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….. DREAME ….
after exposure
Star – queen
chidinma Jerry .m.
episode three
I watched Bryan fall asleep right here in my arms.
I smiled as i collected my hand from his body.
Then covered him well.
I shifted away from his body and lay on my own side of the pillow..
That was when I could sleep off.
I wonder when I will stop being so nervous and get used to all this..
Bryan’s point of view
I am taking this Angel to s-square today.
But it all depends on her response when I ask her to sing.
I wish deya will say yes so we can register her first.
I know it will take 4 to 3 days before she is exposed to the world in radios, televisions, Bill boards, etc.
Not only her but her rival..cos I just heard dreame’s search in north Korea found a girl too and sir edwardo; my dad is behind her…some Rachel Lee.
So after they are exposed deya and the girl will have an open voice challenge after which the world will vote on who should sing with me.
And this is the risky period cos this is the period when her dad will surely find out.
I need to register deya now but I need to find her mum before the exposure starts.
Now I don’t know how to convince deya to register without her mum by my side.
And if she doesn’t get registered today sir edwardo will not know that dreame has another girl.
As well as nana’s dad.
deya needs to get registered today that everyone is on sit.
I wish she would trust me and just register.
I will surely bring her mum before her dad finds out
Deya trust me …
I don’t know where I will take you to today.
What will I do to get you to say yes.
Restaurant, bar, club,.. where do I take you too.
I turned to her on the bed where she lay smiling in her slip.
I touched her curly hair then I bent to her face.
“Hey miss..so I hugged you yesterday and you ran away when I fell asleep huh”i said touched her cute nose.
She was still sleeping soundly.
I closed my eye And kissed her full yummy lips she opened her eye in shock
I smiled
She used the duvet to cover her face I smiled.
“Ummm lets go out.. on our date, let’s go on our date now”I said
She nodded and covered her face again I smiled.
Nana’s point of view
I got released from the hospital since yesterday.
I was so confused and frustrated I couldn’t go home.
Am just heading home now.
I told zaina not to tell my Dad that I fell sick because i don’t want him to get all bothered
The competition is getting closer..my dad is going to get harder on me.
I hastily opened the door and Lisa walked out she looked at me in shock.
“Ummm nana your dad is–“..
“Are you seeing my dad?”I asked
“Ummm well”she stuttered
I ran into the building and my dad stood Up.
“Dad what was Lisa doing here?”I asked
“Nana let me explain its more than what zaina said”he said
“Zaina? What are you doing to me?”I shouted
“Honey its nothing”he said
“It’s better you tell me yourself dad cause zaina will tell me anything and i Wont forgive you if it comes from her”I said
“Fine nana ..I am having an affair with her. You are not a kid neither am I”he said
“Do not daddy me, your mum died when you where 15 and you made me promise not to get sexually involved and i agreed because you where a kid but come on, won’t you pity me, you are now 21 years Old I thought you would understand better”he said
“I don’t understand anything Mr Kim, you can’t get involved with any other woman and i Wont forgive you if I catch you again” I shouted
” Nana I am nominating you for dreame…becomi
ng the dreame girl is going to boost you and make you more popular… I looked into the Rachel Lee of a singer..she’s a small competition for you I wonder why edwardo is behind her.”he said
“Dad Rachel is not the only girl dreame found. I can’t sing with Bryan, i thought of teaming with bitz; Ian will be my partner” I said
“Nana Bryan has more chances of wining that competition.. even if he doesn’t win singing with him will play a heavy role in your carrier”he said
“Ian has a great voice too dad, if bryan can come up first i and Ian can come up second” I said
“My daughter is the first female voice in Korea”he shouted and threw away the calendar on the wall” I don’t want to hear you talk about second again” he shouted
“You are singing with bryan and that’s final. Dreame has Rachel, now you will beat down her voice so edwardo can sponsor you. When his dad says yes Bryan can’t say no.”he said
“Dreame has found a girl dad..she is in secret and her name is deya. She was found here in south Korea dad and her voice Is good. It needs training but it’s still perfect.
she has not been exposed yet but am sure she will be exposed one of these days”I said
“Well i guess that makes it 3 girls competing to sing with Bryan” he said
“What do you mean 3, i can’t beat deya” I shouted.
