, to show sincerity.

Cal: there no need weeping san, it’s time for me to pay hilton a piece of his own coin. See you honey he said as he hurried off to work.

“San had hope all went well at work, she prayed Hilton doesn’t hurt cal. As much as she would have loved to tell him not to pay back, but she had to keep shut because she’s erred already.

“Cal got to the office that morning, he was actually as cool as though nothing happened, just like every other day, he went about his duty, he had nursed up a plan on paying hilton, for the evil he did with his wife, but he was waiting for the perfect time to execute it. The day say him, working close with his boss and finalizing on how to come to completion of the payment of the contract deal they had signed with the American company. The payment was completed and the money was forwarded, the deal is worth 5billion dollars for alliance with the american company and delivery of new tech once they produce any.

After the payment completion some weeks later san’s has gotten a little protrude on her stomach, Cal’s care has not seize towards her, it was very much as if nothing happened. Cal made sure he took care of her like he was expecting his own baby.

Techcom Global, worked tirelessly, to make sure the USA branch meant for Cal was ready before a month, and soon Both San and Cal sat on the plane heading to the states, They were going to spend most of their life there, san was so excited about the journey, unlike cal who was cool as ever and had an unreadable expression. The moment Cal stepped his feet on the American soil. He had told san ” we ain’t staying here for long”.

San: what? What do you mean baby? She asked confused.

Cal: I don’t know san, but just follow my lead. We will soon be out of this country.

San: do you mean we will go back to nigeria? I thought you said you will be working her so why the sudden change of plan?

Cal: well it’s for good. Just be calm till I come back, i wanna check the office and some few things there, he said and went off to the office.

“The office was located at central Oklahoma in the 13th floor of a 20 floor skyscraper. Techcom Global occupied that floor with different offices and departments. He had gone to his own office as their boss, the workers there had tried to initiate greeting and pleasantries, when they noticed his presence, but he waved off, hilton must have brushed them up on who he was but he wasn’t in for any of their bureau. Immediately he sat down in the office chair, his mission to liquidate Techcom Global and reverse the deal they struck with the company. He soon forward the email to the company’s board, they were very reluctant to release the money, but soon they did when cal displayed his charms, and wits as an intelligent wizard, they hadn’t suspect anything, because he was the one that signed the deal with the, and the signature, they scanned for deal cancelation was very much Mr Hilton’s own, though cal has signed the signature, he has been learning Mr hilton his soon to be ex boss signature, since he started nursing the revenge plan for sleeping with his wife. He soon succeeded in getting all the money, and he forward them to his various accounts in nigeria, all well stocked with such huge amount of money, he simply forward some to a Caribbean bank, and wiped out his trace and that of his wife from the Internet, soon he got the visa and off to the Caribbean coast, everything happened so fast, cal has stolen hilton’s money, he had left his wife in the dark, till they left the american shores and Landed in the Caribbean part of the world. There he explained everything he had done to san, She felt pity for hilton, but whatever Cal has done to him, he deserve more, She thought.


Getting more intense… Did cal do the right thing? Let me know.

This story is way beyond what you think…

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