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Chapter Twenty Six
Emma’s POV.
“Kiss Me.” He said with a serious look.
Kiss him… No way… Not at all.
“No!” I said breathing heavily, I don’t know what is going on, my heart had accelerated and I felt thousands of butterflies in my stomach.
“Then I’m not gonna tell you who that beautiful woman was,” he smirked straightening up.
“Fine don’t tell me…” With that, I stepped out of the car before he could stop me.
I hurriedly moved towards the door, I heard his footsteps behind me and that could mean only one thing Edan is behind me.
I entered the elevator and hit the 5th-floor button, as it was going to just close Edan step in. I started to feel nervous by having Edan and me alone in the elevator. The door opened and I stepped out and so did Edan.
Seriously… Why can’t he quit? Quit it
“Are you planning on coming in?” I asked turning around glaring him.
“Yes,” he remarked with a smirk.
What is with that smirking? Hasn’t he
been smirking more lately? Or is it
just my imagination.
“What do you want?” I asked getting annoyed by his following.
“I want a kiss,” he said showing his thousand dollar smile.
“Yeah… Dream on… Dream boy!” With that, I opened the apartment door and step in. I was ready to close it but Edan stopped me.
“I’m tired and I want to sleep, so with due respect just go,” I said threatening him a little while opening the door.
“Okay…I’m going but you forgot something…” Seriously he’s going..? I won..? I was expecting a no from him.
“And what is the thing I had forgotten?” I said putting my hands on my hip.
He took me by my arm and pull me outside of the door frame. I looked at him confused.
What the hell he’s doing?
He held me tighter in his arms so that I couldn’t escape.
“You forgot this.” He said seductively and clashed his lips on mine kissing me with passion.
I was surprised, this kiss I love it… Every time whenever he kissed me I’m like as if I’m on a roller coaster ride. Every kiss is like an exciting adventure. I was going to kiss him back but he drew back and stroked my cheek.
“Be ready at 12:00 pm tomorrow.” he pecked on my lips and with that, he left leaving me hanging in my thoughts.
What just happened? Be ready for what?
“Emma?” I heard Kate voice and went in.
“Yes. It’s me.” I went to her room.
“What took you so long?” She said in half sleep.
“Uuh… Nothing. Just B-Busy.” Yeah
so busy… I lied. Memories of the night starting playing in my head… That mystery girl…then that Kiss…Then Edan.And then his goodbye kiss. A smile crept across my lips thinking about it.
“Hey… ” I came back to reality by Kate’s voice.
“Huh? You were saying?” I asked Kate.
“You just completely zoned out.I have called your name thousand times.” she did? How come I haven’t heard it.
“Sorry. Just little tired, Bye.” With that, I head towards my room still smiling about this amazing night.
Edan’s POV.
I smiled at the thought of her… She was so confused back then. I acted a little coldly with her to test my feelings for her…I want to make sure that they are just not temporary that I would not hurt her. I talk about it with my sister and she said I am in love with her…which I’m not. I believe that I just like her.
I don’t believe in love…I think that love exists only in stories although there is that family love but it’s quite opposite of this love.
I don’t know why I took her to my favorite spot but deep down I felt that maybe by this action she may start to trust me. I loved the time we spent together.
It’s all like a dream, an amazing dream which I’m afraid is going to end but I’ll never lose hope for us. I like her more than anything. She’s my everything, my air, my life…I’m never ever gonna give up on us. Never.
Emma’s POV.
I groaned when I heard someone banging on the door. I don’t want to get up. I want to sleep.There came another bang.
“WHAT..!” I yelled
“Emma. Get up… Your boss is here…” I heard Kate voice.
What my boss? Edan? Why would he be here? I’m probably dreaming.
“Emma…! Get up. He’s waiting in the living room!” She yelled back.
I don’t care if he’s waiting in the living room. I’m not getting up, I want to sleep. He can go back. For God sake it’s Sunday. That means my rest time.
“Emma..!” She yelled again still banging my door.
I had enough. How dare he disturbed my sleep…
“I’m not coming… Tell him to leave.” I yelled back and went back to my peaceful sleep.
I haven’t slept for half an hour when someone knocked at the door. Now I had enough… Can’t she understood a simple thing…a d–n thing that I want to sleep.
I was fuming with anger. There came another knock and I had enough, I get off my bed and went to the door. I pulled open my door.
“Can’t you just understand one d–n thing… Tell that jerk to just buzz of-” I was cut off by the person standing in front of me. I looked at him wide eyes.
“Well…Good Morning. I’m surprised Miss James you look amazing.” Edan said with a chuckle.
My face got red, my cheeks warm up… I was in my shorts and a loose shirt. My hair tied in a low pony which was a mess right now.
I tried to shut the door but he stopped it.
“What the hell!” I yelled and he chuckled which made me more furious.
He pushed the door opened and entered my room.
“What are you planning to do? Go away.” I yelled at him pushing him to get out of my room.
“You look cute when you’re pissed.” He stroked my cheek gently.
