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(As long as you love me //
chidinma Jerry mba
[Star – queen] #season_2_EPISODE_34
I rolled on my my bed.
I can’t sleep …I feel so not me.
Deya is not back..thats unusual but austin is not back too.
So uhmmm…she is safe.
My phone rang..video call..this stubborn girl..I sent it to the wide screen.
She removed the book from her face.
I lay on my pillow as I looked at her.
She had always had hot looks.. miss Allison
She smiled…The screen made it feel like she was really here.
Am glad she called..I felt down lately.
“What are you reading?”i asked
“Romance novel..should i tell you the story?”she asked
I smiled
“You Wont have time” she said
“No tell me when you come” i added
“Will you have time then?”she asked
“Yes..I will get real less busy soon” i said
She smiled
“So uhmmm when are you coming..and why cos you still have work?”I said
“Yes but I am coming back for Nora’s birthday” she said
“Oh, I forgot she is your friend” i said
She smiled and fell on her bed then held her pillow.
“Uhmm Bryan, when I come over I want you stay with me …so i can say something” she said
“Ok am waiting” I said as i watched her braid her hair she smiled
“So uhmmm where will i stay?”she added
“Anywhere you want, s-squAres knows you so you can stay in the mansion. Well since its your first time coming over alone without dad..daddy’s girl” i said she smiled
“Hey continue” she said.
“I just wanted to say that since its your first time coming alone I will follow you to anywhere you want to stay..the dream mansion,my main house,my dads house,my penthouse,or even a hotel room ..Okay?”i added
“Realy” she said.
“Really” I added.
She smiled
“Ok..bye” she added.
“Ok,greet Lisa”I said.
She nodded and dropped.
What happened between I and nana..early yesterday
Why do I remember it now..I don’t want to
flash back
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Bryans pov 3:45
Ahhhhhhhhhh why can’t I sleep anymore.
Am going on a date with deya…I keep imagining what she will say when I tell her how I feel.
So sweet…I wonder where she will take me to
All my phones should be in flight mode, when telling her I love her I don’t need distractions.
The cloth I bought..hope she likes it.
I looked in my mirror and moved my hair behind.
So crazy…our first date..gosh I can’t believe am blushing.
Maybe I should say I love you in a song
Let’s see
I don’t know how to say it to you.
your eyes make me have dreams I can’t meet.
u are the reason I can’t sleep this night
baby am wake and am thinking of you.
your eye gives me life when I die
your smile resurrected me from pain
your voice, your songs.. gives Me a reason to live.
am wake and am thinking of you.
I want to say, i love you.
I want to scream, be mine
saranghe, sarangheyooo..
am wake and I am thinking of you.
if you leave me then I Will die.
baby never, never say goodbye
you are my best , my best best dream
now am awake and am thinking of you
can you be mine
baby be minnnnnnnnne
will be mine, mine, mine.
deya am awake cos I love you, I do…..
Awwwwn I better write this down
I love you deya..am going crazy.
I might shout so much..better don’t laugh at me
I hope you Wont take me to a drinking joint.
Ahhhhh so crazy.
Well my first outing as a commoner with deya was fun
I will love try it again..I want her to take me to more fun places.
After our date I will surely win a doll for her..my baby doll needs a doll.
Also she needs to see my house..she doesn’t really know my house and i want her to know it.
I miss her so much…ahhh her room lights are on
She is back
Knock on her door and tell her you love her so you can sleep in her bed…this room is boring
No no no…wait wait till the date.
I smiled I didn’t even know when morning broke
Until someone knocked..I opened ..nana!!!!
“Nana?” I said
“Uhmmm Bryan lets talk”she said
“About?”I asked
“Deya…” she added
I didn’t see myself opening my door.
She moved in and brushed her fingers into my waist.
“Remove this”I said
She smiled and removed the hand.
“Bryan there will be a mob in school on Monday..they would ask you your relationship with deya as well your relationship with me” she said.
” deya Is your maid and i am your girlfriend… say that then” she said
“Are you drunk?”…
“Bryan I didn’t plan on getting to this extent but you are pushing me” she said as she moved her both hands into my waist again.
“Nana stop”…
She tried kissing me I moved away and wore my slipper.
“Leave when you are done”i said
“Dreame girl…this year’s dreame girl..its deya right?”she asked.
I turned
“The voice clip that went viral inside s-squAre, it was deya right…what am I even saying she sang with her name.” Nana said.