“You must cause out of that 3 Kim nana you must be dreame’s girl , u understand” he said
“Dad I cant sing like deya”I shouted
“Well go into your room and learn and how to sing more than the deya.” He shouted
“Dad I dont understand your plans..if I go for dreame who will represent girlfriends” I asked
“Zaina will sing with rainbow’s Ely while you sing with Bryan nana. I am placing two cards in this game and one of you must win…I will be so angry at you of you don’t get me that award …so angry. Now remove that curl in your hair its childish..”he said
“Dad just let me be, let me wear what I want. I don’t like the way you are managing me”i said
“You are south Korea’s hearthrob. Not only are you the most beautiful you are also the sexiest female Idol. People look up to you as a fashion queen so the next time you step out wear something hot” he said
“I need a new manager”I said
“I already got you one..now go and remove that childish curl.”he said and walked out.
I ran into my car.
I just hate my life
I hate being controlled so much
Bryan was the only one who gave me true happiness now I lost him
I got him angry
I became a laughing stock in school.
I drove home and Mrs Madison was just stepping out.
I dried my tears and she hugged me tight.
She was once my nanny for 6 months before she transfered to dream Mansion.
Her closeness to Bryan made me a little bit close to her.
That was why she trusted me and came here.
I really wanted to tell her about deya today but I didn’t know dad wanted to nominate me for dreame.
now deya is my biggest rival.
If i give her her mother then nothing will stop deya from singing.
deya shouldn’t compete…deya shouldn’t sing.
She can take Bryan but not my
I And Mrs Madison walked In and sat on my bed.
She dried my tears.
I cant belive my dad is sleeping with his secretary.
“Nana why are you crying”she said
“My dad is having an affair with Lisa, he is cheating on my mum.. I thought he loved her”I said.
“My dear you seem so mature but but you such a baby nana. he is not cheating on your mum it has been 6years.”she said and i hugged her tighter.
“Zaina called yesterday and she told me that you fainted. what’s wrong my dear, are you pregnant?” She said i laughed.
She Is so much fun.
She always had a great sense of humor
“There you laughed” she said and I hugged her.
She unlocked and carefully braided my hair to the side.
“Nana about my daughter? you said you knew about her. Nana please tell me what I need to know.
I really want to be with my daughter now.
Nana am getting sick and i wish to spend the remaining few days of my life with deya. I have been waiting for her to come to north Korea …I have been waiting at home.
I can’t go out to meet all the people who I met in the finding mum app anymore.
So all I do is visit the hospital and sit outside, waiting for the day deya will come.
I was so happy when you called me nana, do you really know where my deya is?”she asked.
My tears kept streaming.
My daughter is the first female voice in Korea
I don’t want to hear you talk about second position again
You must be dreame’s girl
I dried my tears as i remembered my dad
“Nana tell me where she is? There are somethings I need to tell deya” she said.
“Nana tell me …do you have any info on deya.”she asked
Mrs Madison
I swear, i want to show you to deya.
I want Bryan to be happy with deya.
I want them to date I don’t care anymore.
I want to live him for deya.
But I can’t let deya sing, deya should not compete.
My dad will ruin my life.
I will bring deya to you..after another girl has been chosen for Bryan.
Either me or Rachel.
But not now.
Deya shouldn’t sing..
“Uhmmmm Mrs Madison, i was wrong sorry for bringing you here” I said.
“It’s ok..I really missed you nana and i am happy that we met. I will go back to north Korea now right after I visit Bryan” she said.
“No no Bryan is not around he traveled…why don’t you bag to north Korea now who knows deya might be waiting” I said she nodded.
” Ok but after I cook for you,tell me what do you want to eat ” she said
“Hmmmmm bimibab” a shouted in a laugh as i ran behind her.
She smiled.
We ran into the kitchen.
Jeremy’s point of view
Nora Is traveling for training.
She should compete in the nationals but in the singles.
I turned and saw Mrs Madison so I hastily walked out of my car and ran after her.
But she told us that she wanted to wait in north Korea for her daughter.
“Hey mom” I shouted.
“Oh my remy”she shouted.
I hugged her.
“Where did Bryan travel to?”she asked.
“He is in his house” I said.
“But nana said he traveled” she said.
“Nana?”I asked.
“Yes” she said.
“Why are here anyway..where had you been,”i asked.
” I came to south korea because of nana…I came to see her” she said.
“Really why? what Where doing in her house?” I asked.

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