“Now get ready… We’re going.”
“But where?” I asked him.
Seriously to where he’s going to take me now?
“Just get ready,” he ordered and left my room.
Such a Mr. Do as I say… Well, I don’t
give a d–n.
Should I? No… I will not. Not until he tells me where he’s taking me. I am stubborn after all.
I went to my bed and laid there refusing to get up.
After about 20 minutes the door knocked again and I pretended to be asleep. Yeah… I was a little embarrassed by my appearance but I don’t really give a d–n about it. It was his fault after all… I just don’t care what people think about it. I’m just Miss Carefree…
The door pushed open and the next thing was I’m flying in the air. I shrieked to see Edan carrying me on his shoulder.
“Put me down…” I yelled while hitting him on the back.
“Put me down, you idiot,” I yelled again this time hitting him harder but he wasn’t affected at all.
What he’s made of???
“Oh my God..!” Kate said surprised looking at me on Edan’s shoulder.
“Help me, Kate.” I pleaded to her. She rushed towards me to help me but Edan stopped her.
“I am taking my sweet lazy PA. So don’t worry, she is in good hands.” He said to Kate with a stern look. “And she’s going to be late tonight.” With that, he left my apartment and carried me to his car.
He put me gently on the seat and fasten the seatbelt, there was no use of my protest. I really hate him.
He went to his side and started the car. I was so pissed off right now that I didn’t even say a single word. I don’t know where he’s taking me.
The car stopped in front of his penthouse.
“Why are we here?” I couldn’t keep it this time. I have to ask him why he had brought me here.
“Look who’s out of her shell?” He grinned.
I glared at him.
“It wasn’t in my plan but as you were being stubborn so I had to use my plan B.” he left the car and I did the same.
“Plan B? What plan B?” I said following him.
We went in the private elevator that leads us to his penthouse.
As the door opened an older woman of 45 was standing there. Her hair colored red, she had brown skin and green eyes.
“Hello. Rose…This is Miss Emma.” Edan introduced me to her. She looked at me and smiled.
“Well, hello dear,” she said in a motherly tone.
I replied her with a hello still confused what is the hell going on here? Will someone enlight me?
“Well… Rose I wasn’t planning to do this but she’s all yours for now.” With that, Edan went to his small office after giving a peck on my cheek. “Don’t be too long,” he said.
“What is going on?” I asked Rose. She took my hand and led me towards Edan’s room. I went straight to the washroom because that jerk handsome idiot didn’t give me the time back in my place. I did my business and brush my teeth with the spare toothbrush placed there. I washed my face and still yawning, stepped out. Rose held my arm and made me sit on a chair in front of a dressing table and started brushing my hair.
“What’s going on? And what are you doing to my hair?” I said as she started to curl my hair.
“Mr. Wilton called me and said me to come here as fast as possible. He said me that he wants me to do a little styling and makeup for someone…I’m an expert in these kinds of things.” She said proudly.
Why did Edan ask her for this? And why is he doing this?
“Excuse me, Rose. For how long you have been working for him…and how many girls y-you had been styled?” I asked the question feeling a little jealous. Did he do this for every girl he brought here?
“I have been working for his family for past 20 years…and relax my dear…you are the only girl whom he cares about…he must really be in love with you.” she smiled while giving light curls to my hair.
Love? Does he love me? No. That’s not true. It just…can’t be true. Who would fall in love with me? Me? I’m not that worthy and I’m not that lucky to have someone like him… He deserves better. Although I have started to like him but I won’t tell him that… I still hope that he will find someone better… like that girl, but who was she?
“Here done.” She said while finishing my hair. I really loved my hair. They pretty look like natural curls.
“Now time for makeup.” She said picking some foundation bottle from her bag.
“No… Please, I don’t do makeup. Just put on some liner and a mascara.” I said stopping her.
“Only that?” She asked confused.
“Yes…” I replied politely. She nodded and took out an eyeliner and mascara.
“You are so different from other girls, no doubt Edan loves you.” She said applying eyeliner and mascara.
“I like simplicity… I think it has its own beauty in it.” I replied smiling.
“Indeed… My dear.” She replied applying red lipstick on my lips.
It’s the first time I had worn lipstick… I mostly like lip gloss.
“There done… You look beautiful…absolutely gorgeous. Now here is your dress.” She handed me a red dress, it was beautiful with a red belt at the waist.
I changed into it and looked at the mirror. The dress hugging my body but it was so comfortable. With it was red heels and a small shoulder bag. I looked at the mirror and I looked like some hot model yet so decent… The person staring back at me was not me. It was someone better than me. These curls and the little makeup really changed my appearance.
“You look smoking hot and cute.” Rose hugged me.
“Hey…is my girl ready? I’m dying on waiting here.” Edan said knocking the door.
My girl? I rolled my eyes at that. An idea came into my mind and I grinned at it. I told it to Rose and she agreed in helping me.
“Hey, Rose? Is Emma ready?” He knocked again and this time a little harder.
to be continued….

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