“Her biggest fear is her voice getting exposed, her dad will send her to north Korea if he doesn’t kill her first. No more dream high school,no more dream mansion,no more friends, no more Bryan.
That pain and the pain of a crush rejecting her in school..I wonder which one will kill deya first.” Nana said.
“Nana why–
“Why am I doing this to you? Bryan I love you..come back to me lets forget all this” she said
“I don’t love you anymore nana..I love deya.. am begging you to stop” i said
“But what about me?
Bryan make your choices yourself.
but I hope you decide to favour deya so I can send this audio to her dad and take her far away from you for good. Then you will have no choice than to sing with me in other to protect this competition. Deya will go back to her destined poverty..no one in the world will hear her voice..she will go back to her life as a commoner..by then will you be happy?”she asked
“Well to bad..I already found her mom nana..” i said
“You didn’t..you can’t” she said
“What do you know?”I asked
“Deny deya In school, we will talk” she said.
“Denying deya In school,is that all you want from me nana?”i asked
“Yes, never touch or talk to her or protect her In school Bryan” she said
” is that all?” I asked
“for now”, she said and ran away.
ran away and i closed my door
I fell on my bed..
Now what do I do..do I still go on a date with deya then deny her the next day in school.
Do I continue talking with her then boom …I am denying her the next day in school.
I already promised deya that i Will not let anyone know that she sings…thats her biggest fear.
Now that fear is so close to coming to pass.
Should I sacrifice her future just to secure romance and moments and kisses?
Nooooo all those can wait..what Nana has is a powerful weapon.
Then i thought about calling deya and telling her everything.
Telling her that her enemy has her biggest fear in the tip of her fingers
I will make her live in fear
She will fail all her exams.
She might eventually run away.
If that happened…did I protect the woman that I love?
If I decide not to be cold and not ignore her.
She will ask questions
I will be forced to start lying
Sorry but I can’t lie to the woman I love so much.
So I decided to take the best and toughest decision
Ignore her but make sure she is safe.
Telling Austin that I love deya will make him go far from her.
He might even go on a vacation to help him move on
If that happens who will stop the hate card?
Who will protect her in school?
Now that I can’t anymore
This was why I acted like i didn’t care about her at all.
Before Austin stops that hate card..he will pay a price.
No one will pay that kind of price for a girl who is taken.
I love deya so much that I am even deceiving austin…cos I know he would avoid her if i tell him how I feel.
But at the same time…the only person I am allowed to hurt is myself.
Nana is very smart girl.
I know she will still ask for more things from me as long as she has that clip..and truthfully i will do anything she asks for.
but in other to avoid that I am looking for the only solution to this issue which is deya’s mum but I still have a feeling that nana knows who she is.
The nana I know will not sit down and let deya be the dreame girl for this competition…even if nana doesnt represent dreame she will surely compete and i know that the voice of deya she heard is giving her sleepless nights..she knows deya is her biggest challenge.
So What am I trying to say?.
am tryihg to tell you that nana will Still expose deya before the competition…no matter what I do for her.
Even if I date her or sleep with her countless Times…she will still make sure her biggest rival doesn’t sing cos nana hates loosing.
This is why I am puting all my effort in this.
Not in deya but in finding deyas mum.
I know i will resolve this on time And like i said the only person I am allowed to hurt is myself.
Being romantic with deya is nothing to me.
Securing her future and making her stand tall like all the girls in dream high. With her own class and self respect. That’s my own dream cos I can’t wait to meet exposed and classy odeya…even if she is not mine by then.
But If I don’t handle nana now then I will lose that dream
If deya falls in love with Austin after only few days of attention then it’s obvious she never really loved me..it means he Is her true love cod true love knows no bounds..and it happens like a movie.
It means I am a helper or maybe a soul mate
The ball is in her court …I won’t drag a woman, I never did it before..especially not when I sent him to her myself
Who ever deya wants will deya dates.
If she falls for Austin its all good.
I will Still help her in every way I can.
She will be happy.
And i will go back to my life which has already been planned like a story.
Marry Alison, only one kid, story end..
Life of Bryan…
I checked my time and headed into the shower.
Austin’s pov
Waiting for deya go wake up.
I took her home..my house us closer.
I kept her in my bed..I never took a girl to this place before.
I watched her quietly as she rolled on the bed until finally she opened her eye.
She looked at me and her eye got wider.
She touched her body
“Uhmm its not what you–
She screamed on top of her voice.
I suddenly started laughing.
If I wanted something..I would have done it since

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